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  1. Kwasaki

    Chinese vs Thai nationals

    Exactly there Thai.
  2. Kwasaki

    Chinese vs Thai nationals

    Strange seeing how the Thais came from China I guess they own a quite a lot of businesses or you talking about nowaday Chinese who have invested in Thailand.
  3. What's that I wonder sipping my beer, Oh yes it's something I did so I could be happy in Thailand.
  4. Yeah good idea having them on phone cause I don't always carry my wallet either. Personally too I have never been ask for passport in nearly 14 years only when police have come to my home doing checks on falangies staying in the area, they know me but still have to take photos of my passport and me standing next to one of em. I have seen web site warning about stay away from " Sukhumvit " what is that all about. ?
  5. Kwasaki

    Chinese vs Thai nationals

    I found the history interesting, the Thai people were originally from a northern part of China. Best to read but a rough outline is when inhabited by them in and around the Chiang Rai area they began in Siam next to the village where I live Muang Kao which was the established as the first Buddhist state. Thai people pronounce Siam in two syllables see- umm as I hear it.
  6. Kwasaki

    Crime case vs Civil case in court?

    I don't know how this began and what happened in procedures of the case you refer too or whether Thai lawyer was experiences in matters of the case. The following is an overview of what you ask. Criminal laws are the rules that apply when someone commits a crime, such as assault, robbery, murder, arson, rape and other kinds of crimes. After a person is arrested and charged with a crime, that person goes to a Criminal Court. Civil law refers to almost all other disputes—these are the rules that apply when one person sues another person, a business or agency. This can cover a housing case such as for eviction or foreclosure, a family case such as divorce or custody, consumer problems such as debt or bankruptcy, or when someone sues for money because of damage to property or personal harm. All of these cases go to a Civil Court. The judges in criminal and civil court have different powers. Criminal Court judges can punish you for breaking the law by sending you to jail. Civil Court judges can order you to pay money or a fine, or make decisions about your family or your home.
  7. Kwasaki

    55/30 Gallon Steel Barrels?

    Buy a drum of petrol pay deposit of drum (barrel) and keep it. Beer barrels are better but more expensive usually hold 40 litre.
  8. Wow I never realized that what an intelligent deduction. Anything about bad up-bringing, irresponsible use of alcohol, irresponsible use of illegal drugs.
  9. Well be a man and stand your ground the army are in charge not the police, since 2014 no need to carry passport only a form of ID and a copy of your passport.
  10. Never seen that law stated anywhere maybe you live in the Phuket or Pattaya state.
  11. Don't know if you refer to me or OP, I like girlie bars and beer and when I was riding my motorbike around all of Kanchanaburi lots of shops on road selling cans of beer.
  12. Kwasaki

    5000 baht just to change green book?

    Nonsense !! don't be told to go and jump off a bridge.
  13. Ride/drive all around the province as many do, one of my favorite places in Thailand. Or just carry on sitting on your stool numbing your brain watching footiball.