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  1. For Tourists & Newbie's here; The "Golden Rule" here ............ walk away & don't argue, it's definitely the wrong thing to get angry. Just say "sorry" (Thai's understand this word) & move on ...... for a european it's the normal thing to do & we do not feel any shame in doing so. Immediately you argue here brings the "Loss of Face" into play, which is a dangerous situation to find yourself in. If you fight with anyone here & they lose it is not the end of it. He/her will come after you with either a weapon or a gang ........ no matter how long it takes. I have seen this time & time again during my 17yrs of living here ........ tempers here are lost very quickly, turning to "rage". Very unpleasant as every occasion escalates to something more serious. The attitude here is not going to change & there are far too many guns on the streets, plus you can buy deadly weapons openly on market stalls here for everyone to buy from knives, knuckle dusters, tazers, kungfu weapons, samurai swords etc etc ......... you name it & it's available here. A simple "Wai" also calms almost every situation immediately & people here will recognise this & assist you, which gives you time to resolve matters peacefully. Take care everyone ........... affairs of the heart here is something all of us have difficulty in controlling .......... fact.
  2. Yep ...... definitely a rat snake. Think it's the Indo-China variety that is fairly common here. I was riding my scooter the other day & one came up out of a hole in the road. About that same size as this one, shiny brown, light brownish under belly ....... moved like grease lightening. Non poisonous, but a fast striker & will bite if threatened. Lives on rodents mainly & will eat other snakes given the opportunity. Completely harmless ...... a really beautiful snake. Adults can grow up to 258cm.
  3. Daveyh

    its not all one sided

    First thing .... never admit liability. Second thing ........ car your insurance agent. Three ...... check out your car cam, ensure it was working. Do not argue ..... be polite, always the call police & your agent asap, do not pay anyone any cash, tell them it's recorded on the camcorder for insurance & police. Let the agent do all the talking & say nothing as your agent will protect you & his employers interests. It is why all farangs that drive here must have "first class" insurance to keep you out of trouble. It's the only protection you have if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident. It's worth every penny ..... just let the insurance agent & police deal with it. Comply with the police requests, especially for alcohol tests etc ...... life really is easy here if you err on the side of caution.
  4. Daveyh

    Antivirus and Internet security

    I use Kaspersky ...... I've used it for the last 16yrs here in Thailand. No problems at all & I also use it for online banking with the UK ....... perfect every time I use it. Auto updates & manual scans are very easy. You can buy a year subscription online or by a activation disc/code in any computer shop here ....... around 500 Thai Baht for 12 mths.. I think it a good anti virus package as well as a good programme for getting rid of all the rubbish on the internet before it hits your HD ..... Easy to install & available everywhere here in Thailand ........ could be a popular choice here as I have not seen any other package advertised in the shops locally. Cheers