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  1. like i said, good luck to you...
  2. kenk24

    Malaysian Restaurant Charges Extra to Rude Customers and Tourists

    In the West, it is assumed and they build it into the price...
  3. If Pringles can ruin your day, you are destined for some hard times, not just here, but anywhere... good luck.
  4. kenk24

    Northem part visit

    I have not been in many years, but heard that Pai is very touristy... I might try 3 hour drive to CR, stop at the white temple on the way and then the next day up to the Golden Triangle, Opium Museum is wonderful, then drive back to CM... With just 3 days, that is not a lot of time. If you got to MHS, that would be interesting, but to make it just Pai - eh... Chiang Dao is nice near the caves, the rest has nothing much to offer...
  5. kenk24

    Northem part visit

    If you are going as far as MHS - then I hope you will be flying back to CM - - find a cite that lists driving time and make oyur decision... the road to Pai is quite winding. You might also look at going the other way and checking out Chiang Rai... or Lampang/Phayao...
  6. I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet... WHAT? You had feet?
  7. kenk24

    Ban Chang or Cha Am?

    Well, it is only 2 places so easily checked how you feel by yourself... the only concern I would have would be the cancer rates for the east coast areas in and around Baan Chang.
  8. The beauty of retirement, not having a schedule and so you can go out when others are at work... and stay home when they drunk drive the roads... enjoy.
  9. If you qualify for whatever visa you want, you likely will have no problem. I have never really had any explaining to do... my paperwork is in order and it goes along easily.
  10. This confirms my long time habit of staying home after 9 pm...
  11. Yea, see that, my grammar problem is in remembering... good job.
  12. Look at your watch and ask "Qi Mong?" That should get the laugh... Ten minutes is precise - they don't get precision - it is not a culture of precision... 'Qi Mong' is sarcasm, they get sarcasm... Either that or my delivery is good... a funny face maybe?
  13. Book title: The Panda, eats, shoots, and leaves. or something like that... a book about commas.. and punctuation. It is all part of the cultural experience. One of my retirement goals was to live timelessly, as when I was a kid on that endless summer vacation. My wife gets annoyed when I worry about time, being on time, etc.. and when speaking Thai, I find many people eliminate use of tenses which I feel a need to include.
  14. kenk24

    Where Would You Move?

    15 years ago or more, I lived in Cha'am - - which might be an option too, but you can't go back in time or at least not too easily... I can't even visit places like Krabi anymore. But on the other hand, as I have assimilated and Lotus, Big C. and other have spread wings, some of the outlying areas have become much more pleasant for me.. as tourist areas lose all charm or interest. People have questioned how I could live in a small village - - and one of my answers is that once you are set up there, it is different. In other times, I used to enjoy movies, which I now watch on my computer. I sleep in my own bed, have my coffee on the back porch in the morning, do my internet and emails, reading, and much of my morning and day is spent like most other retirees but in a nicer setting, if you like nature and country living. My time being out and around is somewhat a more enjoyable experience of being in 'Thailand' - time with family and friends, getting a massage at the temple, speaking & learning Thai and Thai ways... then home for dinner as most anyway... there are short comings but benefits that balance it out too... The experience of visiting, surely could be very boring, but once set up, [mostly having computer, own facilities and family] it is a different experience.
  15. I think English has got to be unbelievably difficult to learn. I am just glad my niece does not ask me "why" questions... things I never thought about or noticed... I fly, you fly, we fly, they fly, he flies... I have no idea, but glad I learned English as a first language.