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  1. When your number is up, your number is up. If it had not been the wasp he may have fallen off of his balcony on his head or a frozen chunk from an airliner toilet would land on him, or.....
  2. Reminds me of some years ago a high ranking US gov't official stating emphatically "I did NOT have SEX with that woman!"
  3. "He was seen soaring over Khashuri, a town in the central part of Georgia, USA." This must be a very remote town In "Georgia, USA" because when I watched the video they were not even speaking ENGLISH! Mai Pen Rai, one does not need to know world geography to be a "journalist" in Thailand.
  4. Tell that to the IO who emphatically threatened to fine my wife 10,000 baht for failure to report. Based on what I read in a previous thread on this topic that amount is for a business and it is 5,000 maximum for an individual. All he knew was that he was HOT and she needed to shape up.
  5. How could she not? SOP in Stalin's time was to starve them to death. No shortage of new bodies.
  6. If I have to go to the full article to a see a pic of the person who won a beauty contest then this is just more click bait. Is it supposed to be journalism? Not even close.
  7. I switched to Qbittorent maybe 2 years ago after many problems with uTorrent. Chasing those problems online always pointed to "use this particular older version" Qbittorrent has been trouble free.
  8. For the most part it's "just stuff" and the OP's attitude seems to reflect that too as he makes it clear that he does not have much that is "special". Paying extra baggage fees for a little bit of stuff that qualifies could be another path to consider. No way I would ship it all. Finding quality "stuff" here can be challenging but it can be done. What you get as you sell off combined with what you save by not shipping will go far.
  9. It's harder to say no when she has you by your, um, reins.
  10. Of course. Saaay, aren't you a member of that "bridge club" gang?
  11. Same here - censorship? God forbid the world knows what happens in Thailand's Hub of Family Vacations
  12. No I do know actually. I lived on my previous boat full time for 5 years. I was only checked once during that time and that was at anchor in Ao Chalong. Another time the Police Patrol Boat was at anchor in the harbor channel. He hailed me as I motored by. I thought I would get the grand inspection. It turns out they had wrapped a line around the prop shaft and wanted to know if I had dive gear on board. I could not help them and they sent me on with a smile. On the other side of that coin I was checked numerous times in my years of boating in the US by numerous law enforcement agencies, from the Coast Guard to the Sheriff's Patrol and a few others from time to time. I'm curious, what do plan to get away with? No Captain's paper? No boat numbers? No lights? No life jackets? Where ever you have been checked in the past, you will be checked less here.
  13. Can you ride your motorbike without a helmet and get away with it? Same with a boat. Most days you can get away with it. There is however a gov't branch called The Marine Police. Kind of like a Coast Guard on sedatives. They WILL help you in a pinch and pinch you if they catch you. Let us not forget there are reasons for safety rules and that "you cannot fix stupid". Carry on.