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  1. He's renamed the "Premium Lane" at an airport to be "Fast Track". And you clicked on an article about it. That's invading your life?? Every hour of it?? Would you like to be a little more melodramatic?
  2. josephbloggs

    Foreigner database to be ready in six months

    Wow, you really tracked this and went and dug up an old thread just to make a smug comment? You really should get out more.
  3. josephbloggs

    Foreigner database to be ready in six months

    What on earth are you talking about - hours and hours of queues? Having to enter your own information into terminals? Where did you come up with that?
  4. josephbloggs

    Re-Entry or Not | New Visa Question

    Hi Ubonjoe, Thanks for the reply, very helpful. Yes, I had forgotten I had to apply online first, I'll do that now.
  5. Hi, I loved and worked here (legally) for 23 years. Recently I left a job and will be starting a new one here soon at a BOI company. I am currently on a 60 day tourist visa and just extended by 30 days yesterday. On Sunday I will go to Singapore and while there I will apply for a Non B. The company are issuing me all the necessary docs but we are a new company and I am the first foreign employee. When I leave on Sunday I am thinking of getting a re-entry permit just in case there is an issue with the paperwork (as this is the company's first time doing this) I can come back easily, sort out the issue then go back again. My question - assuming the application goes smoothly - would there be an issue with me having the re-entry permit and therefore an "active" visa? Or would they just dismiss this and issue me a non B? Basically do I need to leave without a re-entry permit so my current visa is therefore null and void or is it ok to have a re-entry stamp for it? I have had a one year non O based on marriage, extended that, then a 60 day tourist (long story), extended. So I don't want to take the risk of coming back on a visa exempt if for some reason I don't get the non B. Thanks.
  6. Yeah, lots of people struggling to buy trainers and clothes at Bangkok Christian School (around 150,000 baht per term all in).