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  1. As a retired UK Chartered Accountant I can confirm the above to be correct there are many on Thai Visa who believe they are tax experts, they are not do not rely on what they say, and ask them about domicile and tax residency, two very different things, many still have UK domicile and their worldwide assets will be liable to UK IHT on death Incidentally transfers to a non domiciled wife are not IHT exempt Comments on these matters should be left to the professionally qualified, of which financial advisers are not qualified to give sound advice
  2. I wish to add a brief post ( which is today my norm as it keeps me away from those who I upset) This morning I was called by another TVF member who has just returned from prostate surgery with my surgeon in Dehli, ( he also visited Chulalongkorn on my suggestion) he was very positive and happy about the experience This brings us to four, who have had this option and Holep surgery in Dehli, ( cost US$3,000 to 4,000) and there is another gentleman on his way in the new year I have substantial experience of hospitals here and in India, which in many cases can be a far better option, (see also my threads on Chulalongkorn) Anyone wanting more information please PM me, and that way I do not get accused of breaking the forum rules and guidelines I am a mere retired Chartered Accountant who has by experience the hard way a certain amount of experience on Thai and Indian hospitals Be careful what advice you follow, and check their credentials, so far I have yet to find one doctor on TVF giving advice
  3. I note HRH The Queen Mother has recently been at Chulalongkorn again This must be yet another accolade, and endrsement for this govt hospital, she would only go to the very best regardless of cost I personally believe it to be the very top when it comes to cancer treatment, AND/OR quality of imaging equipment No doubt she avoids the queues mere mortals like me are subjected to ! !! !!!
  4. Ostomy supplies CONVATEC I have searched the net for supplies at sensible prices, the problem is generally shipping costs, esp from USA Chula prices were OK but prescription required, plus a lot of hassle I contacted the manufacturer in the USA, who sent me to their Thai subsidiary, the prices are cheaper than Chula by around 12/15%, and they will ship free if order over 1,000 Bhatt, seems a very good deal to me Also very easy, I asked for best price as I have no insurance ConvaTecUnit 5, 9th Floor, M Thai Tower 87 Wireless Road, Lumpini Phatumwan, Bangkok 10330M : +66 86 326 9665* T : +662 614 7000 www.convatec.com Kindly see the price, how many of each would you like to buy, and kindly send your Full name , mobile phone no.,and address for shipping.I have CC Khun Chanida, She will process the purchasing for you.401540 It must be 401504 -- > drainable pouch 564.96 THB/box ( 10 PC/box)411806 --> flat moldable wafer 1,498 THB (10 PC/box)183910 --> stomahesive paste 278.20 THB/tube (1 PC/box)nitric adhesive remover TR101 --> 299.60 THB/bottleBest Regards,W******n *******k For my own reasons I am reducing very substantially my own posting on TVF, I have just helped another TVF man go for Holep Laser surgery in India I will always do my best to help other members especially if they PM me
  5. I received the following comments from a nurse I am in contact with who replied to my comment that I would not choose him as my doctor I am rather amazed and would be interested in fellow TV members input "By the way, having now read that article, I must say I am unclear why everyone is assuming he deliberately dragged the man. Reading the story, it sounds to me like he was driving drunk and it took him 20 meters to come to a stop. Both the accident itself and delay in appropriate response quite likely due to the alcohol and I can readily envision someone in a drunken haze driving, feeling an impact, and needing a few minutes to figure out that he had to stop. He was inside the car, not seeing it from the outside and unlikely to know the man was beneath his wheels, it may have even taken him some minutes in his drunken state to come to terms with the likelihood that he had a hit a person. There is of course no justification for driving drunk, so he is fully responsible for the damage caused, but while very bad this is not the same thing as intentionally, cold-bloodedly dragging a mean under your car because you don't value his life as people are reportedly saying." Seems to me a nurse condoning the actions of a doctor, to me unacceptable, he should not have been driving
  6. Expat Health Insurance

    It is likely, note I only say likely, that if the premium is pain to a uk company you are likely to be covered under UK FCA and Insurance Ombudsman, two separate organisations, if it is The Thai subsidiary of a UK company unlikely to have cover Before paying premium ask if FCA regulated, then check with FCA and they will confirm one way or the other, at least you then know and can make your decision on an informed basis
  7. Danielsiam Seems to me you are not getting much help I understand the return to phillipines difficult Remember generally child birth is reasonably easy if your wife is young and fit Seems to me you maybe need to seek out help of small local hospital, government of course, and ask them for help and advice Stay positive there are many caring nurses, and it is a midwife you need not a high tech brain surgeon Good luck
  8. I need to note his name carefully and avoid being operated on by this monster Very horendous and awful for the victim I suppose the doctor will offer 50,000 to 100,000 and expect it to go away This is a man who has taken the Hippocratic Oath
  9. Yes it has been difficult to get information on how long between changes, I find it interesting a doctor told you seven days I was told three days I also self pay and whilst I will NOT compromise safety money is important I am also told changing too often may damage the skin For me I was told to lie down and massage to create good contact, down side of doing this other than time is zero
  10. Today my weight dropped below 120 kilos for the first time down 23 kilos in the last year, I have two targets 110 kilos then 100 kilos, well actually 99.999kilos big difference psychologically, (the last 5 kilos has happened since the operation OK the dreaded colostomy/ostomy bag, 18 days post op I have the two part system from convatec I found a lot of information on utube, but am also learning I have modified my diet and eat more often and smaller amounts, I eat a lot of low fat yogurt with honey, mashed potatoes, fish, soup, lightly poached and scrambled eggs, a lot of apple juice, I am tending to stay away from that delicious big steak, not so difficult as can be hard to find here in thailand, I aim to eat easily digestible food, and stay away from raw veg and raw carrots, a lot of papaya, bananas and pineapple, also a lot of liquidises drinks, I try and avoid sugar I continue to dring my samsung but have cut consumption and now add soda water as the bubbles help the system I do not eat anything like a lot of kale that will form an indigestible lump I chew everything more carefully and well I read about those who have blockages and I want to avoid that, also some soda water helps with the gas bubbles to keep all moving A lot of common sense works well This is a lot like the toilets here be sensible on what you put in I monitor the bag carefully and worry about that breakage or explosion, when I feel it half ful or filling with gas, I empty it and that is reactively easy, I have a plastic stool I put next to the toilet, and before starting spray with air freshener, I can the sit comfortably next to the toilet, with the bag over it I close the bag with elastic bands like they use for food here, I use TWO as a retired sailor it allows for redundancy When I have emptied I have a small water bottle and pour in water wash around and empty again I generally have to get up once in the night to empty there is a lot of talk about changing the wafer/gasket the piece stuck to the body, and there seems no norm, any where from three days up, I use an adhesive release to help when removing I take the bag off every day or second day leaving the gasket in place, I reuse this first washing in water, the soaking in water with a dash of detol added helps to remove the odor, then final wash in fairy liquid and hang to dry out of the sunlight as the sun UV degrades the plastic bag, when finished smelling good and clean How many times can the bag be reused, do not know, if it breaks definately too many times A little vaseline on the tuppaware type join greatly helps, I have done with and without The gasket I am changing about every six days, when doing this before sticking it all back it is very important all very dry and clean, when back in place a small amount of heat from a hair dryer on the adhesive plaster and the lie on back for at least 30 mins continuing to press in place, if it starts to come away later a little 3m tape secures things When the bag is off I can shower and with just water , wash the ostomy on my body, I also have a soft paintbrush that I can gently clean the ostomy with, this is then cleaned in detol Supplies from Chulalongkorn are as competitively priced as I can find on the internet, the adhesive remover is expensive, I can buy it cheaper from amazon but the the shipping kills the benefit I will investigate Srinakarin University hospital KhonKaen for a stoma nurse ald also check their prices for supplies It is important to watch for skin color changes and if things go bad gangrene can set in Cleanliness and holiness go together and here is very important Keep smiling, I thought this was going to be impossible to accept scared me greatly, really not so bad, and remember in life acceptance is a very big thing
  11. I very much like what I hear on the Army Hospital and it is not so far from me in KhonKaen I had a friend who had a hernia operation and he was very happy, he is a man who goes backwards and forwards between here and the UK and he said quicker and better than the NHS no waiting time Comments from others on what surgery might be available would be beneficial
  12. Airlines awarded flying certificates

    How come there are no red flag warnings on hospitals here
  13. Thai Scowl I think they are making up stories having just read their terms and conditions Further to my earlier email I have now read your terms and conditions, and believe you are misinformed and not telling me the truth Your terms and conditions say 7.3 Passenger who requires special assistance The Company shall consider dividing the passengers who require special assistance into 2 levels as follows; (1) Passengers who require assistance shall include passengers who require the assistance during the flight or during the travelling but can still walk by themselves to board the aircraft. In this case the Company agrees to let the said person travel alone by accepting the reservation and check-in. However, in case of need of wheelchair for the purpose of convenience, the Company shall provide the service and let the passenger walk into the aircraft cabin by himself at the aircraft gate only. For the convenience of the use of service, the passenger requiring assistance who requires wheelchair service or any service shall notify the Company at the time of reservation at least 48 hours prior to the departure time in order to allow the Company to prepare the service. In case the reservation is made via other channels, the passenger shall contact the customer service center at Telephone Number 0 2118 8888 at least 48 hours prior to the departure time. In case of failure to notify the Company in advance, the passenger may not be able to obtain the special service immediately upon the check-in process and the Company shall not be liable for any inconvenience and damage arising in all cases. Further to your reference to a fit to fly certificate, the only thing I can see is this requirement if you are pregnant and at 72 and male I do not and can not see how that relates to me sound like an ideal story for social media
  14. Thai Scowl Airline My discussions continue, they have stated below if you request a wheel chair at the airport they are entitled to ask for a fit to fly cert, I did request one the day before but can not prove that, I will have to start printing my own they do not say from whom the cert must come I am still not sure I believe them, but give them enough rope and they will hang themselves Years ago as part of my yacht insurance the fire protection system had to be inspected each year and signed off, I discussed with the insurance company and sent them each year the certificate signed by myself and this was sufficient they confirmed in writing Another small print to avoid payment was each Captain had to have a hurricane plan, again I wrote one and filed it with the insurer each year To Thai Scowl Please note you have not answered my question concerning the colostomy bag, and the right of passengers to fly with one I request you to please elevate my complaint to your senior supervisor level, you have also not confirmed disabled passengers are welcome and acceptable I would prefer to keep this dispute away from social media comment Thank you Kind Regards Dear Khun , Thank you for your letter regarding your flight WE44 from Bangkok to Khon Kaen on 10th November 2017. We appreciate your kindness in choosing THAI Smile Airways for your travel and expressing your views on our wheelchair service atBangkok Airport on this particular flight. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and dissatisfaction you experienced. We would like to take this opportunity to inform that passenger is required to present a doctor certificate stating that the passenger is fit for the travelling which have been issued for a period of not more than 7 seven days until the departure date, if passenger requests the wheelchair service on the departure date, due to the airline's terms and conditions. May we take this opportunity to suggest that the wheelchair service shall be requested prior to the departure date via 02-118-8888 or 1181 or customer[email protected] and that we can be certain that a wheelchair will be prepared to be of service to you without any dissatisfaction and frustration you experienced as the passenger did not obtain the special service immediately upon the check-in process. You can be certain that we take passenger comments seriously and make every possible effort to keep our standards of service at optimum level. Your criticism is most helpful, as it provides data for constant monitoring and improvement as necessary. We look forward to having the opportunity of welcoming you on board THAI Smile Airways again during any future travels. Until then, we send you our best wishes. Best regards,