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  1. I am taking the liberty of cutting and pasting a PM I received, that has a lot of wisdom and relevance to this thread To protect privacy I have edited out anything that will show where it came from I am from Canada, the land of mythical free healthcare that far too many die waiting for. Having lived here for six years and having had far too much experience with hospitals here but so far, skirting the very serious issues that you are. I consider what you have shared on TVF a public service as I too have found many "potholes" in navigating quality healthcare with reasonable costs, both of which do exist in Thailand but are increasing in cost at an alarming rate. And TVF is rife with those who THINK they know. Should you wish to discuss and exchange thoughts and issues, I would be pleased to do so. I agree with your thoughts on needing a living will so as not to waste money on life support, I also would rather my wife have the funds to secure her future here, You indicated that if anyone wants a copy of the one you put together as a combination to PM you and you will send...... I so request of you.I have always uunderstood that such a document bears little weight in Thailand, and the attending doctor's inclination will not be overriden by it. In my country, I believe that many in the care of hospitals suffer pain as they pass on, to a degree that would have protestors marching in the streets were it a dog being so shoddily treated. I can tell you by first hand personal experience categorically that it is true for those in emergency care. Life support is an issue for me, but an exit from this life for me or those in my circle of life fraught with ununnecessary levels of pain as I have witnessed is to be avoided at all costs....... but how?? I have had several requests for a copy of my advance Directive/ Living will, I did not post the final version as I did not want to waste space on TV, but have now found out how to do it with a link Please note it has not been approved by a lawyer, but so far Chulalongkorn have agreed to put it on my file and this has now been done, I also asked my surgeon about this document and he said he does his best to conform with a patients wishes I have attached it in word format although I work with pages and Apple I am and always will be happy to assist other members via PM There is also a thread running in This thread also has some very relevant information Advance Directive27 09 2017 blank.docx There are many who thing we are morbid but we are only facing reality, too many have no plan, have little money or reserves, no insurance, and fudge the system that requires 800,000 for retirement extension, in my view they should be sent home, end of story Again I know it upsets many but I like Donald Trump and most of what he says, he also like me does not suffer fools gladly
  2. A very sweet comment obviously sent with love and very greatly appreciated, I am not dead yet ! Joke!! Yes my Thai Visa account with password is in my codes file The irony about all this is today I feel pretty well, and the scary bit is I am going for surgery when feeling OK, knowing I am coming out with a colostomy bag at best I think all the time about not having surgery and no one will tell what will happen, I know I will die, but regardless, that will happen, living is terminal ! I shall PM you my wifes phone number as she does not do internet, if I have not resurfaced by about Nov 10 please call her ( my operation is scheduled Oct 27th) and let everyone know what happened I AM PLANNING ON BEING BACK and also believe God will look after me You are a very caring lady doing a great deal to help the less fortunate as I understand, to be greatly commended in todays difficult world God Bless and a safe journey through life to you and your husband
  3. Too Many Non-Alcoholics in AA

    We all have different views In my earlier years I drank every day, was a functioning practicing alcoholic, I would binge on top, some alcoholics only binge drink I drank alcoholically from the beginning Do I drink alcoholically today , occasionally, but can today walk away from bottle with some still left, a good caretaker helps, regardless of whether we are drinking or not my wife always drives home, hence I do not drive drunk Am I sill an alcoholic today, honest answer I am not sure sometimes yes and sometimes no Is alcohol a problem in my life no, do others complain about my drinking NO What keeps an alcoholic sober none of us really know, I personally believe going to meetings and SHARING can work, some use the meetings as their sponsors The first step I did was thirteen, and had 14 years very happily married Today I do not attend AA meetings, but that could change any time
  4. Well of course I have to take the bait It is good enough for the Queen Mother and the quality of the best surgeons is first class, admin and waiting could be improved substantially I also trust them, and am very grateful to them I hope they do a good job on me next week when I am on the table !!!
  5. Thank you sir, sorry if a bit long winded just wish to help others and maybe better too long rather than too short, as a badly dyslectic man English is not my strength Be lucky
  6. Your kind words appreciated I wish you well
  7. Look I am overcritical I also try to do medical on a shoe string Chula has weaknesses on admin, and waiting times, HOWEVER in my humble opinion the underlying care and expertise can only be described as the very best, my personal budget is limited, so I choose Chulalongkorn, if my budget were unlimited I would still chose the same surgeon but at a different location I also believe Chulalongkorn is a safe hospital unlike some but not all private hospitals good luck sir
  8. You are correct I have only been here ten years, not a long time I have in that time taught my wife to speak good english Yes my knowledge of thai is limited but I always have my wife with me I do not say I know more than others, just I have had unfortunately too much experience of hospitals in the last eighteen months Sir tell us a little about your experience with hospitals here, so we can understand where you come from, have you spent much time in hospital here, also are you like me with no insurance I am looking for friends with more hands on experience than I have, maybe you can help You are maybe correct Chulalongkorn in Bangkok has some weaknesses and waiting times are sometimes slow, however I believe it is the number one Teaching Hospital here in Thailand, also it is exceedingly well priced and a fraction of the cost of say the Bumrungrad, my colorectal surgeon also operates there, he assures me the equipment at Chula is superior, the difference is cost and rather substantial It is one of the very best equipped hospitals so again in my humble opinion I believe, also the number one cancer hospital in Thailand, and currently building a billion bhatt new cancer facility, with particle radiation I know the Queen Mother who is not in good health is a regular patient there, so some people in high places have equal faith in it as do I , why would she go anywhere other than the very best Thank you for your kind comments, I look forward to your observations
  9. One thing in my plans I did not mention, is my wife knows the password to my computer and on it is a folder on the desk top called codes This has a password, same as my computer has on it is a list of all my user names passwords, and all those of my wife as well, in todays age we need to be able to pass all this on as well, it covers everything from banks cards to stores, lazarda, ebay etc etc, it is almost impossible to remember them all and in todays age also not sensible to have only one it also has other info like UK national insurance number, passport numbers and other important information, all bank account numbers brokers contacts etc etc
  10. UK pensions

    Currencies have to be viewed long term unless you are a trader Uncertainty creates weakness UK stock markets are at a substantial discount to those of the USA 2/3 yrs forward, I will be surprised if £ vs US $ is not back above 1.5 Maybe now is the time to buy UK tracker ETFs with money not required for at least 3/4 yrs hoping for double win, markets plus currency, today whilst from the UK I am US dollar denominated and geared
  11. Yes I have a Will in English and in Thai, covers assets globally, in the same document, have had it since I came here, my wife is my executor, a clause in there if I die without having seen a doctor for three months must be an autopsy for wife to inherit, also in the case of dispute the english language takes precedence, I sort of presume everyone would have this basic in place, and of course far too many don't I strongly urge those who have no will to do so, it is easy to do and not expensive, and very unkind to love ones not to have This was prepared by a Thai Lawyer, and witnessed by him, a copy in his office and one in my house My wife is under strict instructions to stay away from this lawyer he threatened me once with defamation, when I asked if something had been done correctly, I was very happy he exposed this bad side of himself, it served as a warning, he is neither executor nor anything so far as my will is concerned When I did this will, I was not certain my wife was trustworth, ten years on I feel very strongly she is Because the way assets held my wife also has will leaving everything to me, VERY important especially with the roads here in Thailand I am very much hoping to come out of this forthcoming surgery OK, and be around for a few more years in my home in Thailand which we love, but life is scary at the moment, there is a saying the mind is a dangerous place and should not be visited alone and without a good flashlight But you Nancy have to much experience of messes created because of bad planning and mistrust Some will say I am over the top, but other than time and thought it has cost little, and protects my loved one, it is the summation of two years research, and looking at many options including expensive trusts, I am comfortable today not rich, and so have to be conscious I do not want professionals taking a too large share of the cake My assets pass to my wife unfettered with no restrictions, but she and the broker have my wishes on how to proceed, in line with what Warren Buffet says I have told my wife trust no one not even the broker, ( she will say to family she has not been well provided for) follow what I say and she should with a little luck be well set up for life, and able to continue our existing lifestyle, Four Alsations, Beautiful couple of houses and gardens and three helpers in the house and gardens, and able to provide education for her teenage stepsons My wife knows everything, I trust her ! ! ! she has worked very hard and deserves to be looked after My children, 40 plus, in the UK know what is happening and as my daughter says my wife deserves what she might get, my son is mad, ( he owns four houses in London that I helped him get )and says why not his children, and my wife is under orders if he turns up threatening, as he has suggested, my wish is call the police and have him removed I must not forget to mention I say a very big thank you God as well, and will also visit the temple before going to hospital, I am non religious
  12. As a retired Chartered Accountant I comment as follows Maybe not clear, transfers to a UK Domiciled wife are fully exempt no tax to pay If you transfer to a Thai resident and non domiciled wife only overall exemption of approx. £300,000 ish will be available, and if your estate is split between many beneficiaries then the Thai wife will not get the full exemption Note you can be Non Resident for UK taxes, but still Domiciled and liable to IHT Residence and Domicile are complicated, and very separate issues if your assets are substantial you need expert advice, this applies even if you have a house worth say £400,000, you need advice from a properly qualified tax expert, who is likely to be a Chartered Accountant, or a UK lawyer, most Financial Advisers will tell you they know BUT they do not, when going for surgery I want the properly qualified person, same applies for tax Financial Advisers in the UK are risky but at least regulated, outside the UK they are maybe mostly only interested in lining their own properties, I also put lawyers and Accountants outside the UK and USA into the same category There are too many boiler house scammers around and even on TVF I have been approached by them, usually the question can you give me your UK FCA authorisation number so I can check, which is easy to do on their website; sends them packing I had an unsolicited email last week offering a guaranteed 8% return, I replied I was looking for a home for a spare £2.0M and I wanted it quickly, they quoted a UK London address as well, I asked for their FCA registration so we could proceed, they never came back to me, I wonder why ! To release assets after death, in the UK probate has to be granted and to get this, tax clearance, including IHT must be obtained, some IHT can be due even before assets like house is sold, and if not paid penalties and interest may apply Remember IHT applies to world wide assets including things like condos that may be in your name in Thailand There is a lot to be said for not owning UK property, or assets as you get older say 65/70, and before that having life cover to cover the potential liability for IHT, written in trust so it does not get caught by IHT itself If when you die and there are no UK assets; no probate required and probably the question of IHT will never be raised, and the argument as to whether or not UK domiciled will never require discussion Investments and shares can also be transferred outside the UK net while still alive, if left with a UK broker again will be subject to probate I have used Interactive Brokers to hold shares outside the UK, at one stage I used Interactive Brokers in the UK, I had to close that account and open another one not in the UK using my Thai address, and was all done online and paperless, and easy to do, note if it is a joint account it may still get frozen on death, there are also Singapore and Hongkong options and many others Remember the IHT tax office will hold all the cards without their agreement you can not get probate granted and release assets Plan ahead and you can maybe save a lot of potential tax totally legally, change things after death and you could get involved in evasion with nasty penalties including jail, for those involved, and professional trustees and advisers will not allow The tax people get more sophisticated every year Thailand is very tax friendly but again in time it may change, so also if your wife is resident here maybe keep assets outside Thailand, remember so long as income generated outside Thailand is not remitted in the year in which it is earnt there is no tax to pay either for Thais or Foreigners, this may change
  13. It seems to me you are contemplating doing something illegal for the sake of an extra 450 000 approx. on deposit or unusable for only three months of the year I have an Aus friend who has been to hell and back because they found out he was married, he had to divorce Seems to me uour are not thinking sensibly and should not do it, IF the visa extension is the only reason
  14. Definately breaking the law, when my bank suggested this and I said breaking the law they agreed and I said no Joint accounts can sometimes also require probate which is why the bulk of my assets are in wifes sole name The other joint accounts there are letters to be posted signed by both of us giving instructions to transfer the balance to acc ******** at ********, and then close the account, if you ask them to close the account and then transfer the balance this could also take 2/3 weeks, get the money out first then close
  15. All the problems above can be avoided with planning I go for surgery soon, I am a retired Chartered Accountant I have living will no life support, and no money wasted on lost cause, (now on my hospital file) Donor card for my body done ( also on my hospital file) All my investments in wifes sole name and outside Thailand ( I have control and irrevocable power of attorney) UK bank account in joint names minimal balance I put car into wife name ten days ago My pension advisers have approved her letter requesting payment of fund, just needs death cert attaching, they agree and understand what I am doing Houses here of course already in wife's name Isle of man Bank account joint names will be minimal balance temporarily Before surgery will clear Thai accounts to wife's account On some accounts will be setting up automatic transfers 28 days forward, and cancell when I recover In the event I do not survive all letters and envelopes, have been done just needs wife to date and sign and post, ( I have not put stamps on ! do not want to waste money ! ) and all then drops to her sole accounts When I recover will reverse some of this, I actually have full control of all, even my wifes accounts via internet with my cell phone No probate, no funeral, with planning and trust easy; also no costly trusts to set up, and maintain Otherwise, probate UK, , Thailand, Gibraltar , Isle of Man and Singapore, and many lawyers fees, and maybe a long time to close down, in the UK if a professional executor and trustee used, once probate and tax office clearance obtained, executors will insist on waiting a year in case claims might come in, they did this on my mothers estate, she was 92 and the lawyers argued there could be an unknown child, legally they were correct morally no My wife no four has loved, looked after and cared for me for ten years, this is the least I can do, The UK embassy have advised for my body to be released their consent is not required as I am legally married, also they have no register for UK nationals living here If I have missed anything any input appreciated