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  1. "heart patient" and "siren wailing" don't belong together.
  2. Market @ Govt. Building - Changwattana
  3. Talad Nam Wat Takhian
  4. Why is Songkran disliked by so many Expats?

    I like the constant songkran music being blasted throughout the neighborhoods for the last week.
  5. samsung pro 7 camera problems

    I have had 2 Samsung phones. Problems, unresolved by Samsung service centers, seem to be a big part of the Samsung experience. Sorry I can't be of any help. But, then again, neither can Samsung.
  6. Flowers!

  7. Flowers!

  8. Almonds

    Gourmet Market sells by weight.
  9. Calendar Printing in Bangkok

    You might check Anoogo: https://anoogo.com
  10. Sunday Roast in Kanchanaburi

    So, are we going to see a PHOTO of this roast?
  11. Valuables Needing a "re-entry Permit" now?

    My thoughts exactly ....
  12. Here is some interesting news. Apparently, the Red Line isn't getting enough action. Basically, among other stipulations, valuable items, taken out of the country, will need to be documented with Customs. Then, upon return, said items must be declared. https://mgronline.com/onlinesection/detail/9610000022851 Sorry, Thai language only.
  13. Yes; if it is, indeed, a "Scandisk" card, you're lucky the first one worked.
  14. Food Photography

    Tasty moo krob, wontons and bamee