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  1. driving license

    Driver license renewal not very sticky re old one having expired. Do need the residence certification, copy of your passport pix page and the latest visa page. Get in line at license bureau in early morning,, take a number, take the red:green light test, watch the video, then wait for the new license to be processed, get photo made, wait a few minutes and walk out with new license. Should be out before noon.
  2. Just now checked with wife in BKK, new terminal OK,, no problems for her lot.
  3. Wife and two of her nieces went through today around noon on way to BKK, No report back yet.
  4. ID for Sending a Parcel

    No problems or asking for ID in my local post office in Phuket. Have sent domestic and foreign EMS as well as simple airmail for years now.
  5. Disrespectful words by gf

    Was told by my Thai teacher early on the "man" was very derogatory, disrespectful and insulting.
  6. Same as Crossy, my wife registered phone for me about 10 years ago, maybe longer. Still same.
  7. Car and motorbike driver license renewal

    I am going today for a renewal of my driving license (2d renewal). Official info from the Phuket office is that I need: passport copy of photo page from ppt copy of my current visa or extension certificate of residence from Immigration or my embassy
  8. I just got one yesterday at Phuket main immi office. Very efficient, computer typed with my picture and gov't stamp. Took about 5 mins, 300 baht. Now off to driver license office for 5-yr renewal, very different story there re waits and efficiency.
  9. We have two little girls ( 8 & 6 yrs old), both nieces of my wife, living in our house. Oldest since she was 5 months old. Wife is oldest sister and took little gril from bro because he was deemed a totally irresponsible drunk pussyhound. Both girls are thriving, learning English and Chinese (private tutors), and I am only allowed to speak to them in English. Oldest is top girl in her school as well as swimming champ. It can be done, but have to be motivated.
  10. EMS best for minimum hassle, low-value items usually just slide through.
  11. Bids for Phuket light-rail to opened next year

    Understood that those pretty sketches are total fantasyland, but what about the land and right-of-way down the length of the island. Highly unlikely that such can be in place during the next decade. more likely only some stretches, then rip up the roads for major construction hazards and nuisance, but nor rails down.
  12. OK, will try doing HKT Immi office hours next time. Does that preclude possible approvals during the long lunch hour and the coffee breaks?
  13. Phuket rescue team catches 5-metre/70kg python

    Rainy season drives them to shelter. Fairly harmless even if a bit scary.
  14. Nuts, bolts, screws, washers, tools and small diy items

    HomePro and HomeWorks have many such small items in small plastic bags hanging on the wall in the hardware section. Also good idea re Crossy for a photo and show to the local hardware shop.