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  1. Wat A Place

    Or, for that matter, anywhere in the surrounding neighborhood.
  2. Wat A Place

    Love the PA system!
  3. Thinking of the Canon M5

    It seems Greenside and I have found the same problem with 3 different brands. Maybe it's the nature of the beasts ...
  4. Thinking of the Canon M5

    One of the benefits of mirrorless is the compactness. The ef lenses, along with the adaptor, will negate that. Don't just purchase based on reviews. Go down and play with a working camera. The FujiFilm line is very popular. But, when I used my neighbor's for a day, I found setting it to my liking quite convoluted.
  5. Thinking of the Canon M5

    There are EF to M adaptors.
  6. Wat A Place

    Assumption Cathedral - Bangrak
  7. Wat A Place

    Wat Paknam Phasi Chareon - Left Wat Khun Chan - Right
  8. People in Thailand

    Handling Traffic Well
  9. For The Birds !

    Gone Fishing!
  10. Wat A Place

    Wat Khae Nok - Nonthaburi
  11. Clouds

  12. For The Birds !

    Happened by and spotted this dove nesting in an orchid. Used a selfie stick with my iPhone to catch this angle.
  13. Canon EOS 450D repairs

    I hope you are in BKK on consecutive weekends. Between repairs, and shipping back and forth, it will probably take a week. It also depends on their scheduled runs. That 710 baht was last March. Hopefully, your fix will cost the same or close to it. Most of their repairs are fixed pricing.
  14. Canon EOS 450D repairs

    My wife had the same problem with her 18~55 kit lens. Took it to Canon Thailand's main office. A couple days, and 710 baht later, it was good as new. Their main office is at Chong Nonsi, easily reached by BTS: https://goo.gl/maps/BFZTrHKsVxE2 BTW, Chong Nonsi headquarters is where the MBK satellite will send their items for repair, adding an addition couple of days to the turnaround.
  15. Flowers!