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  1. Maybe give the recipe for mango jam, sugar mango lemon juice boil guessing
  2. Like the women again hit and miss Some good some bad
  3. Spent many happy evenings inside the lock gates in Clewiston on the way from Ft Myers to the St Lucie inlet, remember one night a man came in at speed 60ft boat made a real mess of docking then proclaimed he had engine problem, I commented by the sides of his boat the engine problems had been there for many many months, maybe he needs a captain or lessons !
  4. WOW, and a very big WOW However at least the General is going to the USA, and Trump maybe one of the few World Leaders the General might listen to, remember he was summoned to Washington, albeit under the guise of a Party ! Hopefully for Thailand a move forward
  5. Some of the worlds worst airlines, contradicting facts which do we believe But then he says tourism doing well, again not what one sees
  6. Bubba you may have a point, however do you come from USA, have you heard of FAKE NEWS !! you might be guilty of creating it, YES you !! When some people made enquiries at Chula the first response was do not have 3T MRI but when I call the right department I get the true answer Its a bit like going to Global House no sir out of stock, but whats that on that shelf, the computer says it is not there, please take the box down amazing IN stock It is exceedingly unlikely Chula are not very conversant with all the procedures their machines are capable of, IF YOU ASK THE RIGHT PERSON, 10,000 bhatt bet maybe Think I might win I did suggest earlier on in this thread maybe YOU should do some checking out instead of worrying people unnecessarily , but you declined, and that is also OK Maybe before making assertions you should do maybe a little more research FAKE NEWS YES FAKE NEWS, but it came from someone on the phone at Chula, he says, OH I did not know it was only the toilet cleaner who responded ! May I be allowed to correct a quote where it has been suggested I have done something I have not done I have never directed anyone to Chula, I have spoken very highly of it but mainly re Colorectal Cancer, with a far lesser problem Prostate cancer, as a point of principal I would only give anyone some suggestions, with the proviso please do your own checking and do not rely on me, I am unqualified on medical matters Please take this in the spirit in which it is written being my wish to correct maybe erroneous information posted, and not make any personal attack
  7. I am looking for feed back and doing some tax planning to legally keep Tax at a minimum First of all are any members aware of either expats or the wives being subjected to a tax audit in Thailand There is a rule that says monies held overseas are not subject to tax here; subject to the income not being remitted to Thailand in the year in which it is generated, this is very generous, and used by the super rich Thais to keep tax at a minimum, it is also available to everyone Monies remitted from pension are also tax free It follows on that after ones death, capital needs to be kept outside Thailand so the wife can continue to benefit, I already have accounts up and running in wife's name, over which I have irrevocable power of attorney, just in case The jurisdiction needs to be chosen carefully, also with easy access for the wife and Singapore I believe a good choice, she could fly there and back in the day, they also have representatives in Bangkok, it has to be simple my wife is financially illiterate, and she will be the only one in control,with written guidelines, (DO NOT TRUST LOCAL ADVISERS)and for the negative wife hating brigade if she cashes it all out and spends it after I am gone that is ok !! not my problem I am slightly concerned some of the monies held have gone through wife's Thai account, hence my question on audit When in a previous life I always used to change companies, Vat registration and Bank accounts regularly, so if ever audited there was a limit as to how far back they could check, I never intentionally did anything wrong and this was just good insurance, and stopped the ability to go back for ever Likewise it might be a good idea here to change bank accounts say every four years Thailand has to be one of the tax friendliest countries to sensible sophisticated tax payers, or shall we say non tax payers
  8. Maybe just a provoking post by a " tirekicker" In any case not my opinion from a former Mercedes driver, a highly technical car with unbelievable fuel consumption
  9. There is little doubt the C5 is better than the HRV But is it better value, my opinion no How much do you think it would cost to change, my guesstimate is 800,000
  10. Only a little smaller, looked at both (I am 6ft 2in ) and bought the HRV, very happy, fuel consumption unreally good Price wise the CRV is more comparable to the C5 At around 500,000 less than the CRV and C5 I opted for the HRV; for two people the HRV is not so much smaller than the CRV /C5 I very much like the electric drivers seat, nice for small adjustments when driving, I wish we had the electric seat adjustment for the passengers seat, for when wife is driving
  11. Honda HRV better value
  12. Well one thing for sure, she may have failed to land a husband but she is sure getting a lot of free publicity
  13. Interesting we all look at things differently, Ugly or male I worry my blood up Sexy female I return to normal calming effect
  14. How long is going to Take the TV experts to reach a conclusion this time
  15. All a big wind up when 500bhatt solve the problem Suggest U go home