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  1. Why was US anthem played before game in UK? The tune is for the fans, not the teams. Did they play UK anthem before summer tour games with EPL teams this year?
  2. I've heard of "shotgun weddings" but "shotgun reconciliation" is new to me.
  3. Pattaya to become marine leisure hub of Asia

    "Thailand's East Coast has huge leisure potential. The natural marine assets are relatively untouched...." Alternate universe maybe. Or perhaps there is a second, secret Pattaya we don't know about, part of the "Unseen in Thailand" pitch.
  4. Nongprue removes illegal signs

    How about some fines for firms that paid to put up those sign? Should be a sure money maker
  5. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    ...i couldnt be bothered walking the distance to third road and got the moto bike taxis." Plus the cheeseburgers etc Guess you could be bothered with hauling around at least 15kg of useless fat. Did you miss the message? Eat less crap and exercise (more than just exercising wrist drinking beers and sitting on your duff) and you might be bothered with living a bit longer? Sorry if this sounds harsh, but jeez louise....
  6. Just back from the states, so picked up "Twin Peaks: a novel" by Mark Frost, co-creator of show. I'm a huge fan. Not a toss away fan book, but well researched history twined in of Lewis & Clark, Chief Joseph, etc. Quality production. Also "Greatest Story Ever Told,,, so far" & used copy of Colbert's "I'm America and so can you".
  7. I've lived in Jomtien 12 years and have never gone in the water. With so much trash about on the beach, perhaps that health precaution is moot.
  8. What is legal status of "ex"? Estranged means no longer living with... were they legally married or village thing? Were they divorced? On the bright side, at least it seems she waited til moved out to get knocked up.
  9. Say DT pulls US out of agreement, but the other major signers stay the course (as they probably would). Result would be USA further isolating self from world political reality, further deterioration of US standing world wide. America would be first in a line of one.
  10. " Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Tuesday condemned rights abuses in Rakhine state and said violators would be punished..." They must have heard a different speech than me. BS. She claimed she didn't know why they fled, maybe they could tell her, plus a Trumpian false equivalency "bad guys on both sides". Suu we understand you have no control over the military, and that the "cleansing" is widely supported by Buddhist hardliners, but some times you just have to stand up to injustice, like when you got famous for doing so. Seems power corrupts, even you
  11. I have one rule, or guideline, regarding drivers and traffic in Thailand: they are all out to kill me. Act accordingly. I'm not dead yet
  12. "The truth hurts" but in Thailand the guideline is to hurt the truth teller.....
  13. Veteran actor Harry Dean Stanton dies at 91

    Loved that man, esp Repo Man, Watching "Twin Peaks: the Return" last night with the wife (she loves TP) and there was Harry..... boo hoo
  14. Mental disorders, poor diets and tobacco make the world sick Works for me!
  15. Brilliant strategy: bring a "me first" message to a group founded on working together. If it were a club, he'd be voted out