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  1. Along with the sick buffalo excuse, brake failure must be topping the list..
  2. A word springs in mind that was used by Trump recently but I bite my lips..
  3. Right, what that place needs is another bloody shopping mall..
  4. Another F*U*B*A*R issue with no solution in sight. Even if there was a solution, most likely it would get crushed under the wheels of corruption and self interests.
  5. Thai men told: get to work and make more kids!

    Sounds like a Kibbutz..
  6. I hope they don't run out of plastic cards, judging by the fake faces you see all around..
  7. There was no divorce since they have never been married..
  8. Thai men told: get to work and make more kids!

    Yes, make more kids but don't run away afterwards!
  9. Pity the Somchais who won't be able to show off their new purchases .. or the ones who try to avoid paying road tax or those who try to delay the registration (for a few years) so they can claim higher reselling price because their car is not that "old"
  10. Showing T&A is fine though
  11. The top head's mia noi's have been salivating since the beginning of the whole shabang. Let's not kid ourselves..
  12. Prayut defers questions to his cutout twin

    The guy is living in Flatland