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  1. Tourist Driving Licence

    Well that's been the long standing joke with IDP's in Thailand because if there is a photo and English info of what the licence holder can drive on the visiting persons countries full license an IDP is not required, the problem is the knowledgeably of the police or the knowledgeably of the tourist. The consensus as quoted many times is get a IDP to save any aggro if you want to drive in Thailand.
  2. For tall people, Versys 650 new - or 1000 s/h are good not classed as a cruiser but a comfortable ride for Thailand.
  3. Agree when in very busy areas but it's just not like that in many places all over Thailand. The argument on safe driving is a wide subject and will go on forever as well as over the top rhetoric on doing something in a safe situation.
  4. 2017 Toyota Yaris

    Good motors no worries.
  5. BS. but OK brainwashed HSE.com carrying on living in your western bubble.
  6. l understand have children of my own and OK Patong says is all, you are the advanced driver in the south.
  7. l guess so, try Google Thailand car insurers.
  8. Misunderstanding as l see it, it's your opinion of who you say do not know how to drive correctly. Ever seen a downhill stretch of road where you don't need to brake. Ever seen the traffic lights change to red way up ahead where you have no need to get to quickly you can just coast to them.
  9. Slow or no loading on Thai Visa

    Happens now and again, l get blank screen with " 502 bad gateway " .
  10. The jokes on you, lack of knowledge is your problem.
  11. I guess you don't use coasting i neutral in the outback.
  12. Tourist Driving Licence

    l would agree but only because the ignorants of police looking for tea money. All l would say make sure OP's mate don't drive more than 90 days.
  13. Disagree if you have to use your brakes on a downhill with manual don't do it, some auto's you have to use brakes anyhow. The use of neutral in auto's with handbrake on at long waiting traffic lights is good practice especially in a hot country. Somebody l guess will say next keep your foot on the clutch and handbrake on & in gear on at long waits and jams, that's bad driving IMO. Yes indeed each to their own and each to there use of driver Technics.