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  1. the cause in my case is definitely the thunderstorm with the lightings ... not only me, also my neighbor thinks we all had some direct hit!! (who knows who is right?) this seems the reason. but only 5 of 21 breakers need to be replaced at my house ... it is just very strange and a new experience for me!!!
  2. thank you for your reply. I did it already (more than once!), also i did put the test button an the safe-t-cut ... I am glad having not more damage, only replacing a few breakers ...
  3. last night we had a storm with many nearby lightning strikes. after that some power circuits did not work anymore and I will have to have to replace a few broken breakers. the wierd thing is, the breakers did not tipping ... (why?) (i replaced one breaker, and it worked again ... now i need to buy a few more to replace all broken ones) one of my nighbor has the exact same problem ... 280516.pdf