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  1. Deaths in Thailand are around 20000 a year, deaths in the uk are around 6000 ( similar sized population, road use etc) but was around 20000 a year up until the 70's, then short public information films were broadcast regularly during the advertisement breaks on tv. These were cartoons showing how to indicate and use roundabouts, correct lane procedures etc also advise for cyclists ( Augustus Windsock) and children (Charlie the cat). Of course cars and roads improved but I'm sure the level of driver abilities could only be improved by something similar in Thailand
  2. Tour guides are in restricted occupation list, Thai tour guides only.
  3. Of course it's the bike rider who was to blame but in thai law if there is a death (or even serious incident?) the other party is immediately arrested and imprisoned. And usually only bailed with large amount of bail money. Read insurance documents. They provide one or two million bail money but about 10000B payout per death. 5000B for loss of limb. Etc.