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  1. Americans prefer Costa Rica, stable and law-abiding, good climate up in the central region, great beaches. Colombia is quite good, Chile and Argentina are even better from my personal experience.
  2. Per several above, I have ordered quite a bit from aliexpress and always use the "free shipping" option. I live very much upcountry in Phuket (downcountry?) and find the China Post has always in the past year been air shipment, but I avoid some of the less familiar shippers. Used to be about 20-30 days from ordering to delivery by Thai post to my door, but even faster in the past months. Never a hassle with customs but DO NOT send DHL or similar, which is a known magnet for customs attention. EMS is OK.
  3. Likely that you know already, but realize that you will almost certainly need a crown on top of the treated tooth. The cost of such varies depending on the material as well as the dentist doing such. I find gold is best but others prefer composition with gold top, and other versions.This will be totally separate from the endodontist service and charges.
  4. Just checked with my wife, Phuket native with good familiarity with TH ppt. Yes, can get in Phuket, in Phuket city. No express, service in one week (no guarantee, usually a bit faster).
  5. Toyota trucks can be quite good but the taste sux.
  6. On June 21 at Phuket Immigration did not need house photo nor map. Did not need such in my 12 previous 1-yr extensions nor this time.
  7. Phuket has three top international schools and several other almost as good. These are all non-residential so only lunch at school, included in fees. The fees typically escalate a bit going from 1st to 12th grade levels. Currently the cost for 10th grade ranges from 320k baht/year to almost 500k baht/y. There are additional fees adding about 50k baht/y. The schools are very popular and have entrance exam requirements, and all have a one-time capital "investment" of over 100k. All those costs are per student, no discounts for multiple students. Best to come look and talk, they are generally quite welcoming.
  8. Define credulity: believe Phuket road construction plans
  9. I noticed similar favorable faster transit experience with AliExpress in past month or so. Always make sure to pick mail delivery, avoid DHL, FedEx, etc. Found best is China Post or Singapore Post. Delivered to our door by Thai Post with no hassles ever in past several years.
  10. Good show by the helpers.
  11. The Patong office of Thai Immigration is notorious for ripoffs, this phony fine is just one of them. The main office at Saipan Hin is a very efficient and honest place, in due in large part to the volunteer fareng helpers. Fifteen years for me reporting there for various reasons and not one hassle or illicit money request.
  12. Thai volume levels all go up to 11, some higher ...
  13. Back in Arizona my dog (giant Schnauzer) bit into a toad and was sick as a ... dog for three days afterward. Maybe some of the same here.
  14. I know this particular hill and road all too well. Never drive behind a bus uphill or down, best to avoid the drive altogether.
  15. Total waste of money when Phuket has many other needs.