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  1. At one of the nearby shops, I picked up a like new Canon 1.4 extender, series II, for 5,000 baht, a third the retail price. It has served me well for years.
  2. Mega Plaza is still there. Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Sxxf6aVfFYD2 There are a few other shops in the neighborhood also.
  3. Curt1591

    People in Thailand

    After viewing my brother in-law's wedding photos, my friend stated "she's pregnant!" When I asked how she knew, she pointed out that everyone was frowning.
  4. Curt1591


    Stormy Monday
  5. Curt1591

    Where to sell lens?

    FotoFile, ground floor, MBK, buys and sells used equipment. Mega Plaza, Chinatown, has one floor with many used camera shops. Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Sxxf6aVfFYD2 There are also shops scattered around the surrounding neighborhood. Unfortunately, these shops will be offering "wholesale" quotes.
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  7. Curt1591

    Cats & Dogs

    Our dog hates paparazzi!
  8. Curt1591

    Food Photography

    Bamee, moo krob, and wontons
  9. Kanchanaphisek, from MRT flyover, Talad Bang Yai
  10. Curt1591

    For The Birds !

    They seem to be in town!
  11. Curt1591

    Looking for a used Canon EOS 7D MKii

    You could check the MBK's ground floor Fotofile shop. It handles used gear. Mega Plaza has one floor with many used camera shops. It's at the corner of Yaowarat and Chakraphet, chinatown. There are other use gear shops in the same area. https://goo.gl/maps/U2RPPrCXcJm
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    Erawan Museum Gardens
  13. Curt1591

    People in Thailand

    Holiday Maker Monks!
  14. Curt1591