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  1. " Not even close to being a felony. " Apparently real lawyers for prosecution and defense disagree with your legal scholarship ability Wait for bigger felonies... this will later look like small peanuts IMO. He may have to shoot someone on 5th avenue (he said he could do that, half joking) for spineless Republican senators to uphold their duties
  2. Waiter just happened to have a gun? Was he serving oyster shooters? And we now know just how stupid you can be and still hold a job. "You wanna borrow my gun and shoot that guy? Really? Oh, okay... but ya gotta pay me for the bullets when you finish. I wasn't born yesterday."
  3. Yes, how about names and photos of Thais who hired the Chinese? "Individuals #1,2,3, etc"? Seems it would not be difficult to find those who hired them, as there were fake passports with names of Thais to present to testers. Hmmmm... If they had succeeded, gotten good scores, applied for Ed visa to the states, I wonder if they would then be liable for serious visa fraud charges... false pretenses/statements. I doubt US immigration would be as lenient as Thai authorities
  4. Restrain yourself Demos. Much larger crimes will soon be available with sticking power. You don't pick the first girl to come into a bar. You wait for the place to fill, before choosing a hot one.
  5. Anyone dumb enough to take that job won't be smart enough to do it. Trying to rein in Trump is like trying to catch a fart in a coffee can
  6. "... succumbed to toxic fumes, as the ventilation system had not been turned on." anything to save a baht. Never crossed boss mind what ventilation system is there for?
  7. Welcome the new axis of evil: USA, Russia and Saudi Arabia
  8. What is that white design on the shield? Battle axe and rolling pin combo? Seems more suited to "the fairer sex"
  9. From charter school's website " All human beings are deserving of dignity and worth, and University Preparatory High School is a place where the ideals of equality of treatment and equality of opportunity contribute to a culture of tolerance and respect for each and every individual." Thought might have been a religious charter school, update on Samson story, but just whacko teacher.... science teacher according to site. school's website