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  1. How much is the bill? Who should they pay? NATO works on a contribution basis, not on a pay basis. It's a little like a pot luck dinner where everyone brings something and all get to eat, as opposed to a meal at a restaurant where someone gets stuck with the check. Oops, I see the above poster already explained it.
  2. The others didn't travel tens of thousands of miles before they got there. Trump is in as good shape as any of them. So, Japan and Canada aren't thousands of miles away?
  3. I am not a fan of Tillerson and certainly not a fan of Trump, but I see no reason he should host such an event if he is not comfortable doing so. Such appeasement is really not necessary. Islam is not a country and hosting events for countries national days, for their leaders and other such acknowledgements is probably more in keeping with the constitution and better portrays the country as a whole. Paying attention to religion is a good thing, but pandering to it isn't.
  4. It is not always feasible, as the above says, to give sources. Do you remember Deep Throat? People are judged by the Courts (or Congress), the public may have an opinion, but outside the ballot box, they don't pass legal judgement, nor should they.
  5. Nice try, but most of the votes had been cast when he assaulted the journalist. Montanans tend to use absentee and early voting. It might be interesting to see if this very strongly Republican state would have voted the same had the incident occurred well in advance of voting. It should also be noted that his 'mealy mouthed' question was about the Health Care Bill. It's pretty scary when a politician can't answer a simple question without violence. But there you have it, a true blue republican.
  6. I wonder if he is still smoking?
  7. Troll much? Following Trump's proposal would not have saved anyone. The bomber was a native born British citizen.
  8. No, anonymous sources have always been the stock and trade in journalism. Fox News excelled in using anonymous sources. Reputable news agencies keep many of their sources anonymous, but the sources are vetted and they are known to the editors, who determine whether it is credible or not.
  9. The tone for how the government operates is set by the President and this President has played fast and lose with intelligence information. In the past, intelligence information was circulated in a very tight-lipped circle. There have been big changes in personnel and most likely little supervision or direction of front-line staff. I certainly do not blame the UK for this move. I am sure several other countries, including the Israeli's will be holding their cards much closer to their chest. Loose lips sink ships. I am afraid the intelligence services were correct to be skeptical about sharing the intelligence briefings with Trump when he was President-elect.
  10. I certainly wouldn't post her antics on public forum and use it as an example of fraud unless I was prepared to report it. The poster doesn't seem to understand that his sister, if she in fact has committed these actions, has violated some pretty major laws in signing documents that are untrue and she could end up doing a long stretch in penal facility. Many people believe that these gov't handouts are perfectly OK for me and my kind, but they shouldn't be given to those who happen to be of a different religion or race.
  11. So, your sister commits fraud and you do nothing about it? But you blame Obama. Let's see if Trump gets her off food stamps, it's for sure you aren't doing anything about it.
  12. It's not progress, it's regression.
  13. Do you know the terms of his payment? Was he given a set amount or does he get proceeds from the sale of the book? As the writer of the book, he deserves the money, just as many workers work for a boss whose decisions they don't like or agree with, but they are paid for their work and they take the pay.
  14. I am pretty sure that Obama criticized a CANDIDATE for president, not an incoming president.
  15. "Again, Trump isn't unique"....I think that is wrong. I'd say he is unique. The distance between his rhetoric during the campaign and his actions is truly astonishing. It can only be viewed in galactic measurements.