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  1. When using Google Play the only currency option is THB. As an expat and not a Thai native, I don't want to pay for Android apps in Thai Baht. I want to pay for them in my home country currency. But, after spending most of the evening searching the Internet, I don't see any obvious way to change this. It looks like Google Play Store looks at the firmware on your phone, identifies the device as a Thai device, and're only payment option is Thai Baht. This is the type of thing that happens when a company has a monopoly on software distribution. Customer service and functionality be damned. Perhaps someone else has run into the issue and has a workaround. My workaround right now is to not buy anything from Google Play and continue using my computer.
  2. "He denied reports that all street food will be banned from Bangkok, saying the moves afoot were just aimed at regulating the business to ensure order and food hygiene." <same, same but different> Taken to it's logical conclusion over time, look at the US' war against free market lemonade stands run by children. In my day, opening a lemonade stand in the summer was a rite of passage. Nowadays it's a bureaucratic impossibility. Which just goes to show what happens when the nanny-state arrives. It's a comin' Thailand, it's a comin... Stand-by!
  3. It would be easier to simply say that a government ruled by a military junta is superior to democratically elected government. Lord only knows that the little people aren't capable of self-determination. What do you expect from a culture that is strongly influenced by patronage? Personally I don't care who runs the country. The one commonality that they all have is a dislike for outsiders. You may marry a Thai, settle down, have kids, contribute to Thai society, but you'll never be accepted, well, unless you're independently wealthy. So who cares what the form of government is or who pulls the levers of power. Foreigners are uniformly not really accepted or welcome to stay. Tolerated is a better description.
  4. The pope needs to open up Vatican City to unlimited immigration as he expects other countries to do - or shut up. Hypocrite.
  5. I also believe there is a specific amount of money that you need to earn while working in Thailand to qualify. If you're marriage with an extension and a WP making 20K THB a month as a teacher, I don't believe that cuts it.
  6. I believe in entrepreneurship that allows the little guy to establish a business and a way to earn a living with the least interference from the government or other entities. That entrepreneurial spirit has had a regulatory stake driven through it's heart in the West. Hell, have you kid open a lemonade stand in the US today and see what happens. The food vendors and other small business need to be unfettered. However, governments tend to use their power to destroy the ability of lowest class of citizens to make an honest living. This imperative to start regulating these micro-business will end up having a profoundly negative effect on the Thai economy and society. But in this system of patronage and status, those controlling the show really don't give a damn. These people don't care if they destroy lower and lower middle class citizens. And they are in the process of doing exactly that. Power! What good is it if you can't wield it with abandon.
  7. I had a one of those double-decker tour buses traveling south on highway 11 almost go sideways after passing me. Caught it on the dash cam. And I was thinking, "why don't the cops accept these videos and then charge these wackos for negligent and dangerous driving?" The bus footage I had was much more exciting than that truck.
  8. Pesky public. Who do they think they are? And what do they think America is? The land of the free or something like that. They should not be allowed inside the beltway. Too great of a security risk for all of the honorable politicians who sacrifice day-in and day-out to provide the public with what they need (as opposed to what they think they want). It's a tough job, and shouldn't be hindered by allowing the hoi polloi to visit the capitol, and god forbid get anywhere near the hallowed grounds of that White mansion on Penn Ave.
  9. Look up 'Agency'. The manager is acting in the legal capacity as an agent of the owner.
  10. It's a bit like getting on the Mochit to Chiang Mai bus, and as you approach Uttaradit the BIB stops the bus at a road block. When they board the bus they cite the driver for not wearing a seat belt, and then they collect the fine from every farang they find on the bus. That's about the same logic.
  11. In retrospect, all of the disenfranchised voters could have just voted for HRC. The outcome would have been the same.
  12. Learn about Linux. Ubuntu or Mint are well documented and user friendly. Yeah, you have a bit of a learning curve at first, but unlike Microsoft, you can choose the desktop that works for you and the user interface is not going to change drastically between upgrade. And it's free.
  13. What's easier? Taking Mohammed to the mountain, or bringing the mountain to Mohammed? Just leave the city! Easy as that. Thailand's a big country, a lot of it rural. In my village, a handful of kids stake out the same places every year. Other than in the exact vicinity of the kids, there ain't no water being tossed around. Overall, it's just another day. People still go to work, markets are still open, overall it's demure. The highlight of our family Songkran is visiting old people. So anyone who hunkers down in place and expects the festivities to simply flow around them like Moses parting the Red Sea - get real. Take a vacation where others tend not to go for Songkran. Think outside the box. You'll be happier!
  14. Wife says they can only put police in cruisers in order to escort VIPs.
  15. Those new signs with a camera on them will slow everyone down, I'm sure!!!