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  1. How about getting a Z800.
  2. As l see and said before basically driving here to keep safe is observation of the driving habits whether good or bad you have to be aware of them. Statistics and lack of training, bad drivers, bad roads is an easy call.
  3. Well as you know it's a bit tricked up but interesting.
  4. Good old Dad's err, l was 13/15 and skint but working evenings to save for a bike, l had an old moped given to me by Dad's friend which l trashed riding around in the fields and woods but carried on with a NSU 150 scoot a friend lent me. Had a bit of road before the woods so that was the first thing l got nicked on by plod, underage, no licence, no L plates, no insurance, no road-tax. Anyway 16th birthday dad turns up on 600 Panther with sidecar, kicking that over was nearly thrown over handle bar time if it back fired when trying to start it, even with the valve lifter fully open. Passed my test later borrowing my mates 175 bantam, tried the Panther solo but it was a heavy beast and wanted to take a different line to the one l was trying. Sold it and bought a s/h Triumph 500 great bike and so the string bikes followed. Good stories and memories here.
  5. Well Audi took over Ducati early 2012 and have been making big product improvements. 9 months !! Your mate wasn't doing much by the sound of things, he should of put a complaint in. Being in Thailand it doesn't surprise me of workshops getting complacent also being incompetent. I had issues with Kwasaki and got on to their Bkk head office and they helped me find a workshop of their's, where a chief engineer took care of things.
  6. Didn't read into it too much but if they build a factory here and assembly them here won't that address the price as it has with others makes.
  7. That's my take on it too, so will support you in this dispatch correct Castrol products like magnatec have been protecting cold starts for dok years. The engine temperature light on both family cars goes out after about 10 secs if that. If your going high-tune your spivo and race it use full syn, if you trade it in for a Land Cruiser you can get one that does 230 mph ( 370 kph ).
  8. As of now one of the best bikes brought out after Blades and R1's is the GSXR1000 so simple so fast and the Triumph speed triple is up there too. Also in my book any biker although l'm not keen on the looks of it, you haven't lived until experience a ride on a Suz Busa. Best thing also is when my grand kids ask me to tell them a story at bedtime, l'd talk about bikes it worked a treat.
  9. I can run it in for ya honest.
  10. The RC211V5 is music to the ears.
  11. l think anyone has the right to complain but come on we were all young at one time and the young here are great, let them be as noisy as they like.
  12. Sukhothai new town river bridge l rode over today was very low, that will have to be one big giant load of water coming.
  13. Yeah motorbikes are collectibles my UK 92 blade l kept until retiring Thailand 2005 it had become a classic by then. You remind me of my second wife, l had accumulated 7 bikes and was servicing the Z650 in the front room which l got through the patio doors. To cut a story she said it's either me or the bikes that have to go, she was packed and gone that evening.
  14. As above post said
  15. While your young enough get one man there's nothing but praise for Ducati 939 Hypermotard and some good read ups on these bikes and no reliability problems as far as l can find with either SP or standard. Extract from one of many :- Oil changes can be easily done at home. Another very strong point of this new Testastretta motor is the 30,000 km (18,000 miles) service interval. This is another trickle-down benefit of the relatively small exotic Italian bike manufacturer being owned by an automotive powerhouse. The recent increase in quality and reliability that Audi and Volkswagen have implemented in their automotive engineering seems to be influencing Ducati’s bike development well. If l was OP l would keep it.