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  1. West Ham Thread

    No no Ronnie, he needs more time......stability, stability stability.....
  2. West Ham Thread

    I still find it hilarious he was first choice to be Man United's manager!! It was so obvious from the word go he was hopelessly out of his depth....
  3. Have you stopped taking your medication?
  4. Manchester City

    Understand, but i can't see the gain for you on this particular subject. You're just feeding him ammunition to rip you to shreds Sounds quite masochistic
  5. Manchester City

    I think he's away on holiday!! Answer; they go to Dortmund and get hammered by the Spurs U23 lads. A young lad named Oliver Skipp was playing that night, he turned seventeen this september you you will see a lot more from him in the near future. Probably in about two years time, forming a commanding pairing with Harry Winks.
  6. Tottenham Thread

    Don't worry, we'll get them!!!
  7. I won't lose sleep waiting for this to happen.......
  8. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Hoisted what white flag? Haven't you gathered yet that he's just having a laugh?
  9. Chelsea Fc Thread

    "Some" of you Chelsea lads have a very unique and quite astonishing take on the subject!!
  10. Do tourists just send the money over and not bother coming?
  11. Tottenham Thread

    Forgot to add that despite doing exceptionally well to assist the winning goal i still can't help thinking that Dele Alli's heart is elsewhere. You just don't see the boyish enthusiasm (except against Madrid!!!) that you saw every game last season. I'm sure Jorge Mendes will clear up any doubts left in his mind. Giant turd and super agent that his is......
  12. Liverpool F.c.

    If you wish to dig a hole for yourself any deeper you'll need to hire a digger. Or any you trying to take on the mantle of the Chelsea threads pet chimp, whereby if someone chucks you a banana you promise to post something stupid?
  13. Liverpool F.c.

    I've tried to some it up this morning, probably to no avail. If you guys were to get drawn Real Madrid in the next round it will be very interesting because its clear City are well capable of knocking them out....or anyone else on current form.
  14. Tottenham Thread

    Terrific second half performance, very professional, and didn't give Dortmund much of a look in. Should have been 4-1 bar Eriksen missing a relatively straightforward header and Llorente with the touch of an elephant. All round good reaction to last weekends disappointment. Some poor club is going to win their group and get drawn Real Madrid....doesn't seem fair that!!!
  15. Chelsea Fc Thread

    All very true. They all improved dramatically after they'd left and returned to being the players you thought you'd bought.