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  1. keeniau96

    Electric vehicles on the fast track in Thailand

    Where are the electrical recharge units for highway travel eg. Bangkok to Phuket?
  2. keeniau96

    Weight scale

    I found some very good digital scales at Home Works.
  3. I never heard of extension of stay longer than one year. But I have had multiple such extensions of stay, last one was #14 of such, all consecutive.
  4. keeniau96

    printing shops and USBs....virus?

    I recently bought Brother DCP-1510 copier-scanner-printer just under 300 baht. Excellent and with cheap cartridges.
  5. keeniau96

    watches on lazada

    Check the rating and comments by other buyers for that specific seller. I have found some dodgy sellers there and just avoid the lower rated ones.
  6. Know this intersection well, very heavy traffic is the norm and this dude is not long for the world.
  7. There is a defunct such waterpark on west side of Langkawi island. Large place with slides etc but abandoned since about 2005 or thereabout. Aimed for the tourist trade which is considerably less than Phuket but same concept and similar beaches.
  8. Very common happening in Phuket during rain season. First one in my time here (16 years) to note this happening in town, more common on the hillsides.
  9. keeniau96

    Vietnam Visa for USA citizen

    I am USA citizen, recently applied for tourist visa per the above URL. That one is the official VN gov't, very clear and simple. Follow the steps, pay the application fee, get a email back from them with form to you have to fill out upon arrival in VN. That and pay US$25 at the airport for this "stamping fee". Also need 2 photos with that form.
  10. keeniau96

    Convert vinyl LP to MP3

    That device looks very fine by good company. I have done such conversions ripping the analog then converting, buttpain.
  11. Would be a good idea to consider London as a model, or even better Singapore.
  12. keeniau96

    Dental Work

    Best dentist I have ever had is here in Phuket, has been taking care of my teeth all aspects: fillings, root canal jobs, implants. 16 years now and consistent excellent, far better than some others I had in the USA.
  13. I got such residence paper from Phuket Immigration several months ago. Qued up at volunteer desk, got number, Ok at desk a few minutes later. They had the required paper all typed out by computer, stamped, no charge. All very fine at Thai driver office.
  14. Phuket Immigration chief announced a need to report when out of province overnight. That was about 6 months ago but checking with friends here it seems to be ignored with no problems. Will have to do it after my week in VN next month but that's because will have new landing card number.
  15. keeniau96

    Why you can’t beat US beef

    The trendy cognoscenti in the USA these days are eschewing the feedlot fattened beef praised by the griller and demanding "natural" grass-fed beef, free range chicken and similar fads. Grass-fed, you know, like those scrawny Thai cows you see by the roadside that wind up on your plate around here.