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  1. 'Head butted', it could have been something else besides the head.
  2. Ok, and once they have eaten all the Jello, then what?
  3. I have a feeling that the situation has escalated beyond Donald Trump. It would be hard for anybody to avoid a confrontation with Kim. The missiles are being launched by Kim and the bombs are being tested by Kim. To date, the only fault on DT's part is his use of rhetoric -- and even that is questionable. If he said more or nothing at all, we have no idea what Kim would do.
  4. Of course the US won't have smart phones, shoes or clothes, but, hey, none of that stuff is necessary is it?
  5. Well, we know for sure that Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.
  6. He's going to talk like that until there are no friends of the US left. He couldn't get a coalition or a group to cooperate with him for all the tea in China.
  7. China will do nothing because they are quietly sitting by for the fireworks. Russia has a good chance of backing NK, not because it is pro-NK, but because it is anti-US. China will then quietly make a huge land grab. It's how they do things.
  8. It sure puts the marijuana problem in perspective. We are waiting, Mr. Trump. We are hoping you have a better plan than "Just say No."
  9. By and large it is the anti-Assad nations that are hosting the thousands, if not millions of refugees, who may have trouble safely returning to an Assad run country.
  10. He was apparently searching for a higher meaning to life.
  11. It will be interesting to see how much assistance they are going to give to reconstruction. I don't think either of them have much of a history of humanitarian efforts.
  12. Sadly, this is approaching the time when the true cost of war will be seen and it will be interesting to see who pays. I suspect Europe will pitch in, if for no other reason than having a place to send those not deemed to be refugees.
  13. Trump may be feared, but I am afraid it's the same type of fear that people have of a rabid animal. Unlike other 'strong' presidents, he really has no significant friends overseas and his ability to put together any sort of coalition on anything is significantly limited by his schizophrenic rhetoric. It's not just fear and strength that is needed, but also direction. He has two, but not the third.
  14. DACA people are not allowed to received federal welfare or student aid.
  15. Your being a bit defensive. Trump has basically said he does not plan on deporting the Dreamers. He's simply put it back in the hands of Congress to get it sorted out. Many of the Dreamers are serving in the US Military. Since the early 2000 there have been about 100,000 foreigners serving in the Military. They are given an expedited path to citizenship. The Dreamers serving in the military can't. They is no path to citizenship for them.