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  1. kenk24

    Im getting very bored

    Well, Pattaya is not too far away from the rest of Thailand... maybe get out of town and learn a little about a very unique and fascinating culture instead of just seeing a piece of Thailand that has been warped into a tourist area designed to make you feel more like you are at home?
  2. Yes. In my family they also yell from house to house and sometimes cannot remember to adjust the volume when they are standing next to you... and yes, it seems to be normal or at least not unusual for country people.. you are not likely to be able to change it. but, it sounds like that is not the only thing getting under your skin... if you are going to accuse the entire population of being bi-polar, I think you are off base and looking to hate on Thai people, which is not a good plan if you hope to enjoy your life here... Just remember, criticism kills love - - and if you keep picking at your wife, it will understandably get under her skin... maybe try and be a bit more patient, understanding and you will get along better... I would guess some of your habits might get on her nerves too...
  3. kenk24

    Reflux 80% better in Canada

    ha ha.. thanks for the laugh... I think that part of losing track is that I no longer have to write checks... add to that the weather being relatively warm all year, I have trouble tracking the months too... a plus for retirement - to live in a timeless world... one of my life goals, a return to the timelessness of youth, the endlessness of summer days...
  4. Yes. US - I was surprised as my bank is usually behind the curve on CD rates... this will be my first one there... the money market rate has just gone up to 1.75% - - - they are suddenly getting competitive.
  5. kenk24

    Hourly pay odd job man

    They probably already think you have loads of cash - - if you paid just a little extra which I don't think you did - then they will also think you are a fair and decent guy... that is my experience after nearly 20 years in a small village..
  6. kenk24

    Hourly pay odd job man

    That is not too much... not every job needs to be based on minimum wage... the man has some skills, provided a valuable service for you - he is not pumping gas or working as a clerk in the supermarket... he is an independent contractor. Think of it in terms of paying for the job, not an hourly rate... and the man commuted an hour each way, had his own tools... I would consider myself fortunate and would pay enough so that he too considers himself fortunate... minimum 500 baht. If you pay more, you are not a sucker, just an appreciative customer...
  7. kenk24

    Reflux 80% better in Canada

    Yes, I would have the same - - but only if I stopped taking it.. I saw that any ant-acid would make it worse, my stomach producing more acid to compensate... they do say no prolonged usage, but I have been on it for 20 years now... I can drink OJ, eat pineapple... which would not have been remotely possible before...
  8. Sounds like there must be some risk involved... confiscation, currency depreciation, and are there expenses involved in going to Vietnam? But that is the game, you take the risk, you deserve the reward... I am about to commit some funds to 2.65% on a 15 month CD... been doing well in stock market but need a place to stash the cash, taking some off the table...
  9. kenk24

    Reflux 80% better in Canada

    Is it 2018 already?
  10. kenk24

    Reflux 80% better in Canada

    The omeprazole or chilling out? My understanding is that it is an acid inhibitor - - and so your issue might be other than acid? Have you had an endoscopy? You should probably get scoped and totally checked out as it could be something serious...
  11. kenk24

    Reflux 80% better in Canada

    chill out - - and take omeprazole...
  12. Really? Changing your bankers into what? I don't know of any banks in USA or here or elsewhere that even give 5.5% a year... I do make more on my stock trading accounts, but not on any bank accounts... is that what you meant?
  13. still - - not bad... actually much better than not bad..
  14. You get 5.5% a month in interest? Wow or a typo?
  15. Why does this have to be an all or nothing? Think in %% - - diversity is your friend...