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  1. Here a picture of my bicycle which is becoming more difficult to ride as I age. I simply can not ride in a forward-leaning position with my weight on my wrists and hands. It's killing my arms, hands, wrists as well as my neck and back. I just can't do it anymore. I need to get my hands up to at least as high as in the picture below. This position takes the weight off of my wrists and arms, and allows me to straighten my body and back so that my back and neck aren't in pain. FYI the hand grips pictured don't help. And the handle bars can not be adjusted any higher and can not be adjusted any further backward toward the rider. So the question is, how can I modify this to get the handle bars higher and closer toward me. I stopped riding a couple of years ago because this setup is too uncomfortable.
  2. connda

    Protein Powder

    The issue for me is convenience and not price (and I only speak from myself considering I'm the OP of this thread). As I mentioned before, a 12 oz protein and fruit shake is easy to carry to the gym than 8 egg whites, the 12 oz shake is easier to consume than wolfing down 8 bland eggs white, and it's easier to transport. Simple!
  3. connda

    Protein Powder

    Hope you have no aversion to reading scientific literature as opposed to some dumbed-down main-stream news article. I prefer the former. There is more literature on scientific studies in this area, but I'll leave it to you to search for it on your own if you're so inclined. Here's your starting point. Bon apatite! Timing of postexercise protein intake is important for muscle hypertrophy with resistance training in elderly humans Here's the bottom line - "timing" means within a short window of time after resistance training. "In conclusion, this study investigated the importance of the timing of protein intake after each exercise bout over 12 weeks of resistance training on morphological and strength characteristics of skeletal muscle in elderly individuals. Based on the findings in the present study it appears that the timing of protein intake after strength training bouts can be important for protein synthesis and hypertrophy of skeletal muscle in elderly individuals..." https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2278776/
  4. I go past Thapae Gate about twice a month. I see loads of Chinese tourist, loads of pigeons, bird-food hawkers on the peripheries, and no BIB anywhere in sight. That's the norm. If they are serious about getting rid of pigeons, then they need cops walking a beat in the center of the tourists and the birds all day until the hawkers disband, feeding stops, and the birds relocate.
  5. connda

    NLA passes law to make Thailand hub of global organizations

    Can't wait for the International Conferences on 'human trafficking', 'refugee immigration', 'democracy and elections', and 'human rights'.
  6. connda

    PM Prayut eager for medical marijuana to be legal in Thailand

    If Prayut invokes Article 44 and legalizes medical marijuana, he's got my vote for PM for life.
  7. Can't wait until the cops start busting Chinese tourists at Thapae Gate for feeding pigeons considering the sheer number who do. I wouldn't doubt that it is part of the allure. If they start issuing fines and threatening jail time, that will get back to the mainland. Then look for another 5% drop in Chinese tourism.
  8. Hollywood is incapable to making anything original anymore. It's a money-machine. Sequels in / garbage out.
  9. We'll now all see exactly who stands up for ideology and who aspires toward power.
  10. Hate to be Captain Obvious here, but all those bikes in the limited confines of a relatively narrow BTS/MRT car with limited egress? What could possibly go wrong especially given the Thai propensity of having to be "Me First" through the doors and a Jai Yen attitude that disappears and turns ugly with the first unintentional bump? If there was an accident, I sure would not want to be on that train.
  11. Post a couple of tourist police at Thapae gate. Warn the Chinese tourists and arrest the bird food sellers. It's an enforcement issue at this point. Prayut and his boyz either need to enforce or stop the whining. This doesn't go away on its own. Just install a permanent tourist police booth in the square and get out and walk a beat. They're tourist police - they need to be more visible in heavy tourist areas anyway.
  12. "Instant Karma's gonna get you Gonna knock you off your feet Better recognize your brothers Ev'ryone you meet" So stop stealing joker...you've now been warned.
  13. 2.48 M THB each. Happy consumer. Really, really happy lawyers.