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  1. "I love the smell of diesel fuel in the morning. It smells like victory... over mossies" I know we all want to give stupid award to these geniuses, but did they get result? Are the mosquitoes gone?
  2. Consider the money you have sent her as tuition at school of life. You are lucky it hasn't gotten deeper and more expensive. You need to step back and tell yourself "I've been played", maybe even make a sign and put it up near computer. Resist sending good money after bad, don't con yourself with excuse making for her behavior. She can only get away with this lying and lack of trust with your cooperation. You don't trust her, and with good reason. Listen to your gut, it is rarely wrong.
  3. Why the hurry? Why the deadline? Scammers and hustlers always pressure marks for quick decisions. I take more time choosing a new car than this. Time factor is bogus also, considering Republicans had no problem with empty SC seat for over year, simply because they didn't want Obama doing his executive duty of naming a new justice. Republicans shown themselves to be totally corrupt and trashing supposed American Democratic values
  4. Emster23

    Thai govt bans pigeon feeding

    Would like to see banner "RTP aren't for the birds!"
  5. I'm sure most farangs that have been hoodwinked by Thai women (doesn't have to be hookers) didn't think "Oh, I am being a fool here, but not alot of money so that's okay". Is she in a rush for you to do this before you are married? That would be red flag, as you would have difficult time getting anything back in case of divorce. Who brought this subject up? Not greatest question as we can be "steered" towards certain considerations. The amount of money is less important to me than the possibility I am being manipulated and/or used. If this passes the sniff test, then do it.
  6. To grind this to a homeopathic level... heck, I'm outdated and corny... I prefer Yank over American or more clumsy but appropriate phrase "I'm from the USA" as saying "I'm American" is a bit arrogant and incorrect: there are many other countries in the Americas, even North America (Canada, Mexico). Perhaps why there is NAFTA, Not "America & you other continent sharers". I'm not averse to calling my American (haha) friends Yanks, but rarely do we point out our nationality to each other. Sort of like a "given". Country music traditionally linked to the South, and many there just can't give up on that old confederacy thing... There was that famous song "Over There" from WWI with refrain "That the Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming" etc. And the Brit origin song "Yankee Doodle Dandy" which was meant as an insult but like many groups, Revolutionaries took that insult and wore it as badge of honor. (I think that may be true of Tories name also I heard). I'm proud of my ancestors who fought for the Union, being Yanks and fighting on "the right side".... increasingly rare in these times...
  7. and just how much of this poison remains in the plants which becomes our food? Not just a problem for farmers. As there is no immediate cause & effect reaction from this crap, majority ignore the slow poisoning
  8. I don't consider it an insult. I like to be insulted on basis of more personal attributes. haha I did read somewhere long ago term came from inhabitants of New York, as it was once a Dutch colony til the big swap with Britain. Plausible story was some called New Yorkers (New Amsterdam) "Jan Kees (or Klees)" like we might call generic Brit "John Smith". Haven't done more research on that, but like the story so I'll stick to it. It might be considered an insult to call someone Yank that is from failed rebel Confederate States. I'm a Northerner and my family fought on Union side...
  9. So driver was 1. drunk 2. riding without helmet 3. unfamiliar with road 4. night time (not mentioned) 5. riding in Thailand 6. he hit a power pole, so all his fault That ticks the stupid boxes in most peoples list I would hope. I've been living here 18 years, started comin in 82. I have plenty of empathy for those killed by others stupidity. When you're dead you are dead. No valid evidence to the contrary. It is no "rest". When you accuse me of being stupid, please back it up with some sort of reasoning rather than just a cheap insult
  10. Hmmm and they hauled some debris down to the seaside, checked the tides and tossed some bits in to throw investigators off the track. Very clever!
  11. I've run out of compassion for the idiots who kill themselves on the roads. Just not there any more. Did he have children? Were his "stupid genes" passed on or was this a bit of Darwinian culling? No RIP: when you're dead, you're dead. No "rest". Game over
  12. I'm a Yank and pay US taxes on my pension & social security. As they are US based, I would still be required to pay taxes regardless of citizenship. Medicare is useless here. Expats don't have political power, so easy to cut us out of coverage. I suppose they think we wouldn't ever need health care once we moved out of USA.... still get to pay into it or get dinged. Article said he spent his first 2 years in US, so probably is more Thai than Yank. Doesn't seem to consider future very well.... hmmm My "Tarzan's first law of the jungle: don't let go of one vine til you have hold of another"
  13. " The military junta, however, has been keen to improve standards of living..." For whom? (we already know...) Put thousands out of work, force common person to pay more for food, lose major tourist draw.... not sharpest pencils in the box. I live in Ramkhamhaeng half the time and frequent those vendors. It's good, inexpensive and far greater choice than any food court. And my Thai wife also loves it, along with carts down Soi 22. Far greater and less useful are the lottery ticket sellers who make sidewalk near impassable with their tables etc when it is near drawing time. I will be most happy when and if Thailand has a government that considers average Thai and stops trying to be another Singapore (in the dreams of the hiso imperious bloodsuckers).
  14. Hope he considers this as personal lessons of the First Noble Truth: "All life is suffering" and #2 "Suffering comes from attachment"
  15. Guess the Koreans didn't study Tae Kwan Don't
  16. How to make a simple transaction complex. Wife won't even give you change? How is the driver to know which person is paying with these sort of absurd apps if several get off at the same time? Like they say "keep it simple, stupid" (KISS)
  17. How about making some real merit, like enforcing laws and having common sense on weather conditions? Nah, too hard. Okay, merit made: now back to business as usual.
  18. Manafort wasn't an "aide" he was the frickin' campaign chairman. Don't minimize it. I wonder what the betting odds are being given for Trump pardoning Manafort. Seems a pretty safe bet that will happen. So much for justice.
  19. Emster23

    Tourists complain of Pattaya beach rubble

    I really believe most Thais are incapable of "seeing" just how trashed out large areas of their country is. If never been abroad (and ignore films, TV, etc) they perhaps think this is normal and acceptable. "and tourists come and go and speak as mounds of trash grow"
  20. If you want a shorter answer, might ask "What aren't authorities trying to cover up?"
  21. "... should only postpone cases in removal proceedings "for good cause shown." " I suppose outmoded concepts like rule of law, due process, etc just doesn't show up on these clowns radar.
  22. Did we expect them to train for strikes against Sri Lanka?
  23. Those poor put upon CEOs had a hard time getting by on that meager pay, so Trump and Republicans gave them a big fat tax cut so wouldn't have to go on foodstamps like their workers.
  24. Not true! Windows Vista!
  25. I suppose allowing them to eat is a good thing.... ?. Saw BBC witness clip yesterday about Palestinian female athlete (went to Athens Olympics) not even given travel papers to go to meet in West Bank (still Palestinian as far as we can tell). If that doesn't sound like treatment at a prison, please explain why....