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  1. You must live in a Thailand in an alternate universe than the rest of us.
  2. What is the definition of Tenacious? It's what Filipino tennis players wear on their feet? Yeah <laughs> 30 some odd years back my Filipina girlfriend was a great source of some really funny Filipino jokes. I did enjoy my time in the PI and my time with the Filipino communities on the US West coast. Met some great people.
  3. I don't think that 'when' children are tested is an issue. Imho, start them young and get them use to the process. When I was a kid I enjoyed taking tests. However -- the real question should be, "What are they testing?", and, "What are the goals of the Thai educational system?" I believe the educational system itself is deeply flawed and tends to be more of an indoctrination mill than a viable educational institution. And the tests are measuring what? How well Thai students are indoctrinated? Because the numbers regarding math, sciences, history, social studies, and English puts Thai school children scraping the bottom of the barrel internationally. Having taught Thai English teachers I was left with the impression that teachers here in Thailand are an example of the blind leading the blind. Children are resilient and soak up new information like sponges if it's presented to them professionally by competent teachers. So the kids have the ability to toe the line, of that I have no doubt. But unfortunately most are stuck in over-crowded and under-funded schools where learning how to be a cowed, subservient, unquestioning, risk-adverse member of Thai society is more important than learning the core educational subjects in order to advance their level of knowledge.
  4. What happened to the Post Office boxes at the Chiang Mai Post Office on the Highway 11 frontage road North of Charoen Muang?
  5. My dad always told me that I should clean up my own back yard before I set off to clean up someone else's.
  6. I"m a bit amazed that the red flags didn't go up when the destination of the flight was not South Korea. Having a ticket in hand with the destination of Malaysia should have stopped her in her tracks. For what ever reason it didn't.
  7. Actually, here in the LOS, I'd be deeply offended if the baristas didn't write, "Handsum Man" on my cup.
  8. So what. Much ado about nothing. I wouldn't give a flip is a Thai baristas wrote "Farang" on my cup. Too many thin-skinned, easily offended people out there. Lord, get over it.
  9. Where? It's almost impossible to find a quality safe here. They have a huge selection of cheap safes that are over-priced and poor quality. You can spend a lot of money on a safe, but that doesn't mean that it's even moderately secure.
  10. That's ok. To compensate for the government entering the 21st Century digital age while dealing with Thai citizens, Thai Immigration will continue to use paper forms well into the 22nd Century. No doubt in another 10 years I'll be filling out the same forms that I've submitted for the last two decades. Gotta keep killing trees and wasting paper.
  11. Pick up a copy of Thailand Fever and give it a read. That will give you a start. After you live here 10 years you'll understand the subtle nuances that those of us long-term ex-pats who have married into Thai families have come to know and love. After which you'll neither go "100% Native" and embrace the whole sha-bang, or you'll develop a jocular, cheeky, and somewhat facetious sense of humor to keep the oddities of Thai social customs in perspective and have a little fun in the process. Example: Go to an outing with the family and high wai children and insist on shaking hands with the adults for fun and amusement. <chortle> Being considered eccentric and somewhat 'off' by everyone you know has it's perks. It keeps everyone off balance and you can leverage it to your advantage. Also, learn Thai but don't let folks know you know. You'll find out exactly what they think of you. Good luck!
  12. A true Buddhist monk would not have been arrested while sleeping on a 'high, comfortable' bed which is strictly forbidden by the vows taken by what is suppose to be a 'senior' Buddhist monk. So, yes, it's wonderfully karmatic in the sense that he is now living in the austerity that Buddhist monks vow to live in, but he seems to be rather averse to that lifestyle. <laugh> What goes around comes around. How fitting!!!
  13. If they spent more time meditating a less time pursuing worldly endeavors, then no doubt they would be sleeping like babes. But had they done that, they would not be in prison in the first place. Boo hoo. Ejecting these charlatans out of the Sangha is a step in the right direction. There are a whole lot more that should be forced to take that same path.
  14. Under the Law of Salvage, they are pretty much entitled to tip a few cans while they're helping pick up the mess. Granted, if they were loading up their pickups and driving away, yeah, that looting. But calling the people tipping a few while they help clean up the mess is rather petty. And the cargo for the most part would not be fit to be sold after hitting the cement although I'm quite sure the attempt will be made.