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  1. I have just brought an Avantree torpedo blue tooth speaker, from Lazada, 1400 baht ... quite impressed with sound quality! My neighbour has JBL speakers which also have impressive sound quality for more money,,, Could be worth trying out!
  2. I was in this area of KP on Monday, I usually stop as it is usually quite nice there, but the tides are extremely low at this time of I did not bother... but I took these photos just up the road.. But it does make one wonder,.....
  3. My Canadian bank always sends regular mail, usually 5 days, never had a problem... can't see it would be any different from USA.
  4. Marine police not doing their job? There are two Vietnamese boats, sitting off Nathon, Samui, which were caught fishing in Thai waters... just abandoned now .. sitting to rot. Been there a year or perhaps two now.
  5. I have to disagree that Koh Toa is not good for beginner divers, many visitors do there training there. Mango Bay or Lighthouse Bay. a little further out is Sail Rock, which is supposed to be excellent ....
  6. Try the shop next to "Safety Mind", opposite Tesco Chawang...on main road... your side ...
  7. Read the opening story.... instead of speculating ....
  8. one off topic troll post removed...
  9. It's an annual event, really not advertising at all.... You can go out in a boat and watch them, (organize yourself) I did that about 7 years ago. .. it was great fun to watch! Limited to view along the coast except at start and finish. The event contributes a lot of money to the local economy every year ...
  10. A troll post removed Perhaps time to close the thread, since it's going no where. Closed //
  11. One insulting remark about Thai's removed.
  12. Must be hard on the hands Road works on Koh Phangan.
  13. I know I am !
  14. 7 11 sign