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  1. How do you work out that her assets exceed the 35 billion claim against her ? Last article that quoted her assets mentioned approx 600 million !!
  2. Only if you manage to kill half of the bad drivers... If you just killed good drivers, the road deaths would be the same, if not worse !!
  3. The funny thing is, in not one of the related articles does it mention how much money has been "seized", "frozen" or "confiscated" !! Not even Yingluck discloses a figure ?? Guess she must have already cleaned out her accounts, so she's just using the fact to gain sympathy and the junta is too embarrassed to say she beat them to the cash :)
  4. No money is allocated for butter !!
  5. Not on the Ranger... Maybe the Fiesta :)
  6. According to your link, Toyota pick up sales are down more than 9% compared to last year. Ford pick up sales are up 44% !!! Get in Ranger :)
  7. Get in.... Come on Toyota fans, bitch about that :)
  8. My local Amphur are making a Yellow book application very difficult and for the amount of times I need a COR, hardly worth the hassle. I might ask at the police station, just out of interest... Not optimistic with our local plod though :)
  9. I just wanna get by in life... My missus on the other hand is now on a mission !! She has emailed the Anti Corruption department, phoned another one and is generally on the war path... Looks like no more extensions for me at Surat :)
  10. Suratthani immigration... Application form and copy of wife's house book plus 3 photos. 500 baht !! The girl knew it was a dodgy request, when I told her they should be free she just smiled sheepishly :) I paid but asked for 2 CORs... Got to get along with them as I do extensions here...
  11. I paid about 18k for our 3 yr service plan when we bought our 2011 Ranger. It covered a 10,000km service up to 100,000km or 3yrs. Nothing special about it, you're just paying in advance. It covered standard service labour and parts. Since that finished, I just change the oil and filter every 15,000km costs me 1000 baht...
  12. If a guy who "allegedly" killed a policeman can scoot on through immigration un challenged, pretty sure you can.... She is trying her luck.. Unless she pays the police a tidy amount to get some action, they couldn't care less even if you did take the gold !!
  13. I think the police would have to request something from a court to prevent you leaving the country ? Could be wrong but pretty sure you can't be stopped on someone's complaint alone ! Only 1 way to find out... Plus tell her you've changed your mind and will be travelling around Thailand for a couple weeks instead... Let us know how you get on :)
  14. Why don't you buy one and take the centre stand off ? Seems to be bothering you quite a lot :)
  15. You won't be on any flight for much over an hour, so it doesn't really matter which airline. The only reason to choose a specific carrier would be if you needed to fly out of Suvarnabhumi, only a few fly from here... Just go with convenience and price...