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  1. The military have always been in control - ever since 1932 anyway. All the rest is a facade.
  2. Justice delayed is justice denied.
  3. Points well made. I am aware of the process of Uber and Grab in terms of them ignoring a fare they do not want to take, for whatever reason. However, that is different to standing on a street corner going through the motions with 5 or 6 taxis. I have had this experiencem any times. Give me the Uber/Grab option any time. In general I have also found Uber and Grab to be cleaner, safer and more courteous. Granted, I have had many decent, clean and courteous taxi drivers but I must also say that over the last 4 or 5 years I've had a lot of bad experiences. To be honest, I don't really blame the drivers. They are the working poor. Rents for taxis are high and many drivers are driving taxis to make money in between rice farming activities, they are far away from home and family and are earning a pittance. The taxi industry is skewed in favour of the big guys at the expense of the drivers. Likewise, this driving around and around looking for a customer is ludicrous. It exacerbates the existing traffic gridlock and is extremely inefficient. There are many improvements that could be made to the system but they are unlikely to be made by the government.
  4. Vote with your feet if you don't like it. I've been using Grab and Uber for some time now and haven't had a problem. Nice clean cars, courteous drivers who know you are going to rate them. Well worth the extra cost.
  5. Good piece. Well written. As with many issues in this country, all roads lead back to law enforcement. Thailand has plenty of laws relating to speeding, drink driving, tailgating, pedestrian crossings, running red lights etc. etc. Rarely enforced. Result - road carnage.
  6. Order online at TESCO and have it delivered to your front door. Takes the pain right out of it.
  7. Feeling reassured.
  8. one thing I didn't mention about this particular school but is one of the reasons I recommended it, is that the school concentrates on the 'communicative' approach i.e. speaking and listening over a focus on grammar. Good luck
  9. Been here twenty years, still working and not planning on going anywhere, anytime soon. However, I just wanted to make a quick point about the language. The OP made reference several times to not being able to speak the language ('...and you still can't speak the language..') and how that might impact on medical treatment etc. I think it is pretty much essential to learn the language here if you want to be independent and really function. The flip side to that is that learning the language can be a double edged sword. I have found that sometimes I really do not want to understand what is being said around me, even if it may not be about me, if that makes sense. Anyway, just an observation.
  10. In recent Thai history going back to the 1930's the RTA has always been in control. All the rest is just window dressing. The massacre at Thammasat University in 1976 has probably been the most publicized and perhaps the worst but there are plenty of other examples of the RTA using heavy handed tactics to remain in control and stifle any opposition. The work of the Border Rangers in the north and north-east comes to mind.The investigation into this most recent incident will be a whitewash. No doubt about that.
  11. Brings the oxymoron "military intelligence" to mind.
  12. Great. BKK needs more greenspace.
  13. Insight English. CP Tower Bangkok. Very professional, qualified teachers.