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  1. I really don't care whether Eric is of Chinese ethicity or not. That was not my point. I had two points to suggest: 1. That the Thaksin clan is overwhelmingly ethic Chinese, and that this might be relevant to Eric's association with the clan, especially Yingluck ("Congratulations Madame Yingluck'). 2. That I don't like the misuse of the term 'Farang' as a catch-all for foreigner. I certainly have nothing against China or people of Chinese descent - I spent 4 years at university studying Chinese language and culture.
  2. ' you are wasting your time, the person you are trying to convince is not just an ordinary farang posting an opinion on a message forum - I suspect he is an active member of the Thaksin inner circle and has been posting these propaganda lies on here for a considerable time ' Why do you assume, with a Chinese surname, that he is a Farang?
  3. 'Four Billion Bahts worth of Development'... Just how?
  4. Ridiculous, transparent self-promotion. I echo Stephen Hawing's sentient comment above. I would rather join Densa than Mensa.
  5. Chilli? That's going to buy one hell of a lot of peppers.
  6. My point is that the Thai police are not going to take any interest in this putative 'theft'. The sum involved is simply too small. The 'evidence' provided in the article is unconvincing, and the identification of the 'perpetrators' as foreigners is ludicrous. Apart from the fact that they 'look' distinctly East Asian, who can distinguish between Thais, Chinese, etc., in CCTV video of such poor quality?
  7. dru2

    Khao soi everywhere please

    Khao Soi outside Chiang Mai and the north is as unusual as Gaeng Matsaman within the same area. By no means unavailable - but not so easy to find.
  8. dru2

    Bars/HappyHours....New, New Lows......

    So why aren't you in Salt Lake City? One of out major partners operates out of there - but I personally am happy in Chiang Mai, Please, I invite you to leave!
  9. dru2

    Bars/HappyHours....New, New Lows......

    Well, I have been here for more than a quarter of a century and I love it. It's my home. Without trying to be predicatbly tendentious, why do you stay?
  10. dru2

    Bars/HappyHours....New, New Lows......

    I have no idea what a 'Farlang' is.
  11. dru2

    Bars/HappyHours....New, New Lows......

    '... I have advised some friends who are thinking about holidaying in Thailand and have not visited Chiang Mai before, to not bother and waste their time and money coming here'. Unless, of course, they are interested in history and culture. Which doesn't preclude nightlife, but surely merits a visit...
  12. dru2

    Pink ID Card

    My Hang Dong experience was a little different, but overall satisfactory. No chanote, but I did need a witness (Puyai Baan). 60 Baht fee. About one hour. Irritatingly, they would not accept my Work Permit as proof of abode, so I had to go to Promenada for a 'nangseu raprong'. Of course it's useful. It establishes permanent abode and also - at least in my case - it is for life (talot chiwit).