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  1. You practice shooting it in your backyard? I'm not being facetious. Even those who have years of experience need to stay current with practice. Why leave the home? - to take it to a legal shooting range. In the US, when I knew the local laws and the terrain and could safely shoot outdoors it wasn't a problem. Here in Thailand. The gun is only in the car if going to the range or the gunsmith. And it's locked in a case along with our Por 4, which I'm now going to get high quality color copies of. Thank you Arkady for that advice.
  2. Anyone, farang or Thai, carrying an illegal firearm is truly a moron. The laws here are no joke.
  3. Sort of a moot point when you're paying 5x the US price for a handgun and 3x the US price for a rifle or shotgun. Then ammo - ouch! Especially if you're using imported FMJ match rounds instead of local brands with a limited number of headstamps. But sort of interesting. Thais making their own powder? Really? For those 2 meter + long rifles that look like they are imported from Afghanistan. I thought handloading was illegal for the average Somchai which I'd infer would mean manufacturing powder also. Maybe not.
  4. Thanks much for the info. Saves me a PM! You were reading my mind.
  5. You can find a nice selection of butterfly knifes at the Night Market. But, I'd have to question the wisdom of purchasing one with the intent to carry. Or for that matter, even own. My gut level feeling tells me they are illegal, well, except for the seller who is paying ngen cha.
  6. I have golf clubs in the rear of my car; I go to the driving range.
  7. Regarding the Saudi and other diplomats, Diplomatic Immunity probably equals a Por 12. Just wondering, but how many diplomats worldwide pack? I've got my own guess. Thanks for the information by the way.
  8. I'm sorta sure that the 100K THB fine shared with whoever is enforcing the law will lead to a mass enforcement effort.
  9. Do you plan to upgrade to Windows 10?

    $$$ <Cha-Ching!!!>$$$
  10. Do you plan to upgrade to Windows 10?

    "So, what probably happened—just reading between the lines here—was that the OP naively installed Win 8 (or bought a machine w/ it pre-installed) w/o preparing for the change and then opened the Start panel to find OMG!" Bad assumption, and incorrect. Understand, I run on older hardware. Cheap Charlie? Guilty as charged. <laughs> Does that mean I can't afford jamming 36GB of RAM in my system or just buying a new system. No. And every system I buy gets reformatted and built from scratch. But why don't I go to new hardware? My Linux based systems run just fine on the hardware I have. But when I choose to buy my next hardware, I'll no doubt run a copy of Windows 10 either dual booted or in a VM. Given Moore's Law, I'd rather wait until I really need to buy new hardware. Way more bang for the buck (or baht) That's just me. Blame it on my Scottish roots <lol> "The OP, by his own admission, "doesn't like change."" Just a fact: The only constant in the universe is change! So no, change just is and it's not something I avoid. Unnecessary change? That doesn't mean I personally go bleeding edge. I don't see any reason unless there is a reason. Others like bleeding edge because that is what trips their triggers. I'm fine with that. Personal choice my man. Personal choice. However, Microsoft in my personal and professional opinion doesn't listen to their end-users. I'm talking as a guy who worked as first and second tier support on a help desk in a 4000 employee company and prior to retirement, the manager of our Windows-based server infrastructure. I don't come up with this out of thin air. When you're in that position you have to understand that every major UI and underlying programmatic change that MS pushes to their end-user has to be addressed by the company who then has to retrain a lot of end-users, from secretaries, to management staff, to the scientist in the organization who are writing technical papers and compiling data in MS databases and Excel spreadsheets, to the system admins and support staff. Do you have any idea how much money retraining costs a large organization who have embraced Microsoft as their primary productivity platform? And who have thousands of employees? Perhaps you do; perhaps you don't. I do. Do you have similar credentials? If you do, cool! Then why is a problem to understand? I've been in the project management teams that have had to roll these new MS products out to our employees and it's not small matter and it's damn expensive, and took significant time away from the primary mission of our organization. Now I'm way beyond individual users. Try to grasp that instead of seeing me as some Anti-Microsoft firebrand. Microsoft is what I supported from the mid-1980s until I retired from my company. Did you miss that particular fact? Try reading what I'm saying instead of 'reading between the lines'. Did I not say that at some point in time I'd probably buy and install Windows 10 out of expediency on my own system. By golly I did! I'm discussing the product; you're making this personal. Now I'd like to know- why does posting a request for information from Windows users on Thai Visa in order to discuss the merits of a software product lead you to engage in ad-hominem rhetoric instead of simply discussing the strengths and weakness of the product, in this case, Windows 10? All the technical information you provided is wonderful. I want to know your position, and all other member's position on how they feel about Windows 10, but it ain't personal partner. Can you grasp that? I won't reciprocate by making this issue about your personal preference in operating systems. I respect your position. Try doing the same. So dude, not a problem. You have provided quite a bit of really useful information and comments. Sincerely, I do appreciate your input. Probably other Windows 10 users too. It's all good. Again, thanks much along with all other who provided comments!
  11. "AUSSIE pilot Dan Boland thinks he’s savvy about travel scams, but on a recent trip to Thailand, con artists got him good." Actually Mr. Boland is about a savvy as a brick. The first week I was in BKK 10 years ago a was approached by numerous 'friendly, helpful' folk who ultimately always ended by pointing at a tuk tuk. I 'played' one of these guys posing as a school teacher for about 20 minutes. At the end of the 20 minutes when I show no signs of taking a tuk tuk to go to see anything, this guy lost it in a rage of profanity. It doesn't take a lot to see through the scams. You simply need a degree of skepticism. Like precious stones. You're better off going to by some cheap glass bling-bling. So if Mr. Boland got 'taken for a ride' I don't have a lot of sympathy. Sounds like he was an excellent mark as opposed to a savvy traveler. So the attached article is actually good advice for the gullible. Plus there is a wealth of information on the Internet regarding Thailand scams. Sorry Mr. Borland, but that shoe of gullibility seems to fit.
  12. Social Security Announces 2.0 Percent Benefit Increase for 2018

    If you're living here, why are you paying for Medicare which you can't use outside of the US.
  13. Cure for a weak bladder??

    You are really young of this. Time for a doctor visit.
  14. If they had not filled in the original klongs, then the water wouldn't be seeking the path of least resistance.
  15. It will be novel and entertaining to watch the various restrictions on political parties and campaigning that will surface prior to announcing an election date.