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  1. Looks like a zero on the back of the cobra. So zeros are good! But after hitting it with a hammer, that could be a 6 or a 9 depending on how you look at it. So any combination of 0 6 9 and Bob's your uncle. Lol
  2. I sounds as though the OP has an agenda. Title should have been, "I dislike Yanks because they all work for the benefit of the US war machine...." There ya go...much more accurate title instead of shielding your obvious dislike of Americans by putting your wife in front of you. You may actually come across a fairly large number of retirees with military background who at one time or another visited Thailand and later in life decided to make it home. And considering the number of grunts who were drafted and sent to Vietnam as cannon fodder, for sure you're going to find some of them retired here in South East Asia. BTW, a lot of those guys were drafted and sent, they didn't have a whole lot of choice. But that broad brush blanket statement of yours is a little difficult to believe. "ALL Americans......." Really? If true, you move is a very small circle of people and given your limited number of posts, you may not have been here long enough to have much exposure to the American expat community. I personally know quite a few Americans here, but there is no way that I can replicate your observation out of the group of Yanks I know. It's a mixed bag. Some vets, some military contractors, and a lot of people who have had nothing to do with either the military or defense contractors. So the only thing that I see peculiar about your peculiar observation is the peculiarity of your observation itself.
  3. The PM tries to take a yearly activity that many Thai Buddhist engage in and make it seem as though it's his own idea. I truly wonder what kind of paragon of virtue the PM is himself when away from the limelight?
  4. Boy, select good avocados is a skill set I total suck at. I generally am able to pick the ones that are hard as a rock when you cut them open, or conversely, they are brown on the inside and are turning mushy. With that said, anyone have tips for selecting avocados? At their price, I'd rather be selecting good ones the majority of the time. Also, any suggestion where to buy them for the best value?
  5. Thailand is the perfect example of a country that works just fine with a hybrid form of democracy intersperse with unelected dictatorships. Seems to work just fine. And how many 'democracies' are truly democracies? Switzerland. OK. Most are oligarchies with a democracy facade. If you understand that, then you understand that what is in Thailand isn't any better or any worse although I'm sure there's many ideologues who will disagree. No problem. We'll have to agree to disagree.
  6. Most voting systems globally aren't meant to be understood.
  7. That won't stop anyone. Here in CM a large number of wait staff are from Myanmar. I know a number of shop owners, Thai and farang, who hire them. Perhaps they are doing jobs for wages that even Thais won't accept. It's a cat and mouse game that won't end.
  8. The folks in Manila will take good care of you. Just follow the advice of the other posters.
  9. Good topic but you've pretty well answered your own question.
  10. Thais have minimalistic driving skills, traffic enforcement is limited to road blocks as opposed to using patrol cars which means that most of the really horrific driving is never sanctioned, and the sanctions for incredibly unsafe driving are relatively small fines that have no real value as a deterrent. Give you an example: Here in Northern Thailand on Highway 11 we have a frontage road in the Amphur that merges at a 90 angle with the highway. Immediately to the left of this intersection is a full sized, well constructed merge lane. About 500 meters down the road is a U-turn in the median. 95%+ of the locals who wish to head to the U-turn will make a full stop in the middle of the intersection (blocking it for all other traffic behind them), wait for highway traffic to clear (maybe), then cut 90 degrees across the highway to the 'fast' lane, and slowly accelerate toward the U-turn lane in the median. Cars will have one set of wheels on the far right shoulder and one set on the pavements of the 'fast lane' forcing the 'fast-lane' traffic into the middle of the road or into the 'slow-lane' in order to pass. It's suicidal. And most everyone drives exactly like that. Who taught these people their moronic method of driving? Myself and a handful of other drivers will make the left into the clear merge lane, accelerate, and merge onto the highway at a reasonable speed to match the oncoming traffic from behind, check for traffic in the 'fast lane', safely merge into the 'fast lane' while adapting to the speed of the flow of traffic, signal a right-hand turn, and enter the right-hand exit-lane to decelerate to a stop at the U-turn at the median. That's what a trained, sane driver does. There are very few trained, sane drivers on the roads in Thailand. The government shows no will to change this model of driving insanity (other than paying frequent lip service to the carnage) so my guess is that Thailand will maintain that second place standing for years to come. Obviously, they must think it's an honor to be second place in the world in some venue. I'm none too optimistic.
  11. What is the definition of a terrorist? Unfortunately it's been made into a trigger word whose meaning can be incredibly broad depending on the intent of the person, entities, or institutions using the word.
  12. One common theme is the residents complaining about safety and nothing being done. So, no doubt they'll find a patsy, like a janitor, to pin the manslaughter charge on.
  13. The street vendors I was talking to in CM yesterday seem to think it's slow, slow, slow. No farang come anymore.
  14. I'm happy to wear my Fruit of the Loom whitie-tighties and flip-flops while walking around in the yard. "Yes! It is a fashion statement!"