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  1. Surprised you didn't ask if I have a work permit too
  2. cornishcarlos

    Chinese delegation discuss Phuket safety issues

    Their visas must be valid for more than 3 months then !!
  3. I've had a lot worse !! Looks ok to me, if a bit young... She's probably just very scared right now, as well she might be...!!
  4. Because Singaporean taxis put the meter on, every trip, without being asked 7 times to... That is why it's the most peaceful country on earth...
  5. It just makes me chuckle when people ask a question on here about asking a question on there (google)... Save everyone some time and just cut out the middle man
  6. I like to help people where needed, but seriously ?? Google DVLA, google renewing U.K driving licence online, google expired licence, google anything
  7. They used the photo from my passport.. No idea about uploading a new one. Maybe go on the site and check ??
  8. You are indeed correct... I always maintain a postal address, bank accounts etc in U.K.. Might need a bolt hole at some time in the future !!
  9. cornishcarlos

    "Can you support me?"

    That's not a GF bro, that's a <deleted> !!! Oh look, acronyms get deleted !! Anyway, she is a Grandmother I'd like to F
  10. U.K is valid for 10 years and cost a few bucks only. Why not keep it valid, you never know what the future might hold. Could save you a headache down the road
  11. Just renewed my U.K licence, took 5 mins online... I prefer to have both Thai and home country valid at all times..
  12. But make sure they are competent life guards, not just 8000 baht/month uniform fillers...