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  1. ".......four premium traveller groups: medical, honeymoons/weddings, eco-tourism and golf lovers." While I agree these are big money spenders, the order is wrong - weddings/honeymoons should be the first rated. Certainly a Thai surgeon is adept at cutting farangs loose from their money, but there's nothing like marrying a Thai woman for rapidity of transfer of wealth. And the volume of wealth being transferred is so worrying to the "upper" class, that it is illegal to buy land in a spouse's name with her imported husband's wealth (as of that last heard). The amount of money transferred into this country by farang men, to purchase land and build homes, to either have it removed from them by separation/divorce or, in rare cases, by eventual death, is huge, but apparently not sufficient for us to be considered "quality" visitors. This is probably due to our habit of lingering long after the majority of our wealth has been removed, sometimes even seeking medical assistance at a hospital.
  2. When I married my Thai wife, it had to be registered in BKK (from Samui), her name had to be changed in Sukhothai, she could only buy a passport in BKK, but somehow my middle name had worked its way into her name, so back to Sukhothai to correct, then back to BKK for passport, which has to be picked up in person after 3 working days, but their was a public holiday weekend included so back to Sukhothai to visit mum, and then nearly 2 weeks later,home to Samui via BKK for passport. Only some time after I realised how lucky I was that she wasn't from Chiang Rai or Sungai Kolok. Later, in oz, Thai Air refused to allow my step-children to board on a second leg of a return ticket, despite her maiden name being shown in passport, until we gave them a stat dec in English (which she can't read) that she was their mother.
  3. It seems they keep a filing cabinet full of these fluff pieces to drag out whenever the topics of the day become "awkward".
  4. I doubt any 2 people have the same knowledge set, and different knowledge sets have different values - some are so lacking as to be stupid. It took me some time, and a threat to take my business elsewhere, to convince my mechanic that hitting hardened steel bearings with a hammer face was not very smart, not to mention that he was destroying the new bearings that he was installing. For example, I'll take my knowledge of mental arithmetic over '27 interesting uses of buffalo crap' any day.
  5. Why was the Education Minister Phongthep given the job of defending the Foreign Ministry over the issue? He is apparently due for replacement, after admitting education is sadly lacking and has many other thorny issues to contend with. Is the FM, whose only claim to the position is family ties, totally incompetent, to the point where the PM has to make numerous foreign jaunts, neglecting her own job?
  6. "Unwitting" is NOT the same as "innocent".
  7. I don't suppose it has occurred to her yet that she and the other persons attending the meeting can all be called as witnesses, to testify under oath. Not that a little (more) perjury would worry her.
  8. I expect it's taking gratuities from a company he does business with in his official capacity aka conflict of interest. Try explaining that to a Thai - my g/f is having a bad case of <deleted>?
  9. My girls are no longer at school, but i think what you are referring to was the Democrats' textbook and uniform subsidy scheme, which was cancelled by PTP with the excuse that the funds would go towards the tablet purchase. Now it turns out that the tablets are not replacing texts (or uniforms). Not sure how much the subsidy was, as I did the buying and the wife collected the subsidy, but it was a hot topic around here last year.
  10. Animals that are to be milked are generally referred to as a herd.
  11. Travellers' welfare - my butt. The real concern is tax dodging, and at the rate the country is being plundered at the moment, it needs all it can get.
  12. Are her fingers really that long, or is that part of the story?
  13. Usually it's "2 Soldiers Linked in Barracks Sex Scandal" Sent via my Magic Decoder Ring
  14. Not that I know of. One regular for 3 months every year, but he was well aware that we were more than friends (not me and him!)
  15. ...with 60 year old drunk smelly ill behaving tourists? You are joking, right?! No, of course not. 95% of the hookers in Thailand never meet a tourist. There's exactly the same misconception in the Philippines. People believe the business is mainly aimed at "tourists" whereas even the smallest little barrios have working girls plying their trade. We recently had a family crisis on our hands when it was discovered my wife's father was seeing one. There you go - you support and when their bellies are full they find other ways to spend it. You call that a crisis? My father-in-law invited me down to the local knocking shop a week after the wedding, in front of the missus (not amused!!) I tactfully declined.