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  1. Tottenham Thread

    Thats <deleted>, it was allowed to continue way too long, and, if my memory serves me correctly, only endorsed by BB, surprise surprise who's lack of football knowledge means he must troll or would have nothing at all to say. Done with this <deleted>.
  2. Tottenham Thread

    Oh well, suppose its just a shame that the ignore feature is so crap. Mind you, it still doesn't suggest that an uncouth vulgarian should be allowed to post insulting jibes about our jewish chairman does it. Love the double standards being displayed here.
  3. The next thing will be the authorities blaming foreigners for the filthy garbage strewn beaches; my suggestion would be to educate the authorities in the placement of bins and garbage collection. The same education process would apply to all other aspects of the natural environment which has been allowed year after year to deteriorate. Anyone who "understands" Thailand knows this is entirely correct.
  4. Tottenham Thread

    Two good takes on the Toby situation and in the meantime he'll be building up his fitness and maybe getting a run out on sunday, although on that pitch its doubtful too.
  5. Tottenham Thread

    Well if you could get him to stop making such stupid posts, grow up and or preferably stop posting the usual tripe on our thread i doubt i would find it necessary mate. No doubt thinks he's clever but in reality tedious and dull, when all we want to do is have a sensible football conversation. I'll leave that one in your capable hands!
  6. Tottenham Thread

    Of course he is. And he'll get it hugely increased now we have our new stadiums revenues. Problem is, there are clubs out there, some in our own league, others in Spain and France that will just go and offer absurd, obscene wages, and within the whole policy of doing that and spending what they do naturally buy silverware too. Its going to be tough for all of us to keep players with certain owners behaving and spending the way they are.
  7. Tottenham Thread

    Of that i have little doubt. Kane has in the last day or so being talking about our higher fitness levels being the difference between us and most others second half of the season. So it stands to reason most new guys coming in will probably need to up their fitness level and in turn those returning from injury will take longer to be fully match fit.
  8. Manchester United

    I really don't think it is that bleak. It certainly shouldn't be with the strongest United squad i can remember for a long time. Its well documented where i think the problem is. I find the contract extension a peculiar decision. Especially as United look like they are really going to struggle for top four despite their current position. Upstairs you're always going to miss a guy with the business acumen of David Gill. It doesn't help that Woodward looks fairly lacking, but Gill did an exceptional job.
  9. Tottenham Thread

    Nice to hear Poch clearing up the Alderweirald Sky created nonsense. As was quite obvious he's still not fit enough to play at the intensity required at the top level, especially considering the fitness levels Poch demands. One of the reasons we tend to come on much stronger second half of the season partially due to that fitness level. We have every reason to feel confident about a top four finish despite claims from pundits but remember they rarely seem to do their homework as Mr Lawrenson reminds us all on a regular basis.
  10. Manchester United

    I tend to agree with you about Lukaku. He really is a flat track bully. Always seems to come up short against the better defenses, all his goals coming against lower league opposition. Its such a shame seeing Rashford so wasted. With Mourinho bizarrely getting a contract extension he would be better advised to make for the exit door.
  11. Tottenham Thread

    He's such a tool........oh and you're right, Walker will be found out in the CL but probably not by Basle!! is it conceivable that BB is getting more dull and delusional? Has he grasped yet that City fans don't mind getting bleed for money because its not actually their money thats been spent? I really thought he'd have cottoned on to that by now but obviously he feels that we all thought they took it personally!! You just make this rubbish up. And really mate, it gives me no solace whatsoever that you might agree with me on anything, rather rethink what i have recently said. Whether you think Walkers a better player is the irrelevant part, the relevant being that one, he was our second choice, Trippier being the first choice, and two, in utter desperation your sugar daddy owners spunked 50m on our second choice. Hope that puts it into perspective. And to finish, the money your club has recently spent on their defensive is both obscene and ludicrous.
  12. Tottenham Thread

    Trippier is a more all round effective player imho. And in Poch's too so thats good enough fo me. Walker is a very poor crosser and defensively his positioning is suspect although City's midfield does paper over some of the cracks.
  13. Tottenham Thread

    I see as usual BB you are intent on making a fool of yourself. All we did with Walker was bleed you for a world record fee. With us he was 2nd choice to Trippier as well you should know and it had bugger all about him forcing his way out of the club. If the ignore system means i'm to remain exposed to your posts when someone replies to you, you really need to start doing better in every facet of your posting but at the very least, get the basic facts right. "Doh!!!"
  14. Tottenham Thread

    yes the worse case senario would be him playing and having a blinder resulting in his value increasing. or have i missed something?
  15. Tottenham Thread

    If he's not deemed 100% CL match fit then why break up a defense thats just cope so admirably against three of the top six? And lets face it, if you are not completely up to pace CL level of football is going to find you out double quick. Its so premature to talk about his new contract i really can't be bothered. (Honestly, likes of R2D2, BB and the forums very own Ernest Hemingway have been salivating about us losing all our players for so long now it would almost be a mercy for all of us if someone finally did ask to leave!) Back to football, if Poch wants to go three at the back he can just bring in Dier and use Wanyama and Dembele as the pivot, so there really is no need to risk him being thrown in at the highest level is there!!