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  1. Found the answer from 7by7 in another recent thread. Please delete this thread mods. Thanks.
  2. My wife moved to the UK with me in 2015 and got her LTR which expires in July. She got her English A2 exam for the first LTR application. Which exam qualification does she need now for her next (2nd) LTR visa? TIA
  3. "Hey look, it's the torture an animal to death in the most painful way possible booth. Yummy".
  4. I don't know why a 6 year old would fake the injuries of sexual assault and fabricate a story about the family friend who was regularly looking after her.
  5. Fair enough. Good dad. Hope he gets a suspended sentence.
  6. I wonder if I was one of the posters that IReason is accusing of not answering him? If so, it's because I had him on ignore since the first day I entered this thread because all he was doing was trolling and posting nothing but memes. For the 20th time. I'm not alt right or support anything they do. Funny you all just keep throwing names around. "Everyone except us is a Nazi".
  7. So she got 5 out of 6 numbers right in that lottery, and she bought the whole book (5 tickets for that one number). Doesn't she win anything?
  8. "Soft Brexit". A term invented on 24th June 2016 by Remainers meaning "to not Brexit".
  9. Was he an alt-left troll who I blocked about 2 weeks ago for posting nothing but dumb memes in this thread instead of anything to do with the topic?? I really hope he's been spending a lot of time replying to me without me noticing. That would be funny.
  10. I think you mean to say; "All of the alt-right in Charlottesville were Trump supporters" otherwise you're saying that more than half of the USA are alt-right. Btw why has alt-right become the new term for far-right?? You realise that this is just the MSM's way of accusing internet trolls of being as bad as white supremacists, don't you? And what does far-right mean now if alt-right covers all the racist ideologies of the right??
  11. I find it bizarre that there are Brits who love the EU dictorship more than they do their own country and would side with them, especially when they are obviously trying to extort us. Totally bizarre. Luckily you traitors are in the minority and we made the correct decision for the future of the UK in spite of you.
  12. Why would you just pay up a figure the EU pulled out of their <deleted> without even asking how they got to that figure. You automatically siding with the EU when they are ripping us off just proves where your loyalties lie. How about everything we invested in in the EU. That just evaporates? Is this what happens in a "divorce"??
  13. Anybody from the UK who sides with the EU when they are clearly thing to extort the UK is a traitor, right? But which race are you saying Brexiteers are racist against??
  14. Maybe, except I'm not trolling. I guess they just got bored of this thread, but I'm gonna believe it's because I was correct from the beginning and they can't handle it! :)
  15. Hilarious when people use YouGov as if they mean anything, especially in a Brexit thread.