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  1. How do you stop corruption when the honest guys fear for their lives?
  2. I read this in the Bangkok Post today. Subtle wording, but the government was referred to as a 'regime' on the front page. I've followed geopolitics long enough to note that when Western government or media starts calling the governments of third world and developing countries by the term 'regime' they are on the verge of having a problem. But again, just an observation.
  3. Hey Ubonjoe, Do you have any idea why they even have this rule in the first place? It doesn't make a lot of sense if they are attempting to determine that you have enough money to live on if you are not allowed to touch it for three months out of the year. Just wondering.
  4. Translated: We're shaking down the poorer and least influential members of society because it's easier to do than enforcing traffic laws that may net some influential puu-yais and cause an embarrassment to the heads of the police departments. This nonsense is all about harvesting the lowest fruit on the tree and then publicizing that the police are actually doing something significant. They are not addressing the issue of aggressive car and truck drivers who put motorcyclists in danger - the people actually killing the many of the motorcyclists.
  5. They should relabel their campaign and their windows sticker to: Snitch With Dash Cam In Car This entire song and dance beggars the question: Why can't the Thai government put cops in patrol cars to do the work they expect the public to do for them with their dash cams. Some snitch sending in a video has no deterrent value. Bottom line: The carnage on Thai roads does not stop until this pathetic country adopts First World Traffic Policing Standards. Until then, every announcement and pronouncement is nothing but hot air and pandering to the international communities.
  6. Thais not yet in the habit of driving safely

    A public service message from Captain Obvious: "Thais not yet in the habit of driving safely" Thank you.
  7. Once high enough up the food chain, one becomes 'Teflon' to corruption charges it so seems. So that beggars the question: How do those in the upper echelons of government plan to end corruption when they can not and will not wipe their own butts first? It's a valid question.
  8. That is wonderful to see. Swimming is a skill all children should have.
  9. I wish them the best. Hopefully justice will prevail against an institution that is known to protect itself from all accusations of impropriety.
  10. I personally cringe every time I see monks in department stores. In Thailand, imho, a large percentage of the Sangha (monkhood) have lost their way. Which is sad. A small proportion of the Sangha, primarily forest monks, still hold to their 227 vows, and you will never see these monks out on shopping sprees. They practice The Dharma. They are Dharma. One other point. There are a large number of 'novice monks' in Thailand. It's a given that virtually all Thai males will become monks for a short period of time during their lives. Novice monks are only required to abided by 8 percepts, so they are relatively free to handle money and shop if they want. Young monks, those who are children, teenagers, or young adults mostly are temporary, novice monks and have no plans to remain monks. However, once a monk has chosen to become a senior monk who is bound by 227 percepts, well, these monk have no business doing anything outside of practicing. But, unfortunately that is not the case for the majority of senior monks here in Thailand. Soliciting money seems to be part and parcel with the form of Buddhism practiced by most Thai monks. Which is why I say they are 'lost.' As a Theravadan Buddhist whose teachers were all forest monks, I look at the monkhood, the Thai Sangha in Thailand, especially those in cities, and simply shake my head.
  11. Alms rounds is not begging. Monks are suppose to be recluses who primary purpose in life is to work on establishing a foundation of spirituality though morality and meditation with the ultimate goal of reaching what Westerns would understand as 'Nirvana.' Buddhist monks vows prohibit them from making their own food, and instead to rely on the generosity of the laity to provide them with food so they can concentrate on their practice. Needless to say Buddhism has morphed into something a bit different than what was established in Buddha's time, although a few monks, primarily forest monks, follow their vows seriously. Anyway this dance between monks and laity has been going on for 2500 years. Its not 'begging' on the part of the monks, it's established Buddhist practice and its purpose to to free monks from mundane tasks of the laymen's world.
  12. NCC1701A - you missed Hua Hin: Home of Thai men who engage in group beat downs on elderly farangs including 65 year old women, no doubt considered a from of chivalry.
  13. "OK I can buy into Chiang Mai and Hua Hin – they are both wonderful locations, fresh air......" Fresh air? That statement alone makes me question as to whether the author has every truly 'lived' (as opposed to simply visiting during Nov - Jan). During the hot season the air is absolutely ghastly and that can last upwards of four months out of twelve. Yes, Northern Thailand including Chiang Mai is a wonderful place and is where I reside, but 'fresh air' is a commodity that we only enjoy 8 months out of 12.
  14. How does unemployment become a problem with Thailand is deluged in migrant labor that they need in the country to fill out the job market. Plus there is a huge entrepreneurial, free market where virtually anyone with a small amount of capital can start their own business. Now, Thais not wanting to work is a different story. I know enough Thai men who sit on their butts while their girlfriends or wife works, but those are not unemployed.