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  1. If it lets you bribe your way in, and bribe your way out of capture, then actually yes it does allow it. Need to add 'for free' or 'without making a profit off your existence' to the end of your post. Hmmmmm A true story. Mid 90's, suburban Melbourne (Aust). Below my Restaurant there was an English Pub, in a part of Melbourne that had the highest population of Ex Pats from the UK in Australia. There were no shortages of Poms, Taffs, Jocks and Paddies from all over the UK. I drank there EVERY day of the week, and alot of nights for four years. It was a bit of an education really. Simon, a small, young blonde headed Brit, from London, and a bit of a lad, was sharing a flat with a mate from Yorkshire, John. They were a good pair to have an ale with. Alas, John's fiance arrived from England and moved into the flat with the pair of them. One thing led to another an Simon finished up get his leg over John's girlfriend. Simon being Simon told a couple of blokes at the Pub and soon it was getting around like wildfire within the Ex Pat Pub Community. Simon was working full time in a nearby suburb as a welder at a factory building Trays for trucks. He had been employed there full time for a few years. He paid tax and Superannuation every week, he had a Medicare Card, the lot. He was at work one day not long after the news started getting around the pub, when a team of men entered the factory and blocked off all the exits. Simon was summoned to the office where a few 'men in suits' were waiting for him. Immigration/Police. He was arrested and taken to the migrant hostel detention centre to await deportation! Whilst incarcerated Simon struck up a conversation with one of the suits and asked him how they got him. So he told him. John's girlfriend knew Simon was illegal jumped on the phone and grassed him up. Her name was mud in the Pub. And the wedding was off too. The bloke in the suit said they didn't care about the likes of Simon and they would never have ever bothered to hunt him down and send him home. He was paying tax and doing all the right things and was never in trouble with the law. But. If some one dobs you in, then as he said, they HAVE to act. And that was it. A few days later Simon flew out. Back to the UK. They told him he was welcome to come back in a couple of years. I don't know whether it is still like this in Australia, but I just thought I would tell youse. It was an education seeing how an Ex Pat Community lived and socilaised. Probably why I avoid them here.
  2. Last year it was estimated there were over 60,000 Illegals living in Australia. NOT counting the boat people and those in detention. And most of them arrived on a Plane. How on earth? Absolutely.
  3. The first time I went to Chiang Mai, just over three decades ago now, 'Jungle' Restaurants were well advertised, and legal, offering things like Barbecued Bear's Paws and the like. I never went to one myself, but I remember reading their menus. Which were quite 'diverse'. I supposed it was always going to happen that this industry would be driven underground. It is totally unnecessary to be killing and eating these animals, but is it any worse than those 'elites' of this world who pay out big bucks to shoot big game in Africa just for the fun of it. Notwithstanding the weapons and technology they use today give the animals no chance whatsoever and does not come under the heading of 'Hunting' in my book. Like this moron below: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/zimbabwe/11767119/Cecil-the-lions-killer-revealed-as-American-dentist.html I used to be an avid 'Shooter' in my youth. But I stopped killing wild animals many, many years ago. I'm a bit like a 'reformed smoker' on the subject now.
  4. About bloody time. The Thais should have been doing this years ago. been far too accommodating the Thais. Move 'em on, cut them out, keep them doggies movin' ............
  5. did my Retirement extension, based on income, at Chaeng Wattana June 09. Even though based on income with the accompanying Sat Dec from the Oz Embassy, I always take along my Bankbook and copies thereof. Because in the past, years ago, they asked for it. So I always take along more documents than what they say I need. Public Servants are the same the world over. Imm Officer didn't even glance at the Bankbook or copies and quickly rubber stamped the whole thing. I signed the obligatory 'I will not work' declarations and it was all over. There was no Foreign National Information Form even mentioned. I must admit the 'demographics' have changed though, lots more Asian/Indian applicants. Also the waiting process took longer this time than any other year i have done it. Very busy. However, yesterday I went back to CW to get a re-entry permit. They hit me with one of these forms, after I completed my application, to fill in whilst I waited for the 'stamp' and return of my passport. 'By-pass Section 1 and go straight to Section 2', the Imm Commander said. I put some basics on the form, info that they would have already had, such as my address, email, phone number. Signed it and handed it back to them when I picked up my Passport with the Re Entry stamp in it. No-one seemed to give a bugger about this form. They never even looked at it when I returned it and just tossed it on a pile of other forms. No big deal. I reckon the Thais already know who they are after. IMHO If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about. Much ado about nothing.
  6. the last time on was on Koh Samui there was no electricity. There wasn't much of anything actually. No real roads, no airport, no shops, no hotels ......... Just Bamboo huts scattered among the treeline along the beach. I always stayed at 'First Bungalow' Chaweng beach. Yes, for those who may ask, It was 'Paradise' then. Wouldn't waste my time today. Wires or no wires. View of Chaweng Beach Xmas 84
  7. Yeah because weed, shrooms and yaba are soooo hard to get. Every ban just creates a black market. Australia is about to that out the hard way with their defacto ban. And to mark the day I am told I will no longer get a refund on my empty Winston packets. This 'promotion' which had been going for well over a year has now ceased. Not that is a lot of money, but whoever heard of getting a refund for an empty cigarette packet? Amazing Thailand! Yes the black market is alive and well. (and has been for a long time) I just rang my mate to tell him I'll be back in Oz for a visit soon. He reckons he has already organised mine. Thanks mate! Australia's outrageous taxes and impositions are going to have many unintended consequences. Your average, lone, late night convenience store operator will now be standing guard over a veritable gold mine. For an armed robber, stealing a mere 10 cartons of smokes will be the same as stealing $4,000, much more than they ever allow in the till at any one time. There are many parts of Melbourne where you should not wander around with a packet of smokes protruding from your top pocket, in a place where people will kill you for nothing, a packet of smokes will be a huge bonus. The underworld will be rubbing their hands .....
  8. You you get a constant stream of people just going to use the toilets, which isnt very nice for customers That's what you THINK. It's a f**ing toilet and doesn't cost a business owner anything to let passers by come in and use the bathroom. I've been to many places where you don't have to buy something to take a leak and I haven't seen this "constant streem of people" that you refer to. It's a figment of your imagination or supposition. Not 100% correct. These establishments have to pay for water, electricity, cleaning staff, rent, etc. People walking in off the street using the facilities aren't contributing anything to the owners expenses in the form of purchased food or drinks.In most places there isn't a "stream of people" walking in, but in tourist hotspots, like Khaosan Road, that can be a completely different matter. I've sat in restaurants there from time to time and yes, quite a few of these cheap skates do walk in to use the toilets, leave their empty water/beer bottles (purchased at 7/11) on the tables, put out their fags in the ashtrays etc. All of which has to be cleaned up by restaurant staff... I'm not in the hospatility industry, but when I see this kind of behaviour, then I sincerely symphatise with the restaurant/pub owners. Note the date of this article, it is becoming more and more common .. http://tenplay.com.au/news/national/may/pay-to-pee-a-new-initiative-at-a-melbourne-pub I have been in the hospitality business, two restaurants in Melbourne. The first one right in the middle of 5 Pubs/Nightclubs - Ironically right below me, in the car park level was a small Pommy Pub which turned into a nightclub during the evenings. You couldn't swing a cat in their toilets and by 2200 they would be a filthy disgrace and you wouldn't go near the place even if you could get past the druggies. I didn't set up my Restaurant to be a Public Lavatory. Especially for those ferals. Say what you like, but unless you have been there and done that, you don't know. Particularly if you are so naive to think it doesn't cost you. Not only money, but good paying customers.
  9. In Europe you have to pay to use the washrooms in restaurants, and they have people at the door to collect the money, and if you don't pay you can't go. You should qualify that statement by saying "In some parts of Europe ............etc etc. You certainly don't have to pay in the UK. That maybe about to change http://www.camdennewjournal.com/pond-square-toilets Personally? I think those Budget Airlines have a lot to answer for.
  10. I'd have a look at the "Ohio Class" and I think you'd change your opinion. Also even they not down there alone. They have full attack sub escorts now with airborne drone support above. Believe they carry 27 missiles with 5 Nuclear Warheads on each. Subs are a much sought after Naval Asset. Everyone wants them in their Battle Order. I was told many years ago that in the next big war the safest place to be, will be in a Submarine. I spent about 9 years all up serving in Anti Submarine Frigates/Destroyer Escorts - Trust me they are not as easy to find as you may think. Especially when they don't want to be found. The British built Oberon Class Submarines were notoriously stealthy. In the right hands they were very difficult, and sometimes impossible to detect. Anti Submarine countermeasures are still very much a work in progress.
  11. The punishment for committing this particular sin, one of the 7 Deadly Sins, Envy/Jealousy, is to be immersed in freezing water for all eternity! I can understand the one Ex jealous psycho boyfriend going ballistic, but how do you wind up all your mates to want to join in? "Hey, I'm just going round to shoot my ex girlfriend's new boyfriend, you want to come?": "Sure mate, have you got a spare gun?" There just might be a little more to this. Jealousy, the deadliest Sin of them all.
  12. US and Thai relationships run deep and go back a long way. Even to when the King Of Siam offered his support to Lincoln during the Civil War. The current diplomatic problems are just a 'speed bump' This, from Stars and Stripes Magazine. “Guardian Sea is an excellent opportunity to operate at sea in a realistic training environment with our friends and partners in the Royal Thai Navy,” said Commodore Doug Pegher, commanding officer of the USS Stethemwhich is taking part in the exercise. “Our Sailors gain valuable experiences from these engagements and we build important maritime relationships that endure beyond the exercise.”
  13. My thoughts exactly. Although I don't agree with the last bit. The dog should have been put down on the spot. I just can't see why you would want to debate it either. The owner charged and made libel for ALL expenses, now and into the future. Not just a one-off payment. The poor little bugger, as if life isn't tough enough. Heartbreaking for a Mum and Dad. I hope she gets the best plastic surgeons available, regardless of cost, and they fix her.
  14. Quite true, or Sri Lanka. Whilst they are technically correct, the hard core Muslims around the world do want to convert, or kill the lot of us infidels, but this is just scaremongering to push their agenda for a Non Secular State. For what purpose you may ask. Sick of the PC Brigade though. Shouting down those who do not agree with them by labelling them Bigots and Racists. Gets rather wearisome. Dan Pena reckon's PC is a manifestation of low self esteem. I tend to agree with him. The Colonisation of Europe? Big mistake. The leaders have failed their people miserably. History will be their judge, 24th May, 2016, Top Australian Radio talkback host Alan Jones talks to Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Dutch-American activist, author, and former politician of Somali origin. She is a leading opponent of female genital mutilation, and calls for a reformation of Islam. She is supportive of women's rights and is an atheist https://s3.amazonaws.com/webstore.2gb.com/audio/the-alan-jones-breakfast-show/201605/24-alan-jones-----ayaan-hirsi-ali.mp3
  15. hehe whilst I have no problems with the Outlaw, I have shared the same ablutionary nightmare. Life in the tropics is not without risk.
  16. Hmmmm would you mind elaborating please? I consider myself to be almost in the category of a 'Connoisseur' when it comes to Cow's Juice. I drink an average of 2 Litres per day. Love the stuff. Have done so all my life. I drink it plain too, with only the occasional chocolate or coffee flavoured variety when I get the urge. Fresh milk here such a Meiji is as good as any produced in Australia IMHO. I know powdered milk when I drink it! I was a seagoing sailor for many years in this part of the world during the 70s & 80s. I was actually at sea when UHT Milk was 'invented' and unleased on the public. We found that almost as bad as powdered milk. The first thing I would do when we hit our first port in Australia on our way home from the far east would be to jump off the ship and go get some fresh milk. So, if you would, please, give me a 'heads up' as to which brands you reckon are fake. As for the OJ. Why does it seem that the poorer immigrants from the less well off countries around them are taking over the business. Possbily, like other menial jobs in the Kingdom. As the Thais have become a more affluent society, they don't want to do these jobs themselves any more. I am always wary when the OJ vendor asks if I want 'pulp' with that?
  17. Doi Kham Royal Project fruit juice is pretty good stuff. Their mango juice is about the best around. IMO. Which is why you don't see it around all the time as it seems to race off the shelves fairly quickly. Tipco Fresh Valencia OJ is also another I find to be quite good.
  18. Don't give them any ideas. I perish the thought of what they might add to simulate 'pulp'.
  19. cpofc

    2016 Thai tourism continues growing

    One way or another the money rolls in for the well connected big shot investors into the connected businesses. Concur, it was immediately prior to the days of the credible terrorist threats being directed at Bangkok, and the SARs virus 'panic' on the back of that, when tourist numbers plummeted across the kingdom, hotels laid off staff, particularly those catering to the Chinese market, and put the remainder into rotating shifts of one day on, one day off, , businesses shut up, the Chinese had begun to roll up in large numbers. I remember sitting in Simon's? Pattaya and watching the bus loads of Chinese tourists being ushered in, in orderly fashion, you could say regimented, to watch the 'live show'. The were given the option of 1 Beer or I Soft drink per man/woman which was issued to them on arrival. No cash changed hands. Everything pre-arranged. Show over. Fall in. March out. On the bus and off to the next pre-planned, pre-paid destination. Japanese tourism was conducted in a similar fashion in the 70's & 80s. Hopefully in the future the Chinese may become a bit more independent, free thinking and 'intrepid' There is no money for the grass roots of the industry from this style of tourism. Ok if you're getting a piece of the action though.
  20. Maybe the pics are of the re-enactment of the criminals engaged in the 'dastardly business'. if so they certainly don't seemed to be overly peturbed about the whole thing.
  21. This ABC 'Foreign Correspondent' report appeared as late as last month. South East Asia Correspondent Liam Cochrane ventures into the remote Myanmar valleys that produce most of Australia’s heroin. He then takes the trail to the China border where the bulk of the processed heroin heads to the outside world. Whilst everyone was busy blaming afghanistan ..... "We are talking about tonnes and tonnes of heroin. I think most Australians would probably think it’s coming from Afghanistan, but it’s not true. It’s actually from Myanmar."- UN official in Yangon http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/content/2015/s4437682.htm
  22. I am unable to locate the article, but Sweden is struggling to keep up with its aged care costs. As I understand it Sweden has a system where cities/municipalities are responsible for their own elderly. The cost to them is getting to be troublesome. A few years ago they looked at the prospect of maintaining Aged Care Hostels in Thailand. It looks as though nothing came of it though. In China aged care is becoming a growth industry. The Japanese stats on their aging population is frightening. With the strictest immigration policies in the world, low birth rate, there will be no-one left in Japan by the end of this century. I have an interest in this subject for my mother went into aged care just over a year ago. It is a sad thing to have to do really. God's waiting room. It's a very lucrative industry though. The Thai Idea makes a lot of sense to me. They have got virtually everything here they need. Train up plenty of Thai nurses in elderly care, a lot I reckon would be 'naturals' for the job, Modern facilities, Warm weather. Good food. it would be a win win, for the Thais and for the farangs. Look at the big scandals in England recently. You can't say in Thailand they could fare any worse. I feel sorry for the Japanese bloke dying alone. It is a sad world at times.
  23. I had become somewhat reclusive with that spell of record breaking high temps, so my Thai mates thought they should do something about it and called around early yesterday evening to hi-jack me for a cool drink. (they paid BTW) They represent your average Thai family men from diverse occupations. I expected them to be overjoyed about the Leicester win. Naturally, being football lovers they all support an English Team - none of which happens to be this one, which is why they didn't give a large rodents rectum and were totally underwhelmed by it all. Not that they don't like Leicester City at all. Just that they hate King Power. We were of the opinion that 'Charity Begins At Home'
  24. They do. The Thais seem to play it pretty low key though, compared to some other countries. It is actually White Western Farangs they seem reluctant to shoot or inject. So far I know of none who have been executed. Tuesday, August 25, 2009, 2 convicted drug traffickers at Bang Kwang prison were executed by lethal injection. Bundit Jaroenwanit, 45, and Jirawat Poompreuk, 52, yesterday became the country's 5th and 6th people to be executed by lethal injection, which replaced death by shooting in 2003. They were given 60 minutes to call or write to their loved ones. They were then offered a last meal and a chance to listen to a sermon from a monk invited from Wat Bang Praek Tai. Read more: http://deathpenaltynews.blogspot.com/2009/08/thailand-drug-dealers-put-to-death.html#ixzz49VC7xN6I Of course it doesn't come under quite the same heading but Taksins War On Drugs, claimed up to 2,800, summarily executed. Give or take. Reasons for commuting of the death Sentence? The list of mitigating circumstances includes lack of intelligence, serious distress, previous good conduct, repentance by the offender, voluntary surrender to an official, and information given to the court for the benefit of the trial. In 2005, the Thai government reported to the U.N. Human Rights Committee that there was no mandatory death penalty. http://www.deathpenaltyworldwide.org/
  25. you just reminded me of something, about a month ago or so, at one of my nearby shops. A very polite young man, the sort who would be described in the West as a 'Nerdy' looking type, baled me up and asked what I thought about the single gateway. I was betting his Mum and Dad thought it had something to do with their driveway. He struck me as being quite mature for his years. I was impressed. And no, I do not think a single gateway is a step in the right direction. Governments don't just need to be 'honest' - They need to be seen to be honest. I said a while back that the Government is going to have to learn how to deal with the internet and social media. There is no turning back. it is not going away. We have had hundreds of years and fought many battles to get to where we are in the West. To build our democracies. The Thais are 'newbies'. I fervently hope no more blood shed. No more Thais killing Thais in the streets.