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  1. So, they throw their school children in the back of a pu truck like cattle or mount them to the front of a motorbike be transported to school where they are givin food loaded with toxic chemicals along with excitotoxins like MSG? Wow, that's amazing. Do they have no common sense?
  2. fullcave

    Junta Lifts Its Ban On Politics

    Really since when?
  3. fullcave

    Honda unveils new Civic

    Maybe as it always bottoms out on the Thai roads the same as a luxury car.
  4. Why is it the locals must modify their vehicles to produce maximum noise? I've often wondered. From Honda dream to 10 wheel truck and everything in between. There seems no limit on the noise here in Thailand and it's never enough. Does it indicate status, do the girls like it, is it to get some attention, what's up with that?
  5. fullcave

    Junta reaffirms Feb 24 as date for national poll

    Oh boy, no telling who will be the next PM.
  6. Tailgating is the protocol for indicating you want to pass when they are blocking the passing lane, and they are very stubborn about moving to the left and they do not respond to flashing the lights like in western countries!
  7. The government enforces and the Thai media promotes ignorance and a total lack of safety awareness. In Thailand, children are lower than dogs in the west with regards to safety standards. Use public transport and you are gambling with your life. When a parent mounts their child on the front of a motorbike with no helmet while the parent wears a helmet and is not stopped at a police checkpoint, what is that? When an overloaded pickup is stopped at a police checkpoint and the driver hands the cop 60 baht with no words spoken, what is that? When a public transport van overturns and 11 persons are killed with no accident analysis, what is that? When children are packed into the back of a pickup truck like cattle to be transported to school, what is that? When humans are loaded on top of a mountain of trash loaded in the back of and on the roof of a ten wheel truck, what is that? All perfectly acceptable to the average Thai. In fact, it would be an insult to suggest otherwise.
  8. Exactly, it's that do as I say not as I do mentally.
  9. That's why the changed the name to climate change so they got all the bases covered. If the ice is thicker than that is also a change.
  10. fullcave

    Would-be gold thief locked inside shop

    They spend all the money on bomb detector devices.
  11. Most agree it's far too late for a carbon tax to have any significant effect. Nuclear winter is humanities only hope!