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  1. We had a bunch (maybe 5-6) young backpackers (Europeans - but it doesn't really matter) spray painting the exterior wall of our condo in BKK - which runs along Khlong Saen Sap. When we approached them and asked them to desist they were really annoyed. 'It's public property' they said. Well no, sorry, it's not and we had just had it painted. It was tagged and spray painted. It wasn't really to our tastes - but that is not the point. It wasn't theirs to paint. It was our property. When we politely asked them to stop, and we took their photos, they demanded we delete the photos and became very aggressive. One guy said to me " but Thailand is such a laid-back place. Everyone is so chilled and nobody complains when we do this stuff.' Do'h! Just because you've been here five minutes and a few people have smiled at you, don't jump to conclusions. Anyway, since they did their stuff the wall is constantly being tagged. It is a pain in the neck. I'm not for 'hangin' them high' but I think a little respect is in order. Stay at home and do it - or better still do it on your own property.
  2. These private ambulances are a pure menace. They frequently use their sirens simply to cut through traffic even when there is no emergency, as in this case. The personnel are poorly trained and they create dangerous road situations when they 'race' to be the first to an accident.
  3. Yikes. Another crackdown!
  4. Try being a commuter there.Old, dirty trains. Often late and often extremely crowded during peak hour. The primary objective of the trains here is for locals. It may not be perfect for tourists but it is a huge improvement on the past.
  5. Oh right, Sydney has such a great rail system.
  6. Where to hem suit pants on Sukhumvit

    There are literally dozens of people on the sidewalks with sewing machine. In Soi 11 alone there are about 3-4. Normally cost B40-80. If you can't find one you are not looking hard enough.
  7. I hope the government is looking closely at how the case involving the construction of the Don Muang expressway ended. It was an embarrassing and costly exercise for Thailand. This case by Kingsgate will likely go the same way. It sends a very negative message to foreign investors. Thailand will simply continue to get revenue from low-end tourism - not a very sustainable strategy but what else do we expect from Thailand? The country will never move forward until good governance is implemented. Don't hold your breath.
  8. British school to open in Bangkok

    Yes, I think you are probably right there.
  9. British school to open in Bangkok

    Yes, completely agree. Whilst there are quite a number of international schools in Thailand, there is quite a range in quality. There are a cluster of very high quality schools, including the two you mention, and also NIST, Bangkok Pattana, ISB, St. Andrews, Bangkok Prep. etc. These are certainly the 'A' teams and have school fees that reflect that. The students tend to be a mix of expat kids and local Thais from wealthy families. If you look at where many of these kids go when they graduate you see that many are going to very good universities in the U.K., USA, Canada and Australia. I'm sure that Wellington College will maintain their high standards and be a good addition to the schools here already.
  10. I'd second this recommendation. Great food, nice location, reasonably priced. But it is a secret so don't tell anyone!
  11. Anyone actually seen her in Dubai?
  12. Perhaps there is a reason Thaksin is not making too much noise. Maybe he is keeping his head down for her sake and not his own. Just a thought.
  13. What if she is not. Has anyone seen her? Has she been photographed anywhere? Maybe I'm missing something but I don't recall a sighting yet. an someone correct me on that if I'm wrong please.
  14. Bangkok Restaurant tips...places worth trying

    About Eatery. Tapas-style bistro in a very minimalist atmosphere. Very good selection of 'craft' beers and a great wine list with some unusual labels.Mid-range prices. Nice food and great service. Sukhumvit Soi 19 right down near the junction of Asoke and Sukhumvit Soi 19 opposite Rossano's.