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  1. Where to sell 1 tonn of tamarin?

    Def an option, then the question becomes how long does it take to sell 1 ton and how long does the tamarin stay ok.
  2. Where to sell 1 tonn of tamarin?

    Thanks, Kickstart! I will let you know how it goes.
  3. Hi, We have about 1 ton of tamarin. It will be harvested next week. I am trying to find out where we should sell it. We live in Phetchabun and could drive to a market in Ayuttaya or Rangsit if it makes sense moneywise. The type of tamarin we have is "si tong". Appreciate any advice.
  4. Farang Friendly Bars in Phitsanulok

    Dtit pak is good, Amarin in Town (is it called intown now?) is supposed to be good. For the late hours try forte, mainly thais but farangs are welcome. Buck Town is also worth checking out. And how about woodstock?
  5. Expats in Phetchabun

    Almost always the reason is the wife.
  6. Expats in Phetchabun

    Are you going to live in Phet city or the province? I live in Phet, but not the city. Not many farangs here, especially outside the city. Its a nice place to live if you dont need city lights. Try toffyhome bar in the city to meet some farangs. https://www.facebook.com/toffyhome
  7. Why anyone would get this when they can get kodi boxes without monthly fees is beyond me.
  8. NCAA sports

    If you want to watch Internet TV on a tv (not pc), just get an android box. easy and very cheap.
  9. NCAA sports

    Because there are none. You have to use Internet TV.
  10. NCAA sports

    Good streams of NCAA on kodi, i watched it this morning.
  11. Serious Kodi Issues! Please help

    Look under apps. Look for an app called something like "update and backup".
  12. Serious Kodi Issues! Please help

    You mean parse error, i presume? not purse error :). sounds to me like the firmware doesnt allow kodi 17. try to update your firmware. which box is it?
  13. Serious Kodi Issues! Please help

    Yes, LibreElec is good but means you cant load Apk's which will limit your options.
  14. guide subtitles kodi

    Here is how to add subtitles to Kodi, its very easy: Obviously it works only for movies and tv series (not for live TV). 1 system>addons>install from repository>kodi add-on repository>subtitles install subtitles now 2 install subscene (good for english and scandinavian) 3 Go to system>addons>kodi addon repository> services>AutoSub install AutoSub now 4 Now we will set languages for the subtitles Go to System>Video>subtitles. change “Preferred subtitle language” to what you want. Then change default TV show service to subscene. Then do the same for default Movie service. When you start any movie you will now get a menu to select/download subtitles.
  15. Serious Kodi Issues! Please help

    Factory reset and install kodi 17 again. Then enabling InputStream Client, this helps with streaming on kodi 17. Go to My addons> VideoPlayer input stream.