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  1. Not sure what they will bring to the table but I'm sure they are giving the established elite sleepless nights, so for that, I salute you :)
  2. The libel and defamation laws, are indeed draconian, however naming and shaming is sometimes the only way to protect TVF members !!
  3. I would just wait until you move out permanently. Why pay for something that you don't need ? 30 day visa exemptions will cover you for your holidays. Always have 20,000 baht in your pocket and a return flight, no dramas.
  4. Always the same, when any government dept assures us of something, you know the opposite is true. The next headline will be uncontrollable rabies outbreak hit Thailand... Then they will blame dogs coming across the border, spreading the disease :)
  5. Wait for the spin... Thailand declared 189th Best Air Quality in the world. PM Prayut acknowledges the governments progress. I love it up in CM in November...
  6. Lending money to anyone in Thailand is a bad idea

    Money well lent then :)
  7. We caught a 4m python at our place, the power is immense... This one is a lot bigger !!
  8. Dream comes true as man wins Bt264,000 lottery prize

    It's taken about 40 yrs for this ghosts prediction to come true :) I wonder how many weeks he has lost with those very same numbers !!!
  9. So it never really happened ??
  10. Lending money to anyone in Thailand is a bad idea

    Not true, tired that with the MIL but she keeps turning up :)
  11. Lending money to anyone in Thailand is a bad idea

    I just lent my mate, in Phuket, 1000 euros the other day !! Wish you had posted sooner, I wouldn't have bothered :)
  12. Army appoints panel to probe allegations in mask project

    Seems like someone, in charge of importing the masks, didn't want a cheaper alternative available locally.. That's just a guess, going on past Army procurement history :)
  13. I never understand how people like this get elected in the 1st place !! Zuma, Mugabae, Trump... It's one of lifes mysteries :)