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  1. This week I obtained a visa for Australia. It was done and dusted in 30 minutes online. I got a 3 months visa, valid for a year. Multiple entries, as much as I want in 1 year, every time valid for 3 months. No copies of any paperwork. Total cost 0 A$ Absolutely marvelous
  2. JulesMad

    14 Observations On Khao San Road, Bangkok

    What's the thing with electric razors?!? I shave with a razor....
  3. JulesMad

    14 Observations On Khao San Road, Bangkok

    Great place for people watching
  4. JulesMad

    Pee Mak Phra Khanong - Have You Seen It?

    I saw it. I had a good time, but to be honest my expectations were A LOT higher after reading and hearing about it.
  5. JulesMad

    Thai Ladyboy Funds Surgery With Stolen Money

    Not only the Kuwaiti is getting a 'great' souvenir, but also 300K worth of vouchers to spend with him/her
  6. I still have trunks full of gold and cash waiting for me in several airports over the whole world I 'only' have to transfer a couple of hundred dollars and these trunks are all mine.... Is there someone in TV who wants to help me with these trunks filled with millions of dollars?!? My standard answer is normally: "So sorry, but I am short of cash at the moment. Please advance the money (just 300 US$ or so), and I will pay you back 100 times the amount, if the trunk contains what you say it contains" (((Hey, what is 30,000 US$ if I get 35 Million dollars?!? I am a generous guy))) Normally there is no more reply after that
  7. same story as always.... Nothing will change....
  8. JulesMad

    Cable Internet Providers

    Yep, just for cable internet. TV not included...
  9. So does that mean I get a free iPhone when I visit Phuket, in order to download the app??? I just have a phone I can use to call (no other BS on it)
  10. JulesMad

    Monsoon Weather Brings Trash To Phuket Shore

    Phuket Som Nam Na Finally Karma kicks in for Phukit
  11. Come on, guys! Lighten up! For sure it is 'true love'
  12. One of my most memorable smokes I had in an area with many many NON-smoking signs.... I did not want to smoke a cigaret at that time however, BUT there were 2 police officers in uniform smoking away, right under the signs. So I could not resist myself to stand near them and also smoke... There was nothing they could do
  13. JulesMad

    Cable Internet Providers

    Jules and Joe, Thanks for the info. A grea tidea to check out the neighbours! I will check out both TMN and True once we get there. I have seen some very negative feedback elsewhere on Thaivisa regarding True who also seem to be quite expensive (by Thai standards). Thanks again. Avander, Just FYI... I just got the bill (for the first time) from True. 1 months for Ultra Hi-Speed Int 12M/1.2M cost 599 THB + VAT 7% Very acceptable for me, as the speeds are good and almost 100% up-time
  14. JulesMad

    Cable Internet Providers

    I live around NuenPlabWan, am just last month I had the same problem as you have now I have now True internet through cable, and I am very happy with them! I went to their store (a couple a doors down from Tucom, on Pattaya Tai, same side); was helped very quickly (bring passport!); made on appointment for the guys to come by on Monday (it was Fri when I was in the shop)(later I got an sms, if Sun was ok)(Sat morning I got a call from technican, if he could come now as he was in the neighbourhood.... yes, sure, and 2 hours later I had internet!) Great service! My advice to you: check what your neighbours have and if they are happy with the service. Maybe you can do a package deal (with True) as you want TV as well. Good Luck!
  15. JulesMad

    Taking Your Woman For Granted........?

    And has Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." Nothing more needs to be said