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  1. More Bullshit to baffle Brains. No dirt yet flying on existing 'plans', so no need to come up with even more !
  2. Female friend of ours went for her Motorbike test last week. She has been riding for 30 years with no papers of any kind but recently could afford to buy a new Scooter, which came with one year insurance and tax included in the price, so she decided it would be good to get a driving licence as well and be 'all legal' for the first time at the age of 36. She was given the Traffic Light test and then told to go and watch the road safety movie for two hours. After that she was given the written test of 45 questions concerning road rules and was told that after that she would be asked to do a riding test outside. She failed the written test twice that day so had to go back the next day when she failed it twice again after 'swatting' all the previous evening on papers supplied to her and looking at youtube. On the third day she could still not pass the written test until one of the office girls 'helped her a little'. She then went to do the riding test, which consisted of riding between six cones and along a straight painted line 30cm in width and 3m long. Eventually all done and 110 Baht the cost for a 2 year licence, renewable for 5 years thereafter. I asked her why it was so difficult for her to pass the written test and she said that before she went she didn't know any rules, even after 30 years of riding. She also told me several other people didn't pass on the first day but just didn't bother coming back next day to even try again. Well done to this Lady for getting through the tests but how this will make her or anyone else a better, safer rider on today's roads in Thailand is beyond my comprehension. I would think the first thing that needs to be done is make the sellers of new vehicles responsible for checking peoples credentials before selling them anything......but i know that's pissing in the wind !
  3. Thirty temples involved in embezzlement: Omsin

    30 will only be scratching at the surface of a gigantic problem. The so called 'Monks' are helped along the road to ruin by the ever greedy local 'Officials' responsible for dishing out funds and the naive populace who continue to grace the thieves in yellow with cash believing that it will earn them 'Merit'.
  4. TIT....Land of irresponsibility, unaccountability, dereliction of duty, inefficiency, blatant disregard for safety in all walks of life etc etc. Farang no unerstan' Thailan'....what could possibly go wrong ?
  5. Yellow Book at Amphur Hang Dong - how long?

    When i got mine several years back there was no requirement for head man, only family members of Wife who could confirm where i lived. All done in one afternoon and walked out with it after paying a 500 Baht tea money fee. Very useful too as got me on the 30 Baht health list and every time you need to prove your residence for whatever purpose it saves you money and hassle.
  6. TM30 Experience

    Did my extension in August and i wasn't asked for TM30, which was in my top pocket along with 90 Day slip.
  7. Nationwide protest against EU fishing regulations

    You can't fix stupid; in other words, you can't fix Thailand !
  8. Animals don't do this kind of thing. These so called 'people' are vicious savages 'educated' in the ways of the vicious savages that went before them.
  9. He said he left the scene as he was afraid 'he would be attacked'. No; he left the scene thinking he could get away with it, why else did he not go straight to the police station and why did he change the front bumper ? Lying scumbag. RIP the deceased Young Lady.
  10. The crazy Yingluck scenario few people want

    Prayut will continue to be angry, bad tempered, irritable, yell at people, point fingers at people and be mad no matter what the verdict is because he is a Thai man, and by enlarge that's what all Thai men in Officialdom do, as in their minds they are far superior than anyone else in Thailand's Parallel World !
  11. Used oil collection/recycling point

    All the recycling places buy it by weight. These days you don't get a lot for it as the price of oil has dropped considerably in the last year or so. However; you will get a few Baht and done your bit for conservation and if you take all your tins, bottles, plastic and paper with you at the same time you will have done even better.
  12. Khao Yai national park to go towards Thailand 4.0

    ''Thailand.....Creative Thinking'', normally associated with thinking up new scams and probably one of the 'Officials' has a relative that owns an Insurance Brokers Office !
  13. Shows how completely useless they all are right up to the top.
  14. You don't need to know the road rules when your job is extortion and nothing to do with anything legal !
  15. Thai's just hate competition, it's all got to be for them, hence, anything imported has huge taxes imposed on it. Where are all the supposed tax free items imported from other Asean countries ?