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  1. Where is the "Big Talk" Prime Minister in this ? He likes going on TV for an hour and boring the Thai people to death with his "Look what I did speeches" but, no where to be found when it comes to The Red Bull Murderer. Time to step up Mr. PM. get involved, and show the people you are for real when it comes to eliminating Police corruption that permeates the Thai system.
  2. I tried cashing the old notes two years ago and they were unacceptable by the various 'money exchange' agencies at that time. I would be happy to buy all you have for 2,000 THB each.
  3. What Thailand needs now is another coup. Kinda like starting over(again).
  4. This junta may be the worst thing that has ever happened to Thailand. The promise of a new and corrupt free Thailand has been a farce. The hope that the people of Thailand had, as well as those of us visitors who love Thailand and it's people has faded into a cloud of disappointment. There is no accountability by anyone.
  5. Usually and I mean 99 per cent of the time never discussed. Do not volunteer any information that is not required.
  6. Foreigners can own many different types of vehicles. ...If the marriage is registered you need to divorce using an attorney . Happened to my friend and he used a firm in Bangkok who he was very happy with, The Kingdom Law Group. It's so much easier to be single in the LOS.
  7. Best agency around.... Supreme Bangkok Condos.... Jason is a great guy and sooooooo competent...Look at their website
  8. Alcohol.....You can bet on it. Perhaps 15 years in a Thai prison will cure his alcoholism. To destroy an innocent family like this deserves the maximum penalties.
  9. Alcohol + Speed Add a bit of stupidity = innocent people being killed. Put him jail for 10 or 12 years and maybe he will learn something.
  10. I'm a New Yorker and have been traveling to Thailand for the last 16 years. Bangkok is for a city of it's size and population one of the safest places to visit. I have never felt threatened in any way shape or form. Exercise common sense and enjoy the wonderful shopping and attractions. The entertainment areas are a lot of fun but, don't find yourself floating around at 2 am after a night of partying. That is where the problems can and will occur. Use you head, enjoy Thailand for what it has to offer and don't get caught up in anyone's problems. There are thousands of lovely young Thai ladies who always seem to have a financial problem. For example: On one of my first trips to Thailand I visited a number of different entertainment areas where the ladies are plentiful and friendly. One of the girls I met told me she needed to have 10,000 THB so she could travel home for her grandfathers funeral. A couple days later met another lovely and guess what, she too needed money to travel home for her grandfathers funeral. Maybe it was just a bad week to be a grandfather in Thailand. Be smart. Good luck.
  11. Renewal through the mail in Thailand is not a very good idea. Make an appointment and take yourself to the American Embassy. Quick & easy.
  12. Legally you can stay until the termination of the lease unless there is a clause contained in the lease that says otherwise. To avoid any problems try to cut a deal with the new owner that is acceptable to you and him/her. Perhaps your final month free and return of your full deposit(s). A friend of mine had the same problem problem and had his lawyer (The Kingdom Law Group) send a registered letter to the new owner. It worked out well for all concerned. Registered letters from an attorney are a great attention getter. Good Luck!
  13. You start your post with "I heard all ...." Where did you hear this ? Quite the contrary, "All contracts are binding in Thailand" Maybe you should apply some common sense to the things you agree to on paper.
  14. Citi Bank can be found on the cornet of Asoke & Sukhumvit, Bangkok.