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  1. fullcave

    Brit expat charged for horrific Phuket accident

    4:30 in the morning no lights and on the road collecting garbage is the norm. This guy may have been the exception. No telling without the facts.
  2. Are you sure you know what thehell you are talking about? I was told by imagration at the airport that he needed to use his Thai passport as he has no Thai no entry stamp VISA in his UK passport which is a BIG problem! Use the UK passport in KL and everywhere else, just be sure to use the Thai passport upon re-entry to Thailand!
  3. I have a question about taking my kids back to the states to visit their grandparents. Their mother will not be coming this time. One is eleven years and his sister just turned 18. Are there any requirements to having them travel with single parent? Thanks in advance.
  4. Bidding? Sounds more like a very special form of democracy.
  5. Because they are criminals? Just a guess.
  6. Sewing the seeds of illegal over stay. I hope he has deep pockets.
  7. fullcave

    More cocaine being discovered in Patong

    Heroin and cocaine are popular among drug addicts. Is that specific enough?
  8. fullcave

    Never buying KCF eggs again

    Their organic eggs appear to be fake as well. Standards in Thailand don't exist so they can claim whatever they want. I won't buy from KCF again!
  9. In the middle of the beach, national park or historical park. It's a Thai tradition and they well become violent if you say anything. TIT! If you don't like, go home!