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  1. Kwasaki

    Do you really like living in Thailand?

    So a troll in Bangkok is what Thailand is all about.
  2. Kwasaki

    Bigger bike for 185cm rider

    Brought out for short Thai people.
  3. Kwasaki

    International Driving Permit

    Don't think you've got it understood correctly I still stand by my post #2 which has been explained and told to me by a Thai person at our local DLT. I wouldn't trust a English translation from Thai anyhow. With TV members long time experience giving advice here of what's best for a foreigner in Thailand is pretty good IMHO. If you stay for more than 90 days you need a Thai DL so the consensus is if someone comes to Thailand regularly get a Thai driving licence. The other consensus is in coming to Thailand and wanting drive, bring an IDP with home DL whether it's needed or not to save inconvenience. As for farangies bleating on about Thai Law, on a good day a Thai Judge may be fair on a bad one it's deep pocket time.
  4. Kwasaki

    CRF Bagger..

    As for my bum bag it take enough for 2-3 nights, keep the same clothes for riding, stay out longer just get things washed. On my 16 day trip I move up too a small back pack bag which will now go the crf rack.
  5. Kwasaki

    International Driving Permit

    Many topic's on this subject simply put tourist visa can drive with home drive-license with IDP whether needed or not, non imm visa Thai licence required.
  6. That is why an Oz home DL needs a IDP unlike the UK photocard one that has all vehicles you can drive on. It's just the case in Thailand with an IDP with a UK DL you don't get much bother and the cost of UK IDP is smaller than the fine wanted by the uneducated Thai police on there countries DL laws and as usual the mind set is to fine to get some dosh.
  7. Wouldn't surprise me I have only experienced one friend trying to get a Thai DL from a nearer DLT Sukhothai but had to go P/lock as his address was under P/lock.
  8. Kwasaki

    Bigger bike for 185cm rider

    Versys 650 or if you want something tall and lighter a CRF250 .
  9. It has to be the nearest DLT to your address stay in Thailand.
  10. Kwasaki

    What happened to Lay tomato flovoured crisps?

    There in our local ma & pop shops where we live.
  11. I guess they do thank them it's been a good 70 years.
  12. This thread is probably a good example of how negotiations go, 451 next.
  13. Not in my experience with the Honda City but then nothing gone wrong with it even after nearly 5 years. Had a Yaris nearly 10 year old never had a problem both looked after with servicing at our local 'Cockpit'.
  14. Ask around for a recommended 'Cockpit' or 'B'Quick outlet because as always some are good some ain't.
  15. Kwasaki

    2017 Honda CBF. How do I sell it?

    Sorry to hear of your condition as for the bike use the forum here in a post for selling at the top of the page, also use internet to place on Baht-sold and Craigslist which are popular selling web sites. The bikes not old so maybe ask where you bought it from what it's worth and ask them to make you an offer which maybe another alternative. Best of luck.