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  1. the cause in my case is definitely the thunderstorm with the lightings ... not only me, also my neighbor thinks we all had some direct hit!! (who knows who is right?) this seems the reason. but only 5 of 21 breakers need to be replaced at my house ... it is just very strange and a new experience for me!!!
  2. thank you for your reply. I did it already (more than once!), also i did put the test button an the safe-t-cut ... I am glad having not more damage, only replacing a few breakers ...
  3. last night we had a storm with many nearby lightning strikes. after that some power circuits did not work anymore and I will have to have to replace a few broken breakers. the wierd thing is, the breakers did not tipping ... (why?) (i replaced one breaker, and it worked again ... now i need to buy a few more to replace all broken ones) one of my nighbor has the exact same problem ... 280516.pdf
  4. motdaeng

    Chiang Kham air quality

    You can not smell Pm2.5 and the visibility depends on so many different factors ... I for myself trust my own Pm2.5 meters . I live only 90km away from chiang kham and we have at the moment for the AQI (PM2.5) 161 = unhealthy for everyone!! have a nice and successful stay
  5. motdaeng

    Chiang Kham air quality

    Phayao shows only the AQI for Pm10 and not the AQI for PM2.5! Be prepared for a Pm2.5 AQi of 150 - 200 ... (Mask N95)
  6. motdaeng

    Smoke, Smog, Dust 2018 Chiang Mai

    some of this readings are the "aqi" for pm10 and not for pm2.5 (e.g. maesai ...). you can not compare pm2.5 with pm10 readings! "AQI" and ... µm/m3 readings are not the same!! be carefully not mixing up!! http://aqicn.org/faq/2013-09-09/revised-pm25-aqi-breakpoints/
  7. inside can be nearly as bad as outside .... have to use air purifier!!!
  8. many of the other readings are pm10 and not pm2.5 ...!!!
  9. I (chiang rai city) use these sites daily. please note, some stations measure pm10 instead of the more dangerous pm2.5! http://aqicn.org/city/thailand/chiangrai---gaia-station-03/ https://firms.modaps.eosdis.nasa.gov/firemap/?x=100.44374999999997&y=18.403125000000003&z=7&g=g&v=6&r=3&i=nw&l=ad,ct
  10. motdaeng

    earthing system

    first I would like to apologize for the late feedback / thank you. a very big THANK YOU to the tv-members, especially to khun crossy and khun forkinhades for the valuable support and help to all my questions! motdaeng from the north
  11. please take a moment .... www.smokethedocumentary.com
  12. motdaeng

    main breaker for 3 phase house

    first i have to apologise, even i got a lot of great answers, i am still not sure about a few things : - everything is a new installation (wired till today about 70 %) - we have 3 phase 15 /45 amp / earthing / 18 circuits (pumps, heaters, air, lights, plugs, outside etc) - i like to use only schneider breakers - i have no clue what main breaker (100 amp?) and or what front end RCO (RCCB?) i have to buy? is the breaker in picture the right one (approx 3'700 thb) ? do i need some additional installation if i use this schneider main breaker? as always, thanks for your great help
  13. motdaeng

    main breaker for 3 phase house

    many thanks for the use full reply. schneider units has been out of stock at 6 diffrent shops! that is the reason we went for chang (without any breaker inside). so we will not use the chang main breaker. i prefer to have everything from schneider ... have someone a picture or a diagramm the unit should look like? we know 3 phase is expensive. all our nighbours have 3 phase and we will go for it as well. some add infos: - our new house has 4 bedrooms, kitchen, dinning room, living room, 2 bathrooms, guest toilett, 2 storage room, 2 terraces, carport, bike room, tank room ... - 2 air con 12'000 btu / 2 air con 9'000 btu - 2 water heater shower about 4'500 - 6'000 watt - 1 water heater kitchen about 6'000 watt - 3 water pumps (for use water / drinking water / pond water for gardening) - 1 oven kitchen / 1 fridge - about 52 down lights (maybe with led) / about 10 garden lamps / 1 or 2 and some 3 way switch's - every room has 1 to 3 plugs thanks a lot motdaeng_noththailand
  14. we just bought a "chang" consumer unit for 24 circuit. at the cashier they gave us a free main breaker : - is the quality of this man breaker ok ? - do we now have to buy all circuit breaker also from the brand "chang" - what brand can you recommend ? thanks for your help motdaeng_norththailand
  15. motdaeng

    earthing system

    hi, does anybody know what we have to do with our fridge (only 2-pin)? does the fridge need earthing at all? ... we bought this one just about 2 years ago and it was not a very cheap one. thank's for any help motdaeng from the north If it's got a metal case then it probably needs a ground. Have a look on the back, if there's a screw with the earth symbol on it, connect that to the earth pin on your outlet or another ground source. Symbol looks like this:- i found the symbol with screw on the backside. i wasn't aware that the solution can be that simple. one problem solved, thanks a lot crossy!