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  1. "Smart Bus Stops" finally coming to Bangkok

    Maybe we will have Smart Drivers as well and not drive in the right-hand lane then cut across and block the roads when they want pick up and drop off passengers
  2. 4 minivan drivers busted

    Typical Policing!! Never mind about safety, as usual. Where are these rogue operators operating from? To?. God knows .
  3. TIP report ‘an eye-opener’

    "here had been limited prosecution of influential perpetrators, she said." By "limited: how many do they mean? 1-5, 6-10 or None, probably
  4. No problem for me as I see Thai's do wrong things' all day every day. No signals, no sidewalk riding, no licence, no Insurance, no number plate, and finally NO Police
  5. Yes, my wife changed her last name to mine but kept her family name as her middle name. I knew nothing about it 'til it was done.
  6. So the Police and Military were there at the site of the disturbance while nearby there were probably many Motorbikes going by without helmets but "Never mind"
  7. The thing I noticed the most was no one uses their indicators in Thailand. What the "L " is wrong with them. My pet peeve, indicators .
  8. This, as everything, stinks about the G.....ment, but you can't say it.
  10. Lard Prao 130 in Bangko is the same. Thai's not foreigners to blame and, of course, Law Enforcement.
  11. I agree with most of the posts here, The Government and the Police are both tarred with the same brush.
  12. Same old story, Same old story, Mafia, Mafia controls Thailand and Corruption not the Government
  13. Same as usual, Talk, talk and more talk, Never any action.
  14. No one seems bothered by no seat belts in cars, does no-one wear seat belts when driving or being driven?