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  1. Thanks for the responses. For a multi entry, what financial proof do the ask for ? There is nothing listed on the requirements. I couldn't find any reports of receiving a multi entry Non O on Thai Visa forum !!
  2. What kind of assistance would you have given ? Just out of interest !!
  3. Boat fire off Koh Phi Phi – Chinese tourists injured

    I don't think he's joking !!!
  4. I'm disappointed there is no police in the photo !! Just 1 pointing at the Iranian would have completed the picture...
  5. More like 20 Million Baht street value, unless prices have dropped dramatically !!!
  6. South African protesters ransack H&M stores over 'racist' ad

    Who ? H&M or the protesters :)
  7. Hi Has anyone obtained a multi entry Non O, based on marriage, from Perth consulate recently ? If so, was there anything out of the ordinary required or requested !!! I will be looking to get one when I come back to Oz in March or May... Thanks
  8. I've dropped some dangerous loads before, but never in public !!! At last they are prosecuting for traffic offences, long may it continue...
  9. On the way to buy Land

    Up to you champ, just saves any dramas in the future.
  10. On the way to buy Land

    As above.. Get Land department out to re-measure and place chanote markers. There might be some there already but buried !! Make sure neighbors of any bordering land are present, so they can witness the border arrangement. Then build your wall, but make sure it's just on your side of the boundary. It will take as long as it takes but gets quicker the more you pay :) 5000 baht will get it done pretty fast...
  11. Soldier's Confession Latest Twist In Checkpoint Killing

    Just like every other case involving wrongdoing by anyone in the army, or police or government or with a big bank account is handled "transparently" ??? You make the "laws" :)
  12. Looks to me like there is hatched markings for about 3-4 car lengths and then dotted line !! I guess as long as they are past the hatched area, then they can legally cross lanes. Be interesting to see if anyone challenges a fine on those grounds ?
  13. Smart line on a dumb road layout !! Traffic cutting left to right, right to left is a recipe for disaster with good drivers, let alone the world No.1 muppet brigade :)