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  1. I am sure different schools have different tuition but what might I expect on average for all in expenses of putting a kid through medical school, including tuition, books, housing, food and personal expenses allowance... miscellaneous... Does anyone have information or experience with this? Thank you.
  2. Being non-confrontational, kind, generous are much more highly valued here than being skinny and mean, mean-spirited and angry... How is your life in Thailand going? Jealous that the older guys have all the pretty girls?
  3. Respect - - not an intentional purchase but when you have some bank, you seem to get respect... I have good quality on the basics, home, computer, vehicle - - after that, just don't need much... and have a frugal wife.
  4. Why does being fat make him a b**t*rd?
  5. A computer virus that wipes out absolutely everything - all government records, including pensions, all bank records, including accounts and there would no longer be proof of having money on deposit... all internet and email accounts -
  6. From what you described, the person might be merely insecure and very lacking in confidence and self-esteem. Such people compensate w/over-confident type behaviour. Or it might be full blown narcissism.
  7. All of these ideas are difficult and the chances of success w/o understanding or knowing intensely the markets in addition to having connections, would make it a long learning curve w/a very limited chance of success - In business, it is really best to stick with what you know - real estate markets here do not even vaguely resemble markets in USA.
  8. I think that it has to do with the individual branch and even then may boil down to an individual manager or employee. Kasikorn has been excellent for me.
  9. Don't bother with Nimman Songthaews

    Sounds like that is the consensus price then... I guess you could look at it as everyone is trying to rip you off, but if it is everyone, then I expect that is what they all have determined would be the fair price... and as to your other question, I doubt that too much will interest you in Isaan... and if you are leaving Thailand - my best wishes for your new life elsewhere... where are you heading?
  10. Don't bother with Nimman Songthaews

    I would be curious what you might consider extortionate pricing... an extra 20 baht? As you have said before, you like to walk rather than pay 20 baht... so, there you have it... walking is free. There are very few places in the world with such inexpensive public transportation... don't forget the depreciation on your walking shoes... and the calories you burn need to be replaced, etc etc..
  11. Don't bother with Nimman Songthaews

    And they usually get more than 20 baht for a fare, I would assume. They likely get tips larger than 20 baht... It always surprises me that people can complain about a 20 or 30 baht fare.
  12. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    PR - You seem quite capable on the maths end... I have done similar at different times in my life. The saying is that in the end, you are more likely to regret things you haven't done, then things you have done. I am not sure as to your current location, but my last experiences as a landlord in USA where closer to disaster and being an absentee landlord can be great or be a total disaster... good luck and enjoy Thailand... as your man Cat Stevens once said, "You will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not."
  13. Don't bother with Nimman Songthaews

    I thought the fare was set only if they were on their route - - and I never know what route they are on until I ask and ask the price as well... I don't live in CM but would not really call myself a tourist there - I am in CM about once a month... with all these differences of opinion that I read about here, it seems it only makes sense to ask the price...
  14. No. It was a sincere compliment - Everyone knows about Thai bar girls - and that sometimes it is considered part of the job to try and get as much as they can from a customer... in many of your angry past posts you go on and on about it and make it sound ubiquitous... I am glad you have a nice partner and are learning Thai...
  15. Red songtheaw minimum charge?

    Liz - yes, there are good and bad drivers and good drivers can have bad days and everything in between... I am not one who knows what all the fares should be in CM - - but I do understand fairness... there is time and gas & vehicle expense in trying to make a living - if there is a crowd in the songthaew, i likely will just pay the fare - if there are no other passengers, if there is traffic, if it is a long ride, if the driver goes out of his way - - I find it my duty to make sure the man who got me where I want to go is fairly compensated for the service... HOWEVER!!! geez, come on - you say if they would only understand plain English... I will not be rude as I know you surely understand that you are in Thailand - they speak Thai - you are not dealing with high salaried, highly educated people. I am sure that is available if that is the service you require, but it will cost more than 20 baht... lots more. I have seen tourists here and other people who are not knowledgable get into fights with tuk tuks and others and they were simply wrong and rude - and thought they were being cheated when they were just quoting prices that were no way near correct... Knowledge goes a long way. Once you know the correct price or at least close to it on a negotiated fare... and that some fares are fixed and others negotiated... life will become easier... Maybe learn some of their language - you are in their country - not yours [and wherever you are from - do taxi drivers speak Thai? Should Thai people there complain?]