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  1. Maybe time for a referendum: Brexit and dissolution of United Kingdom or remain in EU?
  2. Don't let Trump know US was on side of human rights... he has enough on his plate already
  3. It's just bad driving, which could be dealt with in the human realm. BS idea "it's fate" takes it into supernatural, which is out of human control. The mindset of fate, karma foisted on those too lazy to deal with reality
  4. C'mon police, get tough with assaults regardless of orientation! Raise the fine to 550 baht. That should put an end to it!
  5. The article per usual gives example of going to that notorious spot, Khao San Road, home of those horrible farangs and their filthy ways. If 50% figure has any sort of validity, why not example from wheretheheckburi... The implication by example of farangs behind this is rotten. What happens? do the farangs spread out like an invading force far and wide to grope women all over Thailand? Or perhaps they don't want to say "Gee, with those numbers, sounds like Thai men have a problem". I will spend those days of madness (week?) in Pattaya in the relative sanity of Bangkok. Avoid the farangs: don't know about the groping, but in general they turn their normal passive aggressive action into active aggression. And spare us any of that "oh, you are such a spoilsport and don't like fun". Assault isn't fun, at least in my book.
  6. Foreign tourist drowns on Pattaya beach

    Used to have a lifeguard lookout around Soi 7 in Jomtien. It was never manned. That was gone when they did beach "improvements". I haven't seen the 3-4 "lifeguards" lounging around that public service building Soi 6 recently. Are they out on separate patrols, or have they retired to local restaurant or bar as beach does get hot in afternoon?
  7. I would guess cops didn't bust him for selling CD copies as he already pays monthly "fines" to them
  8. Maybe could arrange for trial days to be on weekends when Trump isn't "working"... "Hey, Friday through Monday are my golf dates! This is cruel and unusual punishment!"
  9. I would imagine random surprise inspections of home of rich and famous would yield lots more tusks. Seem to go with the territory, like maids quarters
  10. "...object to DLD officials’ “cold-hearted” slaughter of dogs..." good point. We need to work on "warm-hearted" slaughter
  11. Many young people use skateboard as means of transportation just like a bike or car. Do you walk to a funeral to show respect?
  12. Along the lines of down comforters they sell in Bangkok... ours is not to reason why...
  13. regarding CM, quoting Yogi Berra (on different topic): "No one goes there anymore, it's always too crowded"
  14. “I didn’t read through the letter. I just signed it..." Pot calling the kettle black I reckon. I advise not telling stupid people that they are stupid. Nothing good comes from that because they are.....
  15. From Spain? I thought might be from that lab that came up with HIV cure a few years back here in Thailand
  16. Bring it on. I can't wait for Donald to be on the stand, and probably perjure himself. Then let's see if Repubs go after him for that as impeachable offense like they did Clinton. This is all rather odd, as Stormy had previously spilled the beans in obscure adult video mag years before the NDA was signed
  17. " After almost two hours of meeting, they concluded that the collapse was caused by the carelessness of the contractor. " And what of building inspector who signed off on this job? Or did they not have one? Perhaps just asked contractor "Is that bridge safe?" and left it at that...
  18. Sell tips for $250? Here are some to do same as him: 1. find a hooker 2. pay her money Got it? Not rocket science
  19. Any blood samples taken to check alcohol levels? Or is it considered normal Thai driver incident?
  20. So the "large" passengers can't fly business, but no restrictions on flying economy. Wonderful. I hope they have some human size shoehorns for getting those folks into those smaller seats. Baaaa....
  21. I wonder how on earth they would know who should get the royalties? Most bar bands play "Hotel California" & I would imagine very few play "How Much is that Doggie in the Window"... Did VL do "We'll Meet Again"?
  22. Those fools should know being criminal is a "protected profession" here....
  23. I live in Ramkhamhaeng. They stop there as a favor to me. Nice place: real people with real jobs, few bars or any of that, clean, not so many farang
  24. Get a different wife/gf? Silent treatment is a form of emotional abuse (for most anyway). It denies your existence. Have a chat with her when she is not angry and set some ground rules: if she wants or needs to go silent for a little bit, she needs to tell you "I am angry right now, I need to take some time off to cool down" (agree on how long a cool off is okay) Maybe I am lucky. My wife doesn't pull this sort of stuff