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  1. A murderer murders, and as rather scapegoats are convicted in Thailand, the culprit(s) still roam free and kill people, that is why. Oh, Sorry, one frenchman was not murdered, he was suicided, hanged with his hands tied behind his back. The authorities are well "paid", not to spoil the reputation of the island. The less information gets out, the faster this and other cases will be forgotten.
  2. Actually one has to use the outside lane anyhow: for overtaking, avoiding to get stuck behind double parking vehicles, preparing for a right or U-turn. When moving straight, the road is clear and nobody else to overtake, one will proceed in the left lane anyway.
  3. After being accused of money laundering by the Thai prosecutor, he was even cleared by the Netherlands Tax Authority. His money was completely legal. And he did nothing wrong in Thailand. I wonder in whose hands his illegally seized money went. One wrong move can bring you into jail, and even Thais. Remember the elder couple, who went mushroom picking near a site where illegal logging took place. Their sentence was reduced to 5 years.
  4. As far as I know Volvo backed out of the bidding process because of the bidding process itself. It did not meet their standards: " We would prefer submitting sealed bid and then to negotiate specifications with the buyer."
  5. BKKBk will not send you an OTP to transfer money, if the receiving account has been installed and used once before. They might be restrictions regarding the amount, but you can find out about this. I recently made transfers from Germany from my BKKBK account to other recipients. No problem evolved, no OTP necessary.
  6. ...and you never had your caps removed while parking??
  7. Good idea, as inner tubes (Thai quality) can lose around 1psi per day. This is a good one, easy to read and only up to 60psi, not the regular 100psi. Best to keep it underneath the seat, but wrapped in a piece of cloth to prevent scratching of the glas and vibration. I bought mine at Big C Extra (189THB)and Tesco Lotus. Keep the receipt, as there is a warranty of 6 months.
  8. The Vespa usually sports 10 inch rims, in some cases 11. That means, that the tire on a Vespa with 10.000 Km on the clock equals 17.000 Km on a 17 inch rim. I change the rubber on my 110 Yamaha Nano Spark (17 inch) latest at 15.000 Km. So, a tire on a Vespa with 10k is pretty much done and should be changed immediately. The reason that motorcyclists have to change their tires more often than car drivers is due to the fact, that the rubber mixture is - for a good reason - much softer, than those used on car tires. There should be no problem with the mayor brands like Heidenau (!), Metzeler, Michelin and Pirelli. I will not comment on riding a MOE Pirelli tire with 23,000 on it.
  9. The first thing to do, would be the dismissal of the coal fired power plant in Krabi and Thepa. Then and only then the TGO will become credible.
  10. If you open your eyes, you will find those completely sealed no name water bottles made totally from PE. They are also cheaper, than any brand water.
  11. The outdated material probably included the road deaths in Thailand and the mysterious fatalities on Koh Tao.
  12. This is not a "random" blowout. As far as I can tell from personal experiences, most Thai drivers do not know the amount of air they have to fill into the tires of their vehicle, and have not seen a pressure gauge either. Therefore the tires are being filled up to the point, when the compressor just does not deliver more air. This leads to pressures of around 60 to 80psi in the tire. The perfect condition for a tire to blow up. It is just the everyday madness in Thailand.
  13. ...here is an interesting interview: Trump on his own impeachment: http://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/trump-boasts-that-his-impeachment-will-get-higher-tv-ratings-than-all-other-impeachments?mbid=nl_051217 Borowitz Newsletter (1)&CNDID=49853619&spMailingID=11009981&spUserID=MTk2MTg3MDM3NTk0S0&spJobID=1161053559&spReportId=MTE2MTA1MzU1OQS2
  14. ....which was taken from them about 100 years ago.