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  1. vegetarian society

    anyone know when the vegetarian society reopens? on mahidol road
  2. santa claus

    any santa clauses around on december 17? have an event need a santa or can borrow or rent the suit and accesories? thank you prematurely
  3. carpet runner

    Need a carpet runner going up the stairs to the second floor for my golden retriever. She slips and falls on the wood steps. Anyone know where, a google map link would be good. thank you
  4. Fuji Water Dispenser Took A Dump

    what superhiway? and i googled future electronics it is showing one on 107 and 3029 and i cannot find napadon panit on any map, try to explain to someone who is not familiar with chiang mai, please thank you yes no ok
  5. Fuji Water Dispenser Took A Dump

    my fuji hot and cold water dispenser has died, namely the hot water heating element. Anyone know of any appliance repair shops in chiang mai that can fix it? Siam repair by suanprung is a bust, they cannot fix anything anymore, the last 3 items i took there they never called my back or gave me estimates, their customer service is like they "DONT GIVE A <deleted>" if they fix anything or make money.
  6. Thanyarak or suan prung

    yes you can detox under medical supervision, but if you are a westerner with insurance you can apply to the cabin: http://www.thecabinchiangmai.co.th/ or when all else fails try AA www.cmigaa.org
  7. Buying coconut oil

    makro has it by the back isle next to frozen seafood in the oils section
  8. Need good divorce lawyer any recommendations?
  9. Porn the barber: Where?

    i went to her once a week for a haircut off and on for 7 years, she literally lost weight before my eyes. She started to having to rest between haircuts. One day about 2 months ago I went for my weekly cut the shop was closed and never reopened. Very sad, she worked right up until the end. She was always happy and had a smile for everyone.
  10. SwimmingPoolsThailand in Chiang Mai

  11. Recommended Doctor and Medical Specialists (Update)

    where is the list i dont see it