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  1. Clearly evidence better English teaching is needed in the Kingdom. Thai script seems to be a dead giveaway
  2. She could try a future in stand up comedy
  3. Got that right, jag. Something of a "one size fits all" law. Useful when they bungle a raid.... give them some reason to arrest the person(s) they wish to silence. Along the lines of that bust of Pattaya bridge players they ignorantly thought were gambling: "they didn't pay duty on their decks of cards!!!!"
  4. One term? Seems overly generous estimate in length of Trump's time in White House
  5. " Signs will be in Thai, English and Chinese. " Tons of Russians here in Jomtien. Plenty of shops have signs, menus in Russian. No signs for no smoking in Russian. Pattaya has always been serious about shaking down tourists
  6. Police can't be bothered with reducing highway carnage. More important things to do...
  7. Extention of Stay (Retirement) in Jomtien

    First extension in current passport. I have my first first extension buried somewhere in the debris I call home in that long expired passport.... luckily they don't want that.
  8. Sap seems to be aptly named
  9. There are a few cases filed against Mr Trump for libelous slander for when he called accusers liars and worse. Democrat candidate is not running a smear campaign. Trump backers seem to think presenting facts and reporting the news is smearing. Republican party and the evangelicals who support Moore have lost their moral compasses.
  10. I doubt we will fall under their watchful eyes, but who knows? As others demonstrated, use the devices they just don't get: sarcasm and irony. Possibility they will add volunteer thought police for expats who want a spiffy uniform and false feeling of importance to flag those expats who dare speak their minds
  11. Just last night watched clip of Marx Brothers with contract reading and "sanity clause" and of course Chico mangles that "yeah, I-a know about Santa Claus" sort of thing. BTW US has Scrooge in the White House...
  12. White person claims to be 'transracial,' identifies as Filipino

    Easy and not too expensive to get DNA test that will show what sort of mix is in your tank. I doubt if anyone is like a single malt Scotch. Recall that white racist that wanted to ban blacks, was required to give sample & have origin tested before he could be on some TV show, and turned out he had significant level of black African in him. On further consideration, one could say Filipino is a nationality, not a race, so could be any race..... Oh, then there was case of Theresa Kerry getting all sorts of flack for stating she was African American (John Kerry's wife, and white). Well, she was born in Africa and grew up there and became naturalized US citizen so she was correct
  13. Extention of Stay (Retirement) in Jomtien

    I went in last week and did the same. They do have a paper they hand out with the extension form that lists what you need to bring: proof of residence, income, etc. They did not mention on that page that they want copy of first retirement visa in current passport. The lady at desk 8 mentioned that I needed a copy and then gobsmacked me "I make copy for you". I see it as something of a game: can I have all the copies I need? Admit it is like betting on snake eyes in craps... In and out very fast, and this was even coming in the afternoon.