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  1. If only there was an elderly statesman who was approaching the end of his life. If only he was so revered and untouchable he need not fear saying what he knows; at the centre of things for so long he would know where the corruption happens and who it benefits. If such a person could start the ball rolling with a few names instead of yearly calls for others to work to end corruption he could leave his beloved Thailand a better place. If only...
  2. British Museum Tate Gallery Tate Gallery Britain National Gallery John Soane's Museum Kenwood House City of London Museum Bethnal Green Children's Museum .....sorry. Many more. But I'm too busy planning my next trip back!
  3. Don't tease us......who? Minivans moved to less convenient points around Bangkok, threats to introduce new mini buses...........
  4. ........and the train fares in Kanchanaburi? only trains in Thailand applying double pricing, as far as I know.