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  1. With El Chapo in US custody, suddenly the Peruvian Marching Powder is showing up in SE Asia. This should make the premise for Season 10 of Netflix Narcos.
  2. Sure, today they say that, next week? Just wait for the Saudi Monetary $$$Astro-glide$$$ to generously lubricate the machination of the Washington bureaucracy and I'm sure we'll find that it was all just a simple misunderstanding. Khashoggi just tripped on his shoelace while in the embassy striking his head on a table and killing himself after which the KSA embassy staff over-reacted and got rid of the unfortunate man's body as so not to be blamed for his demise.
  3. Great idea. Hand the energy sector over to Skynet.
  4. Wow. How cool to watch major mega-corporations battle over greed and monopolies when it comes to producing one of the most addictive consumer products in the world.
  5. That's the same as saying that corruption will be eliminated in Thailand in two years. Ain't gonna happen.
  6. They're probably all at Branson, Missouri where they can shop till they drop at the malls there and actually find some amazing bargain-basement deals on products that they probably produced themselves in their home country.
  7. When I was a kid, other kids would mix aspirin and coca cola and drink that mixture. Probably explains why you can hardly find aspirin in Thailand. I love the rational - if somebody can abuse a drug, make it almost impossible for those who use it legitimately to obtain it. But using the same rational, why isn't alcohol only sold in pharmacies, and pharmacies limited to having only 83.3 six-packs in stock, and buyers limited to buying two six-packs which they have to sign their name to get. What is the more abused drug here? Tramadol or alcohol? I'm surprised they haven't banned raw papaya here.
  8. And like Chiang Mai, the airports should compromise and work with airlines to limit incoming flights to Phuket for three or four hours a night during the holiday in order to facilitate the holiday activities. It's not like the stakeholders don't have a full year to prepare and schedule. Ok, start arresting foreigners who come here to celebrate and who are caught lighting a lantern. That's should boost tourism!
  9. How is the new packaging 'plain packaging?' This is plain packaging:
  10. If you live thought your first year or your first 3 bike accidents here in Thailand, by that time you'll probably have figured out that driving here is nothing like driving in the West and if you don't compensate for the insanity of Thai drivers, you're own life is in the line.
  11. Better than being visited by two Nigerian princesses and their muscle demanding compensation for chatting with their Vietnamese 'client' who would need 100,000 THB in advance in order to make arrangements for her visit.
  12. If Democrats are ever going to redefine themselves they need to bring in the newer generation. If they keep backing the old war horses that need to be set up to pasture, nothing's going to change. Heck, Trump even endorses Polosi. And when Republicans start endorsing Polosi as speaker and Hillery Clinton for a President in 2020 - think about it. That should say everything. They need leaders in the party who are neither geriatrics nor have age related health problems. But part of the party wants to simply keep banging the same drum, others want socialism/communism while believing money must grow on trees. Then there are a few Democratic legislators out there acting on issues that have long been the floor of the Democratic agenda. But it seems the party is hell bent on ripping itself up from within and they'll lose moderate democrats and independents who swing based on substantive issues such as myself. I don't vote for parties, or candidates, I vote for issues.
  13. The rats aren't being caught humanely and given a new home in Udon Thani?
  14. Graffiti on Thapae Gate gets you 100,000 THB fine and a two year suspended sentence. Threaten to kill someone with a deadly weapon: 2000 THB fine.