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  1. cornishcarlos

    Food for running - I've hit a plateau

    You really are struggling to read my posts, or just interpreting them as you want to aid some imagined argument. I neither promote or agree with what the guy says. I merely pointed out that there are always arguments out there for both camps. I'm done trying to make my point with you. As I have repeatedly said, do your own thing but please don't preach "facts" that aren't facts... See ya...
  2. cornishcarlos

    Food for running - I've hit a plateau

    Like I said pal, you make you're own choices... Everyone in the selling health products business is there for your business, not your health.. You do what you gotta do...
  3. cornishcarlos

    Food for running - I've hit a plateau

    It doesn't matter.... The fact is, there is always some report, somewhere that will contradict what you have read in another report. That was just a quick search, I can find lots more.. However, I'm not for or against the promotion of supplements, I just choose not to buy into it. I get plenty of protein, carbs and fats from my normal diet. I like food, not pills/powders But just so you know for future; About Eirik Eirik Garnas is the creator and owner of Darwinian-Medicine.com. His longstanding interest in nutrition, medicine, and health, topics he has spent a significant amount of time reading up on, was spurred by his desire to enhance his athletic performance and physique and overcome various health problems that had come to dominate many aspects of his life. Eirik is formally trained as a nutritionist and holds a bachelor's degree in Public Nutrition and a master's degree in Clinical Nutrition. Additionally, he is a science writer, health coach, and personal trainer schooled at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. During the years he's been working in the health/fitness sphere, Eirik has gone through several structured courses in order to improve his coaching skills and worked with a number of clients, both via the web and in real life. (Request to become a client) Over the past decade, Eirik has also written for a variety of health and fitness magazines and websites. You can read more about Eirik here and contact him here. Enjoy.....
  4. cornishcarlos

    Food for running - I've hit a plateau

    http://darwinian-medicine.com/10-reasons-why-you-shouldnt-use-whey-protein-supplements/ There's always another research that will contradict another... You decide for yourself..
  5. cornishcarlos

    Food for running - I've hit a plateau

    Depends what research you read. As with everything health related, there s always different arguments, for and against... That's why it's often confusing to work out what's best. I stick to a reasonably healthy diet, varied but consistent exercise and don't bother with supplements/potions Each to their own.. I just want to be fit enough to run a 10km race whenever I choose to do so... Or ride a 50km route for fun..
  6. I think they should be processed, the same as everyone else waiting for processing. Just because they got stuck in a cave, doesn't entitle them to jump the queue !! They are already in a position to make a better life for themselves, much more so than the majority of stateless people in the region. Sure I'm gonna get slated for that comment but it's just my opinion
  7. It was a disaster for 47 Chinese families... Anything else is irrelevant !!
  8. cornishcarlos

    Thai business owners who think they own the public road

    Thais also choose how to deal with their experiences, which will at some stage result in you ending up in hospital/jail or worse... Good luck with the next one, is it really worth it ??
  9. I also heard that the French embassy made things difficult (EU Freedom of Movement Directive) but last posts on that subject were quite a while ago. Technically, you should be able to rock up at the French embassy, with your U.K passport, marriage certificate and a flight to France. Technically, they should issue your wife with a visa, as Old Git says, free of charge and quickly. In practice, who knows what will happen ? If they still insist on this marriage certificate being authenticated by the U.K embassy, then you're stuck... Please let us know how you get on, as I said there have been no posts for a while about this, well not that I have seen anyway
  10. cornishcarlos

    Fewer Posts on ThaiVisa These Days?

    Selective censorship... Plus so many topics that are off limits due to certain events or "governments" rules on free speech..
  11. I just flew Oslo to Perth, business with Thai... Only because my company paid !! Really was average.. Apart from the fact that you can stretch out and sleep properly.. Movies were pants, food was ok, seats were narrow.. I've only ever flown business with Emirates, on free upgrades and that was fantastic. Personally, I would never pay for business. It's far too over priced unless you can land a real bargain ??
  12. As you would expect from such a person... Legend
  13. cornishcarlos

    Defamation/set-up in Thailand concerns

    Pay an unemployed dole bludger to go in your place, using your passport. Obviously a little stage makeup might be needed. If he gets arrested at the airport, you'll know the threat is genuine
  14. I think these guys are not interested in that... They do it because they do it... Now back to their own families and lives.. No glory seeking from these heroes !!