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  1. Things get confusing... mais mee arai is used all the time - if you ask mee arai you will almost assuredly hear that - no have what... of course, it is not uncommon for me to fail at my attempts to translate or understand colloquialisms...
  2. He does dental work too? I didn't know that.
  3. I have a male dentist and he is terrific... though not the new car smell you like so much.
  4. I think the majority of monks are sincere, especially amongst the lifelong practitioners... I would doubt that the majority are sitting in first class on airplanes - even if 1% were that would be enormous... I live out in the countryside, plenty of forest temples and other and I can rarely remember seeing any abusive behaviour. Of course, it exists as in any religion or occupation but I think not nearly to the % you mention.
  5. Yes - I think that is part of the purpose - my family gets to begin their day doing a good deed and they get a blessing as well... no harm in all that.
  6. pen arai means - - what is the matter... the mai - would negate that... though I have never heard that used in that way... plenty of mai mee arai - as nobody ever tends to have an arai.. surely just a typo...
  7. The other offshoot of this practice is that the temple has plenty of food and they will feed anyone who comes... thus, there is no hunger as there is reported in many Western countries. This presents a great safety net and security for the general populace. And with all the homelessness and sifting through garbage pails in some major cities of the West - that is something. In the countryside and small cities, I see no beggars here - only in tourist areas. They must be doing something right. I know my family gives often and feels good when they do.
  8. I have a kindle and no problems. For thirty dollars you can't go too far wrong.
  9. How do you maintain a healthy life ?

    Pride can be a wonderful motivator.. keep up your good health.
  10. How do you maintain a healthy life ?

    Seems the people that I know who bike a lot are quite fit... Good for you for being healthy and in good shape at 70... You forgot to mention proud. Many of the people who have health issues are not genetically well mapped or have had accidents. I have had many friends die in their 40s and 50s... they were nice people. Enjoy your health.
  11. invest in BITCOIN or not ?

    Best advice for investments is usually invest in what you know...
  12. advice - live in BKK for 6 months per year

    You have listed more things to do than most expats here actually do... not sure what sort of suggestions you want - just do what is on your list, take a walk if you get bored, but otherwise it sounds like you barely have time to eat and sleep... Budgeting time/money is one of life's challenges... nobody can do it for you...
  13. Where to bank a small inheritance

    Just be careful and try and have something to show for it... much better than dribbling it away. Be thoughtful. It likely won't matter much which bank you deposit the money in - more important is what you do with it.
  14. Centipede bite

    Hey, I had a friend visit and stay in a local garden style hotel. In the morning, he was smart enough to shake out his sneaker in case anything got in there. And when he shook it out, there was a centipede which fell out and landed on his foot and promptly bit him. He was in the local emergency room in minutes. Painful stuff.
  15. Centipede bite

    No, it is not supposed to make a difference - only an attempt to ease some of the pain with a smile...