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  1. ....and added to it accordingly
  2. If these clowns could achieve anywhere near what they are promising, the would deserve to run the whole world. By the way, I like the stealth caveat - 8 months from now is mid March.
  3. The selections open to them is another story.
  4. Great start. Now........go continue with both coastlines on the Andaman and Thai Gulf, that would be impressive.
  5. Bit of a PR stunt going on here too Mr. Vern
  6. I think he is referring to body parts of natural origin. Every Tom, Dick and Apple on Bangla road might not qualify.
  7. coulson

    NLA channels Bt12.7m into junta schemes

    6 days a week on minimum wage is 98k baht. There's not enough in that fund to go around. They'll need to spend a lot more of the taxpayers money to be accepted.
  8. Hes a funny guy. SRT is never delayed
  9. coulson

    Property ‘windfall tax’ is long overdue

    5km from any bts or mrt station would be 90% of bangkok condos. Heaven forbid they may consider a motorcy stand part of a government installed public transport network.
  10. No idea what the thought behind this entry is, but looks like the inspiration was taken from *that* scene in a famous Ridley Scott movie
  11. It should read, *Acting* Prime Minister and *Fired* Governor. The good guys never win.
  12. The hospital could at least share this sophisticated database technology with RTP or Immigration. On a side note... They really need to sort out this defamation bullsh1t
  13. Thanks Grandma, while you're at it, please do take heed of your own advice and don't bother them further