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  1. kenk24

    Buy Condo or Buy land ?

    And how often do you hear people saying, I could have bought 20 years ago for $xx and now it is $xxxxx - - and as you say, most could not have afforded it back then anyway... The, 'I could have bought Apple for' people.
  2. I once had to go away for several months and left my wife with an ATM - she never used, but did get a short term job. That was 17 years ago. Even the money in my desk that I keep for expenses, if I tell her to take some from there, she doesn't seem to be able to do that. I have to hand it to her. And yes, there are plenty of good Thai ladies - but in a complaint forum they are a minority. Almost everyone I know has a good wife and just go about their day. My guess would be that the ones who are particularly cheap with their wives, drink away all their money and are not inclined to reasonably share, they have problems.
  3. kenk24

    What Are These Bugs??

    They look like crumbs... my wife uses a broom and dust pan.
  4. A very small part of a very big island - - all of the other islands are fine.
  5. Don't they have forums in Hawaii for people to complain about near everything? That seems to amuse the boredom challenged folks here.
  6. I am currently looking in CM for a home... my understanding is that most charge 3% - - but even though not much seems to be selling, they do have an independent attitude. I think you can shop around online with the different agents websites and check pricing of similar units... I am sure that if you list with all the agents - - and there are many, it will probably make them smirk and give you dust. I would try and find one good agent in your area... and if you really want to sell, if it does not sell quickly, offer them a bonus for pushing your house. You might want to start the house at 3.5 so that you have some room for that. Different agents seem to work different areas, so, if close to home, you will have a better chance... good luck.
  7. a little bit of all - We have separate accounts - my wife has done well with the money I have given her to invest... I share money with her, she shares with her family - - everyone seems to get along ok.
  8. Maybe if you stop seeing them as "the little people"... I doubt they see you as "the big great man"... Enjoy the differences... Vive la difference...
  9. That is not the experience of near everyone that I know who has spent a lot of time in Thailand... especially so amongst people who have taken the initiative to integrate, learn language & culture and get outside of the tourist areas...
  10. 30 years... oh my, what hasn't changed?
  11. When did this era begin? And what does it consist of? I am just not sure what you are anticipating coming to an end?
  12. kenk24

    Fed Up with so called 'Tourist Attractions'

    Not sure why you would go to these things, they do not amuse me either... sort of like going to the movies if you don't like horror or action... I like movies but in the same way, don't find many to my liking these days... Why don't you travel outside of the tourist areas, especially places like Pattaya... there is a whole country of real people in un-touristed areas who/which might/surely amuse you...
  13. Wallets most always have an ID... so, don't worry... you can still send it to your wife... or at least call her... if that is what you need to do...
  14. In town, there are some nice condos to be had in good locations for 20-25,000 baht... of course, smaller and less nice for less... but the larger decision might be if you want to move outside the city... enjoy a bit more nature or better availability of shopping... Do you have transportation? In the city, you will enjoy inside the moat, NE quadrant is charming, but not sure I would want to live there for too long. And same with the night bazaar area... Once outside the city, you will have traffic issues but only bad during rush hour - After that, it becomes more specific to your personal desires - nature, pool, city - - up to you.
  15. kenk24


    5 star spot on - - [except not maybe - may be] - saved me from writing my rant.