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  1. I gave a Chinese guy a slap once in the line waiting at immigration, he walked past me to get in front. Only a slap on his arm with my passport but loud enough to shock him and move him back. Seems from what I've seen many Chinese think others are below them and rules do not apply. More in the case off road traffic, immigration etc than my case.
  2. leafmould

    Restless legs driving me crazy.

    Have you tried traditional medicine? A strong Thai massage or reflexology could help. If your in the north, tok Sen would help. Tho I've had good and bad ones. There's a guy in chiang mai hospital, the old dental hospital, on the superhighway just left of mae rim road, called Kun (now Dr) Sawat that's really good. He did my legs once and it was amazing. He also does guasa, a therapy that's as old as acupuncture, it can be painful but really good for muscle, tendon and neurological stuff. Other good acupuncturists will know guasa.
  3. Deaths in Thailand are around 20000 a year, deaths in the uk are around 6000 ( similar sized population, road use etc) but was around 20000 a year up until the 70's, then short public information films were broadcast regularly during the advertisement breaks on tv. These were cartoons showing how to indicate and use roundabouts, correct lane procedures etc also advise for cyclists ( Augustus Windsock) and children (Charlie the cat). Of course cars and roads improved but I'm sure the level of driver abilities could only be improved by something similar in Thailand
  4. leafmould

    At Least 4 Dead, 100 Missing In Krabi Mudslide

    The Mayan calender predicts that the world will end by 2012 so enjoy what we have left i agree with reason, in fact i've had bollokings recently on facebook for sugesting that the shit people are facing maybe is karma because man is acting like a parasite on earth rather than in harmony with it. i do realise that even if you live in harmony, floods tsunamis earthquakes still affect us but we are probably just a bit more mai pen rai, maybe. but pingman, the mayan calender only ends its cycle in 2012 as its finite and not perpetual, just like a clock hitting midnight, its not the end just another cycle. it is also only a calender, it does not predict anything, let alone doomsday, it is supposed to be a bit like astrology though, good and bad days etc. besides if the shit hits, the world will not end, only most larger life forms, mai pen rai ?? deepest sympathys to all those affected though, lets hope for a bit more harmony for all
  5. leafmould

    Radioactive Imported Potatoes Found In Thailand

    nowt wrong with Kr###y Kr##e (aparently), they recently won an award for best fresh food shop in milton keynes where i'm working at present. !!! not only amazing thailand but amazing MK too but its food stored in plastic, especially water and oily food that will turn us sterile, i hear it increases the levels of estrogen in men and women, ie no sperm, all the other crap just turns us spiritually sterile, as well as sick
  6. leafmould

    Settlement Visa For The Uk

    "There is no specific minimum amount of money required; simply enough to live on in the UK without the need for public funds. If this can be covered from income then there is no need for any money in the bank at all. See the maintenance and accommodation link in my previous post". this is very interesting to me, i have been fretting about how much i need in the bank for my wife to successfully get a uk settlment visa, i am in the uk at present and working and would love to put the application in asap so maybe letters from present employer and future (i have a better job lined up in july) and a couple of thousand pound in the bank sounds like it would work, is there any known cases of "no money in the bank at all" being ok? as maybe i get back to siam right now until july partly because the present job is about to end (construction and buiding is nearly finished) and i don't want a break in work record screwing things up. i figure a trip back to see her and to help her with english test, visa application and comfort after her fearing the earthquakes might be a reasonable break,