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  1. I wouldn't touch this crap even with a hazmat suit..
  2. I would worry more about the two legged sharks behind the wheels..
  3. Yes, hacked while the files were stored in a publicly accessible AWS S3 bucket in the ap-southeast-1 region.. Give us a break..
  4. Given a warning.. that will teach him..
  5. No monkhood? Got away with it quite easy this time..
  6. Imagine how many go on undetected.. It's mind boggling..
  7. Actually the root cause is the lack of sense of privacy.
  8. Case closed, that's the last we hear of him..
  9. The OP title is misleading, they are buying what is left over because the developer is going bust.
  10. Finally someone got sober..
  11. BTW, do these trains have lavatories?
  12. Time to review the amount for the fines.. This is beyond ridiculous..
  13. They learn how to point at a very young age