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  1. How much more duplication is needed? Already many existing bodies to deal with corruption. Get on with it. National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) Election Commission Office of the Auditor-General of Thailand Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission Department of Special Investigation Royal Thai Police (RTP)......I know! and now Anti Corruption centres to report to the PM’s Office....... Long term failure to do anything much means this country even has a "Museum of Thai Corruption" in Bangkok.
  2. One of his first jobs could be to explain the situation to his superiors...... 'Meanwhile, Gen Prawit said he has no idea how position buying in the police force can possibly have taken place. He also encouraged those aware of or involved in the practice to report any wrongdoing.' 14-06-17
  3. Largely agree, but the ones who do have a decent wage seem to be even more corrupt - all the way to the top.
  4. Every time I hear of police being sent to inactive posts I think of the important jobs they could do instead such as 1) spending their shift crossing pedestrian crossings and giving honest fines for any unsafe driving they witness 2) spending their shift in popular pick up areas trying to get a taxi in areas such as MBK, Sukhumvit, bus stations etc and fining the taxis with 'non functioning' meters
  5. Just suppose a policy was taken by an average visitor. Would it cover for renting a motorbike? For a rider with no license as is usual? It might not even cover riding in a tuk tuk. What about elephant riding, cuddling tigers, trekking, rock climbing, ziplines and bunjy jumping, white water rafting, jet skis and scuba diving? At the airport point of issue should the tourist be informed they should not do any of these? Probably it would cover for the most dangerous of them all - crossing the road!
  6. If only there was an elderly statesman who was approaching the end of his life. If only he was so revered and untouchable he need not fear saying what he knows; at the centre of things for so long he would know where the corruption happens and who it benefits. If such a person could start the ball rolling with a few names instead of yearly calls for others to work to end corruption he could leave his beloved Thailand a better place. If only...
  7. British Museum Tate Gallery Tate Gallery Britain National Gallery John Soane's Museum Kenwood House City of London Museum Bethnal Green Children's Museum .....sorry. Many more. But I'm too busy planning my next trip back!
  8. Don't tease us......who? Minivans moved to less convenient points around Bangkok, threats to introduce new mini buses...........
  9. ........and the train fares in Kanchanaburi? only trains in Thailand applying double pricing, as far as I know.