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  1. These netizens are a contrary bunch. Dont they realize this somchai is only going after his 15 minutes due to a platform they create by remaining glued to social media 24/7?
  2. coulson

    Rice auctions save THB93 bn in damage

    .....that will otherwise be wasted on campaigning.
  3. coulson

    EC ready to hold elections

    More like the nations ROADBLOCK
  4. "Best Country in the world for people" What does that mean, the best Country in the world to live? That it certainly is not. More endless nonsense from the regime propaganda bureau, with Mr happiness at the front page.
  5. coulson

    PM wants Thai waste reduced

    More rubbish from the thai propaganda bureau
  6. Hear hear. Certainly a change from the current administration.
  7. Upset they didn't get their pockets lined. How about finish the satellite terminal first before making wild assertions. Clueless
  8. But did they thank everybody three times? Go for coalition, forget free and fair at this stage, fight fire with fire. Wonder who's pocket the dems are in? (again)
  9. You would think the idiot would have learned to pipe down after the previous time this debacle affected his business.
  10. Is the Friday happiness dosage not enough for one week?
  11. Its a program, not a scheme, before anyone gets carried away
  12. Temporary crisis centre? Did they assassinate the disaster prevention committee, and the flood mitigation council?