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  1. There is no reason to believe that they plan to enter the US illegally. The plan is to present themselves at the border and request asylum. They will be given a pre-screening interview to determine if there is any merit to their claim. Quite a few will be quickly weeded out and given the option of returning voluntarily. If not then they will go through deportation. Of those who have a reasonable asylum claim, they will get a full asylum hearing. Currently, I believe the denial rate for those having a full hearing is around 60%.
  2. The entire discussion of mental health issues is nothing more than a ruse in the gun debate. First, the Administration is making serious cuts to mental health provisions, so intervention is not going to be available for stopping potential serial shooters. Second, most of the mass shootings are done by marginalized people without a lot of past criminal activity that would bring them to the attention of anyone. After each event there is a backward glance at the warning signs, but none of them amount to much. Certainly not legal action. People who do these are often acting in an impulsive manner, with some planning. They have essentially snapped and most everyone is capable of reaching the point of snapping, but not everyone who snaps takes a gun and starts shooting. If the guns are removed, whatever they do when they snap, it won't result in mass shootings.
  3. Many of the refugees come from the countries where the US is involved in military action. Those huge numbers of Vietnamese that were still coming to the US (as well as many other Western Countries) is one example. Many of the Middle Eastern people in the US came due to the Iraq wars. Arms sales are directly related to it, but military incursions cause people to flee.
  4. The checks and balances provision of the constitution also mandates oversight of the Executive branch. This is done by Congress, and with the Justice Department, that falls on the House of Representatives. The hand-picked new Attorney General is questionable. The Attorney General is vetted and approved by the Senate, Matthew Whitaker has NOT been approved by the Senate. When the Attorney General leaves, it is customary and correct to appoint the Deputy AG, Rosenstein. Rosenstein has been vetted and has Senate approval. There are some major Constitutional questions with this appointment. It is further complicated IF the appointment was made to obstruct justice and in this case, it would appear that that may very well be the case.
  5. Do you get dizzy trying to spin that one? It was a big loss, and the losses extend to governorships and local government.
  6. The US economy is a like a big steam engine. It takes some time to get it going, but once it's going it's not easy to stop. Obama got it going and Trump has certainly done what he can to make business easier for most, with the exception of his tariffs. As far as working class people are concerned, life is not so easy. @EVENKEEL I know a lot of young to middle age people who have moved, but that's not so easy. The cost of finding housing and getting settled in a new location is far from cheap. Unless it is a very well paying job, it's not all that simple. For people who are single it's a little easier, but if you have a family, it becomes daunting.
  7. They will, no doubt, give him the boot when the Ecuadorian Embassy officials starting asking for Asylum.
  8. And this is going to work out so well: Texas hunters who accidentally shot each other blamed undocumented immigrants, police reveal A hunting guide and his client accidentally shot each other and then blamed it on undocumented migrants, police in the US have said. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/texas-hunters-blamed-immigrants-after-accidentally-shooting-each-other-a7591471.html
  9. He definitely needs to be booted out of the Embassy. Given his behavior towards his hosts, I'd be inclined to revoke his citizenship.
  10. Two states, Arizona and Nevada (maybe others): https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/midterms-2018-countdown/h_18f9e9318a63d0dc8c294bbd8eabfeea
  11. I have no problem with voting against converting a Church to a Mosque. I do have a problem with justification and vilification of religions. The Catholic Church set up a situation which allowed for the abuse of children on an 'industrial scale'.
  12. Here's a little snippet for you to chew on: GOP campaigns asked Trump to steer clear of Nevada and Arizona But two states noticeably absent from his itinerary: Arizona and Nevada, which are among the most competitive races and the best chance for Democrats to pick up GOP-held Senate seats (as our new CNN polls today illustrate). Here's why: Two Republican officials involved in shaping the President's political travel tell CNN that Republicans in both Arizona and Nevada asked the White House to steer clear of those states in his final swing. Both states were on an early list of places Trump hoped to hit, officials say, but were taken off the final schedule because a presidential visit wasn't seen as helpful to Rep. Martha McSally in Arizona and Sen. Dean Heller in Nevada. https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/midterms-2018-countdown/h_18f9e9318a63d0dc8c294bbd8eabfeea
  13. It's always entertaining reading posts from people who have nothing to say, but make assumptions about others. Well, I do live in the US and I DO live near the Mexican border and Trump's views on the situation are far from being warmly received. Very far from being popular. He was even asked by a Republican in one of the States NOT to come. Of course, he ignored the request, like he ignores most everything.
  14. And the other problem with the militia groups is they have a history of stealing: Deployed border troops are preparing for militias stealing their gear, protester violence, documents show The 5,200 troops mobilizing to the U.S. southern border are headed there to deter a caravan of migrants, but some of the direct threats they are preparing for are homegrown, according to documents obtained by Military Times. In those documents, the military is concerned about the already dangerous drug cartels that operate with impunity on both sides of the border, armed U.S. citizens taking the law into their own hands — or pilfering their gear — and far-right or far-left protesters inciting violence. The deployment was ordered by President Donald Trump to counter a caravan of thousands of migrants who are traveling primarily by foot and aren’t expected to reach the U.S. border for weeks. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2018/10/31/deployed-border-troops-are-preparing-for-militias-stealing-their-gear-protester-violence-documents-show/
  15. I think it has more to do with the $90 million, that you mentioned, than the direct charge. It's pretty telling if someone has inappropriate sexual contact with someone and get's fired and paid off with that amount of money. $90 million is a pretty big reward for paying touchy-feely with someone against their wishes. I doubt anyone other than the upper echeleons of the company would get anything other than the boot.