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  1. Farang run amber and fossil shop near ratchamanka

    Found it. I bumped into a friend who knew. It's round the corner of soi 6 moon maung, the other end of sompet market. Ratchaphakhinal road.
  2. Hi. I was walking between Buak had park and tha pae gate a month ago and happened upon a really good shop, with only a farang guy in, that had an amazing collection of fossils and insects fossilised in amber, that many museum would be envious off. Alas I've been trying in vain to find it again, up and down the soi's. Anyone know of it? cheers
  3. The cheapest farang in town!

    I had a friend that I knew from travels in India, first I thought driving around Koh phangan for an hour to find the cheapest pad Thai was mildly amusing as I didn't go with him but then I saw that he always filled up one cup in 7/11 with coffee and another with ice but would only pay for the coffee, sometimes arguing long time with staff that It was only one cup, then mixing it outside in his own bottle. I was with him in bkk once and he was on his way to Cambodia with his girlfriend, he wanted to change bhat to usd, so instead of using money change he stood outside the change place on ko San road at noon and asked everybody if they were changing dollers and if he could buy for the non comission rate of 2 bhat per doller more, it took 40 minutes in the sun to do. I took his girlfriend off for a drink as I think she was getting heat stroke. He lives from his girlfriend, now wife, giving body body massage in London and owns and rents out 2 houses.