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  1. Mayweather v McGregor

    The place I'm going to watch it live starts at 8am on Sunday 27th August. Not sure what time the main event starts.
  2. Mayweather v McGregor

    Oh right. So they're not really going to punch each other in the face later? So when they stand face to face and I gauge Floyd's reaction it means nothing?? I bet you are wrong.
  3. Mayweather v McGregor

    Me too but somebody's 0 has got to go!! [emoji3] And we have no previous boxing matches to judge Conor on. But for Conor's ability to know what to do against every opponent, I've got a bet on him. And watching all of their pressers Conor has already rattled Floyd which is a huge advantage.
  4. Mayweather v McGregor

    I don't mean Conor is going to throw elbows and knees. You can have a real fight and stay within the rules of boxing. I'm not expecting this to be a regular boxing match. Having seen Conor's amazing understanding of fighting and what to do against every single opponent he's faced, I'm looking forward to this fight and I hope Conor destroys Mayweather.
  5. Mayweather v McGregor

    Which would be great for Mayweather if this was a boxing match. Conor has fights. This will be a fight.
  6. Mayweather v McGregor

    And all of this uncertainty is why it's going to be a very interesting fight to watch. I could honestly see either of them stopping it within the first 3 rounds. But I could also see them going the distance. I can't wait.
  7. Mayweather v McGregor

    It was 5-1 but tripled because my 1st bet on the site. Glad to be in Thailand and able to wait the fight live in a bar! :)
  8. Mayweather v McGregor

    I've got a tenner on McGregor to win at 15-1!! As Conor says, Floyd has had 49 boxing matches but never had a fight in his life. Conor has had 26 real fights. This will be a fight and I can see Conor doing well in it.
  9. Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. I said none of those things. It's quite stunning how much you tried to twist what I actually said to smear me. What I said was the Red shirts called themselves "Peaceful protesters" and the media believed them even though they were really violent thugs, exactly what Antifa are doing now. You lied so many times about what I actually said that you certainly owe me an apology for these lies: I'm not racist. I don't equate KKK/Nazis and Antifa/BLM. I don't support the junta. Now, apologise.
  10. See? It's already starting. They won't be able to hide behind the "peaceful protesters" facade for much longer now they are in the public eye. Does anyone remember when the Red shirts held Bangkok hostage for a couple of months? Everyone who lived here knew the Red shirts were really thugs and had a militia who was attacking and killing civilians. But the Red shirts did the exact same thing that Antifa have been doing. The Red shirt mobs had signs saying "We are not terrrorists. We are peaceful protesters" and that's the narrative that all western MSM portrayed. But it was a big lie. We all knew it was at the time. No different to what Antifa has been doing for the last 18 months. But that's all about to end.
  11. I've said since the very beginning, my whole point for replying to you, was that I condemn all hate groups, so I condemn the KKK, Nazis and Antifa. And you cannot force me to side with Antifa just because they don't hate a race but are driven by their hatred of Trump and his supporters. That still makes them a hate group. They only use violence and threats to pursue their goals so what does that make them? Terrorists. You know this is all true but you are fine with trying to twist what is really happening. I'll get that popcorn ready and we'll see where this goes, shall we?
  12. Lottery numbers are not obvious. Antifa being a classed as a terrorist hate group when they've already been singled out by NJ government recently and also by Trump today, I'd say you are not going to come out of this looking very good after all the support you've shown for an obviously violent hate group.
  13. You must be one of those hindsight guys who cannot see what's going to happen even when all of the signs are there. Let's watch together and see.
  14. That website is a bit if an inconvenience for you isn't it? And now Trump is about to take on hate groups they are about to be officially Nationally outed, and you will officially support a hate group that you knew very well all along was a hate group but because they and you are anti-Trump that's all good with you. Popcorn at the ready...