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  1. Thai Education Ministry to get tough on corruption

    A recent ASEAN survey asked a sample from each country: “How well does the educational system in your country meet the needs of a competitive economy?” and ranked the results on a scale from 1 = not well at all and 7 = extremely well. The results were as follows: Singapore 5.8 Malaysia 5.0 Brunei 4.4 Indonesia 4.3 Philippines 4.3 Laos 4.0 Thailand 3.6 Cambodia 3.2 Vietnam 3.4 Myanmar 2.1 I believe the money allocated to the Ministry is generally thought to be quite generous. It doesn't always seem to reach the classrooms too effectively. Still positions and promotions being bought and talent and dedication unrewarded. And lots of respect and wais demanded by the undeserving.
  2. Prayut defines democracy ‘the Thai way’

    June 24, 1932 800 years of absolute rule was ended in less than 24 hours. Not a drop of blood was spilled, and opposition was insignificant. Cheering crowds spontaneously lined Rachadamnern Avenue. By 1939 when Democracy Monument was erected the armed forces had already positioned themselves as saviours of the nation, bringing about democracy for the benefit of the people. Civilians appear only as grateful recipients of the efforts of the armed forces, when in actual fact the coup was carried out by both civilians and a few of the military. The military are shown engaged in a battle for “democracy”, though the coup was bloodless and no fighting took place. The 4 wings of the monument represent the air force, navy, army and police.
  3. Isn't granting monopolies to your friends the Thai way of business? Why stop here.....if anyone is serious?
  4. kumbaya my Buddha kumbaya..... Why should there be reconciliation...and agreeing about what? So much untruth underlies what this country thinks it is about and this needs to be brought into the open so the country can have some hope of maturing. Some who think they are important must accept they are not. This should all be fought over, with opinions and words, hopefully not rage and guns.
  5. Find Yingluck and bring her to justice, PM orders

    "She’s gone, Prawit says, get over it." “The public is no longer interested because they’re aware she’s gone.” sep 4 If he could lend his little brother a watch maybe they could co-ordinate a meeting and talk about this. Maybe in Hawaii.
  6. Do the police also have the authority now to use Article 44 powers? Am I missing something or is this a worrying escalation? Surely normal laws, often practiced on these islands already, were sufficient.
  7. I'm holding my breath, starting now....please don't keep me waiting too long to hear the first names. It will be very easy, after all!
  8. Prayut promises fight against poverty

    suggest this road map - reverse coup vehicle to starting point, arrest and punish all the people you must have known had done wrong, ensure you keep to the vows to end corruption as you then progress forwards again and hold an election where parties will no longer be contesting in the belief the winners will become rich.... there you go!
  9. Seven diseases under watch next year

    Someone at The Department of Disease Control seems to be empire building. At the time of the King's cremation they wanted a ban on alcohol sales for the week and in my town they are now visiting bars and restaurants informing owners of the need to hide pictures, signs and logos which might encourage the drinking of alcohol. Enough to do already with malaria, dengue, diabetes, HIV, polluted waterways, uncontrolled dogs etc. surely.
  10. Chang Beer 5% alcohol content whats happening

    It seems clear now there is a market for better quality beer. Instead of satisfying it Chang, owned by one of the richest companies in Thailand, have tried to squeeze out legitimate competition from the craft brewers. In my town the Department of Disease Control have been trying to stop the promotion of alcohol again. They might be more relaxed if a better product was being sold.
  11. The stress is getting to him and he is not seeing clearly. I offer some help. Name the friend. There may be records of the purchase and insurance evidence. Return the watches to the estate of the friend so the value can be honestly shared according to the will. Or stop lying to the country you claim to serve, resign and apologise.
  12. PM ‘open to all suggestions’ on political path

    What's the time? Time for a change.
  13. I wish they would look at some 'unimportant' people rather than more old blokes with strangely black hair and lots of committee experience. Could start with the activist students who face charges any time they show independent thoughts and who have real visions for changing Thailand. Anyone who refuses to grovel to old statues and can clearly explain why would be a good start. Stuff Thailand 4.0. People who have stood up for their communities and shown up bullying local governments, police or army figures. People who can articulate how the 'good' people are very often the bad people and if Thailand is to advance they must be persuaded to retreat and let the people prosper.
  14. Who's in charge? The number of organisations sorting out the taxis have left behind many promises now, and few results. How is this any business of the Tourist Police? The taxis are a problem for all and the problem could be addressed by plain clothes police (of any or all relevant departments) standing by the side of the road. When rejected they take down the car number and phone ahead to a colleague who can stop the car. Fine given, or worse if a previous offender. Can also check if driver is correct for the car and has clean licence. Someone is making enough money they can persuade the authorites not to do their jobs. Surprise surprise.
  15. They are not serious. Very few TV programs or films made in English are broadcast with Thai subtitles. Most interestingly, with the King today and his much revered father both able to speak English, why have they never been shown doing so? What a missed opportunity to show how it is useful, modern, important and done by those they look up to. Thailand No. 1