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  1. Despite spiritualism and the likes the facts seem to be that a tourist tragically slipped and fell, fatally and perhaps there should be some kind of health/safety review baring in mind this is certainly not the first time this has happened. What people choose or choose not to believe is their business but the bottom line is someone has died and can steps be taken to reduce the chance of another tragedy in the future.
  2. I had a similar situation years ago. I saw genuine embarrassment when neighbors saw my horrified look as some rubbish was "lobbed" away. Funny thing was, i never saw that happen again and never a word was ever mentioned. Coincidentally, my last visit to the UK was nine years ago and i deduced from that last visit that a lot of kids over there seemed to have forgotten what garbage bins are for!
  3. Whilst i think its commendable to learn the language and ofcourse beneficial i believe the only definitive requirement of an expect living here is to show respect and treat others the way you would wish to be treated yourself. For my part i haven't witnessed sneering or sarcasm from expats towards those that speak the language, more a slight embarrassment in the knowledge that they themselves might have made more of an effort to do so themselves.
  4. No its more a case of a lack of understanding about a different culture. I've lived here many years and regard the expat community as largely very respectful. Tourists generally don't mean to offend if sometimes they actually do. Too many of the new expat arrivals here seem to show a blinkered unfair view of the existing expat community and would be better served getting a few years under their belt before being critical of others.
  5. Not really!!! You must be kidding.........
  6. All the points you make are fair ones. I agree with you. The drunken idiotic behavior of many tourists here just asks for problems and compromises their safety. Whilst true, its also true to say that the amount of "unusual" deaths per capita of foreigners on Koh Tao is absolutely astonishing and in a first world country would prompt a national outcry followed by a huge public inquiry. However, things are all the way they are and are not going to change.
  7. Very true but theres still a lot to complain about, 90 day reporting being the anomaly!!
  8. Without meaning to sound rude, this thread would be more appropriate if someone actually had a problem with their 90 day report because the Immigration Office has had the waiting time down to fifteen minutes for ages already. You can expect to be out in fifteen minutes as opposed to thinking you have had a piece of good fortune.
  9. Done its course hasn't it? You could live here all things going as planned but the slightest of problems and you're in the sh1t!!!!!
  10. Unrealistic amount of money to live on here. Its not particularly cheap anymore, then theres school fees, potential medical bills that are getting more and more costly, utility bills and basically anything else the locals can rip you off for. In short you'd be living on the bread line and whats the point in that?
  11. Alright alright i'll ignore his posts and just let him get on with it.
  12. Not if you've had the opportunity to read a post on the Arsenal thread. Thats not tedious, its magnificent. If BB could post something like that once a week any amount of tedium that surrounds is worth putting up with!!
  13. Still banging on about our "starting 11" i see and not the all important squad.......oh dear!
  14. "Tottenham's starting 11" It seems its all you have left to grasp onto now. Probably because our squad has lads from the academy and wee can't do what the likes of City and United do and pay a player 150k a weeks to sit on a bench
  15. I just wanted to make a mockery of your ridiculous focus on "our starting eleven" as opposed to "our squad" because its such a flimsy excuse of an arguement. So if you pay 45m for a Brazilian keeper does he do magic tricks, disappearing acts and the like?