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  1. Take the back door, if you want to buy some.
  2. Vegetarian Festival Trang Sony DSC-H3
  3. That requires the existence of a brain.
  4. ...yep. He was suicided.
  5. Do not forget, the agents are being served first. You also can travel to Kota Bharu to renew your visa. For Kota Bharu I definitely recommend long trousers, nice shirt.
  6. The smuggling of cigarettes and booze is a source of income for the police and the army. So why stop? Lately a group of policemen from Yala busted some shops here in Hat Yai. But next day it was business as usual. One carton 190THB, and people queuing up all day long.
  7. Trump expecting Thai election in 2018

    Prawit already confirmed the election date. It will be the 31st of June next year.
  8. Tax incentive for Justice Fund donors

    What a small step. In Germany you would have an assigned counsel free of charge, paid by the state.
  9. What really puzzles me, that, according to a witness, a woman inside the concert hall said: "You are all going to die." That happened 45 minutes before the shooting. Who was that woman? How did she know? Allegedly the shooter(s) have carried 23 weapons and masses of ammunition into the hotel. This must have been recorded by the hundreds of CCTVs in that place. Any of these recordings, have yet not been published. The preliminary behaving of the shooter showed zero unusual acting. His act came out of the blue. I would like to see more unedited evidence. This case, though still in its early stages, reminds me of the shooting of John F. Kennedy. The still classified documents are to be released this year, 50 years later. That is the time frame for the world to finally see the truth.
  10. ..responsible this time is the rain.
  11. “What is the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?” ― Bertolt Brecht
  12. I do not mind, as long it is safe, and I have seen that a couple of times here in Hat Yai. Those Malay riders block the intersection, whilst Thai folks, either with a car or motorcycle regularly run a red light or two in a row.
  13. Here is a reliable tool to calculate annuity. http://vindeep.com/Calculators/EMICompare.aspx Thai banks can be sometimes confusing, as well as the so called interest and repayment lists of car - and motorcycle dealers. They are all miscalculated. Do your own.
  14. Noam Chomsky: "China & North Korea made a proposal to freeze North Korean missile/nuclear weapons systems; the US instantly rejected it" https://twitter.com/robn1980/status/895205737756012545/video/1
  15. 78 year old German killed in his Chalong home

    Nine Months community work?