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  1. The dam was already full before the start of rainy season. There is absolutely no way that they can drain enough water to avoid flooding the entire city. It is only a matter of when. This is not rocket science! Oddly none has taken responsibility and instead are running with the "natural disaster" narrative. Oh boy, happy smiling people rowing down the street. yippee!
  2. Why no one stepped up and slapped that snot out of that punk is beyond me.
  3. Stupid bimbos are destroying the reputation of this great city! We must find these stupid bimbos and stop them from uploading stupid "look at me" selfies on facebook. This is imperative!
  4. fullcave

    North, Northeast in grip of severe floods

    They are working on BIG MEGA infrastructure projects! Like a subway system under Pattaya's world famous walking street or a high-speed train connecting three airports that must take priority!
  5. Oh yes, from your armchair, you are much better and write better songs too!
  6. fullcave

    Hun Sen formally appointed as PM

    It was a close race.
  7. fullcave

    North, Northeast in grip of severe floods

    But never fear, free sand bags for all.
  8. Someone forgot to release the water before the rainy season came which in turn caused a natural disaster.
  9. Actually I think it's " the empty can rattles the most" just saying.
  10. Placing young children in front of adults on motorcycles does not help! Nevermind the noise.
  11. Like they are prepared for the flooding that happens on a yearly basis. Year in and year out...
  12. No safety belts in the school children transport vehicle either. Should be charged with second degree murder.