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  1. Hamas is a terrorist organization. You appear to be confusing them with the general populous.
  2. What is very revealing on this thread, and whilst i have not read every post, but i have not read a single post from a defender of the Israeli position that has even mentioned the murder of innocent Palestinians!! Its just glossed over.......you are simply deceiving yourselves. The UN vote went hugely against Israel because they decided not to gloss over it. Simple as that!
  3. Yes, been listening to that thug Netanyahu barking on about the same old crap for years. Obama clearly couldn't stomach him but of course he right up Trump's street isn't he!!
  4. And America is? Once it had taken all the Iraqi oil rights, how many Iraqi civilians had to die....over a million!! The most aggressive warmongering country in the world that ignores Israeli criminal action without so much as the slightest sign of disapproval.......sounds about par for the course. Oh and for the record, the refugee crisis was the result of a brutal civil war, not caused by europe. That assertion is totally ridiculous, as if judging the moral backbone of a country on the basis that it has a number of foreign prostitutes, my point being that every country in the world has this. It bears no relevance whatsoever to the validity of a UN vote.
  5. carmine

    How do I get retirement visa in koh samui

    Money needs to be in the account for 3 months.
  6. When are you going to discuss the Israeli actions?!!!!! As i have already said, that is the subject matter of this thread!!! Its about universal condemnation. Why do you think that is? What is your opinion on the murder by sniper bullet of a female medic or an invalid in a wheelchair, women and children? Who's foot is the jackboot on now!!! What is your opinion of kids being hit by sniper bullets 400m from the border fence.....hardly endangering their security is it!!! So, this is the subject matter, what are your thoughts?
  7. At last you've posted something. Ofcourse its allowed to protect its borders, thats not in question.
  8. I can't see you have addressed anything regards the actions of Israel which is the threads subject matter. Just glossing over and talking about surrounding issues rather than the direct subject matter
  9. Yet not a mention of the Israeli actions
  10. In short Israel has to stop indescriminently murdering innocent women and children and laying the blame for their action on others. Why are sanctions not being imposed, same as is down to other states that break international law? They are being allowed to behave in their barbaric way because the American administration condones it.
  11. Actually, in this instance, the UN has actually recovered some of its moral legitimacy. Everyone is appalled and sick to death of Israel's attempts to justify their vile behavior. Israelis global reputation under the brutal and flawed leadership of Netanyahu is getting flushed down the toilet. What is astonishing the manner in which the US ambassador carries on with the same flawed, lying rhetoric, obviously because her bullying narcissistic boss tells her to, in the face of ever mounting disdain from the rest of the assembly. Its almost painful to watch!!
  12. The UN vote is a very fair reflection of europes views of the Israeli behavior. of course they won't be pulled into line because the current Trump administration won't allow it. I suppose they want Israel onside for when they want their next piece of dirty work carried out in the region. Perhaps someone else is getting invaded soon, in the name of freedom or some other bullshit like that, because the last month at the UN Assembly has been quite humiliating for Trump yet they plough on with the same flawed rhetoric that no ones buying into.
  13. carmine

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    Planning restrictions in that borough make it difficult. I think he even tried to have the old Battersea Power Station thrown into consideration. That could have been spectacular.
  14. carmine

    Tottenham Thread

    Robertson was a terrific player, a bit of a genius.
  15. carmine

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    I know its going to be a complicated build what with the space restrictions but i had no idea it was going to be a four years process!!