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  1. How about making some real merit, like enforcing laws and having common sense on weather conditions? Nah, too hard. Okay, merit made: now back to business as usual.
  2. Manafort wasn't an "aide" he was the frickin' campaign chairman. Don't minimize it. I wonder what the betting odds are being given for Trump pardoning Manafort. Seems a pretty safe bet that will happen. So much for justice.
  3. Emster23

    Tourists complain of Pattaya beach rubble

    I really believe most Thais are incapable of "seeing" just how trashed out large areas of their country is. If never been abroad (and ignore films, TV, etc) they perhaps think this is normal and acceptable. "and tourists come and go and speak as mounds of trash grow"
  4. If you want a shorter answer, might ask "What aren't authorities trying to cover up?"
  5. "... should only postpone cases in removal proceedings "for good cause shown." " I suppose outmoded concepts like rule of law, due process, etc just doesn't show up on these clowns radar.
  6. Did we expect them to train for strikes against Sri Lanka?
  7. Those poor put upon CEOs had a hard time getting by on that meager pay, so Trump and Republicans gave them a big fat tax cut so wouldn't have to go on foodstamps like their workers.
  8. I suppose allowing them to eat is a good thing.... . Saw BBC witness clip yesterday about Palestinian female athlete (went to Athens Olympics) not even given travel papers to go to meet in West Bank (still Palestinian as far as we can tell). If that doesn't sound like treatment at a prison, please explain why....
  9. I was thinking of first Moody Blues hit line "If ya gotta go, oh, you'd better go now... go now.... go now...."
  10. Emster23

    Badass Filipina Bride Gets Married as Typhoon Floods Church

    I wonder if vows included "Come hell or high water" & priest said "Well, half way there...."
  11. Seems he did his job professionally and without bias. BUT he was stupid to use an FBI phone to exercise his freedom of speech rights. Stupid. I have warned friends do not use your work email accounts for personal emails. They have no right to privacy if it is company owned. Same goes for texts. I would prefer if FBI had announced he was fired for being so stupid.
  12. "... he kept former White House aideOmarosa Manigault Newman on staff because she praised him even as she failed to do her job.." So easily played, this Trump fellow. Has the depth of gold plating on 30 baht ring. In his defense, he has kept Putin on because Putin is still doing his job
  13. "..ratifying the C188 could very well destroy the country’s fishing industry." Besides basic human decency, it's also "leveling the playing field". If you need slave labor, horrible conditions, etc to run business, then it is time to get out of business. Other countries seem to be able to function within these rules, and pay higher wages. Prices will no doubt go up, but I for one am willing to pay more for a product that has not been produced with slave labor. Call me a liberal, if you must.