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  1. Your Australian what?
  2. And you have to wonder how many deaths as a result of Songkraan activities (but not due to drink driving/ speeding road accidents) occurred over the holiday period. Accidents like drowning, careless behaviour etc. It was personally worrying to see a young teenage girl slip from the central moat (converted to a communal pool) in Nakhon Ratchasima and slam into the concrete. Fortunately she was only stunned but got up after a couple of seconds and resumed her activities. Yet there didn't seem to be any officials supervising the festivities which had a potential for tragedy.
  3. If luggage isn't too much of a problem, head straight out the front and catch the A1 bus to Mo Chit BTS train station (Chatuchak Park MRT station is across the road) for 35 baht. It's a frequent service and only about 15 mins to Mo Chit BTS . From there you can get plenty of taxis or use the MRT/BTS....saved me money and time the last time I used it.
  4. I arrived at Hanoi 3 weeks ago, had my invitation letter, wasn't even required to fill out an application form, the details on my initial application for the letter of invitation must have been sufficient, but it wouldn't hurt to download and fill it out in case. Once you get off the plane try and get to the desk as quickly as possible and you should be out and through passport control under 20 minutes (I was # 4 on the screen to pick up my passport with visa).
  5. I agree with you on the reaction to the crocodile attacks, but as for the RC , those kids aren't angels, that is true, but hooding them, abusing them, hosing them down etc. is a sure fire way to turn them into criminals. That's why there is a royal commission, to clean up the juvenile detention centre industry and its poor culture.
  6. How old was the motorcycle? If it was underage he should go for statutory rape. Disgusting!
  7. And how many non-muslim Americans have shot and killed other Americans since 9-11? Not sure of the figure but I am confident in guessing it would dwarf the figures you quoted.
  8. Being called a 'farang' by a Thai person when they don't know my name, not a problem. Being referred to as a 'farang' (to his pals) by a Thai in earshot of me, when he knows my name and I have bothered to learn his , very rude. No excuses, I have had savvy Thais say to me they hate other Thais using it when they know the person's name.
  9. Trump is the head spook..he is spooking the civilised world. Either he leaves the presidency voluntarily or gets taken out in a coffin. That would be the ideal scenario for the majority of us in the modern world.
  10. C.I.A. ...please take him out now, that threat makes him the world's # 1 terrorist and we all hate terrorists don't we?
  11. The Thais have got it right...2 tons of insects for every one on the planet. That will be the food of the future, but the future does look bleak.
  12. Immigration when it suits you? And when you are crying for skilled immigrants, just resist the temptation and let a more enlightened country take a fair share of immigrants in while you take none and watch that smarter country go ahead of you. It's truly weird that there are whackos in Australia and the U.S. demanding a ban on immigration when immigration has served those countries well. And while it might be happening now in the U.S., Australia, for all of its faults will hopefully resist that idiotic isolationist mindset as most Australians know quite well, that without migration the country will sink further.
  13. Exactly, it has a very good reputation with its people being described as some of the most friendly and welcoming people (to foreign tourists) in the world.
  14. At least she had the guts to try and help people and to make the world a better place. You think Trump is going to stabilise the world ? He is nuttier than that bloke in North Korea.