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  1. I'm going out to see a man about a dog...

    Only time i ever heard tom ngaan baan used is my school girl niece when she actually has homework...
  2. I'm going out to see a man about a dog...

    I have to see a man about a horse... was how I heard it... but I thought it meant more like, I have to go take a piss... I guess a Thai would say Pie tee-o if they wanted to not reveal an actual destination..
  3. Money found in restaurant

    Your post implies a lot though... even that you are talking about it implies that you felt there was something unusual in having to pay for your soup... nothing changes - you bought a bowl of soup - I just don't understand why someone would not have to pay for their soup... the use of the words "on top" in your final sentence imply a lot... you paid for your soup - you did not pay for it on top of anything... unless you felt the need/expectation of a discount. Suppose a customer was coming out of the bathroom and began to fall and you reached out and caught them so that they didn't fall and likely hurt themselves... would you expect a free 60 baht soup "on top" of your good deed? Everyone else seems to think that you are implying an expectation... sure, words matter.
  4. Cost of new meter - Double 'for farang'

    Every place I have ever lived in my whole life, there was only one electric company and no choice...
  5. Money found in restaurant

    Ok - Why is this a problem? You did a good deed, and if she knew the person, maybe they will get their 500 baht back, but she is just a cashier... that is her job, to charge 60 baht for the soup - right? She is not really in a position to give you a reward for your honesty... is she? I would have expected to pay for my own soup in spite of my good deed. If she had given you the soup free, I would have been more suspicious that she was paying 60 and taking home 440 as a bonus...
  6. I feel so bad for the nine year old daughter...
  7. Well, I sure do wish you the best and you seem to be a bright and thoughtful guy... and maybe the only bright spot in this story is your kindly and intelligent approach... and I know when you are in love, nobody wants to hear this... but what type of people are you getting involved with? I surely do not know the answer to that, but often times, there are people who enjoy and thrive on conflict - and it does not sound like you are one of them. If someday she is done fighting with her mom, will she then turn that temperament on you? Please excuse the negativity, but it is something to consider. One of the things I respect the most about my wife is her total devotion to her parents, which might all be old school in this new world... sure, things change through 17 years of being together, but this caring aspect and selfless devotion to her family is part of who she is... and I mention this because "drama" is something that my wife watches on tv and does not make it part of family life... none of her family does. And I know i am living very happily because I do not enjoy that. The only dramas we have might be if a family member is sick or if one of the kids, nephews, etc.. [big family here] has an accident or gets in trouble... but that is always met by a pulling together... there are enough problems inherent in life, work, business and ageing, that unnecessary drama should not be one of them.
  8. Sorry, this is a bit long - - but from reading some of it... let me ask you this... If you had a terrible problem with your mother or father... maybe a long standing problem... how much will this girl be able to help you? What I am saying is that this is her problem and probably not much you can do about it. When I was your age and started to have more serious relationships, there came an understanding that when you get involved with someone who has problems, you also take on these problems too... best I can tell you is to try and be supportive of her but accept and expect that there will be turmoil in your life... Best of luck to all of you - - and remember, the mom also is feeling pain.
  9. That I agree with - I remember visiting a friend in a Bkk condo, big pool and all these retired expats sitting around... a year later, all the same guys were still there but all sitting separately, not speaking with the others. And sure, don't remember the mention of choice - but agreed... though I have seen enough people make piss poor choices. I know for myself, being happy requires a certain amount of alone time and what I would call a detached/attachment... and my family is very understanding of my quirks. Keep being Lucky Mike and usually people who have good luck have more than that going for them, as one might expect..
  10. To a certain extent... only. I am sure I would be happier sitting at a pool in a tropical setting, than sitting in a jail anywhere... but that's just me.
  11. I am going to add that probably whoever does not consider their lives in comparison to that of another, is likely to be happier... That said, I am far happier here as an expat than I could possibly be living back home - I very much enjoy the things that make Thailand unique, the language, the people, the culture.... And I would guess that the majority of people back home, if they came here w/an idea to assimilate, just a little even, would have a happier life here... Thai people are less serious and more bent toward happiness than people in the West. In my opinion.
  12. Thai Thai marriage and sin sot

    If it bothers you that much, that is a great suggestion... As to relics, is it any crazier than the customs in the west? These stupid lavish weddings, where young ladies have to spend big money for ugly dresses that match the tablecloth, guys have to rent tuxedos, between flowers and everything else, 5 course meals with champagne fountains, all of which put the cost of sin sod into the category of being a minor expense... Actually, giving some money to my wife's poor family out of respect for them and the tradition, was a pittance in comparison. And I wonder how many would find the custom offensive if they were getting sin sod from the bride's family...
  13. Thai Thai marriage and sin sot

    Everyone looks at life differently... I saw it as a gift and gave it gladly... and not sure it was either sizable or firmly expected... sizable implies it is too much for a person's budget, which is not the way it should be.. mine was an agreed amount, well within my means and given happily. I knew my wife and her family for 2 years at that point and knew they were really nice people. Sometimes people only see what goes out, not what comes in... for us, the wedding party was only 20k as my wife and her large family did all the food preparation saving a fortune in having a catered affair... and this consideration is typical of the consideration that has come down through my family over many years...
  14. Thai Thai marriage and sin sot

    He gets a wife & family, if things go well. As things go in life, this is a matter of his choice. Yes, I have heard guys tell me that they went out with a girl a couple of times and she said she will marry him for $1MM Sin sod... and in such a case, I would expect that it just sounds like a large barfine and not much more. I am glad you point out that it is a Thai/Thai custom as well. Too many farang think it is a Thai cheat farang made up thing. Think of it as a gift to the parents for raising a daughter so lovely that you would want to marry her. Daughters are very helpful to families and in many cases, you are taking her away. ps - Interesting part of the original custom was that each party appoints a friend to negotiate the sin sod so there is no tension created in what will soon be family members. pps - A few times, I have seen farang go around bragging about not paying sin sod - and shortly after, the family manages to find a way to cheat them out of money. What the farang fails to realize is that the family feels they were cheated first.
  15. Phi Phi with a 10 year old

    A year ago, we went to Krabi and took a day trip to Phi Phi as well as other islands - being off season, it was still a mob of boats coming in and unloading people for an hour and then off to the next island... if you remember the old days, it is going to be disappointing... That said, we booked the Centara Resort - it was off to itself and had a nice pool and beach area, monkeys abound, and made for a pleasant 2-3 days stay... you need a speedboat to get there and they have regular ferry service to get you in and out... there may be 2 different Centaras in Krabi... so choose carefully.