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  1. Normal arrogant Thai driver...''Nobody is more important then me'' !
  2. Doesn't dress like Multi Millionaire does he. Guess he must have spent it all on Yaba, Beer and Guns !
  3. He doesn't seem to understand that when one reaches the position of 'Police Commander' one is not expecting to do any actual work. We have one lives not far from us and he hardly ever goes to his 'Police ' work because he is too busy running his own business on the side. He uses a Police unmarked Pick Up which is parked outside his house virtually permanently but it never gets used for any 'Police' work, just to go shopping with and carry personal items for 'The Family'. This goes on all over the country not just with Police but with thousands of 'Senior' Civil Servants of all kinds. As my Mrs always says...''This is Thailand, so don't expect anything to change for the better in your lifetime''. She is absolutely right of course !
  4. Those who won't pay still won't pay, no matter how 'easy' they make it !
  5. That's not Breakfast...it's a Dog's Dinner !
  6. I agree with you but i have asked a simple question of numerous Thai's down many years...''What do you think is most important...Love or Money '? Without exception they have all said ...MONEY !
  7. Since when did Thailand have a team of 'experts' on Shark Encounter ?
  8. Only apologising because he was caught on film. Just an arrogant A/Hole, this country is full of them.
  9. What use will all this kit ever be apart from using it against their own people ? If a real conflict with another Nation started all the bloated Generals would flee the country, there would be no senior Military leadership and subsequently all the expensive hardware would be abandoned to the enemy by uselessly trained 'Soldiers' and Conscripts !
  10. Dumping Passenger on Motorway, Ice in car. This will cost 1,000 Baht fine and many Wai's, not to mention big photo' opportunities for Cops !
  11. 29 bus passengers injured in bus accident in Ayutthaya

    And he will be 'too busy' to come in for several days.
  12. First two shots she probably missed as it's unlikely she has fired a gun before. Anyway; as a Farang here is lower to most Thai's than a Cockroach she will not be seen to have done much wrong !
  13. And of course 'selling things' is far more important then Road Safety. Typical Thai response to anything that stops them doing what 'they' want to do and bugger anyone who wants to do different !