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  1. New roof advice

    Just to clarify it is not the correct way putting RB/breathers/vapours directly under tiles/corrugated sheets, the installation method is either under battens as in roof tiles or under spacers as in roof sheets or the other alternative to underside of existing rafters or existing purlins.
  2. Kill Trees Forever

    Cut down tree as low to the ground as possible if it's yours drill a hole to take a small length of 1/2" copper pipe. Seems to work for me.
  3. Spoilt for choice - Not!

    All I would say to you is give Maxxis a a try they were OK on car I had, 3 differents tyres on my Versys notice some different but nout to be fussed about. My airblade scoot always has IRC found them to be OK never a problem. The small bike mechanic shops in our village do take care when changing by hand, all main dealers which are not that far away have tyre and balancing facilities.
  4. What is your value quotient here in Thailand?

    Your post I guess.
  5. Spoilt for choice - Not!

    No because tyres are tyres and on a scoot cheaper ones usually wear out quicker, l find IRC OK even though wanna be MotoGP riders here say there crap.
  6. Spoilt for choice - Not!

    I would go for the Maxxis.
  7. New roof advice

  8. I have not bother much with tuning from OEM on any bike l've had, only cosmetic, so are the costs really worth the gains. Surely it's just a personal thingy.
  9. Versys 650 are good anyone can buy mine anytime, l've toured much of Thailand all except Nan.
  10. Transfer Funds from Uk to Thailand

    As more or less said who do use ? What bank are you with ? How much do you want ? FD bank UK l can get £800 worth of baht per day from Thai bank.
  11. Short hair mafia

    Nothing much to comment on this really as I'm not Thai so it's none of my business. Never been bothered much with Thai police or even less so by Army at checkpoints. Police in UK never demanded money either but very strict on road use.
  12. Scammed by Expat and his Thai gf

    Scammed by Expat and his Thai gf ?, scamming or scams by couples like on all things is not uncommon.
  13. New roof advice

    There OK got my first ones for roof repairs 10 years ago no problem. Fixed top of roll if using roof sheets is better practice. Been answered in many post pix and post descriptions already.
  14. Removing sprayed Insulation from Tiles

    What shape is your roof. ? What roof tiles are they. ? Have you got soffits. ?