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  1. You are on the right track. I have been using Linux for six year now and it only gets better. The only thing that I really missed was MS Money, but Virtual Box took care of that. I did try Wine but just too wobbly; that was some years ago and it is better now but I still don't care for it. VirtualBox is simple to install in Linux (I use Mint, have tried Ubuntu and others) and of course it is totally free (I have used VMware but prefer VB). Once installed you have a virtual computer so now install the operating system; WinXP works very well for Money, and Win7 may or may not. So now you have a virtual computer with an operating system, only have to install Money. Note that a part of the VB setup creates a shared folder to pass data back and forth between the virtual and the real computers. May sound complex but very simple in actual usage.
  2. Pantip is best place. The enthusiast area is on the ground floor past the exhibit central. Look at the shops at the next aisle after the exhibits as well as those on the right side. You will find Jedicool, T&C, others. Just look in the windows for the cooling stacks and the high-quality cases. Most of the enthusiast shops will have knowlegable English speakers, just ask for such. Be aware that the leading edge gaming cards are rare in Thailand and very overpriced but other items are within 10-15% of USA prices. Look at the price list at jedicool.com to get good idea of the component pricing. There may be some price variability between the shops but not much.
  3. keeniau96

    Coding courses and classes in Bangkok

    per above, Coursera has such a course, and it has received high marks from top sources eg NY TImes. Check it out: https://www.coursera.org/course/interactivepython
  4. keeniau96

    Need a "live OS" CD

    Download Linux Mint or Ubuntu image (ISO) then burn to CD/DVD. Before downloading check the size of file, CD needs under 800MB, many need DVD. Then burn the DVD; note that it is BURN, not just copy so be sure to look for that option in the software. Totally, legally free.
  5. Many good ideas above. Oversize power to house, 3-wire electrical properly grounded (test with plug-in testing tool, many will be wrong). Solar hot water to kitchen and bathrooms. Two kitchens (ours is a larger Western style and just a bit smaller Thai one with lower counters). Light switches in convenient places as you enter room; many, many sockets especially in kitchen where they should be proper height for counters. Fans in all rooms including baths. The most important items are super-good foundation and fireproof foam spray coating on underside of roof tiles after roof all finished. Attic ventilation fan with vented space on other end; if two-story allow a vent space in stairwell into the attic.
  6. keeniau96

    Modern Graphic Cards and Linux

    I have used both Nvidia and AMD on my Mint rig which is considerably upscale from your setup. Both are OK but I prefer Nvidia, partially habit but also I muck around with Hackintosh quite a bit and Nvidia far easier to use in Mt. Lion installs. The GT640 is a very good buy, currently about 3k baht, but I am considering a GTX650 Ti or maybe GTX660.
  7. keeniau96

    Acer 4520 G doesn't recognize brand new RAM

    If it is proper RAM and the Ubuntu LiveCD shows all is OK then possibly the RAM allocation in the BIOS needs adjustment. Check on such with your IT specialist.
  8. keeniau96

    New Internet needed?

    I have had the TOT WiNet for over a year now here in Phuket and find it excellent. I have the lowest package @ 5MB down and it is generally very close to the mark; think it is about 500 baht/month. The equipment would be suitable because it is WiFi with a very small (4" x 6") flat white antenna mounted outside connected by ethernet cable to modem inside; I have the output from that modem bridged to a Cisco E3000 router. Suggest a visit to TOT office to see if that would work in your neighborhood.
  9. Thai notarization may be questioned by the Aruba officials. Best best is your embassy. USA embassy will do such for $50, others should be similar. Get official government stamp will be sure OK over there.
  10. keeniau96

    Good quality speakers for a laptop

    I was in Amorn yesterday and saw they had quite a few audio systems (amp + speaker) that looked good quality (did not listen) for under 4000 baht. The S/PDIF is high quality input to the amplifier so should be simple setup. SImilar systems also at Lotus and Big-C.
  11. Good idea. Lots of luck implementing it, you know the barriers.