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  1. Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan dies suddenly at 46

    'No Need To Argue' is a classic album , so she can be proud of that achievement but still far too young to leave this world.
  2. Africa calls Trump racist after 'shithole' remark

    I wonder if Mister Trump has actually visited any of these countries he refers to as 'shitholes'? Pretty good coming from a leader of a country whose health system is worthy of a 'shithole' and from a country that loves blowing up other countries and turning them into 'shitholes' (Iraq pssibly?).
  3. At least it's a start, actually getting off the road and taking a power nap is encouraged in Australia, can't speak for other Western nations. They have to begin somewhere.
  4. Don't just blame the refugees, blame the ABC and the lefty Greens, why not blame the gays, Asians, climate scientists and Aboriginals while you are at it?...ha! ha! old white farts are good for a laugh at least.
  5. The current Aus government looks after itself and its rich supporters more than anyone, but Aussies have been dumb enough to vote them back in. Yeah, when your country has no direction, when a government is rotten to the core and the country has so many problems, just blame the refugees.
  6. No, most are found to be genuine refugees. No sane person who had a relatively safe existence (albeit poor existence) back in their homeland would be crazy enough to risk coming to Australia on a broken up boat. Work it out..it's not that difficult.
  7. Actually if they had been brought to Australia in the first place it would have been a lot lot cheaper. I know who the brain dead are. The true scammers are the companies that have been in charge of detention centres like Nauru and Manus. Australia's shame.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong...zero wage growth? More likely minus zero wage growth. Aussies are earning less while prices have gone up for goods and services.
  9. Good riddance to bad rubbish. The beginning of the end of this stinking corpse of a government. No idea, no jobs, no drop in electricity prices (as promised) ,aiding and abetting the super wealthy and leaving the scraps for the peasants. Australia has had a taste of Thatchersim. It won't be pretty at the ballot box for fraudster Malcom. Bring it on.
  10. You have to give it to the Thais though. When they get bowled over they get back on their feet beautifully. So flexible.
  11. Time to eat kangaroos. Better on the environment and lower in fat.
  12. Sharp tax hike on alcohol and tobacco effective immediately

    How much will Dry Alcoholic Cider rise up to? Can you get Dry Alcoholic Cider (preferably Strongbow) in Thailand?
  13. Gutsy lady, who had a conscience. Of course, many on this forum will complain about the cost of bringing migrants in but never complain of the BIGGER cost of going to war. Hypocrites!
  14. Van ploughs through crowd in Barcelona, killing about 12

    If you want a good outcome you play the percentages. As evil as he was, their was relative stability under Saddam. There are plenty of evil dictators in the world, why did America pick that one? You don't believe America and its sycophantic allies invaded Iraq because they had the best interests of the Iraqi people in mind do you? If America had the interests of the Iraqis in mind they had could have tried other methods but instead invaded and ripped apart the country. Some people like Dick Cheney did nicely out of raping that country though.
  15. Van ploughs through crowd in Barcelona, killing about 12

    Angry men turn into terrorists whether they are the Islamic terrorists who killed the 13 in Barcelona or the White supremacist terrorists who mowed down the people in Charlottesville.