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  1. "..... claiming it was leaning and could collapse." In the first place it is written using the subjunctive. Any building can collapse, depending on what you do with it. Furthermore, any building leans, depending on the location from where you look at it.
  2. Whenever I dealt with 3 BB, they said "up to" 20, 100 or whatsoever Mbps. They never guaranteed anything. Complaints, even in writing, will fall on deaf ears, or they sent Mr. Incompetent to check my setup. Today I am much happier with AIS fibre.
  3. If you have a good agent, he will do a reservation for you and cancel it, when you reached you destination. I did that quite often, as when I entered Thailand it was never clear, when I would leave. Second option is to edit an old reservation and alter the data and make a printout.
  4. Global search for Red Bull heir draws a blank

    Thailand is member of the Interpol, but until this very moment has NOT published a RED NOTICE for the "boss". https://www.interpol.int/notice/search/wanted That shows clearly, that the RTP is not willing to arrest Vorayuth. Too many big brown envelopes had been exchanged a long time ago. In case of a RED NOTICE there would be not many places to hide. The only UN nations which are not INTERPOL member countries are North Korea Kiribati Micronesia Palau Solomon Islands Tuvalu Vanuatu
  5. You can check here if and when Thailand will take action: https://www.interpol.int/notice/search/wanted
  6. Her is the FB site of Khun Pravit https://www.facebook.com/pravit.rojanaphruk.5 Here is another news website worthy to read: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=prachatai english There is one good thing about FB, one can freely choose the news resources one wants to read, and have it everyday in the inbox.
  7. exchange rates

    When I can, I change money with an importer in Thailand, who needs Euros, whilst I need Thai Baht. We change at the medium market rate, http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=1&From=EUR&To=THB at the time of our transfer. If the importer is absent, I use transferwise, which is still cheaper than any local exchange or any cash with any card.
  8. "... he said the MPB would send the translated documents in English language in accordance with the extradition protocol to the country." That is subjunctive. Why can't their say "definitely will" ?
  9. Bangkok aims to halve road deaths

    Germany has 290 policemen per 100.00 citizen, Thailand 344. In Germany you see them working night and day everywhere. Here the police sits in cafes, and they do not give a hoot, when traffic offenders pass by, even when policemen are under way with a car or motorcycle. Have a look at the army helmets, also worn on motorcycles. It is hopeless to implement changes and laws, as long the police will not enforce these, and start to educate their selves and the people. And with the self imposed junta leader in place, I doubt anything will change.
  10. The main point is, that you get stuck with your knee-pads in the plastic while cornering.
  11. I remember, when she was traveling to Europe with eight big suitcases. And today she still can pickup whatever she needs at Western Union. So what?
  12. I managed to go back in time already. But I am not telling you what the horrific future holds for the mankind.