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  1. Who knows the mindset of these people? He certainly does not seems distraught in anyway whatsoever after killing three people & injuring another four! I've given up trying to understand these "hiso" type of people ......... the value they seem to put on life is non-existent ........ unless of course it's their own! A quick "Wai" & sorry seems all that is needed to resolve matters ........ they then move on as if nothing happened .......... I'll never understand the culture here it's so unique.
  2. This just shows how ignorant Thai people are when driving/riding their vehicles with passengers/children in their care! Absolutely shocking & these young kids just are at risk every day, which is criminal ................ but the police do nothing & the mindset will never change here. I just hate driving here, especially during peak times .......... sad really as I'd love to tour the country & visit places, but driving is no fun here. Tried to use the bus system & mini buses as an alternative to driving ....... scared the s##t out of me!
  3. Personally, I don't think long term relationships work out too well with Thai's ............ culturally we are poles apart & their mindset is so different to the european one. It's a very real serious financial risk because you'll be expected to support her extended family as well for life, which can be really stressful. Emergency money due to family illness etc etc is also something you need to be aware of ........ the demands are pretty much never ending. Ask yourself this ....... you've worked all your life to be able to retire in reasonable comfort. Who in their right mind gives it all away after a lifetime's work to someone you hardly know & when the money is gone?? ..... you are on your own, in a foreign country broke. Don't expect any of the money back it's not the Thai way, because the family will move on as you are no longer a "family asset' ...... fact. My advice is unless you are a "millonaire" & can afford to lose piles of cash due to your own stupidity don't even consider a marital relationship as it has disaster written all over it ........... sorry folks, but the scams here are real. Sadly, the facts speak for themselves, farang's here must definitely wise up the moment they set foot on arrival here, the marriage success rate to a Thai is really low & I'd put it around 1-3%.
  4. These type of crimes are becoming more & more common in Thailand ......... & now even in hospitals. Appalling crimes of passion, which continually go unchecked! I find it really sad that this so called "loss of face" anger in Thailand has reached epidememic levels in all walks of life here ........ mainly it's the innocent that suffer too! This "revenge thing" that exists in Thailand seems to be almost common practice here without even considering the consequences!! I just do not enjoy going out anymore & when I do it is not very far ....... mainly local to mingle with other expats for a chat. It is certainly not the fun place I remember anymore. I'm of an age now where "moving on" is not an option due to my mobility, but if there was one I'd be heading to the airport without looking back. It's really sad to see this once wonderful hospitable funloving country slowly self destruct.
  5. A classic example of "me first" mindset here for the sake of a few minutes. This guy is certainly living on borrowed time & definitely heading towards the morgue unless he changes his ways. Locals just can't seem to understand the logic of waiting for the road to clear. A clear exit so you can visibly see ahead is so important, but just a small gap without a clear exit & they'll go for it, irrespective of the danger ........ even a truck with articulated trailer is no deterrent ....... absolutely mental.. The standard of driving/riding here is appalling & everyone does what they think is right for them ........ it's risky on the roads here, Don't ever try to change the "mindset" here ............ it's pointless & when the "loss of face" situation arises you are risking your very existence. A few deep breaths is all that's needed ........... it could save your life.
  6. I just do not trust any Thai here ............. so many sinister smiles etc. You have to be Thai to understand it all. The "taking care' part of these relationships is short lived & once they have a system in place it's reversed. You end up taking care of them & as long as you dont mind being lead around, almost with a "ring in your nose" most days ......... peace will reign in your happy home. Our cultures certainly are different ............. the "rages" I've seen on the street etc with Thai's is something I want no part of. Whether you are a tourist, expat or have married a Thai I don't think it's advisable to share a permanent home with them. It gets messy & you will be the only one to suffer. Many end up in violence & your rights here are sadly lacking. Having said that ........... what a fantastic country Thailand is ...... it has beautiful women everywhere you look ...... sadly, beneath the surface lies the murky depths of misery, untruths & untold pitfalls if you enter into a serious relationship ............. your life will never be your own again, demands on you will increase, which will lead to depression, binge drinking sessions & chaos in your everyday needs. Ask yourself ....... how many marriages/relationships last here & how many fail in europe? Check out the stats ............. it'll surprise you. My advice?? ............... stay single, enjoy life by "paying as you go" ........ it's a lot safer. Cheers folks.
  7. Daveyh

    Urine Drug Tests How to Act?

    Steer clear of any confrontation with the authorities here if you can ....................... you are on a loser from the word "go'. Even if you are, in your opinion, in the right & feel you have done nothing wrong to argue is not going to improve your situation at all. State your case & stick to it. Definitely pay no money on the street if they ask too much ... a couple of hundred baht to avoid the nausea of wrangling's with locals officials elsewhere is well worth it ........ if they insist on heavy fines then opt to go to the police station. Make a full report of the incident & ask for a lawyer. Which ever way you look at it it's going to cost you money, but in cases where your misdemeanor is minor it will be cleared up quite quickly & you'll be released. You don't have many rights here I'm afraid & if you have no one who is going to tell you what they are without a "fee", hence you have the "shitty end of the stick" ........... it's a case of "dog eat dog" in most situations with authorities here! Lawyers will "skin you alive", so be careful who you use for your defense ...... everyone loves to eat, especially Thai's right? .... 555. Trust no-one .......... just try to stay out of trouble. Good luck.
  8. Daveyh

    Learning to Ride a Motorbike Safely

    This is Thailand & no one, especially a Thai, can help you drive safely here ........ it's the culture here in Thailand to do whatever you want irrespective of the dangers. It is a very big risk & sadly, fatalities are common, because most drivers are talking on mobile phones & motorcyclists are texting whilst on the move ....... paying no attention whatsoever to road safety. A polite sounding your horn before overtaking is advisable, but be careful of sounding too agressive! Loss of face here turns ugly very quickly .......... so just drive slowly, keep left & let them get on with it, but always be careful of what's behind you ..... use your mirrors ok? Remember what I've said ....... drivers are talking on their phones & motorcylists are texting ....... a rear shunt is very common here, especially at traffic lights. Safety awareness seems to be an "afterthought" for locals, mainly due to the mindset here. Even farangs who live or are just visiting here drive exactly as they wish, knowing that police will ignore it ........... I'm afraid that it's a bit of a "free for all" here. The risks are higher .......... if you ride a motorcycle, so unless you are confident don't even consider it. A good tip to remember is; ........... at peak times of the day, stay off the roads as everyone is rushing around buying food etc etc ..... pandemonium rules for the "mad hours" between 7 - 9am & 4 -6pm. Stay safe.
  9. Probably the actual cost to rectify this is less than 1,000 Thai Baht, but even in europe they'd double it. It's fair in my opinion as the door will need sanding & varvishing & you don't have any time to discuss it with the hotel before you leave. Any serious discussion with Thai's here will only lead to confrontation anyway , so my advice is to smile & accept it. I'd just pay the bill & enjoy the rest of your stay ....... cheers
  10. How long have you been here? ......................... dream on! 555
  11. Message to any tourist: Any confrontation whatsoever with police, taxi's, local vendors etc etc is a "no, no" here ..... fact! You are immediately in a "lose, lose" situation ............ save your breath & enjoy your time here by "taking care of number one". Being "street wise" is a must if you want a "trouble free" holiday here ................... again fact! The mindset set here unique ............ you will never fathom it out! Advice: Many books have been written about life & culture here ....... get one from a local book store & read it! ..... price around 290 baht & money well spent. Very funny in part, but truthful never the less. Although they are dated the information is still relevant to this day .... trust me, buy one & you won't ever regret it. Enjoy & stay calm ...... 555.
  12. It's lawless here & the country is full of "hotheads" ................... it certainly is not the country I retired to nearly 20yrs ago .... very sad. Such a young age to lose your life through just an argument, but I know immediately now when to avoid any "loss of face' incidents .............. as a "farang" you've no chance. It's either an unruly mob of motorbike taxi riders or standers-by that will intervene ....... before you know it your'e surrounded. This guy had no intention of trying to separate his wife & the lady from fighting ............... he was clearly intent on causing GBH. He should be charged with murder & given a life sentence without parole ....... the law has got to get tougher & make the sentence fit the crime.
  13. I'd love to see both of these inhuman individuals publically hanged & left to rot ........... absolutely terrible. I feel so sad for this little girl. I wonder what will happen to her ...................... hopefully, there is a form of "social services" who will be able to care for her.
  14. Good advice for everyone ................ Government Insurance will cover most minor costs, but for foreigners you must have "1st Class Insurance" if you drive here ..... fact. This gives you immediate assistance from a "Thai speaking rep. who will arrive very quickly,, who can verify your insurance details & bail bond, hence have your insurance telephone number in your phone ...... or if you've hired a car you'll probably find the number on the reverse of the "tax sticker" on the windscreen of the car ...... best to check before you hire ok? Allow the rep to do everything & say nothing at all, because invariably within minutes there will be a crowd taking videos of everything that occurs. Some onlookers by the way do charge money for these videos if the other party considers them of value ....... here money is number one & opportunists do not miss a trick!! If nothing serious has occurred you can expect a fine & allowed to depart from the scene ...... however, if it's more than just a bent fender cancel whatever you intended to do as you will be definitely be going to the police station. Again, say nothing & sign nothing ......... if they persist ask your insurance rep. for a lawyer. This may take time & involve an overnight stay in the station, but do not weaken at the thought of it. Bite the bullet & be polite, but firm ....... control the situation yourself through the lawyer. Your insurance should cover everything & be completely relaxed about it. You are not in europe ............... so don't even ask how or where the other party is ..... if they are not at the station you can guarantee they are at the hospital, even if they were not badly hurt. Expect further claims against you ....... just refer them to your insurance company. Do not admit liability of any sort to any third party ..................... relax & let the insurance handle it.
  15. Only the chosen few will gain from this & they are already awash with cash. Local businesses will continue to suffer, the economy will then suffer .... then the people will continue to suffer more & more hardships. There has got to be more control of who gets the lion's share of all this ...... & it must be the people of Thailand that benefit, but knowing how greedy, selfish & the lack of concern for others in the Thai mindset here ...... the already "have's" will not allow it. Thailand will be in real jeopardy if they allow this to continue ..... com'on government put your foot down!!