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  1. Really, and how do you know that it does not apply to single-unit homes?
  2. Really? Yes, to buy a car from a company that sues its unsatisfied customers would indeed be crazy. Personally, I would not give them one satang. So, it does in fact influence sales.
  3. Yes, I remember reading about this issue in Phuket a few years back. I'd be extremely careful about investing in property rentals such as condo, beach or party houses for daily/ weekly rental as the future of these businesses is uncertain.
  4. And the requirements change on a weekly basis depending.
  5. fullcave

    Bodyslam single falls from sky

  6. Yes, very strange indeed. Even stranger is who decided where these lines should go?
  7. fullcave

    I am no cheat, says boxer’s ex-girlfriend

    Yes, we've all seen the selfies she posted with her lovers. I suppose they got bored once they got what they were after and moved on. Funny how that works.
  8. Thais love to dump puppies on the side of the road to release them back to nature. Not sure where puppies come from. It must be the Buddha.
  9. fullcave

    Somyot did not declare Bt300m loan: NACC

    The military Junta's anti-corruption campaign is the best thing that ever happened to Thailand.
  10. Modified Honda waves with exhaust baffle removed and bicycle tires are all the rage here. Gets the girls to look every time.
  11. Yes. Try it sometime and let us know how it works out.
  12. Seems he was staring at his face. Thais don't like that.