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  1. Kwasaki

    Tax disc for new car

    Never paid for dealers doing that. If you have copy book you can iget CTPL near where you live.
  2. Kwasaki

    Quick survey about the 90 day report

    Yes I would like to see what you suggest just give immigration the 1,900 every year or pay a lump sum for 3 years say. That said this year has been different for us:- At immigration they wanted more from us doing the marriage extension a took 2 hours instead of usual 30 mins in the past. Something not done before was they telephone our house phone to say our papers were back, bring passport in for the 1 year stamp but also asked where my wife was. Today had a visit from 2 Tourist policemen wanting to see my visa in the passport !! it took them a while before they said where's your visa, & said look at first page the stamp was showing visa status and transfer details from previous passport. They took photos of passport pages, my yellow book, my drivers licence and one of me along side a policeman. Something is going on, I guess.
  3. Kwasaki

    Tax disc for new car

    1. Sounds like a road tax disc charge they charge on c.c. engine.size. Dunno what 400 bahts for. 2. Is the cost of CTPL gov compulsory ins.
  4. Kwasaki

    Quick survey about the 90 day report

    Do away with the 90 day for those who live here.
  5. Silly little wheels on vespa not much road contact. I don't vespa anyway though.
  6. Kwasaki

    Renewing UK passport - Section 3

    5000 bht and it's all done for you, that's what I'm doing. Maybe different now but years back it was aggro renewing passport for me from Thailand.
  7. Kwasaki

    Buddhism basic principles

    Dunno really it seems like other beliefs there are different ways it's practiced in Thailand the original one began in India.
  8. I go with #2 post some and personally I find as a long term motorbiker rider in UK and now in Thailand 13 years I feel much safer riding here than England. I say coming Thailand to ride a motorcycle/scoot whatever for the first time you need to take time in getting to know what the western visitors would call bad habits but thought of as the norm here, then you will know what to expect and be aware of what may happen when out riding.
  9. Kwasaki

    registration number.

    Can't find a thread that mentioned it 10 years comes to mind before cancellation but I remember the car can be re-registered after inspection.
  10. Kwasaki

    Cost Laying Concrete

    Where I live 1.20 baht a sq.m for labour we buy & control quantity of the materials.
  11. Kwasaki

    Auspicious holidays brings two-day alcohol ban

    Banned in Phuket, I'm not gonna be there.
  12. Don't think the dealer will agree to that, the red plates are no problem we traveled every where we wanted except at night, and at night we wanted to sleep.
  13. Well he wasn't gonna get it, get real for 'ell sake with your stupid rhetoric.
  14. Oh absolute cobbers you pussy remainers just want to belong to a club that's ganna sink, you are a disgrace to the English people I grew up with that didn't want anything to do with cowardly europe countries with small e..