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  1. keeniau96

    Storm lashes Phuket

    I have seen much worse when sailing but the one here while driving yesterday around mid-day was the strongest I have seen in Phuket in my 16 years here.
  2. Here on Phuket very common to see much larger trucks delivering ice with several young well-cooled lads standing on the back bumper. Never see these at speed, usually just meandering down the streets with occasional delivery stop to annoy the traffic.
  3. keeniau96

    Shop Loyalty Cards

    Thai wife has several such, notably Big-C, PowerBuy, HomeWorks and maybe others. When I buy something of any significance, say over 1k baht, and the clerk ask the usual "are you member" i reply no but wife is and they are happy to enter her phone number which serves to access her member card. Some give discount, 5-10%, others may accumulate for some undefined future prize.
  4. keeniau96

    Internet Romance Scam

    she might be getting set up for illegal goods transfer, maybe drugs, which could get very nasty. I would contact Thai police on this one.
  5. Easy enough to verify the driver's tale by checking on for major scrapes from the concrete barrier.
  6. keeniau96

    Foreigner Pink ID Card

    What usem if anym is this pink ID card? Have managed to live in Phuket for 15 years without needing or wanting one.
  7. I will defer to Ubonjoe for the listing but I will be doing same in 2-3 weeks from now and expect fairly simple. No longer need photo because in=house computer pix. Submit app in morning and pick up the result after 1330.
  8. keeniau96

    Phuket’s Ao Gung residents oppose marina project

    Proposed marina is 2 km from the coral reef, quite a stretch. I have been diving around Phuket since 1985 and never heard mention of this location, hard to see reasonable expectation re the marina impacting the reef. It is very reasonable to expect considerable investment and jobs at the marina and support activities.
  9. It has long been my belief that women wearing short skirts know exactly what they are showing, particularly on those TV interviews and talk shows.
  10. keeniau96

    Major electricity disruptions hit Phuket

    Here in middle of Phuket (Kathu) we have had extended blackouts often, seems like every month during 2019. Not just one-hour periods but all day. Apparently many of those are due to the electric company hauling new lines. Just turn off, no warning, sit and hope all day long or else go out and hope the gate opener battery has enough charge to open. Welcome to big tourist destination, bring your own hand fan,
  11. Ship hold now full with good start for nam pla.
  12. keeniau96

    Cooler box reusable freezer blocks

    We have several packets of heavy-duty plastic with a gel inside, place in freezer for ready use. The heavy plastic should hold up to sterilizer. Wife bought them here so reckon should be in popular stores.
  13. keeniau96

    tools combination box

    It is hard to find good quality tools even in the better stores such as HomePro, HomeWorks and similar. In Phuket we have a pro-level tool store Bangkok Tools, so would reckon should be such in BKK and others. As suggested by Dmaxdan the assortment of tools in a boxed set is unlikely to be the best choice because many in such will never be used. Look for good quality screwdriver set, pliers, Visegrips, wrench sets, socket drive sets. Also pocket-size electrical testing kit.
  14. keeniau96

    Phuket Airport underpass steams ahead

    I think this is being done by the same company as the underpass project at Central and the very difficult junction at Thepkassetri and Bypass road. The first of those was problematic but the juction was done very well, so not surprising that this current job is actually ahead of schedule, extremely unusual for anything in Phuket eg. the Chalong Circle mess.
  15. keeniau96

    Buying second hand car

    Taladrod.com is allegedly the largest Thai vehicle listing.