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  1. " Eagle eyed social media users " and pea brained I reckon Who ya gonna call? Next up: space station spotted in 1920 photo? You need vast infrastructure to make this stuff work and/or useful. If you took one of today's cars back 60 years, where you gonna buy unleaded gas? for example.
  2. "It’s the fourth-most-profitable tourism destination in the world." Income - expenses = Profit... as it seems they put no money into infrastructure, law enforcement, licensing, training, etc, expenses are negligible. It's all gravy. Those figures bandied about are just gross receipts, not per capita. I point that out because the bit of filler/fluff regarding authors experiences at 49th out of top 50 restaurants has nothing to do with gross receipts per country. Jeez, shut up already. We get enough of these sorts of articles from "experts".
  3. And the other guy, the Laotian? His family get anything? Maybe I missed that.
  4. Close. Should have said rat hunting for meat for food cart. Gun to scare the rat into freeze posture, cleaver to chop up after skinning with knife.
  5. Emster23

    BMTA NGV buses to have fares raised from Oct 15

    The "super cold air-con" would put me off. Turns sweat to icicles, thermal shock and all that.
  6. Emster23

    PM Prayut achieves much at Mekong-Japan Summit

    Did he get an edge on other countries by reminding Japan "Hey, we were on your side in WWII!"?
  7. Just part of Trump's "How low can you go?" motivational challenge and team building program....
  8. They could lower those percentages by including kids under five in survey. Maybe.
  9. Do they really think they will uncover anything? Like a body under the sink? My cynical view is the search is to give cover to Turkish authorities, give appearance they are "doing something".
  10. " The government's decision came after a top radio "shock jock", Alan Jones, urged the Opera House's boss to resign or be sacked for objecting to the promotion. Many politician see Jones as having great influence over voters." Have you heard Jones' complete over the top rant and bullying of manager on this? Take a gander at this. Jones rant starts about 1:30 in if can't be bothered with more. Opera house story
  11. I'm not worried. My invisible savior will save me from those invisible devils. Look over there, see them fighting? No? Well, that proves it then....
  12. I don't agree with Clint Eastwood's political views at all. Does this make me like his films less? No. He is a great director. Taylor Swift? Has Trump ever listened to her music? Doubt it. He is already whack enough without it.
  13. "...tour guides who were dining at his place told him that they had noticed a group of men with guns.  “We felt it was a bad sign. So, we ran into an adjacent shopping building to take cover." I dream of a day that when people see a group of men with guns that those who see this will call the police and take cover. It will remain just a dream I'm pretty sure.
  14. UK going to the dogs, and the dogs are going to Parliament. Did I see a sign "Make a real bitch PM, not this human"? (I hope I can say that, as "bitch" is a female dog, don't you know. No slam on T Maybe intended...)
  15. I lived in Phra Kanong, on floor level with speakers from Mosque maybe 100-200 yds away. I got used to it. One time they have very early morning ceremony for funeral... told wife to send the dogs (a joke) if I wasn't back in 10 minutes: I was going to ask them to turn it down. They did, and were not at all aggressive about it & apologized. If they want to keep up with their tradition of calling to prayer, how about doing it the traditional way? Get up in the minaret and use voice only, no amplification.