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  1. Yes, apparently others had accees to the safe as well.. Yeah, right
  2. Looking forward to the brown envelopes.. Training 101.
  3. That's how reconciliation works..
  4. Very common to see those hogging the fast lane.. TIT style!
  5. Served the SOB well, I feel sorry for the car that got caught up in this..
  6. Their slogan could be "Come for the temples, stay for the hospitals"
  7. You can't really make up those topics.. Fighting cocks.. Right out from a DP scene..
  8. Not really un-announced, they had sent a letter 1-2 months in advance about this. Maybe it didn't make it to your mailbox?
  9. In the meantime, in other parts of the realm, hoes do what they do best Oh wait.. officially they don't exist..
  10. Reconciliation TIT style.