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  1. Kwasaki

    Fuel kilos

    Must say I don't remember these pick-ups.
  2. Kwasaki

    What's the point of so much power?

    R1 luvely bikes to ride.
  3. Kwasaki

    What's the point of so much power?

    Your choice for sure but I have to say I do not understand people saying that, I luv riding here and my m/c jacket has holes and I can feel cold at times.
  4. Kwasaki

    What's the point of so much power?

    I use to luv riding those bikes my friend and I use to swap bikes on ride outs.
  5. If you or OP watches the many vids on Teak wood restoration methods he could easily undertake the work. Once OP has all the listed equipment to hand the task is mostly preparation. Before and after video footage can be seen which is better than writing it down in a post IMO.
  6. Kwasaki

    Fuel kilos

    Don't remember that Ford only had ' Thames ' & ' Transits ' in UK from memory, was that Ford pick-up in Oz. I think you might get some falangie flack now.
  7. Kwasaki

    Fuel kilos

    The Vigo 3L I had would only be good on fuel on a long run, trotting about I didn't expect it to be economical.
  8. Kwasaki

    Fuel kilos

    The blue diesel is a cleaner burning diesel available at PTT garages. E85 is cheap the later Honda City can use it my daughters can use E20.
  9. Kwasaki

    Fuel kilos

    His showing the pump price and litres you must know most pumps at stations have 3 different deliveries, to right it the ' blue ' which is diesel.
  10. Kwasaki

    Fuel kilos

    16+ came from another post so if you boot your 2.8 tuna I guess 10 to litre is easy to get. With the Isuzu 1.9 overweight also with a silly un-aerodynamic height giving it the boot, a dash read goes to 10.4 . Ease up for a steady 90k can get 14 to litre it vary's with different weight loads.
  11. Kwasaki

    What's the point of so much power?

    Please stop showing these gorgeous ladies pix my blood presure is high enough thanks.
  12. Kwasaki

    Fuel kilos

    So where does the 16 + per ltr come from, maybe it's a con dashboard read out. My Isuzu gives a better figure than actual doable kilos per litre or average and through the a calculus of cash and kilos it is not the same.
  13. Kwasaki

    What's the point of so much power?

    No way, 1000 cc riders IOM are faster, I think a clear road race circuit set up in Thailand would be possible. I think you have missed the point in your own thread and have lost the point of so much power.
  14. I get what you say but with the army in control and following I would say the directive of Thai people in charge of Thailand the country is trying to deal with the scumbag's.