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  1. As long CSI LA finds more watches, the investigation cannot be over.
  2. The population has not being asked if a gas powered plant is an alternative. The construction would only take four years, whilst the coal powered plant takes six years to erect. Contrary to the coal powered plant, the output of a gas powered plant can be adjusted depending on demand. Besides the transport of gas through a pipeline is clean, and the emission a lot less and cleaner than those of a coal fired plant. I believe, that the folks down there would rather go for a gas powered plant.
  3. I doubt, that this plant will be fired up in 7 years time, when every country has to switch to renewable energy sources.The construction of the plant itself is important, as it provides sufficient funds for those "involved", and not the production of electrical energy. Furthermore there has been no study yet, how to transport the millions of tons of coal to the plant.
  4. How about a simple solution, no miles, no nothing but the insurance when you fly out of your home country. But: no yearly fee, no fees at all, even for using the card in a foreign country, decent exchange rate, payable plus 15 days after reception of invoice. Advanzia.
  5. These actions by the Thai government are not communicable. Besides the fact that an environmental impact study with the participation of the folks affected has not commenced yet, nothing has been said so far, how all this coal will be transported, unloaded and then transported to the plant. The only feasible solution would be, to construct a long pier on the pristine coast of Thepa. The unloading of these ships would naturally produce a lot of coal dust and thus having a negative effect on the local fisheries and the tourism as well. The government could well build much cleaner gas fired power plant in 2/3rds of the time, with the other advantage, that it can be adjusted to the actual demand. I still have the strong impression, that the government and Egat are only interested in the construction of the plant itself. The reason? Promotion of the high class Swiss watch industry? Seeking evidence, that the NACC is sleeping? Don't ask me. The handling of the demonstrating locals by the police and Thai government is rightfully condemned by the protesters and their followers.
  6. Can I foster a child in Thailand?

    That was the official document, which was sent to me. I filled it out with a Thai student who does his thesis at the law faculty of the University of Tuebingen, Germany. Until today I did not pay any bribe to nobody in Thailand or elsewhere, except back in 1978 when I crossed the Mexican border in Brownsville on a used American motorcycle, I paid two dollars, to avoid all my luggage being torn apart. And I will keep it this way!
  7. Can I foster a child in Thailand?

    Yes there is. I applied for the legal fostering of two socially disadvantaged kids with the court of Trang years ago. Result: Both sides of the parents agreed, the court agreed. They promised to send me the papers. No charges at all. Nothing happened. I called after six weeks. Then they ask me to represent myself by a lawyer in the family court. After I learned, that it does mean to pay 20.000 THB to the lawyer, and from that money 13.000 will go to the court, I refused. Today, nine years after, I take care of these kids, but legally the parents are still responsible for whatever happens. It is just Thailand. I registered my Germany based charity with a 30 page questionnaire in Thai. No answer. A reminder after eight months, registered mail as always, no answer. If they do not do their job in Bangkok or Trang, I do mine here.
  8. bin man - most discusting job in thailand

    Do them a small favour. Show them how you appreciate their job. Say thanks, to keep your streets clean, and give them two four-packs of cold Singha beers on the 12th of August and the 5th of December. We do it. It is not that difficult, isn't it?
  9. I was the victim of ATM fraud

    I take my passbook and walk to the bank when I need money. That keeps the jobs in the bank as well.
  10. But will never happen...
  11. Now the junta gets completely mxd. The construction of the coal power plant will take six years. When every other country is going "green" and Thailand with its abundance of sun fires up a coal powered plant in six or seven years from now, this will not be communicable at all. I have the feeling, that the construction of the power plant alone will splash enough money into the pockets of some influential folks. The plant may end up as an abandoned construction, but it then will have fulfilled its purpose.
  12. What a stupid topic. If you have the money to drink, then you have the money to take a taxi.
  13. I would not mind, if only the message would be right, like: FREE ZAW LIN AND WIN ZAW HTUN!