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  1. Made my online 90-day yesterday basis Phuket Immi. Tried it in Chrome but did not go to 2d page. So used WinDoze 7 with IE and worked perfectly. Waiting for approval.
  2. EMS inside Thailand is very fast, several recent such sends by me from Phuket to easternmost Issan in two days, same for return. This domestic has been very cheap, simple letter 37 baht. Overseas is a totally different matter. Has been 7-10 days Phuket to Los Angeles and NYC. Price for such used to be about 3-400 baht, major revision on the past year so now around 1300-1400, just a tad more than DHL for same.
  3. I have seen double sized hammocks available in some outdoor furniture places, usually good quality large mesh good for afternoon lounging but doubt if OK for allnighter. Maybe place a mattress on such. A good solution may be to have one made at an awning shop, many such around here (Phuket).
  4. A well written will (many such standard forms are available) will have as the very first item at the top words to the effect: "I am of sound mind and this will disavows and supersedes any other wills and codicils I may have produced." and do make a try to locate and destroy (not keep) the previous. Then have it notarized and maybe sealed at your embassy.
  5. Wow! good news, got next one coming up in a week, will check this out because had been using it with no problem before it went dow late last yr. Note the separate tread started in the past day badmouthing (well-deserved) the extended downtime for the site.
  6. Good idea re the epoxy metal filler, will give it a try. Thx.
  7. Does the 13 seat limit include the driver seat? Simple logic would say yes but nothing in the LOS is simple or logical.
  8. My Ranger has several small (about 8 cm dia) bumps on rear fender, probably from parking, giving or getting. Minor thing but visual nuisance to me. I have fixed such before in the USA just by cleaning, then filling with body filler, sanding and paint touchup. No advice needed on this but I do need help finding the filler here (Phuket or BKK)). Help will be appreciated.
  9. Went with a friend to Maxxis when he got new tires here in Phuket. Saw them in action of friend's tires, talked to owner, checked the tires re my future needs, will definitely go there next time.
  10. As said, less is more. I moved from a large house full of high quality furniture and art onto my 50-ft boat. Almost everything back then sold or given away, few things left on boat, never really missed other than reminiscing. Only thing I have found difficult to replace is really good tools, even craftsmen here just don't appreciate good quality hand tools, even if only Sears Craftsman level.
  11. Here in Phuket has been feeling cooler than the previous 13 years I have lived here. No actual data but feeling very comfortable and quite hazy in the mornings, often with some light showers during the day and evening.
  12. Got quite used to Latino version of mai pen rai working in South America and Mexico. Used to the manana, did't like it the and not now, but got to understand it is the way there and I will never change it. So adapt or move on; I stayed.
  13. Great listing, would be even better with comment re customs and re passports for farengs.
  14. Note that the Patong office is notorious for rude woman there and charging money. The main office at Saipan Hin can get crowded but have a good numbering system upon entering (downstairs) and good copy office right next to downstairs entry.