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  1. Shameless thieves in every avenue of Thai Society who don't believe they are ever doing anything wrong. Why? Because it is what they have grown up watching others above them, around them and even in their own families doing all through their lives. I really hope the younger generations will break this circle of evil as time passes because someone has to stop these disgusting practices.
  2. Black day for prestigious Bangkok school

    Every day is a black day in Thai 'Education' !
  3. Ripping off the poor is a National Pastime in this country by all those who have even the smallest amount of power. As soon as anyone gets the title 'Director', 'Manager' or 'Teacher' they are on the Gravy Train with almost no limitations. Of course; it's a National disgrace but don't expect any change in your natural lifetime, as the whole country is rotten to the core !
  4. Try U-Tapao. Similar problems with half finished Airport where they are trying to fit tens of thousands of tourists into facilities built for a few hundred !
  5. Rayong yesterday...Appalling ! The same all the way along the Coastline and we would never go back until things get cleaned up...if ever. Complained to the Hotel about it as it is right on their doorstep and told them it will affect their business as everyone we met complained about it, even the Chinese. Lots of Wai's and 'solly's' but 'not our fault'....nobody said yes we agree it's bad and our Management are putting pressure on Local Authorities to do something about it. Well; they wouldn't would they as that would be doing the right thing !
  6. Had it been a Farang it would have course been Suicide; no investigation required !
  7. More Bullshit to baffle what few brains there are at Ground Zero !
  8. Deputy head of Oxfam quits as Haiti sex scandal escalates

    Oxfam is finished; it's getting worse by the hour with sexual abuse being pointed at shop managers etc. Times up !
  9. How about Thai's respecting the laws of other countries when they are abroad, because they flagrantly break them when ever they can and even boast they are only there 'to collect money' and not to respect or obey laws of any kind !
  10. As i've said before....In the Land of Denial, truth is a lost soul !
  11. Plenty of cheap sex available in China, so why would they want to buy it in Sleazeland ?
  12. Don't know what all the fuss is about as it will never be built anyway !
  13. Obviously done it before as he has the belief he will never be caught, so keeps stuff in his room and doesn't conceal it elsewhere. Surely the other Guy in the picture knows what is happening and does nothing about it, so should be arrested for complicity.
  14. Couldn't happen to a nicer Pig !
  15. I remember that but don't bet on the Thai Government doing the same thing !