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  1. At least Santa kept his cool Not like this pair .....
  2. She looked a good match for poor ole fat santa too ....
  3. Probably didn't want to go home so now he has a few more days here.
  4. You wanted to be reminded not go visit there again. I do not want to visit there again either!
  5. You have no intention of visiting Pattaya again!! So I'm glad you can't take me with you .....
  6. I will go with No 1 but would rather have a few more possibilities to choose from................
  7. And I thought in Thailand you get a kick in the head when down.
  8. Do you folks use tap water to cook pasta?

    Yes, ok to use as boiling kills pathogens "Boiling can be used as a pathogen reduction method that should kill all pathogens. Water should be brought to a rolling boil for 1 minute. At altitudes greater than 6,562 feet (greater than 2000 meters), you should boil water for 3 minutes" You might want to check the sediment concentrations though wherever you are?
  9. Who then give a recommendation for a crackdown
  10. He should have fired off a few rounds before he let the wife manipulate it with her hand...
  11. Even the spider stopped to have a look at the damage done
  12. Obviously targetting the first time tourist visitors as once been to Pattaya you don't go back again
  13. I think he meant in a roundabout way why there was no nurse !!??
  14. string him up by the proverbials....