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  1. Tragic ...... wake up Thailand there is too much violence & knives/guns on the streets here! Too many tourists are being killed & injured whilst on holiday, even one death is too many & the authorities need to act to stop this happening! I really do think that tourism is going to continue to pay a heavy toll in lost tourist revenue long term. Foreign tourists will stop coming, even the Chinese will eventually get the message. The mindset here will be to carry on & hope the problem goes away, but it won't & it never has! ....... the penalties for such crimes must be severe with lengthy prison terms, even capital punishment where it fits the crime. These thugs need taking off the streets & putting behind bars for life ....... the penalty should fit the crime. Forget "Wai's" & the fines that exist here for the loss of loved ones .......... it's life imprisonment & hard labour that should prevail ....... fact.
  2. Daveyh

    Leave Maya Bay alone: experts

    We definitely want to start saving the planet .......... beginning with Thailand. I've lived here for fifteen years & seen a lot of environmental damage during this time. It's as if no one cares ........ just get away from the super clean malls & hiso areas & take a good look at where the majority of Thai's live. The destruction is so visible to the naked eye, lack of planning of the layout of towns & cities is the main reason for this castastrophe ........ no infrastructure whatsoever. To start with, I've not seen a sewage, drainage system or waste disposal system here coping with the demands placed upon it. Hence, our beaches are taking the brunt of this waste, which in turn is contaminating the rest of the countries adjacent to it. Even piles of rubbish are allowed to rot without anyone removing it ............ The rubbbish is piled up everywhere & it's a disgrace. I was only riding around yesterday looking for other venues to go fishing & found waste land being used as a dumping ground everywhere ......... they were definitely not organised "in fill" areas controlled by local authority. We need to start being more responsible with our disposal of waste & manage it better. Other countries, especially europe have been addressing this serious problem for years & Asia has the same responsibilities to save this planet. Too many areas here are being environmentally destroyed....... it is most certainly in my view the greatest threat to this beautiful land. We've all got to wake up before it's too late ........... not just the chosen few.
  3. Hot air as usual & nothing will be done about it. Thai's seem just to ignore it & get on with their lives .............. or have accepted it as part of daily life & don't hear it any longer. I must admit I hate the local attitude here that if you make a noise & complain you are making trouble, hence you become a "marked man', especially farangs ....... it's the mindset & loss of face crap that exists here. It ain't gonna change in my life time or yours for people reading this. I certainly will not be informing the authorities about constant noise where I live ............... if you have noisy neighbours or motorbikes etc the only option is to "up sticks" & move on, or just accept it .......... don't rely on the law to protect you once you've complained 'cos they wont. Fact ..... it's a lawless society & enforcement of the law exists only for short periods of time. Then you are on your own ........ sometimes literally at a later date "in a box" ;-)
  4. Daveyh

    Result of a snake bite,don't look if squeamish !

    My thoughts ............... Malayan Pit Viper. Nasty little suckers, no warning just strike. Plentiful everywhere in Thailand. Built up areas don't seem to bother them much ........ even come across them on dark evenings after rain on roads looking for rodents. I've stopped wearing "flip flops" now ........ nearly stepped on one on the darkside in Soi Khaw Noi, only just I saw it in time ......... curled up in an entrance to a beer bar, thought it was dog's poo .... yikes!! Many juveniles around the area too ......... as venomous & deadly from birth ...... about 20cm in length. They don't run, stepping on one ruins your day. Hospital immediately & get treatment ......... loss of limb or possibly worse if you delay. As I've said probably the worst snake around here due to their commonality although there's other varieties that are as dangerous, but not so common. ie Russel Viper, Banded Kraits & Cobra's.
  5. One of the most dangerous habits of Thai drivers/riders here & it scares me so much that I avoid driving at night at all costs. This idiotic behaviour is all too common & the police continue to ignore this type of incident daily .......... it will never change in my opinion as Thai's do what they want & will never fully obey the police. They even manoveure around them when ordered to stop on occasions <deleted>! At night is the worst .......... no lights & driving against traffic is particulary scary. Again the police ignore this serious offence .......... no wonder Thailand has the worst road statistics worldwide. There just seems to be no real concern about the carnage & loss of life here .......... it's as if it's accepted as a fact of life here in Thailand. The mindset of Thai's will never be fully understood .... fact.
  6. Only eight years for killing another human? This sentence most certainly does not fit the crime. However, it does indicate that murder is not a capital crime here ........ evidently loss of life due to a premeditated vicious act does not warrant a life sentence. Thailand certainly has a lot to gain by making crimes of this nature a capital crime which deserves a life sentence ........ they would be viewed by the rest of the world as a country with zero tolerance for murder. Perhaps it would also go some way to "reign in" all the "hotheads" that reside here too & make them think twice.
  7. This will never happen ..... think this remark is with "tongue in cheek"?. He should just be sacked, heavily fined, his license taken away & let that be the end of it & a lesson to all. Guaranteed he'll definitely not like the financial loss part of it! No "three strikes & you're out" ................. immediate dismissal.
  8. I partially agree with what you say too .............. but the disipline & respect for others begins in the home from their first breath. I think teachers here have a difficult job ............ the 'mindset' thoughout Thailand is different & my take is that parents do not instil disipline & order in their children ............... only within family & home. They do seem to leave it up to others & not welcome criticism of any kind
  9. Regarding punishment ................. it's the parents that should teach the children how to behave & respect one another. It's not the teacher's job to punish children ..... suspension from school should be. Let parents take the full responsibility ....... it's the only way.
  10. Sadly this practise is commonplace here in Thailand. My son was subjected to this in a private school & I did not get any truthful answers from the school governor. I just removed my son from the class & immediately took him to another school. It meant more travel, but no one seems to want to accept the responsibility, nor promises of no further incidents of this kind as it seems to come into the catagory of "Loss of Face". I do think that the education authority of Thailand should take action, definitely not the school .......... it must not be allowed it to be "swept under the the carpet" each time it occurs with a "Wai" & reimbursement of school fees etc.. It's a serious crime & should be recognised as such & dealt with immediately by the Thai education authorities ........... It must be said that, "hotheads are in abundance" here, even in our infant schools! It's a sad fact of life & really a blight on our society here ..... very upsetting.
  11. I've never known a place so volatile of late, especially in the town ............ even their own kind! Dog eat dog scenario, when money is at stake, every where you go these days & you can't avoid it ......... it used to be fun, but not any longer ..... now even the tourists get involved. Think Pattaya is gonna be a place that people will give a wide berth & give it a miss on the places to visit before you die! Most europeans have already voted with their feet & it's not down to the exchange rate ........... it's not going to be long before the Chinese & Asian tourists etc recognise this & follow suit ..... fact.
  12. Agreed ....... hence the OP should really accept it as a "learning curve" here. Golden rule ..... do not invest or buy anything here that you can not afford to lose .......... good advice from an expat 20yrs ago ......... nothing has changed!
  13. The damage is done & he'll not have to pay for what he's done ......... probably a few "wai's", slap on the risk .......... all is forgiven & forgotten ......... life goes on. This how it works I'm afraid.
  14. Anything you give a Thai that's of either monetry value or hard cash is seldom returned. My advice on this is to write it off & move on. If you want a lengthy court case etc etc I hope you have the finances & time to resolve it ....... fact.
  15. This behaviour is what makes Thailand a destination to be avoided, so upsetting someone that's a local is putting yourself at risk ............ sadly, it's pretty common for tempers to flare over minor incidents or misunderstandings. Any dispute with a local will attract a crowd, which eventually ends up with the mob attacking you. It's definitely "one sided' & it's the "mindset" here that's the problem ......... any argument with a local will always end with you in trouble. Don't think for one moment you will be treated fairly ............ just walk away & do not retaliate. It's the worst situation you can place yourself in here ........ I love the place don't get me wrong, but I wish that "farangs" were treated better ............ here's wishing eh?