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  1. Quite entertaining I thought. I only wish we could get better cameramen for this Thai circus we live in.
  2. Thanks - appreciate the input.
  3. Buick, yes, I am aware of the throwaway option. And I will do that if necessary. Exploring other options first. Thanks
  4. I am preparing for a TV application in Manila. I am not quite ready to book my actual return flight. I am looking at a throw away fare and wondered if any forum members can point me to an airline that is known to issue refundable tickets. Rather than click through the actual booking process only to find that it is NOT refundable I thought I would ask here first. Cheers
  5. Four months smoke free!!!

    Good going and thanks for posting! It has been 34 years ago that I quit and I still describe it as the single best thing I have ever done for myself. I too did it on willpower but also on a "buddy system" My mother was my buddy and she succeeded too after 40 years of smoking. It was not easy but it is very freeing. If you are reading this and thinking about it...DO IT!
  6. Condo Rents Dropping?

    As for taxis etc, I just used my Grab app to go from Soi Buakhao to Airport Bus Station for 120 baht. Not an everyday need but I thought it fair and encouraging to have an option compared to the no meter taxis.
  7. Live music in Pattaya

    The live reggae caught my eye and I'm trying to understand just where this is. I guess the problem is mostly my unfamiliarity with details like Soi Made in Thailand. Any other clues? Or should I just go look at google maps? Cheers
  8. Do not get him neutered Hoy Boy
  9. Surprised to see no replies. For air travel I like Google Flights. I like it because it shows all options - I believe. And it shows savings for alternate dates. It shows overall duration of travel as that can vary quite a bit. Sometimes the cheapest ticket requires excessive stops and layovers. I'm willing to pay up a bit in order to minimize the hours required. For hotel bookings I like hotels.com. Become a member and you will get one free night for each 10 that you book. I have also compared prices on that site with prices directly on the hotel site. Hotels.com usually has the better price. The site is actually a sub business of expedia.com. I recently went through a major foul up by booking air with expedia. Many asian airlines have liberal change policies. If you book EVA for example through expedia, you have now lost the liberal change policies and expedia really stuck it to me. Avoid them for air travel is my new rule. I like your question and hope others weigh in.
  10. I'm disappointed. No photo of the thieves.
  11. Monks and Priests, cut from the same cloth. Just different colors.
  12. Lying is a cultural norm. It is not just the police. Lying is usually about gaining, either monetary or face and it is so embedded in the culture that sometimes it just is. My observation after more than 10 years in The Kingdom.
  13. That photo is one example. I have lived in a coastal city for years with many klongs running through it to the ocean. In the rainy season those klongs are rivers of plastic trash. In the dry season they are garbage dumps. That is because the local gov't does not care if they provide trash pickup service or not. The service is available and it should be mandatory and is not. Therefore the majority of people throw their trash over the embankment. Daily. Year after year after year.
  14. Thanksgiving 2017

    I've been a regular at The Tavern on Suk Soi 4 a few times. It was 500 baht per head in the past and well worth it serving a traditional Thanksgiving meal and a few Thai dishes thrown in too.