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  1. He will come in for a friendly chat when he has time to think up a story about self defence ! RIP the innocent Neighbour.
  2. Will Southern Thailand Turn to Jihad?

    Being pushed out of Syria and Iraq means Islamic Savages are looking for new homes; where better than Southern Thailand where Police and Army are all but useless and can't even keep Separatists their own country under control.
  3. Their job is to collect money and pass the Lions share of it back up the line and they do it very well actually. No time for 'Policing' !
  4. May be telling the truth ! Don't think i've ever known another country where so many people fall asleep at the wheel, many caused by drug taking and excess alcohol consumption no doubt.
  5. Surprised nobody mentioned the Evil Spirits this time !
  6. Normal child like behaviour from the Natives !
  7. Work to begin on Thai - Japan "Bullet Train" in 2019

    Forget it; you'll be Ashes before it's built !
  8. Turkeys

    Rimping had uncooked Foreign Turkeys when i was in there two weeks ago.
  9. 'Pissing in the wind' comes to mind !
  10. NACC gives itself top marks in integrity report

    Oh; so very Thai.....To be Number One !
  11. What's the betting that at least some of the following were involved.....No license, no insurance, no tax, drunk, on the phone or stressed because someone just kicked his dog ? Hope the injured man recovers well and the family get this passionless Moron caught.
  12. The Old Bill get 42% of all the fines for themselves from legal checkpoints and 100% from illegal checkpoints and that is all they are interested in....forget the rest as there's no money in it !
  13. Thailand is only good for Talking, Chest Beating and Flag Waving...beyond that it's all about extracting as much money as possible by any means possible !
  14. If you only get punched you will have got off lightly as you have more chance in the long run of being stabbed or shot !
  15. This calls for several more Committee's and Sub-Committee's to be set up paying numerous members of Government Officials Families copious amounts of money and providing first class wine with expensive lunches. Could also mean large entourage of people visiting somewhere like US or Europe for a month or so on full expenses to 'probe' how things are done there !