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  1. Whatsup, I think is better than Line... Calls I have made overseas are as clear as if in the next room....providing wifi good at both ends... Surely there are Internet cafes in the UK now too?
  2. I have no idea of the name of this: It's an annual which blooms all summer, drops seeds and dies back.... comes back each year... it's quite pretty!
  3. Last time I asked at Honda Nanton they did not have but worth a look if closer for OP....(yes same family as Maenam Honda) Other bike dealers may have too as mentioned... by Amusements ... never checked..but worth a look see!! I think Maenam has a larger choice...
  4. For 1200 baht a month plus box purchase, you can get all Thai channels (pretty sure} plus UK French German Russian stations by HBO etc etc... IPTV service... Not allowed to say but can give contact by PM..
  5. OK OK old timer here!!! Honda Shop in Maenam carries probably the best helmets on Samui... Usually a few types to choose from... Up to about 2000 baht price range... can't think of the names off hand, but certainly better than "300 baht type helmets" ...
  6. Perhaps answer the Poll questions here.... viewing images has been an issue for some, for months; Click this link:
  7. Usually when we see this, it is normally about 10 minutes before the rain comes... but we were spared today!
  8. The connect app seems to be a problem... Using just browser on Samsung phone ... can see all... but one truck was squashed! (first one)
  9. Very good Ron... good choice of music too!
  10. opps insert image not work It was an image of Angela pushing Donald in a baby pram!
  11. Obviously you've not seen any of the video clips.... to see how much garbage there is around Europe.... or the lady's B and B in Scotland that people won't come too anymore because of the crap on the lake front, washed up... That's ok keep your head in the sand. ..just blame Thais.
  12. Perhaps instead of the usual Thai bashing about rubbish dumping .... Brits and Europeans should look in their own back yards.... Broadcast almost daily on Skynews.... two whales dead from swallowing plastic (that have been found) tons of plastic and other rubbish around... all coastal areas and did not come Thailand,,,
  13. yes same shop, just having a brain freeze on the name!!! ... and he's got my laptop too! Just came to me M Net!
  14. None of the retail stores have a service dept. ... Ibeats, Powerbuy, or BananaIT... It could be worth asking at Ibeats for a battery, (next to Tesco Chawang out side toward main road) or Mac repair shop near Makro, toward Tesco on the Makro side of the road large orange sign ...he has direct connections with Apple for Macs, for parts, I am not sure for Ipads.... worth asking his name is Boy or Boyd.... Good to deal with... If it gets sent off to BKK it could take weeks...