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  1. Pity he didn't stop and think that he would be giving the booze a miss while spending a few years in clink :-(
  2. vacasianhotel.com This Domain is Under Construction Please Check Back Later ..... Much later, when I get out....!!
  3. Maybe, but best not quote me as I really do not know why they would be Sth Africans? Go for a ride on a train in Melbourne and see if you can spot the Aussie accent or what it once was....
  4. I'd rather put up with the smell of tobacco smoke than having to walk past one of those booths and seeing someone struggling with both of those jobs at once. Stone the crows !!!
  5. Man Nearly Dies After Live Fish Jumps Down His Throat

    lucky for former it was only much smaller.
  6. SURVEY: Brexit -- Good or Bad Idea?

    The Government will come up with some reason to stay in .....!
  7. Who needs a walking stick when you can get a helpful nudge along the road??
  8. Circus bear snaps and attacks handler during performance

    Well trained bear as he sure did retreat when hit with the stick!! Next time lets see who cowers if the bear is not clobbered.
  9. I think dropping plastic bags is more environmentally unfriendly than cigarette butts. We should all encourage sensible measures in taking home and disposing of all our rubbish properly.
  10. Pictures of your front gate

    Saves the inlaws the trouble of opening it twice a day when bringing my lunch and dinner in .....
  11. Alcohol ban for royal cremation

    Or go to your local "ma n pa" store that sells grog all hours that they are open.