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  1. Flowers!

    My latest to open up!
  2. Wat A Place

    Wat a door that will be! ^^^ Bophut Wat Samui... Buddha in a boat, in a pond.
  3. Buddha in a boat! Bophut Temple, Koh Samui, I think an attempt as a tourist attraction, but they need to clean up the grounds a little... for some reason second image shows before posting, but not after posting???
  4. Ban Tai Beach Samui, one of the nicest of Samui beaches IMO. Today! Bantams have demonstration on beach road ... It was not clear on what all the clucking was about..... beach was pretty quiet... but then it's never crowded. even a beach side buffalo~!
  5. One our members visited Ron, today and let me know ... Ron's doing OK and should be out of hospital on the week end as was originally planed ... That's all I know! Jim
  6. Yes, I have been told Crayfish since posting ... friends in Maenam have... two! Told to day alot of this shrub, was planted around the Samui highways, in honor of the late King. Very beautiful.
  7. I just wanted to inform members that I just had a call from Ron and that all Ron is seeing these days is the view from his hospital bed, and likely be there with no internet for perhaps another week. It's a problem with his foot/ankle I think. Seems to go with the territory with my problems too, which has improved. I am sure everyone will join me in wishing Ron a speedy recovery. I have informed Admin, they will take care of keeping an eye on things, and also announce the winner of the August competition. Jim
  8. Print required of a 1927 image.

    Perhaps take a memory stick to a Fuji photo shop, and see if they can do it.
  9. Best place to buy laptop?

    To these people who say "buy in the USA", is fine, if you are purchasing in US$... but most of us are not from the US would add an exchange rate which could significantly increase the price. I certainly agree that Macs in the long term are better value for money, far fewer problems than Windoze!.. order online through the Mac store, it's a few days for shipping.
  10. Cats & Dogs

    I am not moving... Well, maybe I think about it!
  11. I have never seen a blue lobster in a fish tank before... I thought they would be salt/sea water loving?
  12. Best place to buy laptop?

    Well, unfortunately, it comes under "name and shame", which we are not allowed to do here!!! The only good manager they had at BIT was Boyd, who now runs Mnet Store, for fixing computers... I know why he left!
  13. Best place to buy laptop?

    A while back Power Buy had Linux installed laptops.. could be worth a look there. (Central Mall) I'd avoid BananaIT. One always has to buy a legit copy of Windoze when buying a PC....it has a seal on the CD ... should you choose a windows PC.
  14. People in Thailand

    Making jewelry to sell at the night markets... my neighbour, she does quiet well with it.
  15. This was the dredging barges back in January, out from the Conrad Hotel, This has been sitting at the end of the Nathon pier since at least March Down near the snake farm area towards Hau Thanon they were laying pipes months ago too. Slow but sure progress! ...