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  1. see that... we can be on different planets, but still be on the same page... lending money is rarely a good idea for the lender unless well within a comfort zone of what might be considered a gift... and for most that might not be more than a beer, a coffee or a noodle soup... friends, Romans, countrymen, .... if it is not annoying enough to lend money, lending an ear to all the continued excuses of why and when you will get re-paid is too much to deal with..
  2. Cash in an envelope will take care of whatever he wants...
  3. The biggest potential problem is that your asset may not be easily liquid. If you buy a diverse portfolio of mutual funds you can sell everything tomorrow. A difficult to sell asset in a crazy market with no real market forces does not entice me. If you plan to live there then the equation changes.
  4. I hear that often from ladies in their thirties and up and not ladies in the game.
  5. The ease of conquests, being the handsome man, can go to young people's heads - - stir in some alcohol and a dash of bravado and false confidence, and things can get dangerous for people who have on idea of the culture... Funny how the people I know, mostly retired, don't run into problems of dangers, other than the roads...
  6. It is a place of extremes and there is no place quite like it... some will love it, some will hate it - some will go as missionaries and think they can change it...
  7. I would say that 150 km is not that far or difficult to investigate... you might find your best shopping to be done on one of the hotel cites and pick out a resort for yourself that looks nice... there are many small resorts in and around the CM area...
  8. Hi Simon - I would surely go along with anything Sheryl says as she seems to be more knowledgable and better able to communicate than any doctor I have had anywhere... And not to contradict her but I would add that the question is will the extra tests give you peace of mind? That seems to be what you are paying for...
  9. Hey, look, I cannot blame her - I prefer girls too... and sounds like you do too... Not that men can't be nice for friends or renovations, but I wouldn''t want to see them in my bed... would you?
  10. It does not sound like abduction to me... [that is opinion and you don't want opinion but how can anyone outside of the situation know all of the details?] - - so, I am really not sure what you are asking as how best to proceed would only be a matter of opinion... That said, I really feel for you situation and hope I can offer some words of comfort... maybe the best you can do for your child is to consistently offer kindness and care through the many years ahead. There are things that go on here as far as child rearing that I have not always approved, but as it does not become abusive, I keep my mouth shut and provide a strong, loving positive influence... not sure how old your kid is, but they know and see... continue to set a loving, caring influence... I do not think you will be able to change your ex wife, her mother or everyone that your daughter is likely to come in contact with... try and stay calm and truly, best of luck to you, this is very painful stuff.
  11. probably a good idea to not lend any money that you cannot afford to give away... whether it be Thai or farang or anyone... That said, my family, and extended family have a long track record of re-paying loans... But ,yes, a chanote usually works if you do not trust... but nothing is fool proof in that you cannot get blood from a stone... if they don't have it now, what is the chance they will have it in the future.
  12. I would hope it is a 2 way street... [as long as it includes hot chilli peppers in the cheeseburger]
  13. One of our neighbors married an Aussie last year and just sent for her daughter to move there too... there are probably 20 girls from my village currently living in Europe with their foreign husbands... That is not to say that they do not prefer Thailand, just that they have young husbands not ready retire here... Respectfully Howard, I have not seen that and the numbers of Thai living overseas probably bears it out - - plenty in Finland, Germany, USA, etc etc...
  14. you are still young by many standards and by Thai standards you earn a decent living. I live in the countryside and know many Thai ladies here who make excellent wives. Of course, some of it depends on how they are treated too and if their wishes/wants hopes and dreams are respected too... Are you prepared to learn to speak some Thai and respect her culture and that part of that might mean caring for her family?
  15. who said anything about 3 iphones? She does not have any iphones... - - coloring books were fine when she was 5 yo - nothing wrong with wanting a kid to be technologically informed... unlike you who is not even close to answering the question...