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  1. I call it winter and return to the USA until winter starts there. Wash rinse repeat. No Ball and chain.
  2. I recently discovered a brand of milk called Magnolia. They call their whole milk "full fat" which seems kind of amusing. It is probably the best milk I have ever had. Stocked at Makro in my town in S. Thailand.
  3. Hi lucksiri. The price is listed above in the original advertisement. It is the second sentence. Your inquiry is the first that I have had here. I sold the car through another website 4 months ago. Good luck with your search.
  4. My issue with this announcement is the warning that it sends to the guilty. I would be much happier if they actually accomplished something and then held a press conference. Perhaps goals would be more attainable if they remained confidential for the appropriate time frame.
  5. It is now called Ranong Hideaway and the local expats meet regularly on Sunday afternoon. Drop by and ask for Steve. Or Eugene. They used to start at 5 but it could be as early as 3 now.
  6. Well it turned out a bit different than what I thought it would say. "Help! I am a woman trapped in a man's body!" Or maybe that would be from a Thai prisoner
  7. I really have no argument for their conclusions. Wasn't the poll framed of as "what foreigners THINK of" when they think of Thailand? If that is true and they were better informed they would also include unexplained deaths many suicides being conned / cheated in some way easily obtained harmful substances such as at the Full Moon Parties etc etc etc
  8. When your number is up, your number is up. If it had not been the wasp he may have fallen off of his balcony on his head or a frozen chunk from an airliner toilet would land on him, or.....
  9. Reminds me of some years ago a high ranking US gov't official stating emphatically "I did NOT have SEX with that woman!"
  10. "He was seen soaring over Khashuri, a town in the central part of Georgia, USA." This must be a very remote town In "Georgia, USA" because when I watched the video they were not even speaking ENGLISH! Mai Pen Rai, one does not need to know world geography to be a "journalist" in Thailand.
  11. Tell that to the IO who emphatically threatened to fine my wife 10,000 baht for failure to report. Based on what I read in a previous thread on this topic that amount is for a business and it is 5,000 maximum for an individual. All he knew was that he was HOT and she needed to shape up.
  12. How could she not? SOP in Stalin's time was to starve them to death. No shortage of new bodies.
  13. If I have to go to the full article to a see a pic of the person who won a beauty contest then this is just more click bait. Is it supposed to be journalism? Not even close.