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  1. This is why I hesitated to post. She gave 3 options - The doomed Embassy letter, 800,000 THB in a Thai bank, or 65,000 THB deposited, monthly, in a Thai bank. Although we didn't address it, there should be no need for any verification, other than one's Thai bank statement. And, since I am opting for door #2, the 800,000, I didn't enquire into how long a history of deposits may be needed. Any further answers can be found here: http://bangkok.immigration.go.th/en/location1.html I'm out of here ...
  2. "My Immigration office doesn't have a problem with using just the monthly distribution. " I hesitate to join this discussion. But, I will say that the Thai Immigration supervisor, with whom we spoke, at the Changwattana office, said that evidence of the monthly distribution needs to come from a Thai bank. Upon showing my SSI statement, My annuity management statement, and my US bank statement, showing distribution and receipt of the funds, we were told it would not be accepted. Of course, everyone's mileage may vary ...
  3. I have said what I remember. Any further clarification would be speculation, on my part, and others'. This is a wrap for me. If anyone needs further clarification, and feel they can trust Thai Immigration officials, all I can do is recommend checking in with them. It's been a pleasure! BTW, there is a great khao mun gai stall in the CP Food Park!
  4. "I think that's Thai Immigration's side of the story, or at least the staff you were talking to. But I don't think it's the whole story or a particularly accurate version of the story." I got this "story" from the woman who does the final sign off and hands over the extension stamped passports. Because we were the first in queue, after lunch, she wasn't rushed with any work on her desk as of yet. She wasn't trying brush us aside. Personally, I'll take her word on it. "However, if what the staff at CW told you is correct, then we would be headed toward a double-standard situation where most other countries' embassies will continue issuing income letters that Immigration will accept using methods no more verifiable than those used by the British Embassy, at least. And meanwhile, American, Brits and Aussies will get screwed." I can't speak for British or Australian citizens. But, as a US citizen, all I can say is "Welcome to America." "So one has to wonder, why has Thai Immigration decided to single out those three embassies/nationalities and leave all the others undisturbed?" Has Thai immigration singled out anyone? Maybe The US embassy is staffed with anti-Trumpers, doing this to spite Trump's attempts at immigration reform. Maybe the British embassy is staffed with spiteful anti-Brexit individuals. As far as Oz is concerned, they follow the UK.
  5. Although I really didn't ask these specifics, and the supervisor didn't specify.
  6. I don't know, didn't ask, and don't care to speculate. Too much speculation happening already.
  7. "... this ugly sweep by immigration. " Just to be clear., nothing has changed with Thai Immigration's policies. It is the retirees' respective embassy that are stuffing things up.
  8. Personally, I just don't really feel all that comfortable putting such a sum in a Thai bank - stability issues ... "These people as a group still pouring a substantial amount of money into the Thai economy per month." Had one pompous expat "English teacher" argue that his opinions are somehow more valid because he "contributes" more than tourists or retirees. Besides that fact that his ramblings demonstrate a marginal grasp of the English language, earning money here, to spend here, is the equivalent of taking money from one pocket and putting it in another - there is no gain for Thailand. Retirees, on the other hand, get their monies elsewhere, and spend it here. It's all income for Thailand.
  9. Presented the original documentation, covering an entire year's activity, from my funds providers, showing my funds providers' direct depositing more than sufficient monthly amounts into my account, with said statements mailed to my Thai address, I was told it would not be accepted.
  10. In our case, no one told us anything that we wanted to hear. Instead, they offered alternative solutions. They may have been blowing smoke. However, they showed no hesitation, no confusion, and seemed very professional.
  11. After saying that the documentation, provided by my Stateside institutions, wasn't sufficient, she immediately pointed out this option. Seems legit to me.
  12. I guess I simply put it in the context of Thai Immigration's perspective on the issue. They seem to be as frustrated as the ticked off retirees!
  13. It has to be direct deposited from an institution outside Thailand. My understanding is that it can be any financial institution.