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  1. Maybe it was the deceased last wish or in the will.... As usual not enough information
  2. Maduro just might have a point... Fits trumpy's cowardly style perfectly. However, it would be preferred if Maduro resigns (could save his life). Maybe an idea for trumpy as well?!?
  3. Of course nothing can stop Saudi-usa relations... - There were NO Saudi's in 9/11 attacks - Saudi's are NOT mass-murdering Yemen (with american weapons) New axes of Evil: Saudi-Israel-usa Best hypocrites in the world...
  4. JulesMad

    Body found floating at Phuket Beach

    It is a very long float from Koh Tao to Phuket...
  5. Best route is of course a personal choice... Go over Suphanburi and you avoid all of BKK
  6. A cheap Charlie would have taken Gasohol 91...
  7. I hate to see what would have happened to a guilty Suzuki
  8. OK, that is enough. I know immediately there is another lie coming No need to read more...
  9. Why am I punished for selling the best-working time-machine ever?!? Is it my fault that buyers are too stupid to think? PS Nice (shared) profits BTW
  10. I have assorted bags as well... Shredded Van Goghs, Shredded Rembrandts, and many more PS I can deliver any shredded artist of your choice beyond recognition. Cheap prices!
  11. One in each nostril is still a novelty (matching colors only please!)
  12. I often take a poll with myself... We always have a 100% response rate