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  1. cornishcarlos

    BREAKING: Major incident aboard Koh Samui ferry

    Fine if they have been properly de-toxed.... Think that knackered old bag of spanners (ie ferry) would have been full of toxic waste
  2. cornishcarlos

    BREAKING: Major incident aboard Koh Samui ferry

    I'm not sure it was lucky that they saved the vessel, as it will just be patched up and put back into service.. Would have been better for everyone concerned, except maybe Nemo, if it had sunk to the depths...
  3. They ask for every drivers ID as you go through the security gate into the ferry terminal. This is at Seatran anyway, not been on Raja for a long time. Goes for Thai as well as foreigners.
  4. cornishcarlos

    New helmet hurts, how to customize foam?

    If it pushes on your temples and hurts after 15 mins, then it doesn't fit perfectly !!! Not sure heating the foam would be a good idea but rather keep wearing it, push through the pain and hope it molds to your head after 4 or 5 outings ??
  5. cornishcarlos

    Anti-junta rappers face charges under Computer Crimes Act

    7.6 million views now !! Oooops, I hit like... Am I now looking at a spell in the Monkey House
  6. My point exactly.. They all need to be a lot more tolerant and forgiving !
  7. This could be entertaining
  8. cornishcarlos

    international licence

    Nothing has changed...
  9. cornishcarlos

    49% Company Ownership

    Probably her
  10. cornishcarlos

    international licence

    How many times a year does this topic get restarted !! Use the search function it works a treat..
  11. cornishcarlos

    New website is hard to read

    Just logged in on my PC.... Thought I was having a seizure !!! The contrast between thread title and thread info, which is on the line directly below, really makes me dizzy ?? Please email when you have sorted this <deleted> out, as I can't stay logged into this....
  12. That must mean 95% of Thai drivers are wan**rs
  13. cornishcarlos

    Street dogs coming at me!

    If the pig is still alive, it might slow down the dogs assault !!!
  14. That's up there for post of the year... Made me chuckle ?
  15. However, Chaiyaporn did say that he felt the economic impact on the business nauseous but was sure it would only be temporary.