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  1. So far this has been a major failure as is most of Trump's foreign policy. The reason is that in order to effectively deal with NK (or Iran or pretty much anyone else), it requires international consensus and agreement. Trump has zero credibility and no support in the international arena. Kim knows this and if he had any doubts, China probably reminded him that cooperating with them will be much more beneficial than cooperating with the US.
  2. This may be far fetched, but there have always been rumors of a connection between NK and Iran on nuclear (and other issues) development. I wonder if the current canceling of the Iran deal has influenced NK, who may find Iran to be leaning their direction again.
  3. Well, I think with this union, any children will surely dilute that German blood down a lot.
  4. Germany has for a long time focused on high quality goods. German products aren't generally cheap, but they are durable and long lasting. I often buy German products that I use frequently and expect to last a long time. I had both a blender and regular mixer made in China -- they were replaced 3 times. I finally bought a good German blender and it has lasted for years. The US falls in the middle. Generally good quality, but not exceptional. Also usually a little less expensive than German, but not cheap. There are also few things made in the US. I have no idea what manufactured products that China is going to import from the US.
  5. Mother Nature can unexpectedly pretty much make anywhere unsafe. Much of the Western US live in the shadow of potential volcanic eruptions, including the city of Seattle. Most local gov'ts do or should zone out flood plains from having houses built. Then there are hurricanes. Perhaps people shouldn't build or live within 50 - 100 miles from the Ocean. I am not sure what to do with those who live in places like Tornado Alley.
  6. Yup, watched it. Enjoyed it.
  7. I suspect that the sexual abuse of children goes back for centuries. I also suspect that most of the priests who are involved are not true pedophiles, but are attracted to teenage boys. The general disapproval of being gay made the priesthood attractive to many because they couldn't get married. There were fewer questions about their sexuality. Now, with more acceptance of gays and with gay marriage, I wonder if it will have any affect on the priesthood and the Church.
  8. The only prize he should be getting is the Nobel Sleaze Prize.
  9. I'd say this about sums up a big part of the problem:
  10. So, they will block those and then we can read about the deaths due to fire.
  11. I am one of those not cool people. I have every intention of watching it, or if I can't, I'll watch videos and news updates about it.
  12. Yup, Qatar was a strong supporter of terrorism, supposedly, after refusing to give financial backing to Kushner. They reconsidered, gave financial support and are supposedly no longer supporters of terrorism. Gives one pause to think.
  13. My condolences to the family, friends and classmates to the victims. These killings are primarily due to the easy access to guns. There is, however, another element that seems to be unique to the US and that is that they occur with such frequency. Young people tend to copy others and whether it is clusters of suicides or school shootings, it is something that has gained traction and that makes it even more difficult to prevent.
  14. Is it just a coincidence that the visit is on Friday the 13th?
  15. And who is the Commander-in-Chief of that military?