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  1. Tow the useless Aircraft Carrier out and practice torpedoing big ships. Making an artificial reef out of it would give it some useful purpose at last !
  2. There's not enough prisons to hold all the corrupt 'Officials'....even if all the prisons were already empty . Corruption will never, ever be eradicated in Thailand because the people doing the eradicating are the most corrupt people in the land !
  3. ''Oversee'' of course means keeping one hand in the Till !
  4. Shame he doesn't do something about ten year old's riding Motorbikes with their seven year old sibling on the back and tell parents to stop them from doing it !
  5. Bought some in Yok about 6 months ago but haven't looked for it since.
  6. Which Big C do you mean...Super Highway, Mae Hia 1 or Hang Dong/Sanpatong 2 ?
  7. Most Big C's have an Aeon, use them as often as you can or change inside banks.
  8. A Multi Storey Car Park that holds 500 cars would be nice before they think of anything else !
  9. 200,000 Baht fine. Meanwhile; people are taking Human Lives on the roads by the score on a daily basis and many get a 500 Baht fine or with a few Wai's and a personal visit to a victims funeral get away with it completely !
  10. If they got just a small percentage of their 310,000 lazy ass Cops out on the roads in unmarked cars they would soon be raking in enough money to install all the equipment needed to bring an end to much of the bad driving we see on a daily basis. This particular recording is pussy compared to many of the Trucks i have followed even in the last few months !
  11. Probably more likely to be Bigfoot !
  12. Welcome to another 19 years of no change ! The right way to start would be a ''National Education Scheme For Teachers'' the majority of what they have now will have no intention or the will to change anything as their lives are very cosy the way things are.
  13. Speed Kills ! The Guy had been driving for seven hours, must have been tired but was still driving at 'high speed' when he hit the truck. Sober, drunk, tired, on the phone, picking their nose....they just can't get their foot off the throttle for any reason and that's what causes many of these Minibus accidents.
  14. And there are those of us with Yellow Books that never need another Certificate of Residence !
  15. Oh Whoopee; another 48hr crackdown ! Laughable; i've lived in The Boonies for ten years and you can go to any market and find at least one loan shark. The local community rely on them as they are not all charging high interest rates; indeed, many are competitive or lower than the banks. People often borrow money on a weekly or at most monthly basis and many would starve without it. What people should be 'watching out for' is their leaders wasting billions on unneeded Submarines and Tanks !