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  1. Air Quality Red Lining Last 24 Hours

    I am in Cm now and would not have even suspected there was a problem.
  2. So, if you want this to be the same as your country.... And I seem to be the one in the discussion who is accepting of the ways of my host... If anyone is the grump.... but, go ahead, try and change the laws if you want. I will follow the laws as I am sure I will qualify.
  3. I am sure I would sound equally silly as you if I were to visit your country and tell them to change immigration laws to suit me. I can't change even the craziest laws in my own country. To want to change the laws of another country to suit myself seems a waste of thought process. Good luck to you.
  4. Honda HRV

    My wife has a hrv and it is a really nice car. My first car here was an altis and it was fine and the big surprise came at the end as resale value was high. Most bkk taxis are altis.
  5. Being honest and following the laws of the country you are visiting is always the best alternative.
  6. Thai language

    So, what are you trying to say here??? Just kidding, but yes, that is so true. There are surely enough times when communication in our own language is misconstrued. And you can multiply that when it comes to informal written communication as in email. But what fun and what an advantage to speak Thai.
  7. This is totally correct. The country is filled with straight massage places. At our local temple there are men, ladies and even ladyboy who give genuine healing massage in a room with many others. The going price is one hundred baht. Her age and family background has nothing to do with the situation, the asking for three thousand baht is what she thinks it is worth to go with you. If it is worth that to pay for her time, then fine... what kind of partner do you want? Maybe you can negotiate a better rate for weekly and you can play some bridge or for a set price she will pretend to be a partner to your liking. It is your fantasy, negotiate a long term rate and believe. If the act is good enough, what does it matter.
  8. Thai language

    Neither actually in the sense I was thinking. It is definitely the fun of learning Thai. It is one of those words or phrases that needs to be expounded upon and there is no one direct word that would cover these expressions in every case.
  9. Thai language

    I think it depends on the context. If you don't eat all of the food, then sia dai ahahn. You feel bad for waste. If you friend's mother dies, you feelsad, sia dai, you are sorry. One Thai friend translated emotional as.... cry easy.. I think that works best.
  10. Not much American branded goods in.my part of the jungle. I can enjoy a kraft mayo, though that might be made here too. A Hershey bar can hit the spot and when in a Chiang Mai shopping area, though I rarely see them, i can double down on the pop tarts.
  11. Passion and emotional

    Not sure what crying easily at movies or feeling intensely involved with a work project has to do with loving someone, but thanks anyway.
  12. Passion and emotional

    Passionate in a way that is not sexual, but maybe someone who loves their job.... Emotional in the way that someone who might be easily reduced to tears from a movie. Often in a good way, tears of joy. I have seen the thai word alom used to define both but alom does not really work correctly for what I am trying to express.
  13. Thai funerals and the money trail

    Sounds to me as though he has taken on the village responsibilities for the family. He does not seem to be making much if anything from this. I think unless you want all the village responsibilities, then let him be the man.
  14. Thai language

    Is there a word or saying that would equate to "what a pity." ..... ? I think that nah sung san is more feeling sorry for someone which can be similar but not. The same...
  15. I know a local masseuse in our small city. She has terrible acne all over her face. In the last couple of years, she has ballooned about the hips and butt. Not your classic beauty. And yet, her eyes burn bright with passion and smarts. She is inncredibly sensual. She is married and not available but for me, would be far preferable to what most see as a beauty. There is so much more than what meets the eye.