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  1. What might improve the experience for some might be the simple understanding that we live in a different culture and what that means. As for me personally, I will choose the rose colored glasses and choose to enjoy the privilege of living here.
  2. The last time I traveled by train in india - they should have paid me... a near death experience...
  3. Hi Kaycee - nice of you to care, but the question I would have would be whether she wants help.. you say she is in desperate need, and that sounds correct. But has she asked for assistance? Does she want any? I hate to say this but not eating and drinking is a sign that she might be on the way out and it might be of her choosing... Does the eating and drinking cause her discomfort? She also refuses help to get home from her embassy.
  4. My DL has worked for withdrawals at the bank too... though it is not uncommon for each bank to be different and if they requested my passport, I would surely understand...
  5. There are 2 sets of prices.. this is common around the world and in different situations... if you are a foreigner of retirement age here, it works in your favor - - most look at it as a Sr. discount... UNTIL - it works against you and then foreigners cry racism and all sorts of other horrible things when it is just something else that might work against them, or in favor of someone else, OR mostly, it is just not the way things are done in their home countries and they object to not having absolutely everything like it is at home... people seem to not realize that part of living in a different culture is that things are looked at differently sometimes than in their culture... I get such easy access here whereas a Thai person has to pay even for an application to visit my country and would have to jump through hoops to get in for a 30 day visit... and I can come in here easy, get 30 days for free, no questions asked... but people do not see this... they only seem to see apparent slights... not where they are favored - that means nothing...
  6. ha ha.. how about age discrimination!!! All those poor young people have to pay more than wealthy foreign and Thai retirees... I am just making a point for the price whiners here who only complain when the ball rolls the other way... And in the USA you pay more if you play golf or go to school out of state... variant pricing is just a fact of life - -
  7. OH NO!!!! That would be the horrible, forever dreaded double pricing!!! Then again, it is ok for foreigners when they benefit by variant pricing, and yet an outrage when Thai can go free into their own government subsidized national parks... Now that I know they would give people like me a discount - I will boycott the movies here. That is simply unfair pricing.
  8. Hi Skate - I have been using my license for many years at hotels and never been questioned anywhere... from guesthouse to 5 star... not even a hesitation, though surely they make a copy just as they would with a passport... And I do carry a copy of my passport but have never been asked, even at checkpoint stops.
  9. It is not age so much as maturity... on both of your parts. I am always put off by "formulas, lists, equations" when it comes to relationships. My wife was the oldest of 4 children and shouldered a lot of responsibility when young and it continues onward. Her youngest sister can barely tie her own shoes. If you look at them both when they were age 30, her sister was more like an 8 year old and my wife was a mature adult. Would you rather be judged by your age or your personality, ability, accomplishments?
  10. Maybe the last meter was slow, which is why they replaced it... I would check with building management and others...
  11. I think the reason those apps aren't any good is that these 2 languages just do not translate that closely.... and that is a good part of the fun of it - at least for me. I would guess there would be many idiomatic ways to express the same thing in English... 'aw - c'mon' 'cut it out' 'give me a break' - - all of which might or might not work [in English] depending upon the circumstance... and none will translate word for word... I am curious what others come up with, but maybe there is a culture lesson here too - that where we have many ways to show displeasure, that is not encouraged by the language/culture here as it is unpleasant and confrontational... Maybe?
  12. Sorry for your troubles, but did you sign a contract for a home and not know what is in the contract? I don't think this is a Thailand issue but generally, the concept is "buyer beware" - - but surely you will be responsible for maintenance fees if you are the owner.
  13. Well, at least now we know what value he places on his own life... in case there is ever a court case...
  14. Don't really know of one word, though I can imagine a low guttural grunt or an "ahh" ... moderate disappointment I would do with my eyes or a shrug or facial expression.. but if you want Thai words, "Bpit kwahm wang" might work, though I think putting it into words immediately makes it a stronger rebuke than you are asking for...
  15. I cannot imagine why any employer would do a phone interview in the first place... I was an employer and appearances did count, especially for someone who might be showing their face, the face of my business, to the public... that's just life. And by mutilating his face as seen above, he is definitely saying that his band comes first... and whatever that might entail.