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  1. Invite her to your hotel room and tell her you will go to the 7/11 to buy take-away dinner of spicy pork and rice and a few bottles of Chang. If she loves a hansom man like you, she will accept.
  2. A similar thing happened in Melbourne Australia a few years ago on a freeway. A wheel came out of a passing ute and hit a man standing on the side of the road as he was helping a friend whose car had stalled. Seeing it's illegal for a pedestrian to be on a freeway the fatality was a 'one in a million".
  3. Here is the translation he uttered as he walked away "I really knew it was open space as it was just a practice run for the real thing"
  4. Yep, those damn typo errors crop up all the time like mice in a plague. :-)
  5. I'm glad I'm not rich enough to be caught by her. How about she charge some women only THB7000 and leave out the "how to ask me for money" bit?
  6. I've been on that station many times and if you stand any where near the yellow line the very observant and diligent station attendants blast out their whistle quick smart. Either the woman didn't want to or couldn't hear the whistle and the attendants were too far away to save her in time.
  7. I agree and also the Black ute driver would have been concentrating on the blue ute and not see the cam driver come up behind him so fast or that he was in his blind spot as he started his veer away from the blue ute. Normally just give the cam driver the 'bird' not the knife lol
  8. The Aboriginal Australians still hate the English for what they did 200 years ago.
  9. How about adding? Yes, safe for lone tourist but I wouldn't encourage my family to visit?
  10. "Police said he was suffering from mental problems and had been drinking." Drop the volume of cans and bottles another 10ml to stop all this drunken mayhem then.
  11. Hate to hear his tirade after a well deserved punch in the mouth???
  12. I cannot see where Thaiwai is stupid? I was thinking of saying sorry for upsetting you pattayaites, but the only person upsetting yourself is you!
  13. no need say "bye ' as not going back to that dump It would be a prick of a world if we all had the same opinion You stick to yours and I stick to mine or like it or lump it !!
  14. But the van driver was not capable of driving him anywhere in his condition..