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  1. Bore off Pete
  2. Just after a good away win at Turf Moor.
  3. And of course the silly season has started.......;
  4. 2015, 2016, 2017........a team in decline and a shadow of itself since the departure of whiskey nose.
  5. He signed a new contract within the last year
  6. Yes he's been linked to City, United and Bayern. For us to get top dollar it would be a good time to sell. Apparently wasn't happy being dropped for the semi but who knows maybe just paper talk. Why do you not see him as a Pep style player out of interest? And he has had a very good season i'm sure you'll agree.
  7. Try not to be so sensitive dear. 2017!!
  8. Wooooo!!!! someones fallen out of bed on the wrong side!!! Sprouting bile!!! Don't me such a drama queen....
  9. Kind of pathetic really , isn't it.
  10. And he's still harping on about the past...............
  11. Kyle Walker's 26yo so getting on a bit. Maybe its time to flog him to City for huge amounts of cash? And of course they'll treble the lads Thing is, despite not being as quick, Trippier is a better defender and a far better crosser of the ball. We also have the youngster Walker-Peters coming through the academy and he's nearly ready. Thoughts? We know they'll pay stupid money and he's borderline second choice anyway.
  12. What a surprise, still harping on about the past!!
  13. You just did! btw, congratulations on your win yesterday. Good luck in the final.
  14. Lets see, United will be really boring to watch, kick lumps out of the opposition, a la Jose tactical genius, maybe get a draw and Mourinho will behave like a brat at the post match press conference and blame everyone but himself. Then you will come on here and starting reminding us of how good you used to be. Am i close?
  15. Atleast they got as far as the semis........and to be fair, our semi was played at a level that Man Yoo can only aspire to these days. Were at a different level. Your demise must really hurt Peter, my old china......