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  1. kotsak

    Ex-actor charged over unlicensed work

    After wearing my TIT glasses I read it as "he was preparing the brown envelopes when he got busted"..
  2. Mini/midget sizes won't do, they don't fit their ego.
  3. kotsak

    Fake marriage to foreigners scandal: A job for Big Joke?

    Woody Allen's "Bananas" has a similar scene
  4. kotsak

    Fake marriage to foreigners scandal: A job for Big Joke?

    As usual it got lost in translation (TIT style), the correct phrase to use is "white marriage". Fake would have been if it never really happened and they produced fake documentation.
  5. How about the local fraudsters who are wanted in Thailand and fled abroad?
  6. Yes, the title got me thinking
  7. I wonder if he has also met the Thai people who gathered in protest there.
  8. It would be great if they have Win 7. More like some pirated copy of Windows XP.
  9. kotsak

    No cave-rescue movie plans: culture minister

    I am wondering how do they fare with their education. They spend too much time on the road and in front of cameras.
  10. In the developed world this guy could be dead the moment he drew his gun, considering this is a government facility.
  11. If past experiences are an indication then there is no wonder the user is not replying. Probably fled the country already in fear.
  12. No matter what is your bloody excuse you DON'T draw your gun threatening people. Big egos, small wiener people.
  13. Personally I am more surprised that this "big potato" guy is just driving a measly Accord.
  14. Made a trip down to Ranong from Bangkok last year. I was more concerned dealing with retarded drivers and the potholes rather than the speed traps. There aren't better speed traps than those.