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  1. It really shows that people have no f#2ck!n lives at all. getting upset over this. I hilarious joke if you ask me. Not sure what is more funny, the arm and leg out the truck or the all the social motards acting the fool about it.
  2. Only making room for another to fill his shoes. The world has had "drugs" for millennia, and outlawing them has NEVER worked. Think prohibition. And yes alchohol kills hundreds of thousands ever year all over the world and is legal almost everywhere.
  3. would a re-entry permit also allow a 30 extension to remain in place for a day trip to Laos?
  4. I currently have 4 land crossing in a row from Poi Pet and a fly-in from SiamRrep to Suvarabhumi. I know that I cannot get another land crossing (probably anywhere). I had to purchase an exit ticket at same time as ticket to BKK or airline (Bangkok Air) would not sell me ticket at all. Also made me show cash. My question is, will Vientianne (have ticket already) issue a tourist visa to me with this many lands runs? What is current requirements for that? will they issue multi entry? Is the Embassy open on Saturdays to apply for Visa? If I leave country with a tourist visa (later if I get it) can I exit to Laos on a re-entry permit? any other thoughts welcome
  5. This thread, like almost all here on TV, are so dam funny. I cant tell which to laugh at more the, "just get it done" boot licker types, or the, "Thailand sucks" piss and moan crowd. As for knowing or not about this, I can assure you that it is entirely possible to have not heard ONE WORD about this entire SIM registration BS. I have been here for almost 7 years, live in a condo that is not out in the boondocks, with many falangs, and NOT ONE person has said ANYTHING about this. The only reason I found out was that an Aus friend of mine went to buy a new SIM tonight and was told he could not because he did not have a THAI ID. Obviously an ill-informed 7-11 clerk did not know the new law either. As for reading a Thai SMS, that too is laughable as 99.99999% of all Thai messages sent to your phone are total crap spam. So if you waste your time translating all of them you place way too much importance on junk mail. I would imagine that kind of person reads all of the spam email they receive also. I for one can tell spam email at a glance and it is deleted faster than you can bang your favorite Nana bar girl. I obviously do the same with spam SMS's. If you think that this has anything to do with security then you are incredibly gullible or one of the, "I believe everything the government says" crowd. This will not change the security situation one bit. As was pointed out in an earlier post (find it yourself) they have registered SIM in the South since 2006, no change in security at all. Most drugs (except for the alcohol and cigs) are imported/dealt, by the military. This will not change with registering phone SIMs. It is almost a certainty that the reason the Thai government is doing this is because of international (read: USA) pressure in order to get more money (read: extortion), To the ONE person that posted useful info about the DTAC number to check registration, Thank You. All that said, I do have a few questions: Does anyone know a number to check with AIS on the registration status of their SIM. ANd do you have to show actual passport or will a DL or maybe copy of passport do? As my phone is working perfectly normal in all aspects but have never done any (as far as I know) registration of my sim. I have been to AIS in the past (several years ago) and given them my info, but for different reasons. Maybe that got it registered, No sure. Hence the desire to check. Those of you wanting to correct my assumptions or call me a liar for not being informed, or somehow deducing that I am "irresponsible" for not knowing of this please save your breath. I don't care about your opinions, just as I am sure you do not care about mine.