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  1. Daveyh

    The death of Walking Street

    It's the "Indian Season" at the moment ............ then Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc etc. Same every year .......... different cults seem to arrive the same time on a cycle each year. When one "cult" stops coming another is found to fill the gap. Think the Chinese will be coming the whole year round soon ....... judging by their numbers ........... it's time for all expats to stay away from all the tourist spots period ...... it's mayhem. I stick to Soi Bukhaw these days ....... much more fun & relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Yup .............. you've got it in one. I use to think it funny ......... now that I've been living here for so long it's become really frustrating. There is no logic to their thinking at all .......... what the hell do they teach them in schools & at home? I've given up trying to fathom it all out .............. they really are in a "world of their own" ........ every one of them! Confusion reigns in abundance here .... fact.
  3. Daveyh

    The death of Walking Street

    Yes, Walking Street is dying a death & prices are still rising. Thai logic again with prices as beer has not increased in price much over the years ......... try buying a beer in a small village shop it's "peanuts". Less tourists prices rise, but the numbers of Chinese & their Asians cousins will seal the "death throesl" of Walking Street. It's not fun there any longer ..... the mentality has changed completely .......... I just avoid the place now & have done for years. Soi Bukaow is fine for a night out ........ it's more of a fun place without Chinese..... fact.
  4. My experience here with tourists is that they are definitely not "street wise" & the added danger of tourists walking, riding motorcycles etc whilst using mobile phones is a real problem. Yesterday I witnessed a touristin Bangkok nearly walking off the Skytrain platform reading emails!! You see it everyday here ............. & Thailand is definitely the wrong place to do it ......... not looking where you are going is fatal! Cars will not stop if you walk into the road, motorbikes ride on pavements .......... so you really need to have your wits about you at all times ................ christ, they don't even stop at traffic lights & zebra crossings!! I think Thailand has got to be up in the "top ten" countries where tourists on holiday are taking massive risks by coming here. Health & safety does exist here, but it's not enforced anywhere near as rigid as european countries ............ it's a country where the risks are "up to you".... fact.
  5. Daveyh

    Beach deserted but clean today

    Yes, living here is what you make it & I fully agree with your remarks. Sad about the beaches, but it'll not change as people do not care enough here. Most are selfish & do what they want because they can ...... everyone turns a blind eye, even police. Thailand is my home too ...... I tolerate all the madness here as you do & accept all Thainess now .......... it's the mindset, which europeans on holiday have difficulty with on a short stay. I'd not live anywhere else ....... every day is different & I enjoy it.
  6. Daveyh

    Beach deserted but clean today

    Yep ......... I'm 100% with you on this. I went for a walk on the beach too last week ............... I just wonder who is benefitting from all these so called costly improvements. So much rubbish on the beach .... it's a disgrace.
  7. Daveyh

    Beach deserted but clean today

    400 million baht clean up?? ................. it's still a filty beach with grotty objects floating! Yuk! I'd still never go swimming there ..... even after all the so called improvemments. The foot path is still a nightmare, especially around the "Dusit" area. Thought this area had been renovated & cleaned up ............ apparently not, still has an open sewer flowing out to sea by the Thai Airways office. The area looks really shabby ............ really disappointing as it was "boarded up" for months.
  8. If this is a serious question then the answer to your question is "No". The water quality here has been poor to put it mildly for years ... untreated sewerage does find it's way to the sea on a daily basis. It is not uncommon to see floating objects disposed of in toilets ending up on the beaches here. I personally have lived here for 15yrs now & I avoid all the beaches, it's not worth the risk ..... sad fact.
  9. She has definitely moved on ....... you should do the same. Don't dwell on it .......... no point. She's found something else that just might be better than what she had ............. Thai thinking is their family & what she can do to improve her quality of life. It's always money, money & money ............ which is of course "survival" here. My view? ............... relationships are for fools here. The women are beautiful & enjoy your stay here ................. "pay as you go" ......... you'll be a lot happier! Good luck & happy hunting eh?
  10. Hmm? .............. I think the damage has been done long ago & no matter what they do to improve Pattaya's image of clean beaches with pristine sand it's "way past it's sell by date" as it's now known worldwide how bad the water quality is. Even now after all the local media hype the water is still the main problem, which has not been addressed & the majority of people know the problems associated with untreated sewage. I stopped going to Pattaya Beach more than 10yrs ago because of the quality of the water & aggressive beach vendors. Since then, over the years, the errosion of the beach has been another issue & left until the "last minute" to try to reverse it. Sadly, by the look of things it will never ever become a "world class" resort to attract quality tourists again as European's seem to have voted with their feet & gone elsewhere. The trend here seems to be large package tours now from China, India, Pakistan, Korea & other Asian countries, plus some Russians that have stayed since their currency collapsed, who all really have the same enviromental problems in their own countries to even considering changing there habits whilst on holiday here! This is causing further damage to the environment & their tour buses are blocking the streets with their fumes polluting the air is appalling ....... I could hardly breath walking in 2nd road the other evening & at the same time I was also trying to avoid large piles of stinking rubbish too ............ infact it was a mixture of both, I was choking from this, plus the diesel fumes from the buses that I had to retreat to Central Plaza to get away from it all. Pattaya has become far too overcrowded, the streets & sidewalks have become more of an obstacle course due to even more vendors "cramming in every nook & cranny" to set up shop. The downtown environment is really bad & it's getting worse ........... the arrival soon of "Terminal 21'' looks immpressive, but it will not change things. Just another place to visit & enjoy the free air conditioning & eye candy ........ & why not? Not a lot more that Pattaya has to offer these days .................. I really do not see things improving anytime soon. I personally think the changes made to Pattaya has ruined it & it will be many years before it rises from the ashes again, but City Hall need to get everything right to achieve this .............. I am not holding my breath.
  11. Daveyh

    Minimum age to ride a motorbike

    My understanding here is kids going to school on motorbikes don't need licences until they are 15yrs of age. Ever see a policeman stop a child on a motorbike?? ........ answer "No". Even after school a small child riding a "loud" bike can do what he wants at speed ..... again no police action, but the moment they are 15yrs old everything seems to change. Police stop most of these idiots, especially at night with check points as they are fair game, without any backlash from the community. It's a crazy way of doing things ............. parents allowing children to ride bikes to school is the norm here ........... no one seems to want to change the rules, which are basically ignored period as being inconveinient. Some have at least three (3) kids onboard as passengers ........ peak times are really frightening. However, school buses are not provided, budgets are not available .... so it's a case of "fending" for yourself. The unwritten rules are; 1. Until you are 15yrs of age ........... a licence is not necessary. 2. 15yrs of age ............. motorbike licence required. Car licence is not allowed. 3. 18yrs of age ............. motorbike & car licence is required
  12. Common sense is something that is not understood at all here in Thailand ...... it's mostly "shrugged off" if you try & educate a local ....... it's as if they are saying "don't bother me with trivia & it's up to me". The mindset is so bizzare here that I've never found anyone that has been able fathom it out ....... I've certainly given up trying. We have adult humans acting & behaving like children most of the time & they drive fast cars, motorbikes & generally do what they want 365 days of the year ....... so what can you expect??? . Even the days when it's a national holiday or Budda day's & the government bans alchohol etc etc the mayhem just continues unabated due to their inability to act like sensible adults ......... no one pays the slightest attention to it or government warnings. Even their PM of late has threatened his critics with violence ...... it's the norm here to resolve matters with violence & anger, hence these road accident figures should be no surprise to anyone. The anger within each individual lies dormat until something triggers it ....... then all hell is let loose... if they are "behind the wheel" at the time these "hotheads' will put it to good use! The driving here is aggressive & I would'nt mind betting that a large percentage of the daily fatalities on the roads are due to this irratic behaviour. When I drive here I feel as if the drivers are using cars as a lethal weapon most of the time ............ & the motorcyclists? ............ they are definitely on a "death wish" 24/7. I try & stay out of "harms way', but living here is a risky business & there is no where like it in the world ........... living here is a fantastic experience ......... the trick here is to be able to survive & enjoy it ............ fact.
  13. Daveyh

    Retirement extension a breeze.

    I can only sing praises for the Immigration system at Soi 5 Jomtien. In the fifteen years I've been here the waiting time has really been streamlined, especially for retirees on a retirement visa. Normally my waiting time when I report for 90 days is around 10-30 mins (last few reports) & the last 1yr renewal took me about 30 mins max in/out. A very good service I think. However, I do do my retirement using the "Embassy Letter" system, which is a real "doddle", but expensive when you include the visa fee of 1,900 baht. I've also recently downloaded the app called "90 Day Reporter" on my mobile, which I intend to use before my next report , which is 19th Aug 2018 ........... even less stress if it works. I gotta give Immigration a "thumbs up" for trying to make the system better for everyone ............... fingercrossed it works eh?
  14. Golden rule here is .................. Don't upset a bar girl, be polite or else. It's common knowledge, perhaps this guy was a "newbie"?
  15. Daveyh

    Leaving Thailand after 13 Years..

    Better the devil you know than the devil you don't right? .......... I've been here now for 15yrs. It's been relatively trouble free visa wise as I'm here on a "retirement visa". Also, I arrived when the baht was around 74-78baht/GBP so life was really good cash wise doing almost anything that took your fancy in "tinzeltown". Now it's around the 43-44 baht/GBP I'm still very fortunate to qualify for the yearly visa from the pensions I accumulated during my working life. I've considered leaving Thailand many times, but other expats I've known over the past years have tried it, returned with horror stories, hence I've remained here & just travelled to PI, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam etc on trips using a multiple entry visa. These past years I've seen many changes too. Most of us do not like change as it interferes mostly with our daily lives. However, many farangs have indeed now left, which really has hit the quality of life here for the retirees who remain. All the mates, friends & social gatherings have disappeared & this is a great shame. I think in the main the exchange rate was largely to blame for pensioners, but the stringent Immigration requirements for visas here also add to the difficulties of living here, hence we have lost a major part of our expat community. Quality of life here is still "what you make it". That's one thing Thailand allows you to do ............ make your own way & do what you want. It's a country where infact "anything goes" ......... as long as it's legal. As long as you have your licence to drive & tax/insurance is up to date I've found the police very easy to deal with when stopped at a check point. If I'm speeding etc I pay the fine & move on ........... problem dealt with ........ no lengthy wait for a court appearance. Brilliant. I do however, find that society here has changed dramatically over the years & although the "loss of face' has been with us for as long as I can remember it's evident that politeness is definitely "out of the window', especially in Pattaya with the general public. I avoid shopping like the plague as shop keepers seem to be so aggressive towards foreigners ....... "what you want" or "up to you" & seem to resent the fact of you being there. It's as if they are saying ......... " don't waste my time, get what you want .... I'm in the middle of a game on my ipad"! If you ask for anything it's a "no have" or you are being troublesome ............. my time to leave! Ha! I realise that this is mostly due to the mindset of these people, but it does annoy you. Hence, I give it a miss. Thai's are definitely fun loving people if you want to throw a party. Depending on how much you are going to spend it can turn a quiet gathering into a riot within minutes as Thai girls cannot hold their liquor! If you are lonely at home you can always find female company downtown to brighten up the day. I think going out, being polite to everyone & generally being kind to those you meet will stand you in good stead here ............. seldom will you fall foul of the aggressive behaviour that's so easy found if you don't stay alert. Getting really "pissed out of your head" is a "no no" as you are quaranteed to end up without cash & sleeping it off somewhere. It's a really great place to retire to & I have absolutely no regrets moving here ........ long may it continue. I'm a Brit, served my country for 30+yrs in the military, plus other HMS jobs & retired here. I've not been back to the UK at all & I have no intention of doing so. Too many bad memories, which I'm reminded of daily due to the unfair judicial system there. The country seems to have gone completely downhill since & is in crisis now more than ever. My only regret is that I must continue to pay tax on all my UK earnings, which then seem to be continually squandered in benefits to all the " wafes & strays" that enter the country, who do not deserve it, but it's sanctioned by an inept government. I honestly regret serving my country now ..... what a complete waste of time that was! I may be a bitter Brit, but I'm proud to be an expat. I voted with my feet ............ I wish everyone would threaten to leave the UK unless the government starts to "get their shit together" ......... then perhaps I'd consider coming home to visit.