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  1. You have to give it to the Thais though. When they get bowled over they get back on their feet beautifully. So flexible.
  2. Time to eat kangaroos. Better on the environment and lower in fat.
  3. Sharp tax hike on alcohol and tobacco effective immediately

    How much will Dry Alcoholic Cider rise up to? Can you get Dry Alcoholic Cider (preferably Strongbow) in Thailand?
  4. Gutsy lady, who had a conscience. Of course, many on this forum will complain about the cost of bringing migrants in but never complain of the BIGGER cost of going to war. Hypocrites!
  5. Van ploughs through crowd in Barcelona, killing about 12

    If you want a good outcome you play the percentages. As evil as he was, their was relative stability under Saddam. There are plenty of evil dictators in the world, why did America pick that one? You don't believe America and its sycophantic allies invaded Iraq because they had the best interests of the Iraqi people in mind do you? If America had the interests of the Iraqis in mind they had could have tried other methods but instead invaded and ripped apart the country. Some people like Dick Cheney did nicely out of raping that country though.
  6. Van ploughs through crowd in Barcelona, killing about 12

    Angry men turn into terrorists whether they are the Islamic terrorists who killed the 13 in Barcelona or the White supremacist terrorists who mowed down the people in Charlottesville.
  7. Van ploughs through crowd in Barcelona, killing about 12

    Invading a country (Iraq), unsettling it's population, plundering its resources, creating political instability, creating a flow of refugees, sowing the seeds of terrorism (Abu Grahib, etc.) . You call that kindness? Weakness, definitely.
  8. Van ploughs through crowd in Barcelona, killing about 12

    Get rid of angry men fullstop! Whether they are North Korean dictators, egomanical American Presidents, frustrated directionless Middle Eastern males, frustrated directionless American white supremacists, they are all useless. The only people who are worse are old filthy rich males who profit off the world's misery. Narrow that gap between the richest and the poorest and the world might have some chance of settling down a little. As Bob Marley once sang, 'a hungry man is an angry man'.
  9. Van ploughs through crowd in Barcelona, killing about 12

    Can you define Western values? Are these the same values in America that gives the right for any nutter to take up arms and shoot whoever is in their way. Thirteen dead in Barcelona, that many Americans will be shot to death in the next 24-48 hours but you won't hear much about that unless the perpetrators are all Muslim.
  10. Australian slits his own throat at Suvarnabhumi airport

    If he was a refugee he would have been treated inhumanely. Australia is known around the world as an abuser of human rights when it comes to treatment of asylum seekers/refugees. Boundless plains to share? Not these days.
  11. And rocks, big rocks, plenty of them. That will send them scattering.
  12. If you go to the Albury (New South Wales) library you will find a bible sized book on the feasibility studies of constructing a HSR from Melbourne to Sydney. Sadly there is no political will in Aus to build it, right now Australia is on a high speed course back to the 1950's, and all the negativities associated with that mentality is crushing any idea of a HSR in the land down under. I'm more likely to believe that Thailand will build a HSR before Australia. Bangkok in 20 years has built its MRT, its BTS and the rail connection to Suvarnhabhumi. Go to Melbourne and you will travel on a 1960's style suburban rail network with gestapo like officers checking if your MYKI card* is up to scratch. Such a great experience, I recommend it. *MYKI card - a card that demands you pay $10 upfront before you have even used it, and then touch on and off at every embarkation/disembarkation .
  13. Yep, Khorat is a pretty average Isaan city, Udon has more going for it, a medium sized city, traffic that is manageable, one hour to Bangkok (by air), great food and decent bars and so close to Laos (for Visa duties). Nong Khai, if you like the quiet life has the attraction of being even closer to Laos and a 50 minute drive to Udon (for a more vibrant nightlife and the air connection to the capital). Ubon, closer in size to Khorat is well laid out, has a nice feel about it and like Udon has a one hour plane connection to Bangkok. So yes, Khorat needs a quicker connection to Bangkok and something to make it more appealing, and more freaking shopping malls is not the answer, that only invites more bloody traffic.
  14. Build one from Hua Hin to Korat. I did the bus trip several weeks ago, 9 gruelling hours, even allowing for the bypassing of Bangkok
  15. A degree should not be a prerequisite for teaching in Thailand, but a TEFL and a TOEIC test should be, and a refresher TEFL course every four years as well. By all means, if you have a degree you should have priority to get the best paying jobs, but if you have the talent to teach, a good command of the language and above average grammar, that should be enough to get a gig.