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  1. I have found excellent for tracking from various sources and delivery services.
  2. The UK does quite well with decentralized constabulary, as do some other advanced economies of size comparable to Thailand. The USA is totally decentralized with the bulk of policing under total local municipal or county control.
  3. I have had several houses built in Phuket, mostly in the central region around Kathu. Have had good performance with architect, builders and permits. I do not do any form of consulting but be glad to have a talk with you. Live in Loch Palms area so PM if you want more info.
  4. Wow, that Beger SC 200 sure looks good. The video is a minor masterpiece of simple, clear instruction without extraneous flashiness. Wish I had such back in USA when I had a bad, very expensive case requiring wrapping the entire house in plastic.
  5. Lazada has very good prices on SanDisk but check the different vendors, some are double the price of others. I have found after many SD cards used that SnDisk and Transcend are the best, would not buy unbranded or unfamiliar.
  6. Wifey uses some for drying off the delicate parts after buttwash, I am a crude farang and just do the wash. Use a roll of paper towels for table so net toilet paper use in our house is very very minor.
  7. Here in TH seems that 3 years is typical life for battery. If you have weak cranking for start definitely signal for battery check, add water, or even better electrolyte check. Excess caution vs. no start when parked in basement of shopping center is an easy choice for me.
  8. At my house have our water well, drilled down 57 m, large tank 10k liters, filter from tank output to house. Then kitchen has another filter. I trust this water. Outside I trust the bottled from throw-away bottles, not hard, refillable ones. Just because I am paranoid does not mean there are not bacteria out to get me.
  9. Check out the interactive map. Very large but can show the overall wind and pressure pattern. Very useful for sailors and checking outlook in near-shore areas.
  10. FBI director is appointed for 10 years, to serve "at the pleasure of the President". Prez not pleased, cans him, end of story.
  11. Have sent microSD chips inside Thailand and to USA. Put several printed magazine pages nicely folded and tape the non-gold side with a small piece of usual Scotch tape.
  12. I have had a helping hand from Thai fishing boats several time when offshore. It's the way seamen have always done things. Pirates and tourists are exceptions.
  13. We have several in our overgrown yard in Phuket, nice little critters, very timid. The Burmese in worker camp nearby look at them with great longing when going by our gate, would like to catch and eat. Our rottweiler keeps sniffing around, would like to do the same.
  14. I did my 90-day online about 2 weeks ago with no problem (Phuket immi). But Benq with the handsome rotty says otherwise so best to do a quick test. I used Win 7 with IE.
  15. Whenever I am in BKK in very hot times when walking around I usually duck into an air-con place eg. shopping mall, spend 10 mins to cool off then exit and continue.