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  1. It is a good idea to read a little on what constitutes perjury. Perjury charges are rare because it is difficult to prove. A person has to KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY made false statements in a legal setting. The statement must also be materially relevant to the case. It's far from being a he said/she said situation, or a mix-up or misstatement. It's not a situation where someone says the meeting was on Tuesday and it was on Wednesday etc.. The standard for perjury is very high. Making a false statement to the FBI is not the same as perjury. The fact that the president and his attorney are worried about it means that the president has no intention of being honest. It also means that they know the evidence is there to show he knows the truth.
  2. Well, apparently we have some members who have lived lives in which they beyond reproach. He did vote for a member of the communist party while in University; he told the truth; he passed the lie detector test and was given the necessary security clearances to join the FBI. He managed to rise to the level of Director. If this doesn't stick though, wait for them to tell you he is now a Muslim (not ture).
  3. I don't think there is a direct relationship between child sex abuse and religion. Religion is simply the cover for many people who engage in these illicit activities. As to why the storytelling is allowed, it's pretty much a part of every civilization. We have to have rules in order to interact on safe and known ground. We have common beliefs. Those beliefs are what establishes the laws we live by and we can't really question those laws because they are based on our belief in a Supreme power. If we stop indoctrinating our children, they won't believe and without belief, they won't follow the rules. But, all that said, I don't know that we would have less pedophilia if religion disappeared.
  4. In the case of the former CIA chief's security clearance, he has only accessed information from his files and notes when he has been called to testify before congressional committees. It should also be noted that ALL on the president's hit list are those who were involved in the Russia investigation. Some had nothing to do with Trump, but just the Russian attacks on the election process. This is pretty serious.
  5. For most people the last day they walk out the door, their security clearance ends. The upper echelons are often allowed to keep the clearance as they may be called on to assist in particular situations. It's their for the convenience of the gov't. Not for the former employee.
  6. Wow, you have no idea how many people have security clearance, but you know there are 'way too many' people that have security clearance? There are currently about 1.3 million people with security clearance. Nearly all of those are active employees of the various agencies or the military. This is a personal vendetta against anyone Trump doesn't like. None of the people being mentioned have violated any law nor divulged any classified information. There sin is they have been involved in the investigation into the various Russia investigations. So, they have had their security clearance revoked for doing their job. This is nothing more than a personal enemies list, not unlike the one that got Nixon to resign.
  7. The Trump White House has a fairly lucrative manner of keeping people quiet, in addition to the non-disclosure agreements: No leaks: Cushy job offers for discarded Trump staffers WASHINGTON (AP) — Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And, perhaps, your potential leakers closer yet. President Donald Trump's political operation has made a regular practice of providing soft landing-pads for discarded staffers, offering nebulous jobs at big salaries to aides who have been pushed out of his West Wing. The revelation this week that former White House assistant Omarosa Manigault Newman was offered a high-paying job on Trump's re-election campaign in return for signing a non-disclosure agreement was the clearest demonstration yet of how a slot in the Trump orbit is being used to take care of loyalists — and protect against potential liabilities. https://www.yahoo.com/news/no-leaks-cushy-job-offers-discarded-trump-staffers-202247294--politics.html
  8. It's not surprising given this report from Newsweek: Trump's Ego Is so Fragile, His 'Fluffer' Secret Service Agents Have to Tell People to Say Nice Things to Him, Deutsch Says President Donald Trump has such a fragile ego, his secret service agents are forced to act like “fluffers” and tell people to say nice things to him before he enters a room, Donny Deutsch has claimed. Speaking in an interview with Morning Joe on Wednesday, the TV personality and pundit, who has moved in similar circles to President Trump, said he has been told that Trump needs to hear positive things when he enters a room. “Donald is all about being loved… and he’s got his 40 percent now he’s going to turn and be Ronald Reagan and he’s going to have everybody because that’s what he wants… and he’s done the opposite,” Deutsch said in a discussion of whether the president had acted like a dealmaker since taking office, suggesting that he had been surprised by Trump’s behavior. https://www.newsweek.com/trumps-ego-so-fragile-his-fluffer-secret-service-agents-have-tell-people-say-1074290
  9. It's difficult to believe that Trump would accuse someone else of frenzied commentary and sowing division and chaos. Unbelievable.
  10. He made his usual remark that he uses on almost all remarks about black people, calling her not very smart in one of his tweets.
  11. That's why the smiley face. Of course they don't have a key. Can you imagine the delays when the previous pilot took the keys home with him. I suspect the space shuttle didn't have a key either.
  12. What a deflection and soft pedaling of a well debunked theory that those other than Whites are superior. Note the word 'supremacy' in white supremacist. As for the Nazi version of this, it's not about putting your own people first, it's about what was done to those that they didn't consider their 'own people'. Remember many of those people were citizens of the country, but they were still put in the gas chambers.
  13. It is newsworthy because a year ago it was a big event and resulted in 1 death. The group had applied for, and was denied, a permit for Charlottesville where the last rally was held. The press along with the White Nationalists no doubt expected a large crowd, which never materialized, but the press was there and so it was covered. It's newsworthy only in the small size of the protesters and the large number of counter protesters.
  14. Without getting into the fray about this chemical other than to say most pesticides come with risks, Roundup is one of the only herbicides which works on a very, very nasty weed, Leafy Spurge, which infected large portions of the Western US. Leafy Spurge was an accidental import from Germany, I believe, and has no natural enemies in the US. Nothing eats it and it has very deep roots. It caused some areas to be condemned. In some places it was mandatory to spray for it.
  15. Credo

    SURVEY: Citizenship for all?

    Anyone born in Thailand, or anywhere else, who does not have the right to citizenship elsewhere should be made a citizen of the country of birth. Asia has a problem with stateless people and it's so unnecessary. In addition, they can't be deported or go anywhere because no one else is responsible for them.