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  1. The Swiss have democracy. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the world who think they have democracies, do not.
  2. The big fish aren't held accountable to the same rules as the little fish. Remember - What does absolute power do?
  3. You know you're living with a Thai when you go to your microwave to heat up a sandwich, but you first have to remove a bowl of fried insect larvae that your Thai partner was warming up before you came into the kitchen.
  4. What could possibly go wrong with this model involving 1B THB?
  5. I change from a non-B to an extension based on marriage in Korat after finishing a work contract, then moved to Chiang Mai. I had no problems. Have your wife submit a TM30 in whatever city you land in. Some immigration districts enforce the TM30, some don't. Just be on the safe side.
  6. "Although we have different cultures, I think all countries teach their people to have good manners.” Like picking your nose in public? Like passing on blind corners and forcing oncoming traffic off of the road? Like refusing to let other vehicles merge in front of you when two lane merges down to one? Those type of manners? You gotta get out of your own country to understand what is considered 'manners' be they good or bad or indifferent. Most Thais, having not been outside of Thailand, simply don't have a clue what goes on outside of their Thai-bubble.
  7. Is DHL ripping me off

    Just curious. What online company?
  8. Is DHL ripping me off

    iHerb states that packages with contents valued over $46 shipped to Thailand may be subject to customs fees. So, probably a good idea to keep the cost of what you're shipping under $46 if buying from iHerb. I hope that doesn't change because it would be a real pain in the behind. Been buying from iHerb for years.
  9. Look at what the evil Chinese tourists have done to Rayong beaches! What I find interesting about Thailand is the ability of it's peoples to deflect their own shortcomings onto a proxy or scapegoat. Just institutionalized face-saving that is promulgated by both the Thai government and the Thai media. The beaches I've seen here are rather pathetic compared to other beaches I've seen around the world. And the problem is uniquely Thailand's fault, but they will blame it on anyone else that they can.
  10. No doubt the project management teams involved at KFC and DHL in this logistics transition will be walking though the third stage of this minor disaster: The Six Stages of Project Enthusiasm Disillusionment, Panic and hysteria, Hunt for the guilty, Punishment of the innocent, and Reward for the uninvolved.
  11. GDP growth to rise over 4% this year

    Vietnam estimated at 6.8% GDP. Got some catching up to do.
  12. Looks like the new light poles they recently installed on a rural highway in our amphur. Obviously the guys installing them don't know what a level is or how to use one. I just shake my head. Obviously no pride of workmenship around here. I wonder what the Thai equivalent is for the phrase: "Good enough for government work?"
  13. How many Thai companies and Thai communities near coastal Thailand dump raw sewage and chemical pollutants directly into the rivers, streams, and canals that eventually run into the sea and onto those 'pristine', beautiful Thai beaches? "Bad Chinese! Bad tourist!" First take the bamboo stake out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the dust speck from your tourist guest's eye. "Bad farangs."