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  1. Don't worry, they'll sneak up on you... You won't see them :)
  2. Except she wasn't a resident of St Ives, she was a brainless tourist from North of the Tamar river :)
  3. I skipped the marathon and entered the Thailand Ultra Marathon... I must admit, I had trained a little but nowhere near enough... I'd done 1 half marathon 10 months earlier !! 12.5 hrs to do 50km in the mountains up in Mae Hon Song, was brutal but amazingly rewarding. The brain is a funny thing when it comes to endurance activities, you'll be surprised what your body can take.... Probably won't do it again but did do the Samui marathon 4 months later :)
  4. No they will not "attack" your banana trees... Although there have been stories of naughty guys having their bananas fed to the ducks !!
  5. Nothing like a good photo to really enhance a great news story !!!
  6. Khanom back in full glory :)
  7. Is Democracy Monument still there ? Thought it would have been replaced with a nice sculpture of the PM by now...
  8. I'll be over real soon buddy
  9. What a surprise, all 11 CCTV cameras covering the area were removed for "maintenance" just before the plaque went walkabout... That's convenient :)
  10. That CCTV footage is long gone... More chance of the B2 getting released than finding any evidence in the Great Plaque Mystery :)
  11. 3rd vehicle !! Get her a Honda Scoopy and go on a real nice holiday instead....
  12. I just stripped my Wave dash down, as had a similar issue on my fuel gauge. Was a bit of a jigsaw puzzle but I got there in the end. Turns out I would also need a full unit, just to replace a 30mm x 10mm screen, cost 2750 baht !!! I'm just going to make sure I keep topping up the fuel before it runs out.. I can live with that... On a plus note, when I reassembled the bike, I ended up with a couple spare screws :)
  13. I don't pay them any more than other vegetables... The minimum daily wage here is 350 baht a day...
  14. I must have been lucky... Never normally venture far during Songkran, but this year had a mission from Bangkok to Petchabun and then to Chaiyaphum and back to Bangkok... We didn't witness 1 accident, which I consider amazing... Normally see 1 or 2 most weeks just around our small town !!! Hope everyone had a great holiday
  15. Bang Bamru, Bangkok