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  1. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Costa was a very effective player for Chelsea for most of his stay. The latter part of last season he was fairly lousy and on a least two occasions in games i watched i'd go as far as to say he let down his manager and team mates with his petulant stupidity. However, overall he did a good job, scoring a lot of goals, unsettling defenses, generally putting in a solid shift and selling him on in a hugely inflated market for 57m must be the icing on the cake for Abramovich. (But sorry cobber, he'll never be The Governor because hard men don't spit at other players and they certainly don't wear mittens when its a wee bit chilly) Thats may take on it anyway......strange irony is that i reckon a bullish, thoroughly unpleasant Costa is exactly what Chelsea could have done with against Arsenal last weekend. Whilst i'm on this thread i say that young Christensen looks like he's going to be a very good, a lot of maturity in a young player
  2. Liverpool F.c.

    So where does the finger point? Its been an issue for quite a while now without really being addressed in any way.
  3. Liverpool F.c.

    There was no excuse for not replacing a center back, despite the VVD fiasco.
  4. Chelsea Fc Thread

    I kind of get where both of you are coming from here. I think its fair to say theres probably a number of clubs that have a rare young talents in their academy, we for example have a lad called Marcus Edwards that the academy has been barking on about for ten years now but he's still regarded as "not quite ready" Despite the incredible balls skills some of these youngsters possess so many, if not most just seem to stop improving and are unable to kick up to the highest level
  5. Chelsea Fc Thread

    No, Chicog was very knowledgeable, witty and a really good poster So yes, polar opposites.
  6. Tottenham Thread

    I'm really struggling to grasp the recent team selections. If he's prioritising the league and CL i would presume you start with your strongest eleven available. That would mean Dembele and Aurier. What it does mean is playing Dembele against Barnsley directly before we play the pikeys who treat this game as their annual cup final. I wouldn't mind so much if i could see the logic but there doesn't seem to be any. First time i've said this but for the Swansea draw i feel that Poch and his team selection has to take the blame despite Mike Deans awful officiating.
  7. Tottenham Thread

    Its just not realistic. Our starting eleven is a match for any of them but we don't have the millions of talent thats happy to sit on their bench on 150k a week. Thats why they have greater depth. Until our squad gains a little more experience and the new stadiums built its going to be tough. I don't think thats negative a such, more realistic, at this stage.
  8. Tottenham Thread

    well Pochettino might want to prioritize the league and champions league but is this sensible when we are clearly not yet good enough to win either but clearly good enough to win one of either the other domestic cups? This squad can clearly go far and is strengthened from last season but before we get ahead of ourselves would it be better to just win one of them? we already know we can't realistically compete with the big spending Manchester clubs.
  9. Tottenham Thread

    Or then again perhaps have the conversation with MrB. Its also very obvious thats its far from just me that has a problem with them. It probably has a lot to do with why we've already lost some really good posters
  10. Liverpool F.c.

    Here's the point though.....nearly all fans across the entire country do stand together on this. Its just an isolated few sets of supporters that don't seem to understand how out of line they are, how unwanted the chants are and how poorly it reflects on them.
  11. Liverpool F.c.

    You'd have to be known to a moderator to be allowed to operate as such as such an antagonistic prick the way you do. You really need to get a life .
  12. Tottenham Thread

    Is there ever a time when you don't feel the need to laugh at your attempts at a joke? Seriously, theres a couple of you on here that are well worthy of having your own thread set up by the mods, entitled "boring <deleted> that no one else wants to have to listen to"......why don't you have a word, and do one? And take R2D2 with you.
  13. Liverpool F.c.

    Yep you'll have to remind us when Moyes won the Bundesliga, or any other league for that matter. Or perhaps a champions league final one of his teams contested? Do you ever have anything of interest to share on here? Anything that might be relevant to football matters? Or is it going to continue to be the same antagonistic drivel?
  14. Liverpool F.c.

    Or just sunk Bob!
  15. Go to Bandon Hospital next to Big C. I know someone who did it a couple of weeks ago. 250 baht.