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  1. Yep, things sure have changed since those good ole days. Bar girls aren't fair and sure aren't maidens.
  2. marquis22

    Bananas - how to stop them ripening too fast .

    I make a smoothie and add mango, honey, coconut milk and cocoa powder as well. Use concentrated milk if not have fresh milk.
  3. marquis22


    But how many Thai kids would be near or able to attend a swimmable swimming pool or pool?
  4. It's been changed to "Man is dogs best feed"
  5. marquis22

    Video: Motorists get a fountain show on the motorway

    Farang 200 baht, Nationals 0 baht?
  6. I'm sure I heard her say " I'm ok don't worry about me, just got a broken leg, give me a few mins and I will crawl over and see how my kids are"
  7. It would take a few million farang to clean up the whole of Thailand at that rate!
  8. Some get up to the end of that creek paddling a barbed wire canoe....
  9. Often I just peer in the window and ask ... "How much for that doggie in the window" Confused (1) Sad (0) Suzy The older you are the less confusion there is ....
  10. "The party does not matter! Five thousand Pitbull owners ignored the order to intercept the mouth."อ่านข่าวต่อได้ที่: https://www.thairath.co.th/content/1287476 Pretty much sums it up. 5000 to 1 in favour of the pitbulls. Let the next party begin and say no more.
  11. Often I just peer in the window and ask ... "How much for that doggie in the window"
  12. Seen it myself, the car I was in even slowed up to let the offender move in but nup. "I'm stayin in my lane" ! Unbelievable attitude.