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  1. Another massive step backwards for 'Thailand -4' Lol.
  2. Same S***T different day. Yet again the perpetrators are free to continue their scamming ways when in a progressive country the teller and the bank would be prosecuted.
  3. One small step for Thai mankind.....thousands more steps needed !
  4. Nice try but pissing in the wind. Been there, done that, worn the T shirt, talked to a thousand Thai's about such things but to no avail. Stupid is as stupid does. Just enjoy your own life and let them continue to screw up theirs !
  5. Load of rubbish; prices have gone up heaps in the last 3 years on almost everything in Supermarkets etc. Not very clever are they when they base all their efforts on a ''35 Baht per dish '' program of market food. What about the rising costs of electricity for example, or the high price of rice when millions of tons has to be thrown away. They should be working on lowering peoples home living costs and not bowls of noodles....but of course that would mean less in the pockets of the already mega-rich !
  6. ''Too late the Hangman cried ''. She and her Brother will have set up numerous offshore accounts in expectation of this and insiders will have kept them updated with everything that is likely to happen.
  7. Absolutely; it's one of the biggest problems of Thai society because money is a God to them and little else matters.
  8. You must have been hibernating for some time. It was Britain's Serious Fraud Office that brought this to light some 4 years or so ago and it was in the International news. They reached a Deferred Prosecution Agreement in January this year, details of that you will have to look up yourself but i recall RR have paid massive fines.
  9. Will all be settled as a 'terrible misunderstanding', multiple thousands of Baht in the Police retirement fund, a lot of Wai's, a big cuddly stuffed dog for the victim and three weeks for the assailant as a Monk !
  10. But the Lunches and Remuneration are i hear.
  11. Ah; more 'Committee's', 'Sub-Committee's', 'Panels' etc doing 'Probes'. This country is the biggest 'Hub' of useless Committee's and Probes that lead to nowhere, meaning the country is going nowhere either when it comes to real progress !
  12. If ever there was a 'Road to Nowhere' this is it !
  13. This 'Mastermind' is by no means a clever man as 'Masterminds' are expected to be. A real 'Mastermind' would be nowhere near the scene of the crime and the people who carried out the crime would have no idea who the real 'Mastermind' was. In this case there was no 'Masterplan', just an idiot who recruited a few more local idiots to go to someones house and kill a whole family. This man is just a common thug who would sell his Grandmother for a few hundred Baht, swindle his entire Village and his own family and because he's always got away with his thuggery before he thought he was untouchable. Some 'Mastermind' eh !
  14. Cor....innovation....just what the Big Pumpkin ordered !
  15. Just watch; it will be one step forward and two back as this effluent stays ahead by switching the country he is in just before an arrest request is issued to where he is now. Interpol need to be on the case but they will deliberately avoid that !