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  1. Curt1591

    VHS to DVD

    Anyone know a shop that will convert VHS tapes to DVD? Thanks
  2. Held together with twine. If it wasn't so hot, I would have thought I was in Oregon!
  3. Curt1591

    Food Photography

    A "famous" moo daeng shop in Chinatown. The place was packed. It was really nothing special.
  4. I remember those investigations. Watergate seems like child's play compared to what has been already shown to be going on leading up to the 2016 election. Still waiting for evidence of Trump's involvement it the antics.
  5. If, after over 18 months, Mueller could tie it to Trump, one might believe he would have made the case by now. After all, wasn't that why he was appointed? Still waiting for the "case of the suspect waiting for a crime" case to come to fruition.
  6. Do we know what "collusion" means? During the election, there was plenty of collusion taking place. None of it has been tied to Trump. Now, Hilary is another story. By the way, it was Obama who said that there was no hacking.
  7. Got to hand it to Mueller. He was able to find out that Russian spies were doing spy stuff! I'm glad he indicted Russian nationals residing in Russia. Great job!
  8. Disrespecting the queen!?! Although many will never have a personal visit, I though disrespecting the royals was a national pastime in the UK.
  9. Maybe they plan on eliminating poverty by eliminating poor people ...
  10. Curt1591

    Wat A Place

    I love how Thais put so much time and money into making a fancy temple. Then, they always place crap in or on it, whether it's wiring, plastic pipes, canopies, or, in this case, an ice chest. I wonder if it's there so that we can grab a cold one on our way in to meditate?
  11. Curt1591

    Anyone for volleyball?

    Not if she is going to use a soccer ball!
  12. Curt1591

    For The Birds !

  13. Curt1591


    Crown of Thorns