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  1. extremely bad taste.....I suppose what to be expected from a fish monger RIP Somboon :)
  2. No different from the kids who are made to try and sell roses to the farangs late at night in the girly bars, no fuss made about them , yet I find it ten times worse what the were subjected to by their so called parents. Sometimes gone midnight, could hardly keep their eyes open , thourally exhausted
  3. Any time u feel it convenient!!
  4. If the vast majority condemn these attacks , they should be told to surrender the minority suspects to the authority's. If not all should be treated as suspects.
  5. Might be a bit more transparent to show where the confiscated cash ends up?
  6. A mouthful of marbles + a gob full 'o' C**P
  7. ? by the ears is best ?
  8. North End Road...speak to Solly... He'll be more help than your MP....lol
  9. Will you promise that? An England all on its own, without the hangers on?.....I don't care any about the currency drops, just for a bit of peace from the whingers.
  10. Half the Scots?.... and probably near 100% of the English who are so bored with the whole saga.
  11. Could not agree more !
  12. As an Englishman, it saddens me, that it is unlikely the Scots will be leaving the UK. What would they have to whinge about after getting their wish. As far as I'm concerned , any or all of the countries that make up the UK should be given the opportunity to stay or go, but please decide soon. I for one am totally bored with the whole affair. "UNITED" Kingdom? what a joke , also any that decided to leave are welcome to take HRH & co if they so wished.
  13. Ok.....So now let the English have a referendum....to dump the Scots or No.....my money is on the former. Let them go !!!
  14. As an Englishman, I'd be content with that, if that was the wish of the majority....It would end the petty squabbles, ...Hopefully