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  1. I think so too. The visa business through agents will rise, and bring some more Income for the consulates. BTW, on busy days the embassy produced more than 400 visas a day.
  2. The bank account is closed since month, but when I added a new account to transfer to, it showed up with the name. When the bank account is closed, it should have been erased from the data base a long time ago.
  3. You really know all about it, do you. Never read this much of bullshit, without any verifiable content.
  4. What about these providers when you do email and use their outgoing mail server? Until today either 3BB nor AIS came up with a mailserver with a clean IP. That means, your mail is being rejected by American or European servers. The only way around is to copy your email to your web based account and send them from there. Those IP addresses from AIS and 3BB are blacklisted, because they have been used to send out spam. This truly is a pain in the butt. You surely can complain, but they do nothing, nothing to solve that problem. I have not tried True though.
  5. And it goes on and on and on. http://www.lukeduggleby.com/for-those-who-died-trying/
  6. With just 18 Mio, Euro the Germans should concentrate on ONE single project, which they could organize and oversee. This would be i.E. the further development and installation of solar and wind powered devices in the region of Thepha.
  7. First the card and then the money is the way it works in Germany.
  8. ...see here. It is more than 20%, as it is an annuity loan.
  9. The "loan business" in Thailand is nothing else than organized crime. I checked the interest rates and pay back schemes of various motorcycle dealers, and all of them proved wrong. I.e. a loan offered with 3.9% effectively had an interest rate of 9.x per cent. I used the EMI comparison tool, and rechecked the given values with a German annuity calculator. Payback schemes without a given percentage ended up to have interest rates up to 20%. As far as I know, the legal interest in Thailand may not exceed 28%. The published rate of "less than 36%' must be an error.
  10. The employer of those accused was in possession of a CTTV file stating clearly, that the accused were working in his factory during the time of the murder of the girl. The police confiscated the video and tortured the workers into a confession. Read the whole story, please.
  11. 110 grams, most probably a test shipment. They should have let this go through, ask the Israeli police just to shadow the recipient, and not mentioning anything about it. Now the larger shipment will not appear at this airport.
  12. fxe1200

    Laws Can't Solve Road Deaths: Interior Minister

    The ministry needs more than ten years to come to this conclusion. Congratulations to this extraordinary intellectual achievement.
  13. ...I think the other 71 fatalities per day or 26000 go on top, because they are not Songkran related.
  14. fxe1200

    Songkran: Where not to get wet

    ...stay home. It's that easy, and quiet when everybody else is gone.
  15. True too. BTW Germany has a 1.6mm minimum tread law , here it's the carcass.