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  1. Love the measure tape Brave kids, wouldn't touch those wires even with a 10 foot long pole.
  2. Like the good ol' Tiger Woods who rubbed it on their faces Seriously though, stateless children must take priority in such cases because for the majority of them they know no other place.
  3. That's right, it's just mind-boggling. I often see expensive european brand cars coming out from sois that I wouldn't even go in for a piss, makes you wonder. But I am suspecting those guys must supporting some side chick somewhere in there.
  4. Totally agree, the new Mini is an abomination that has nothing to do with the classic one, its name being used as a cash cow.
  5. Meanwhile the public is wondering when it will be invited to vote for things that really matter..
  6. He is hoping it's a muted trumpet
  7. Pathetic and inappropriate but TIT
  8. I prefer the The Flying Lizards' cover
  9. Bloody SOB, they still had to feed him for 23 years.. I still remember the images on the TV showing the aftermath of the attack..
  10. These guys are amazing.. The ordeal is not over yet and they are already dreaming about dollar signs...
  11. I guess this article puts things in a perspective: http://www.newmandala.org/myth-politics-thailands-cave-rescue-operation/
  12. I hope they take it easy if they lose today's match with Spain.
  13. This picture comes always in my mind when I hear/read about water and electricity.