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  1. Koh Pha Ngan, Surat Thani:- Tourism operators Thursdays called on the Surat Thani provincial administration to fully lift the ban on the notorious full moon party on the island, saying without the party the tourism business on the island would never be the same. Their representative, Wannee Thaiphanit, chairwoman of the Koh Pha Ngan Tourism Promotion Association, cried foul that the ban has severely affected tourism on her island. She said nearly all reservations of hotels and resorts were canceled after foreign tourists learned that the full moon party activities on the island were prohibited. The provincial administration has slapped a ban on full moon party activities on Pha Ngan since April 5. After several tourism business operators cried foul that the ban affected their business, the provincial administration allowed the activities to be held on case by case basis. Tourism businesses had to submit a request for holding full moon party activities. Krirkkrai Songthani, chief of Pha Ngan district, said seven or eight had submitted request for holding the activities and three requests have been approved. Krirkkrai said the operators were instructed to take good care of tourists' safety and to ensure no drug would be allowed in the parties. But Wannee said the ban should be lifted totally so that the same atmosphere would return to the island. Wannee said the full moon party had negative image in the past but now the party has changed so she would like the society to change their attitude towards full moon party.
  2. Udon Thani:- A 36-year-old Thai man has been arrested for stealing women's bras and underwear at boarding houses in Udon Thani's Mueang district during the past ten years. He has been doing this without capturing the attention of his wife. Udon Thani police chief Pol Maj Gen Chaiyatti Saithin told a press conference Wednesday that police found over 300 pieces of bras and underwear at the house of the suspect, Witthaya Somsong. Chaiyatti said Mueang Udon Thani police station conducted an investigation and made the arrest after a 22-year-old government official filed a complaint on June 21 that more than 10 pieces of her underwear and bras were stolen from her room at the Sri Sudta boarding house. Police checked feeds from a security camera of the boarding house and saw Witthaya entering the boarding house and took away the underwear and bras. After his arrest, Witthaya led police to retrieve a bag of the bras and underwear he dropped on a remote roadside spot on the road leading to his house. Police also found more than 300 other pieces at his house. He admitted that when he drank, he had an urge to steal used underwear and bras. While Thairath reported that the man liked to touch the bras and underwear for self gratification without sniffing them, Khom Chad Luek reported that the man admitted that he liked to sniff the used pieces. He said he also liked to collect the used underwear and bras and his wife did not know it.
  3. Pattaya, Chon Buri:- A 57-year-old Norwegian tourist was saved from drowning in a swimming of a Pattaya hotel Wednesday afternoon. The Sawang Boribun Thammasathan Foundation's emergency center was alerted of the accident at 3:30 pm. The center was informed that a foreigner became unconscious after he sank into the bottom of the swimming pool of the Momento Beach Resort Hotel on Soi 8 off Thepprasit Road in Tambon Nongplua of Chong Buri's Bang Lamung district. Rescuers of the foundation rushed to the scene and found Terie Biordal, 57, lying unconsciously on the edge of the swimming pool of the hotel. His pulse was weak. The rescuers performed first aid for him and rushed him to the Pattaya Memorial Hospital. Phakin Nawiset, 34, a worker of the hotel, told police that he was tending plants near the swimming pool when the accident happened. He said he saw Biordal drinking in front of his room No 5 near the swimming pool. Phakin said the Norwegian man then walked to a bridge over the pool, which is 2.5-meter-high, and plunged down into the pool. Phakin said the man did not come up from the water but he lay still at the bottom of the pool. The worker said he jumped into the water and pulled the Norwegian man to the surface of the water. He then shouted for help from nearby guests to help pull Biordal out of the water. Phakin said he then called the foundation to help send the man to a hospital.
  4. Bangkok:- The Crime Suppression Division has arrested a former IT executive of the PetroSaudi International for having allegedly blackmailed and exposed secret information of his former company. The arrest of Xavier Andre Justo was announced at the Royal Thai Police headquarters by Police Commissioner General Pol Gen Somyos Pumpanmuang at 1:30 pm Tuesday. Somyos said Justo, a Swiss citizen, was charged with blackmailing the PetroSaudi International, for Bt90 million. "Numerous computers, hard drives and other evidence were seized pursuant to a court ordered search warrant and the investigation is ongoing. Meanwhile PetroSaudi International is considering further legal action in other jurisdictions," PetroSaudi said in a statement shortly after the arrest was announced. Somyos said Justo had earlier been paid Bt140 million to leave the company after he violated certain rules of the company. Justo later allegedly blackmailed the company, demanding Bt90 million more of compensation or else he would expose the company's secret to its rivals, Somyos alleged. The police chief said Justo later arranged a meeting with the company's representative at a hotel in Bangkok but the company refused to give him the demanded sum. The former IT executive later allegedly exposed the information linked to Malaysia's troubled 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB). Somyos said the PetroSaudi International filed a complaint with the CSD that conducted an investigation and sought an arrest warrant against Justo. The CSD learned that he was staying with a friend on Koh Samui so police made the arrest. Justo denied the blackmailing charge. Somyos said the man would be prosecuted in Thailand before he would face extradition. A spokesperson for PetroSaudi said "we are relieved that Mr Justo will now face justice through the courts. We have been the victims of a regrettable crime that has unfortunately been politicised in Malaysia. We are happy that the Courts will now address this matter, and we apologise to the Malaysian people for the harm caused to them."
  5. Koh Larn, Chon Buri:- The body of a Russian tourist was found on a beach of Koh Larn off Pattaya coast Tuesday, two days after he disappeared while snorkeling near the island, the Pattaya police chief said. Pattaya police chief Pol Col Sukthat Pumpanmuang and Pol Lt Chorphaka Prueksachart, an interrogator of the Pattaya police station, as well as other officers rushed to the Samae beach in Ban Koh Lan village of Tambon Naklua in Chon Buri's Bang Lamung district at 10 am shortly after the police station was informed of the body. The body was later identified as Roman Makarov, 47. He was wearing green swimming trunk. He was also wearing a snorkeling mask. Sukthat said the body did not show any sign that he had been attacked or harmed by others. His Russian girlfriend told police that Makarov visited Pattaya with her and the two visited Koh Larn Saturday morning to do snorkeling to enjoy coral reefs. Makarov went out to do snorkeling at a cape on the island in the afternoon and he disappeared. Sukthat said the Russian man might suffer from a cramp or a sudden attack of his chronic disease, causing him to drown before his body was washed ashore. His body was sent to the Police Hospital's Forensic Medicine Institute for an autopsy and the Russian embassy was informed of the incident. Several drowning incidents at Koh Larn were reported this year. For example, a 71-year-old Chinese tourist drowned at the island on April 17. Then on May 5, another 73-year-old Chinese tourist drowned at the island.
  6. Lamphun:- A 72-year-old partially paralyzed woman was stabbed to death right on her wheelchair at her house in Lamphun's Pasang district on Monday, police said. Pol Lt Witthaya Winyayong, an inspector of Pasang police station, said Srinual Sri-arporn was killed right before she entered her house. Channel 3 reported that the woman returned from buying meat at a nearby fresh market and she was carrying all her cash and gold valuable with her. Police found a waist-strapped bag on her with Bt50,000 in cash and a Bt20,000-worth gold necklace. The bag was still strapped to her waist. Channel 3 reported that the woman was partially paralyzed so she was very slow when she opened her bag to pay for the meat and the attempted robber might spot her money and might follow her to the house. Witthaya said Srinual was stabbed one time on the right side of her neck, another at her right shoulder and another on her head. Jai Dechawong, 65, a neighbor, called police to alert the police station of the murder. He told police that he was tending his orchard when he heard the woman crying for help. He rushed to scene to find her lying lifeless on the ground beside her wheelchair. Srinual's husband, Kriangsak Sri-arporn, 59, said his wife had been using for wheelchair for ten years after she became partially paralyzed. Kriangsak said he was working as a security officer at a company for the 5 am to 5 pm shift when his wife was killed.
  7. Pattaya, Chon Buri:- A Frenchman and three Indian tourists were injured in two separate attacks in Pattaya early Monday, police said. In the first case, Jorge Vieira, 37, a French tourist, was punched and injured by an unidentified Thai man, Pol Lt Kittipong Srichamnarn, an interrogator on duty of the Pattaya police station, said. Kittipong said he received a phone call that Vieira was attack and injured on Pattaya beach in front of the Bay Walk Residence in Chon Buri's Bang Lamung district. He rushed to the scene with officials from Sawang Boribun Thammasathan Pattaya and found the French man drunk. He suffered a cut over his left eyebrow. The officials performed a first aid for him and he refused to go to a hospital. He was taken to the Pattaya police station to register a complaint. He said he drank at a bar with a Thai man who later walked to the beach with him before they quarreled and the Thai man then punched him, causing him to fall down. His face hit the floor, causing the wound. In the second incident, Jackdeef Singh, 23, and two Indian friends came to the Pattaya police station at 5 am to file a complaint that he and his friends were attacked by car park staffs of the Mix Discotheque Pattaya. Singh told police that he and five friends went to drink at the discotheque. He said when he and his friends were leaving in their car, a car park staff shouted at him and told him to get out of the car. When he and his friends out of the car, another car park staff hit him in the head with a metal pipe and hit the legs of two of his friends. Singh said the two staffs then fled the scene. He said he was puzzled why he was attacked.
  8. Chiang Mai:- With so many Chinese tourists renting motorcycles to ride around the northern capital of Chiang Mai, traffic police in the city have to carry a sheet with Chinese phrases so that they can tell the tourists which traffic offenses they have made, the Manager Online reported. The Manager said over 100 Chinese motorcyclists were arrested each day for riding against the traffic, or parking their bikes in the no-parking zones or riding without license. [Photo credit: Manager Online] As a result, the Chiang Mai traffic police have to always carry the sheet. When the police stopped Chinese tourists on road, they had to read the relevant phases to them from the sheet. The sheet has both Chinese language and Thai translations as well as the Chinese pronunciations written in Thai for the police to read. The phrases include you “don't wear crash helmet”; you “must carry a riding license”; and you “have parked in a no-parking zone”. The Manager said Chiang Mai traffic police set up a traffic checkpoint at Nawarat bridge in the heart of Chiang Mai and made several arrests Monday morning. The police were seen reading from the sheet to the stopped Chinese motorcyclists. Pol Lt Rangsang Thienpairoj, deputy traffic inspector of the Chiang Mai Police, said over 100 Chinese tourists were arrested each day mostly for not carrying riding license. Rangsang said the traffic police had sought cooperation from operators of motorcycle renting shops not to allow those without license to rent the bikes but they ignored police's request.
  9. Phuket:- A 22-year-old Hong Kong tourist was arrested by Phuket police early Sunday after he allegedly filed a false complaint that his bag with a mobile phone and a Macbook computer had been stolen. Phuket tourist police chief Pol Col Chusawat Chanrojanakit said Wong Wai Ki Warwick Taboc, who carries Hong Kong passport, was arrested at his hotel at 1:30 am. He was charged with violating Article 173 of the Criminal Code by filing false complaint with an officer that a crime has taken place. The tourist police team was informed by the 1155 tourist police call center that a Hong Kong tourist had filed a complaint with the Chalong police station that his valuables had been stolen and he was waiting for help from the tourist police at the police station. The team rushed to the Chalong police station to interrogate the tourist for more information. The Hong Kong man told the tourist police team that he arrived at the Phuket international airport at 4:45 pm on Saturday. He said he then took a taxi to have dinner at a foods shop whose name he did not know. He said his bag was stolen while he was having dinner. He then took a taxi to file the complaint at the Chanlong police station. He claimed that he had only Bt200 cash left and he did not have a place to stay and had no travel accompany. The team spotted that the man was carrying a handbag so the police officers asked for permission to check it. Police found a key card printed by the name of Rawai Palm Beach Resort. So, police took him to the hotel and checked his room and found the phone and computer. Police also found the man's photo in the smartphone so he was arrested on suspicion that he made the false charge for claiming for insurance compensation.
  10. Bangkok:- The government plans to release PSC1111 app for smart phones to allow foreign tourists to file complaints to the government directly in one or two months, Deputy Government Spokesman Maj Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd said Sunday. He said the app will add another channel for foreign tourists and Thai people to file complaints to the people service call center opened by the National Council for Peace and Order on top of the 1111 hotline, PO Box 1111, the www.1111.go.th website and 1111 public complaint receiving booths at the four gates of the Government House. The spokesman explained that the 1111 channels of complaint receiving were aimed at receiving non-emergency complaints although the people and foreign tourists can call 1111 and press 2 on the 24-hour basis. In case of emergency, foreign tourists are urged to call the 1155 hotline of the Tourist Police Division. Sansern said since the government has opened the 1111 hotline and other channels, 1,793 foreigners have filed complaints to the government through both the 1111 hotline channels and 1155 hotline of tourist police. Of the 1,793 complaints, 1,734 were emergency cases. Most or 1,633 complaints came form British tourist and 59 cases from Chinese tourists. Sansern said the call centers for tourists have been running with cooperation form the PM’s Office, the Tourist Police Division and the TOT Plc to receive complaints from foreign tourist on around the clock basis to ensure them of safety in the kingdom. The 1111 call center is always manned by 150 officials and it uses new IT technologies for alerting government agencies concerned to provide help to the tourists as soon as possible.
  11. Phuket:- Four Chinese men were arrested in Phuket late Friday night after police found them allegedly using fake ATM cards to withdraw cash from an ATM machine in Patong area. Police seized over 200 fake ATM cards from the four suspects. The arrest was made at 00:20 am Saturday at the front of Soi Kebsup off Rat-uthit Road in Tambon Patong of Krathu district after police received tips-off late Friday. The four suspects were identified as Xie Haiping, 34, Yang Changbin, 27, Min Zhong, 35 and Su Chuanfeng, 35. [Photo credit: Manger Online] The Krathu police station was alerted that four Chinese men were seen using fake ATM cards to withdraw crash from an ATM machine of the TMB bank's Patong branch in front of the electricity office. Police officers rushed to the scene and watched and waited until the four suspects had finished fake ATM cards to withdraw the money. All the four were seen taking turn to withdraw the money. When the four came out of the ATM booth to catch a tuktuk, police came out to arrest them. During the arrest, a man was seen running away. Police then took the four suspects to their hotel in Patong and found more fake ATM cards. Police learned that the four had arrived from Hong Kong at 2:50 pm Friday. They were scheduled to return to Hong Kong Saturday. The four admitted that they had received fake ATM cards from Hong Kong for withdrawing money in Phuket. They were supposed to return to Hong Kong with the cash to share with other gang members. They were charged with having and using fake electronic cards. Police are now hunting for the other suspect.
  12. Chanthaburi:- For the rest of us, winning the first price lottery is next to impossibility but a 32-year-old man in Chanthaburi has won it – not just once but twice. Thairath Online reported that Pattarapong Prachoomkul, who works as a policy and planning analyzer official of Tambon Nongchim Administrative Organization in Chanthaburi's Laemsing district, has won a pair of first-price lottery tickets for the June 16 draw. He got Bt2 million prize for each ticket. The paper said Pattarapong paid only Bt80 for the pair of tickets as the June 16 draw was the first draw that the government has successfully controlled the retail price of lottery tickets to be Bt80 per par in line with the ticket's face value. Thairath said it dispatched its reporter to talk to Pattarapong on Friday after it learned from his friends that he has won the first-prize lottery. [Photo credit: Thairath Online] The TAO official told the Thairath reporter that he also won the first prize five months ago but at that time he kept it secret. It was already strange for a man to win the first prize lottery twice in five months but the incident Pattarapong encountered and prompted him to believe that it led to his lottery winning was more incredible. He said he has recently met an old monk standing in front of the Laemsing electricity office, waving for a lift but no other cars stopped. Pattarapong said he stopped and picked up the monk and delivered him to Wat Khao Noi not far from his house. He later went to the temple and saw the picture of the monk, who turned out be the abbot who died since 1950. The man said he has bought a new digital camera and while he was testing it at his house, the camera captured the monk's picture out of nothing. He said a lottery vendor later turned up at the TAO office with a few tickets left and he bought one pair and it turned out to be winning tickets, Thairath said.
  13. Bangkok:- Two robbers on a motorcycle robbed a money truck of the Kasikorn Bank at the Tesco Lotus Rama I branch Friday evening and made off with Bt8.45 million in cash, police said. Pol Lt Pichai Khamput, an interrogator of the Pathumwat police station, was alerted at 6 pm shortly after the robbery took place. He and other police officers of his station as well senior officers from the Metropolitan Police Division 6 rushed to the scene. Pichai said the robbery took place on the second floor of the car park near the gate of the Lotus store. Police found Ekkaphan Jaengsitthawet, 26, a security officer for the truck, lying face-down with his hands handcuffed from behind. Standing beside him was another terrified security officer, Yutthapichai Klunprasom, 36. The two told police that the truck driver had already drove off the truck to the Pathumwan Intersection to seek help from police. The driver followed the security protocol to drive away when a robbery took place. The two told police that while they were carrying money bags from the truck into the bank inside the store, two men arrived on a motorcycle and robbed them. They were concealing their face with crash helmets. They handcuffed Ekkaphan and took a money bag and they fired two shots to intimidate the security officers and fled on their motorcycle. Police checked the scene and found a bullet without finding any spent shell. Police believe the robbers use revolvers. Police checked security cameras and saw the two robbers arriving on a motorcycle. One of them appeared about 170 centimeter tall and the other 165 cm tall.
  14. Kanchanaburi:- An 83-year-old mother stabbed her son to death in an apparent self-defense after her 53-year-old drunk son was about to beat her like in the past, police said. Pol Col Wachira Loplert, chief of Laokwan police station in Kanchanaburi's Laokwan district, said Thursday that the incident took place shortly before 8 pm Wednesday night when his station was alerted of it. The woman was identified as Min Namchan, who lives in Moo 4 Tambon Thunkrapao of the district, in a two-storey house with her son, Kul Namchan. [Photo credit: Manager Online] Wachira said the woman called the police station after sending her own son down with one stab on the right chest. When police and rescuers from the Pithak Karn Foundation arrived at the scene, they found the body of Kul in black shorts without shirt lying on the first floor. The mothe was sitting nearby, waiting to testify to police. Kul admitted to police that she was the one who stabbed her son. She recounted that she was sleeping when she was woken up with the loud noise made by her drunk son. She said her son cried foul and carried a knife walking toward her. She feared that her son would attack her so she grabbed one-foot-long kitchen knife beside her and stabbed him once. The knife pieced through his right chest and sent him down immediately, she said. Wachira said police had to arrest the mother and took her to the police station for taking legal action. She might be released on bail later depending on judgment of the investigators in charge of the case, the police chief added.
  15. Chiang Mai:- Two karaoke bar workers were arrested and fined Thursday after they and other beat up an Australian father and his teenage son Tuesday morning following dispute over a bill. Sumon Monthong and Nithikorn Laolee, workers of the Violin (Kinnaree) karaoke bar, were arrested for jointly assaulting Jackson Peter Kusen, 18, and his father, Peter Paul Joseph Hernbaker, 60. The father and son ran for their life and escaped into the Huafai Temple at 6 am Tuesday. Mueang Chiang Mai police station chief Pol Col Weerayut Prasopchokechai said Sumon and Nithikorn admitted assaulting the father and son following a dispute over the Australians' bill. Weerayut said the father and son drank 13 bottles of beer at the bar and five bar girls sat and talked to them. The shop charged the two for Bt13,000 but they refused to pay and wanted to pay only Bt1,000. During the argument, the son came out of the shop and found the tuktuk driver who drove him and his father to the shop, Weerayut said. He said the son grabbed the head of the tuktuk driver, Phuwanart Kulsuwan, 45, out of anger that he drove them to an expensive shop. Other tuktuk drivers came to the rescue of Phuwanart and engaged in the fight with young Australian. At the moment, the father came out to help his son. The bar workers then came out to join in beating the father and son, prompting them to flee to the temple, the station chief said. The two bar workers were ordered to pay a compensation of Bt9,000 for the father and son while the two Australians were fined Bt100 each for attacking the tuktuk driver.