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  1. What makes you think they give a toss about where you go? The only people they would want to track are those breaking the law or being controversial. As any foreigners in Thailand are there by choice they have accepted the laws and Thai ways so should have no need to worry. I would be more worried about the security of the information that is gained, which is far more dubious.
  2. What a brilliant idea. I wish I had thought of that before I lost my phone on a bus.
  3. Meanwhile in the real world that the other 99.9% of us have to live in $25000 is plenty to live on in Thailand. These billionaires would not open a business if there were no plebs to profit from. Personally I first came to Thailand 20 years ago to get away from places controlled by pompous rich people. Sadly Thailand is now going down that route, making it yet another boring Spain like country.