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  1. Ha, thats what i was thinking too!! To my mind, its being professional. Theres no cheating. Why are the journalists shaking their heads in dismay? I think the likes of John Cross and Henry Winter are being very naive. It's not like he's been bugging the dressing room to listen to team talks and tactics!!
  2. I said i had not seen anyone cleaning beaches. I also said the organized reaction to the aftermath of the storms was wholly insufficient. I you disagree then fine, thats your opinion. Mine, when i walk along the beaches that remain filthy, will have to disagree. And of course the tourists will be seeing exactly what i am seeing.
  3. carmine

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    You didn't know a winger is a wide midfield and you have the gall to question my knowledge of the game. Run along and do your homework. Just read the Wiki page on a midfielder and stop making a fool of yourself. I hope thats not too racist for you!!
  4. carmine

    The official Manchester United thread 2019

    What else did the tea leafs tell you!!!!
  5. carmine

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    Theres a much bigger picture here than the actions of a solitary chairman! Anyway, if any player, including Eriksen, wants a move that badly they force a move because they know theres no pint in having a player that doesn't want to play for you. But thats a separate issue. Transfer fees, players salaries, revenue generation within the sport...you can put it all down to Daniel Levy if you like but i would contest its more of a global situation.
  6. carmine

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    No he's not. The powers that be are FIFA and UEFA.
  7. carmine

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    i know it's absurd. Sadly, the powers that be don't seem to want to do anything about it.
  8. I've not seen anyone on any beach doing any cleaning. And for future reference, to want to see your adopted home clean and in its natural beauty does not make you a hater or a knows better. The fact that you are so rich in praise for such a totally inadequate below par reaction speaks volumes.
  9. I would have thought that local government would have had a plan in place to get the island and its beaches cleaned up asap.......they get all authoritarian threatening tourists for dropping a fag butt yet are not interested in cleaning the beaches up after Pabuk!! Interesting!!
  10. carmine

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    Having been tipped the nod to this post i took a look and i see that in another attempt to bait me or try make me look stupid you have yet again made a fool of yourself. You have neither the wit of the brains for this stuff. I won't report you because i'm not a grass but i am getting very sick of your persistent baiting. So, just so you know in future.....A winger is a wide midfielder!!! Now, do yourself a favor, go look it up on Wiki and then perhaps remove your reply or the whole forum will be laughing at yet more of your twaddle.
  11. Personally i can't see what the big deal is.
  12. carmine

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    So by my reckoning, that would be 258m.
  13. carmine

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    And if our valuation was 250m then it would be even less i suppose. Your point being? Or should we value Eriksen at 15m?
  14. carmine

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    I believe the team we fielded against you last season cost a combined 89m. Did you forget Mahrez? 60m. Anyway, there are some very good buys in there especially in the current market rates. The cost is relative, especially if you compare it to what PSG and Barcelona have been paying out for a single player, this is agree.
  15. carmine

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    No you haven't bought every top player in the world but you might just want to take a look at your squad again and check out the midfield selection!!!! No wonder walker looks like he's half decent, i'm surprised you need fullbacks. its the strongest squad midfield i've ever seen assembled at the cost must have been astronomical. And announcement that theres concrete evidence means someones going down. if it doesn't happen then theres something seriously and criminally wrong in my book. Do you believe everyone has their price?