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  1. Yep! Past experience says that is most likely to be the case.
  2. Yeah he "considers" !......See what the EU does, then decide what is the least retaliation he can make so not lose face, and not upset his Russian friends too much.
  3. What sort of idiot wrote this? When your kid gets hooked by these bastards I'm sure your views will change. This comment sounds like something a stupid teen would spout.
  4. And here is foolish me thinking it was our Dear Donald who was the one hiding the dirty deeds!
  5. Cash-strapped Foreign Office puts Bangkok embassy up for sale

    My sentiments to a T.....Well said
  6. Indefinite poll delay possible

    No !.....It was the cost thing because of "WATCHES".....
  7. Or, as George Orwell put it "some are more equal than others" As was stated in the Nations original news story ! LOL
  8. ICO's are selling snake oil?

    I Wont Sum!.......Is it for available @ 7-11?
  9. It should be treated exactly the same as the law provides for alcohol consumption.
  10. And VW? after their lies re emissions. They must be added to the list !!
  11. The US had its own POHMS shipped to them back in the day too.
  12. What's with the anti Brit sentiment? in another post re a spat in Hua Hin, you try to stir up rhetoric against the Brits, now its hoping for the £'s demise against the $. I suggest you go back to the U S and devote your energy to defending your so called POTUS!
  13. Methinks "White Elephant" More descriptive
  14. #2 Not fair to involve friends or relatives....I would be happier to be able to lay my hands on a pistol though, sneaking suspicion some form of dementia is just around the corner......and as posters are saying, I do not want to load that responsibility on to family.....
  15. I am happy to admit to originally being a "sex tourist", as a red blood male I needed to, particularly as not attracted too much by the "blue rinse brigade" on offer back in Blighty.