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  1. Some more from our man D On Aug 21, 2017, at 13:11, R. D****** wrote: Al Thank you for your reply. I will respond in order to your questions: 1. My PSA is approx 2.6 and has remained about that over several tests for the last year. My free PSA is 19%. 2. I am 54 years 3. I am a pilot and simulator instructor pilot. 4. Not a member of TV....yet My fiancee is inquiring today about the availability of 3T MRI in all the Bangkok hospitals. I told her about the possible 3 plus month wait at Chulalongkorn, So she is checking all hospitals for availability and scheduling possibilities. I will let you know of any information I get from her. I am checking on the availability of the 3T MRI prostate here in Seoul too. But believe it or not I don't think the medical care is as good here as Thailand. If any anomaly is found on the MRI, I plan to go back to the US to get the new 4kscore blood test, which will give you the percentage possibility of having the more aggressive forms of prostate cancer. Thanks again! for your response. Best, D Young man, interesting job, does your employer not pay medical 2.8 is lowish for PSA Not sure what the 19% free is Generally Prostate cancer is less invasive than most but not always Sounds to me maybe no rush, but do not put off too long you never know Do you get cheap air fares, if so a visit to DR Ashi just for consultation in India maybe best route Probably in any case you get a top salary so to visit india very affordable Regardless of everything we are not qualified as doctors you need that expert Urologist, you do not let an amateur play with the wires in your simulator !!
  2. Very good, vessel aground a couple of years before getting here and again an interesting and not quiet path I was the shipwrecked sailor, escaped with my life, and from the bitch from Hell in southern Israel, Russian Israeli Jewish, no prejudice just facts I wound up washed up in Issan, full recovery , has been made, never been so happy married nearly 10 yrs to wife no 4, and four loving Alsatians to greet the guests Am working on the book Ten yrs ago wife no 3 after 18mths of marriage took 1.0m US well almost, happy to see on April 15 2017 her birthday 62 she was reported bankrupt in Denver Colorado, I wrote to the trustee in bankruptcy and lodged a claim also asked him if she had declared her property interests in Israel What goes around comes around
  3. Maybe Cuba, very beautiful been there many times Tell us more, or are you Richard Branson in the other world
  4. We have to keep smiling I had a UK number plate at the back of my boat( which in itself was a very beautiful traditional trawler yacht originally built in Taiwan) that said "My Other Toy has Tits", needless to say it upset a few, I was participating in a three month boat rally and was given the ultimatum by some of the older more ugly women, and their under the thumb husbands, take the sign down or leave the rally, I took a refund and left, It was not helped by the fact that my crew consisted of just two very beautiful young ladies, generally in skimpy bikinis, I tried to remind them to put the tops on as well Keep smiling, like is what we make it
  5. Very loving and caring sharing thank you, sad about your stepson Similar when my wifes Grandmother died about a month ago, I got caught up in it and so much money wasted, well thats my view, and only my view the otherside is my wife really wanted it and it made her happy, and amount I contributed not lifestyle threatening
  6. You really are trying to provoke, or just want to be jealous The truth Well 2.5M US in 60 ft twin screw trawler yacht, ten yrs living aboard, luxury, air con twin generators deep freezes ice maker, water maker unlimited supply of fresh water, many many electronic toys radars, autopilots VHF SSB radios sat tv sat telephone, was the owner, the captain, the cook , the engineer and cleaned the vacuum toilets to Oh forgot the nouvarania 16 ft inflatable on the top deck with hydraulic davit, would go at 30 plus knots Ten yrs living aboard cruising the world Beat the various Mercedes sports cars I had earlier Today living quietly in Issan wife 30 yrs younger, four Alsatian dogs to attend to visitors, and a couple of cancers, prostate and colorectal, generally a happy man, made my own money spent a lot, four wives yes so far a good life Thank you God PS got 300,000 back on the yacht out of 2,500,000, but oh so much fun and pain as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. You give me great hope I always enjoy your humor and positive attitude, it very refreshing and even upsets a few who can not cope with us happy ones Thank you stay well
  8. I am currently helping three people re prostate advice I received this email today I hope this email finds you well. I have found your information online in the ThaiVisa Nation forum. I currently live in Seoul but my fiancee lives in Bangkok. I have concerns on an elevated PSA score and some BPH symptoms and would like to rule out possible prostate cancer via the 3T prostate MRI. I am wondering if you could give be basic guidance on this matter....I believe Chulalongkorn Hospital does have the 3T Multi Prostate MRI? Do you have any recommendations on any doctors/best radiologists to assist me in getting this test scheduled/interpreted? I have read conflicting guidance on how to get the test prescribed, i.e. must have doctor's order first, multiple month wait thereafter, etc. Or do you know if there is any other facilities in BKK that do the 3T MRI? I am asking as I have to have as much information as possible and appointments scheduled prior to traveling from Seoul. Thank you in advance for any information you can give me, I hope I am not disturbing your privacy by asking these questions. My fiancee is Thai and can help me with language/scheduling, etc. Best D I replied Ok you found me note this is a better email address axxxxxxxx.com I am not a doctor, but know too much about prostate Please feel free to call me xxxxxxxxxxxxx Can I cut and paste you email to me to open forum as there are others who can also help you I am very delighted to assist Al consent to post Please feel free to cut and paste the email. I am assuming to Thai Visa forum? I am sorry but I don't think my cell phone provider in Korea allows for international calling so calling you doesn't seem to be an option... Thank you for your help. D There has been a lot written on this topic but it is spread across several threads, I want to try and sumarise my own experiences in one place for the benefit of others, I am not a doctor I first became aware of prostate problems some 3 yrs ago my PSA levels were rising above the norm of 4.5 I started needing to pee in the night 2/3 times despite being told by some why worry I did and wanted to change things I had had regular medicals here in Thailand for the previous seven yrs, including ultrasounds and PSA tests, I was always told not to worry, I was also loosing blood through my bowels and again told not to worry, I accepted what I was told as it came from doctors and was an answer I rather liked Well time went on I saw a urologist, I had an MRI at an independent facility, then a month later a CAT scan at a private hospital and a colonoscopy, on all these by various unconnected professionals I was assured there was no problem, I continued to see my urologist, and the meetings normally went along the lines what did I think, and being told up to you, today I know even that first MRI was not interpreted accurately, and I have a written opinion to that effect As time went on I learnt and researched a lot more I became more certain I had BPH symptons, my current consultant urologist whilst a nice guy was not upto the task I was 72 with no medical insurance but could drop back on the UK NHS in event of emergency I wanted upto date technology at affordable prices, and for prostate surgery Thailand is well down the scale of choices and expensive India was becoming the place of my choice, I found a USA accredited and trained surgeon, I looked at Calcutta, Dehli Bombay Madras,Bangalore Goa , I also explored some of the medical intermediaries, I found a great diversity of price, on hospitals of equal accreditation I choose Dr Ashi of Blue Ribbon in Dehli with hindsight an excellent choice, for my holep surgery I was only in hospital for three days, the hospital arranged the airport transfers gave my wife accomodation and food in the same room as myself As I was undergoing surgery I also at the same time asked for colonoscopy, as a double check on my thailand hospitals With everything I know today India for the prostate surgery was the very best choice on every front and considerably cheaper than the other options (excluding free on UK NHS) I was lucky two different cancers were discovered in India at early stages, however for cancer and the longer timescales to fix I chose not to use India and found some very wonderful caring state of the Art treatment at Chulalongkorn in Bangkok Dr Ashi told me many patients went to him clear of cancer despite 12 or 24 section biopsies, and in 60 % of cases the biopsies from the holep showed cancer My latest friend believes MRI 3 T which Chulalongkorn can do, can give a definate answer yes or no to prostate cancer, I am not so sure and ask for guidance from those who know better than I and if the case were yes then a second opinion on that MRI is easy to get, I have had too many incorrect interpretations of medical data to rely on only one I have become very accustomed to sending large files like MRI s via the google drive drop box, works well My advice to my friend is find a good Urologist and be guided by him, but also go to one who can do the surgery if necessary Dr Ashi my Urologist arranged within 12 hrs a CAT scan, which was under half the cost of thailand, another friend has had surgery with Dr Ashi and another at this moment is exploring possibilities, other scans and procedures in Dehli are easily available, at a fraction of Thailand costs My advice to my friend would be bypass thailand go direct to India, see the urologist and have all the tests done there and if necessary either holep nor robotic removal of the Prostate, at the same time, prices and appointments can all be done prior to booking the ticket I choose Thailand for my cancer treatment since I live here My chemo and radiation treatment has so far been excellent very targeted and avoided surgery, and in the next two weeks I have more MRIs more colonoscopies and four consultants, if my cancer were to return I would still check out the India option on surgery, and this would necessitate a colostomy bag either short or long term I look to friends on this forum for guidance for myself and my friend I consider I am a fortunate and lucky man, and do say thank you God as well
  9. Airlines today keep records Approach the airline explain the predicament and they are likely to give you a letter confirming you left the country on such and such a flight on a certain date, also do you collect air miles that statement will also sho your flight out
  10. Credit card statements, or ATMs on bank statements will verify where you were
  11. Some eminently good and valid points However some observations, an immigration officers life is not easy he starts sometimes with a person who is tired and stressed, who could be described as rude, unhelpful, cold hearted, racist, power gone to their head, n@z!s., these people we meet in all walks of life, immigration officers are only human His /her responsibilities in todays world with the likes of Charlottesville and Barcelona as recent examples are substantial I personally interpret too much animosity towards immigration here in Thailand, and try to engender a more positive attitude I have experienced a lot of life been held in immigration jails in Cuba,( some people had been there ten yrs plus, no charges) terrorist Jails in southern Israel next to Gaza, ( age 65plus!) beaten close to death by Israeli police when naked in my own luxury apartment, as part of a scheme to extort money from me, in both these countries no lawyers or embassies, when I was taken from the Israeli jail (after ten days) to hospital close to death through loss of blood; after three days in the ICU;a nurse got me a phone, and I got a lawyer, in both these countries eventually I was shown to have broken no laws nor done anything wrong I have done many years voluntary work in California high security jails ( I come from UK not USA) and seen and experienced the power mad hitlers in uniform mistreating mentally ill inmates I do not generally love those in uniforms, especially those who abuse that power I very much appreciate your comments on the immigration jail in Bangkok, and hope many read it; I am sure it is awful awful and awful again, however I believe generally those being held have had access to their embassies and lawyers, and may well have committed offenses However when I suggest a young man having immigration problems, at the airport, because he has either not understood or complied with the requirements and I give the advice leave while you can ASAP , regroup in safety outside Thailand I am accused of being callous and unkind, by those who only complain about immigration, yes if wrong immigration must be challenged but be sensible do it from a place of safety, not inside the jaws of the lion Let us not forget the many thousands who pass through immigration with no problems, and Thailand is not alone with queues at airport immigration look at the USA far worse Of course Thailand Immigration is not perfect but at the end of the day I personally believe it does a good job, and should not be lynched by the mob of unhappy and discontented foreigners, and by staying positive we stand a better chance of improving things
  12. It is worth noting if married to a Thai you can go with the spouse through the Thai channel, Also if over 65 there is a channel next to the fast-track for disabled, elderly and those with prams, , that can also seriously speed things up
  13. I have TOT fibre optic 50/20, and the speed internationally stinks I am only able to get TOT because of my location and six yrs ago paid for 3kms line to our property I have in the last couple of weeks again had meetings with TOT technical and they openly admit internationally there service is awful They suggested CAT to me but that again due to location is not possible TOT tell me their merger with CAT is due to take place on Nov 2 and at that stage they will use CAT international routes and speed will increase substantially, they also openly admit yes they do throttle especially between 2pm and 10pm
  14. Last week did my marriage extension renewal, in KhonKean Quick easy and painless The immigration lady who we know well asked why I do not smile more I replied now you have finished I can, and Thank You