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  1. Triumph Bobber - Thumbs up or down??

    Well more like left behind.
  2. I would have a GSXR1000 in a heartbeat if I could afford it, not far off the same weight as my CRF250.
  3. New family Motorcycle - Questions

    Wave 91 just fine probably takes E20 too if a 2017. Bike with wife's name tax disc and CTPL anyone can ride it.
  4. Noisy Motorbike Exhausts

    Until someone in charge decides to do something about it, it will get worse before better. Just back home from staying in Pattaya south and wore ear-plugs at bedtime.
  5. To try filing a complaint in Thailand would be like water off a duck's back or in one ear and out the other if you get my gist.
  6. Road work on Highway 1

    I like to miss out busy highways altogether on a motorbike trip unless there's no choice.
  7. Honda CB500X is a excellent bike for Thailand and a bag strapped on the back is enough for a tour, instead of the wanna be look around the world boxes.
  8. Gun Laws in Thailand

    You can upgrade BB guns and use a different weight plastic pellet.
  9. Everest 3.2Ltr Rear Engine Oil Seal

    Don't think, do it and show it all over Media outlets.
  10. Price of Land

    Price of land around us I find is a matter of the what price it is in the beginning of negotiations, the price it is what their heart thinks.
  11. 110k Baht for house building approval?

    What does your wife think.?
  12. Well your the one who used it, replace with one yourself.
  13. That's what l was thinking about, anyway when book in somewhere l thought the rule and onus was on the owners to report foreigner stay..
  14. Thai Honda Models /prices

    APS Honda dealers 3 models CRF 250's 135 / 165 / 179.