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  1. Going by my experience, you have two chances.........a dogs chance and no <deleted> chance.
  2. Thanks for that....those promises look to be reeeaaally impressive, necessary and important,( to the HAVES not too much for the HAVE NOTS) Most either unimportant ie moving embassy ...lol...or just plain sucking up to his few voters. Just a lot of minor tinkering....thanks for the wonderful day :)
  3. I for one, would be very interested to read about 'ANY' promises he has made and 'KEPT' !!!
  4. dlodratsab

    Best Scenic Spots in Isaan?

    Wat Tham Phi Suarr in Nong Khai has a glass viewing platform overhanging the Mekong, altho never been myself am told by the family it is spectacular.
  5. London's litter bins were a favourite site for the IRA to plant their bombs, so a lot of 'em were removed. Now the problem are the Middle Eastern Terrorists, so I assume the London Boroughs are a tad reluctant to replace them, which obviously makes for a shortage of bins. A No Win situation.
  6. Yep! Past experience says that is most likely to be the case.
  7. Yeah he "considers" !......See what the EU does, then decide what is the least retaliation he can make so not lose face, and not upset his Russian friends too much.
  8. What sort of idiot wrote this? When your kid gets hooked by these bastards I'm sure your views will change. This comment sounds like something a stupid teen would spout.
  9. And here is foolish me thinking it was our Dear Donald who was the one hiding the dirty deeds!
  10. dlodratsab

    Cash-strapped Foreign Office puts Bangkok embassy up for sale

    My sentiments to a T.....Well said
  11. dlodratsab

    Indefinite poll delay possible

    No !.....It was the cost thing because of "WATCHES".....
  12. Or, as George Orwell put it "some are more equal than others" As was stated in the Nations original news story ! LOL
  13. dlodratsab

    ICO's are selling snake oil?

    I Wont Sum!.......Is it for available @ 7-11?
  14. It should be treated exactly the same as the law provides for alcohol consumption.
  15. And VW? after their lies re emissions. They must be added to the list !!