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  1. Ignore all except what UbonJoe tell you. Visas cannot be transferred.
  2. The admins just plead: my family needs the money for food and my Benz.
  3. Here in Phuket there is a big snake (python or big cobra) reported at least several times a week. Promptly caught and released into the wild by the rescue service reptile catchers. Monitor lizards are rarely reported, just too common and the local prefer to dispose of them via the cookpot. Should be little problem in BKK to haul such a few km to the north and release in one of the parklands.
  4. Not clear if this is the new International terminal or the rehabbed Domestic. I have to fly from domestic side to BKK on Wed and am less than enthused about this news. The rehabbed terminal has been a mess for several months now, and the international one no better.
  5. OK, clear. Print 2 pages, 2d in landscape.
  6. Thx for the TM30 download. The 2d page is landscape, is it necessary? can it be printed on back of the 1st (with proper setup)?
  7. New TM 6 forms

    If have re-entry stamp then enter the page number in the "visa no" space. Be sure to check that the stamp you get has correct date.
  8. Good people, call them and they come quickly. They catch and release into the wild, no charge but usual to give a nice tip.
  9. Much needed for long time. Looking forward to successful operations. Chock dee mak mak.
  10. As Phuket resident for 16 years now I welcome this announcement and look forward to the installations.
  11. Swans

    Roasted swan is a major delicacy, reportedly better than goose.
  12. Thai Love Poems

    Great idea, think I will do same at the big bookstore at Central in Phuket. Love poems and a box of chocs, cannot fail.
  13. Thai Drivers License

    I did DL renewal a month ago at Phuket Land Transport and needed residence paper from Immigration (free), my old DL, took reaction test (a real joke) and watched driver rule video. A new DL would have required road test which is actually quite meticulous.
  14. Thank you for the info re Uber at DMK, going there next week and will make sure to avoid.
  15. 1500 x 1000= 1.5 mn. Just a matter of how you interpret the sentence.