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  1. Kwasaki

    Renewing UK passport

    Have you checked your Thai DL. ?
  2. Kwasaki

    Pipe Extractor

    Could use one of these I did.
  3. I would think very unlikely. Utube your best IMHO and a lot reading.
  4. Kwasaki

    Renewing UK passport

    My Thai DL has an English printed address on the back.
  5. Get your GF to telephone them number on DLT website. She will need a 5 year DL. Does the country you are going to need a IPC.
  6. Bit of a silly ad really because offenders will not take any notice and an insult to many IMO.
  7. You cannot own land so buy a portable cabin home. You can get a 30year lease.
  8. Kwasaki

    Motorcycle insurance

    Maybe get moved 'motorcycle forum' The insurance company in return issue an insurance statement, about what, sounds dodgy. What DL will you use ? You will have or should have CTPL cover already. You can get good voluntary insurance motorcycle cover in Thailand.
  9. You keep the book if your the seller until full payment. If your a buyer, go buy from a shop.
  10. Kwasaki

    Saudi Arabia blocks Thaivisa!

    Don't go to their Embassy's either.
  11. Yes in Old City the Sukhothai Historical park.
  12. I have always thought if it's leave lets leave because the EU would never give the UK a good deal it would only encourage others who may consider leaving. Just a waste of 2 years and playing remainer mind games IMO.
  13. Kwasaki

    How many cubes you riding brah?

    Can't do the last year but Triumph Rocket lll and mini moto 49cc.
  14. I put higher rate bulbs in my Vigo years back, everyone was flashing their lights at me and the reflectors coating was peeling, so put OME ones back.
  15. Sounds like you need a fitness programme before your brain the one eyed one headed monster kills you.