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  1. This would require active brain cells..
  2. The dangers of utilizing a hoe (not the gardening variety)
  3. It's like seeing the situation in the whole country in a single picture
  4. So I guess he will be back at his desk on Monday? Of course with souvernirs for the staff..
  5. An interesting report from Privacy International: https://privacyinternational.org/sites/default/files/thailand_2017_0.pdf
  6. These guys are still stuck back in the 11th century, me thinks.
  7. 6m!!!! That's a huge pole..
  8. The spirit of Colonel Nicholson is still roaming the area..
  9. I would go with a mounted M134 Minigun on top to help clear the way out..
  10. So I guess people think that ambulances are for a joy ride? God may have mercy on them if they ever need to use one..
  11. The girls back in Hong Kong must be devastated.. He is such a heartthrob