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  1. “You can enjoy your right to burn my effigy. I can enjoy my right to assault you. There is nothing wrong about that. You use violence on the effigy of Hun Sen. I can use violence against you,” said Hun Sen. A knob of the first order. Guess his mom didn't teach him about sticks and stones and effigys, unless he believes in Voodoo (do wish that worked at times)
  2. Pattaya to stink a little while longer

    Hard to draw in the affluent with this sort of effluent.
  3. Like they say about drinking at AA: "One is too many and a thousand not enough" Perhaps two wives is like math? -1 x -1 = +1
  4. He gave me the creeps. So he was not totally corrupt, unlike many other snake oil evangelicals. Wow
  5. Teacher's job is to teach, which is difficult enough and requires total focus. Armed protection at places you mentioned has sole job of providing armed protection. Somehow schools in most of the rest of the world don't need what you suggest. I wonder why.... Trump clearly hasn't spent much, if any, time in a classroom, either as student or adult
  6. Junta committee insists on role in media reform

    Maybe check translation. "Repression" better choice than "reform". “I insist that authority has to participate in media affairs.” ... Already do: make absurd statements and policy, then media must figure out how to report without facing draconian defamation laws.
  7. Not on menu. There to catch rats I'd guess I was relieved not my fave Indian restaurant. Wednesday is the day I go for delish food every week
  8. Top ten ways to avoid Dengue Fever

    They forgot to post "don't go to tropical areas with Dengue fever outbreaks". I've had it twice (must be my Hawaiian shirts).
  9. Jomtien has 4 or 5 full time lifeguards. You can see them gathered together, all hours of the day, looking at their cell phones, facing away from the sea, near Soi 6.
  10. She should be thankful it doesn't read "miso horny"...
  11. Going to compare the sample with DNA from Putin? They could check Trump, but he is not as rich as he claims...
  12. Plenty more ready to take up the mantle.
  13. Never crossed minds that perhaps a tattoo exhibition might involve showing some skin? Ah, that mind thing again.
  14. The "cooler heads" are all owned by NRA. Vast majority of Americans want sensible gun control. Just what does "stand in solidarity with the victims" mean? Along lines of "this is no time to talk about gun control"? Sorry, but this sort of mass shooting takes place every other day nearly in USA. The "cooler heads" have had years since Sandy Hook and nothing to show other than Trump axing Obama order on prohibiting mentally ill from owning gun. Can you give us some valid sources about armed teachers in Texas? I was a teacher at high school in USA. If you had spent any time in a classroom (as a teacher or student) you might realize this is an insane idea.
  15. I wonder if 5.7% happens to be percentage of Thai population that "works" in justice system: the lawyers, judges, bag carriers, etc