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  1. The Secret Service would not be vetting anybody. Their job is security and they might search people, but vet them would not be a part of their job.
  2. He could be a runner up for the most foolish person in communications, next to Saddam's communication person during the Gulf War.
  3. Quite right; they do cooperate, but they don't do each others job. If ICE has a hold order or a deportation order, then local officials will apprehend and hold them. In the situations that I am aware of, they have been held for the maximum amount of time allowed, but ICE never picked them up, so they were released. The Administration and ICE need to realize that no everyone is going to do their job for them.
  4. I am not sure what your talking about. If there is an arrest warrant, then the cities will pick up and detain a person. Does ICE pick up people for speeding? Do they apprehend drug dealers? Perhaps they arrest people for animal abuse and answer calls for domestic violence?
  5. It is not the remit of the local police to enforce immigration law. It is the responsibility of the Federal Gov't, that is what America has always been and hopefully will continue to be.
  6. I am completely against this. I am very guarded in who I vote for. I usually don't tell people anything about my political affiliations and I don't think I have ever voted a straight party ticket.
  7. What they don't tell you is that the same medications used in the US are exported to foreign countries where they play 1/10th of the amount, and the companies still make a profit. But there is no indication there is any effort to bring down the cost of medication. I wonder why?
  8. Basically Trump is an incredible loser. He is unable to implement anything and what he is trying to implement here is overseen by the Courts. Fortunately the Judicial Branch is better equipped to make policy than the Executive Branch.
  9. President Trump said: My son Donald did a good job last night. He was open, transparent and innocent. Conan O'Brian said: And those are three things you don't want to be when you go to prison.
  10. Well that's a lot different that selling them weapons.
  11. We sell them weapons? Please explain. Do we have bilateral agreement?
  12. They are the reason these are uncertain times.
  13. Much of what you say is a load of tosh. He will be eligible for medicaid for a short period of time, like most refugees. It will be limited in time. He will be required to find work as refugee benefits are also time limited. Mexicans are not the biggest abusers of the nonsensical medical system in the US that deprives a lot of people of proper care. No one will be denied treatment, but that bill is a bill and it will follow you until it is paid. I am glad for this guy the judge saw through a lot of smoke and hysteria to give him refugee status. I wish him the best of luck. He's well educated and will no doubt land on his feet and be a positive member of US society.
  14. For once I completely agree with you. I would like to see Trump put troops on the Streets and start stopping everyone and checking for illegals. I'd also like to see him declare martial law. I wonder how his right wing, state's rights people would feel about him then? I wonder how the rest of the country would feel about it? Perhaps he could consult with Erdogan from Turkey on how to do it up big. Oh, and I wonder how Congress will react?
  15. I believe you have a few things wrong. First, the US has a military pact with the Philippines. If the Philippines is attacked, the US will assist them, militarily. The US does not have ownership or claim to the shoals, so it would be completely inappropriate to take any action until/unless the Philippines does and is then attacked in retaliation. There is no military pact with Vietnam, so there is no basis for the US to get involved. As long as there is unimpeded travel through the area, there is no reason for US involvement. The remainder of your post is simply trolling. The topic is about the military facilities being built on the shoals, not on how the US does or doesn't defend various islands around the world.