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  1. Given Trumps vast and deep lack of knowledge regarding science, history, government, American values, truth.... you name it.... he would be at top of list of space cadets
  2. Emster23


    In Pattaya it depends on how much influence you have with local cops and admin. I've done charity gigs here, used to play at open mic at now gone Bristol Bar. Cops would come by regularly. Pattaya orphanage had some pull, but hard to get word to local fuzz looking for income. Used to raise money for Banglamung home for boys. Lady that ran it had power, was never bothered. Local bars... make sure they have the juice. You don't want a black mark and 20k baht fine. I agree it is a bummer we can't go out and make noise... Why do they do it? Because they can
  3. Emster23

    Is Pattaya the real Thailand?

    You could substitute many nationalities for Thai in this observation and would ring true. Thailand is mostly Buddhist, and part of that is that this world is illusion, Maya. There is no real Thailand, UK, Russia, etc. It's what your mind makes it
  4. with our recent enemies, Canada and Mexico
  5. Showed you can beat Germany if you're quick. That is a Mexican wall I have no problems supporting
  6. Have the crooks that formed former government spend their time in prison putting the shreds back together. No docu done means no eat that day
  7. Are they going to return Emerald Buddha to Laos?
  8. Judging from treatment of long time allies, seems way to be Trump's friend is to 1. be enemy of USA and 2. be ruthless dictator. Can't the fool leaders in 'free world" understand that?
  9. "The White House" seems to have little to no idea what Trump will say or do from hour to hour, as does he I imagine
  10. Seemed like a contest on which team could do the most bogus dramatic injury impression. Iran won that with the player who looked like he was showing how to put out a clothes fire, he rolled so many absurd times on the ground.
  11. Ronaldo's determination brought to mind Gerrard against Milan in that champions league final in '05 (I think). "We are not going to lose this game!" Well done.
  12. Since you seem to have an attitude, so will I. No one as sure as the ignorant. Not old, not moldy. 7 minute walk up to main road. A couple of shots from before we moved in. It's 7 floors, pool in courtyard. Quiet soi, lots of trees in neighborhood. People are so cock sure of things they have no knowledge...
  13. Who would have thought that stealing from funds meant for veterans was part of making America great? I tell ya the man is deep!
  14. "Surprise!!!!" not what allies and pentagon were hoping for. I reckon he didn't want to include them in decision as they might tell him he is a moron. And what did you get, my blue eyed son? Nothing? At least Jack got a bag of magic beans
  15. Before they can help dreamers, most Congressmen and women need to find their spines.
  16. If some Trump clone is in power then (who knows? Maybe Trump will still be...) going to create havoc as fans try to go from Mexico or new arch enemy Canada. America first! In a line of one...
  17. Stupid, as per SOP. They were modeling, that's what they got paid for. They placed no ads etc. Nail the not so pretty promoters if anyone. Women usually don't punch as hard as men. Cowards look for soft targets
  18. Great bit of technological prowess. But "plucky"?
  19. Kim also promised "I won't **** in your mouth"
  20. Emster23

    U.S., Mexico and Canada to host 2026 World Cup

    Hopefully by then the immigration fracas will be settled in USA. Can you imagine bouncing around the 3 countries, passing through US immigration many times? Cruel and unusual punishment?
  21. I'd like to see news about police apologizing to tourists. That would be news in my book
  22. "One moment. One choice. What if?" Give it a few moments....
  23. I have a nice 43 sq m condo I'm renting in Ramkhamhaeng for 6k a month. Airport train is about 10 min away.
  24. Farangs have been showing Thais how to pick up trash for decades to no avail. Thais have the means and opportunity, but lack the motivation. Case dismissed
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