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  1. Looks like the useless pric* with fair hair was 'eggin' her on, showing his limp wristed boxing pose. Pity the Thai woman didn't have a few back up Thai men.
  2. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    Not stupid if deposit the 3 mill and get to meet many daughters without having to worry about visa runs. Also, you can show them the bank statement and they will think you are a very rich hansum falung.
  3. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    I'd rather spend the 3 mill in the time I have left than to deposit it in a Thailand bank Just outside Greg Norman's palatial home somewhere well away from Thailand.
  4. I've got reliable information that it has now been postponed till April 1st 2018 so try put off your arrival till then.
  5. Are you sure they could be Austrians and not Australians?
  6. I see more animal cruelty every day looking at the sick and mange/worm infested soi dogs, How about arresting all the locals who don't care or know how to look after animals.
  7. He soon woke up when the woman in white walked up to him.
  8. Mass pigeon kidnapping??!!

    Yeah, I thought this mornings buy was smaller in size than normal. Tasted like chicken tho.
  9. Maybe she was, but didn't want to waste time asking her that and really didn't care. But she did have lovely two boobs so maybe she was And she definitely wasn't a ladyboy from what I did see,
  10. Phewwww glad she was heterosexual and well over 24
  11. Yeah, it looks like the attackers are using sticks like they did a few 1000 years ago. Guess not much has changed since? I bet the recipient is not feeling to fit now to want to survive another beating tho??
  12. "No video is shown for me. Empty space." For your eyes only. child seat.mp4
  13. Maybe looking forward at the traffic seeing that the door opened just as the driver was accelerating and perhaps the woman who got out was the driver so that is why it took a few seconds for her to stop and get out the passenger side?? don't know really.
  14. A bank employee asked me if I wanted to dep-o-sit I looked around for a chair to sit on ...