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  1. Phuket Immis seems to have reorganized the downstairs group that does the various extensions as well as the 90-day. I was there a week ago and seems a bit of mess, unusual for the Phuket gang.
  2. @ Piranah, we live in just about the very center of Phuket, on hillside above the edge of Loch Palms golf club. Built a house about 8 years ago, excellent construction, very quiet and passable neighbors. Wife drives girls to her old school, which is on the north edge of Phuket town. Thai gov't school so trivial cost, and she also has private tutoring for them for English and Chinese. If you want proper tour PM to arrange.
  3. KBank Shopping Card refund

    My K-bank virtual card has been very satisfactory for over two years now. I never had to need a cancellation or refund so cannot comment on that aspect.
  4. We live in Phuket and have two Thai girls (8 & 6 yrs old, wife's relatives) living with us. Thai school is surprisingly good, not like the common reports of stupid teachers and abuse. Weather is tolerable but everything is more expensive than BKK. For better weather consider Loei, up by the Mekong.
  5. Pirate bay / Bit torrent...Convictions?

    PB has started a very disturbing new requirement that their d/l be by something called Play/Stream torrent, which apparently is just another torrenting app like mTorrent, Deluge etc. Even worse is that this Play/Stream only installs on Windows, which is a no-no for me. Pity, bye bye PB for me.
  6. Philippine woman wants to visit TH with tourist visa from Thai embassy in Manila. Can she get 60-day visa? can the visa be extended in TH? Can she get re-entry permit on that visa exit to visit Malaysia then reenter TH?
  7. Just do as most here have advised, trust UbonJoe on details, he da' main man. Just collect the needed paperwork and no need at all for visa service. Use the US embassy income letter, it is simple and has six-month validity period with the Immies. Need to make an appointment for the consulate services such as the letter, do that well in advance of need because they tend to get filled up quickly. Follow their appointment rules to the letter, they are bears on security but very helpful when inside. BKK bank is very good re transfer money from your USA bank to TH and pretty good for just about every bank service. Hook 'em horns and welcome to TH.
  8. ASEAN

    I worked on one of the ASEAN projects here in Thailand and found it quite long-winded and patiently negotiable. The basic rule is that any agreements must be by consensus of all members. Each such agreement is sent to each member country for approval by the individual legislatures and cabinets, usually with some changes being required. Such changes are added and the revised version goes back to same route. Rinse and repeat until all agree. Tedious but far better in many ways than the common democratic process.
  9. Ooops, my error, the link shows $35.
  10. So how many US$ for USA person?
  11. Good luck, the existing international hospitals here in Phuket can use the competition.
  12. Re not having ppt during wait, you get official receipt for ID, show to get ppt back. Should work for the BIB in Phuket.
  13. Holiday trip to the USA

    USA is fairly large place, suggest you check good guidebook first eg. Lonely Planet.
  14. Just did four separate NokAir bookings for wife and 3 others going to junior swim meets in BKK and CR. Notes on the booking emphasized need for credit card, I paid by bank direct payments (4 such) so no way to show proof. Wife called NokAir and they said mai pen rai. Have been flying all the local airlines and several international for the past 15 year and never, ever had to show credit card.
  15. Seems to be working today. OK in Phuket, will find out two weeks from now.