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  1. They forgot to add in the brown envelope fillings !
  2. Just a very expensive toy to play with and after a couple of near misses, or even sinking's of Thai Fishing Vessels, or a disaster on the seabed it will be tied up next to the rotting hulk of the Aircraft Carrier. Who would want to go to sea in this Sub' with Executive Officers who no nothing of Sub's and probably have trouble doing anything on Surface Ships other then pushing Refugee Boats back out to sea ? This whole fiasco can only end in tears, mainly for the Thai Public who have to pay for it !
  3. Wait for it....Interpol releases a statement pointing out there has been no contact with them from Thailand ! Do they even know Interpol's phone number ? If this Rat left Thailand on the day he was due in court, how come he was allowed to leave ? You would have thought that his name would be flagged up at every Immigration desk in the land....also; if they know he left then his family must know where he was going, so bring them in and ask questions. Not possible of course as the rich decide not to be responsible for their own actions, no matter how bad those actions may be.
  4. When in a corner take the easy way out and blame 40 to 50 other people and let them all start pointing fingers at each other. The Junta Circus rolls on.
  5. Launch an 'Operation' not to care about the victims but to 'Preserve the Image'. Sounds about right for this morally corrupt country !
  6. Well; as an excuse for a pointless accident it beats the usual 'Brake Failure'. I would label this one more 'Brain Failure' !
  7. Nestles tinned cream, Fresh double cream and Cherry Ripe bars.
  8. Just a month ago one of the Ministerial Muppets came out and said they didn't want the Submarines for aggressive purposes but 'just to learn about them'. How learning about them can be a requirement of National Security remains a mystery but the truth is that all the armed forces must be given new toys before they hand back power to a Civilian Government.....well kind of....until the next Coup !
  9. Freezing the family assets would do it....but nobody here would have the balls for that one ! Likewise; the issue of an International arrest warrant and allow Interpol to bring him back in chains......not likely either in this moraly corrupt country.
  10. Removal of Testicles for him and The Taxi company Boss would be appropriate. 3,000 Baht fine is an insult to the victim....but we are used to that in The Land of no Shame !
  11. You forgot 'Probe'....they love probing ya know !
  12. The overburdened welfare system will not affect rich people and it's ok for poor people to just lay in the gutter and die.....problem solved Thai style !
  13. Thai Car driver and Thai Bike rider = Dumb and Dumber !
  14. Tow the useless Aircraft Carrier out and practice torpedoing big ships. Making an artificial reef out of it would give it some useful purpose at last !
  15. There's not enough prisons to hold all the corrupt 'Officials'....even if all the prisons were already empty . Corruption will never, ever be eradicated in Thailand because the people doing the eradicating are the most corrupt people in the land !