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  1. They probably lost too much money by paying the outrageous National Park entrance fees.
  2. There should be a mandatory third-party liability insurance in Thailand. That would save all these situations. But collecting brown envelopes is surely more fun, than getting a decent legislation under way.
  3. Vorayuth pursuit ‘harmed’ by Interpol

    Yes, I saw the red notice, and actually it was the only one from Thailand. Now, as everybody knows, it is gone.
  4. To me it looks like the car was damaged in the rear before it caught fire....
  5. Those trucks are equipped with a dual-circuit brake system, which means, there could be no failure due to no air inside the pressure container. It only could be worn out brake-linings and the lack of proper maintenance.
  6. This should be mandatory: Everybody shows her/his ID, and the vendor sells only to those over 20. Problem solved.
  7. Government scores a victory over corruption

    While checking, if Thailand has shown interest in catching Wattana Asavahem, I looked at the Red Notices of Interpol, result NONE. Even the red notice of the Red Bull heir the "Boss" is gone!!!!
  8. Greed and negligence is killing the world, not only in Phuket. If it is not the wastewater, it is the plastic released into the oceans every day.
  9. The Thai government needs money urgently, to pay for the next submarine installments.
  10. There are the words of the junta, and their actions: https://prachatai.com/english/node/7650
  11. Yingluck and Thaksin spotted shopping in Beijing

    ...how to get a Maltese passport: https://www.onecitizen.com/citizenship-by-investment/malta/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAzfrTBRC_ARIsAJ5ps0v-kAP9dWdi_QPkuDQm6te61TqQJ8Qu2jk9fL4cB6-sJmgdQGZDT6AaAg1bEALw_wcB Montenegro has a similar scheme.
  12. I remember, shortly after he took over the Koh Tao double murder case, he bought shares for 7.500.000 THB. I can imagine, where that money came from. shares.pdf
  13. Medieval thinking to construct a coal fired plant in a pristine area like Thepha, especially as the plants construction takes six years time, and the problems involving the emissions are not being solved, let alone an environmental impact study of the necessary jetty and the unloading/loading of coal on the south-eastern coast of Thailand.
  14. A juggernaut would not make it around the corner. I would promote a solution with a magnetically controlled traffic light.