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  1. Steel bridge

    3m? Why not just throw down a culvert or two and fill it in?
  2. Help with bathroom electricals

    Consumer Unit. Breaker Box. Distribution Board. IE: the place where the mains come in and distribute via circuits (breakers) to the household.
  3. Help with bathroom electricals

    Sounds like you have a good plan. If you're not sure about your CU, take a photo with the lid off. And be sure to replace the circuit with minimum 6mm2 cable (as it seems unlikely you would ever push your heater to the full 8KW - that would be really HOT water). So, you need to re-route the hot water PVC/pipes also, yah? A photo would help for that also.
  4. Help with bathroom electricals

    Another option is to just ditch the "ELSD" (not sure exactly what that is) and replace the breaker in your CU with a 40 amp RCBO..
  5. PEA mains feed, up or under?

    Also be sure to ask PEA size and type of cable they require. Some will only take Cu, others want Al and to a specific size. There is no national standard for this that I am aware and the local PEA's do differ.
  6. Help with bathroom electricals

    1) 6mm2 should be OK but 10mm2 would make the conservative folks happier. 2) Replace with 35-40 amp. You didn't specify your box but breakers can usually switch out no problem. 3) Unless it is likely to get wet there would be no need to move it. If you do, make sure it is easily accessible. 4) Is that a multi-point heater? Not usually installed on the shower wall from what I have seen. The steam can (will) be an issue tripping the RCD. Should just follow installation guide lines otherwise.
  7. PEA mains feed, up or under?

    It's quite simple to find out: just ask your local PEA. Some, including mine, will not connect to underground.
  8. Electrical issues at our house

    Oooh kay.
  9. Electrical design guidance on a new home.

    Sure, that would work. If you or your wife don't have specific requirement for an oven (like for pastries, pies, bread, casserole, etc.) you're probably better off with a decent sized counter-top convection oven. Ovens are a big waste of money and space hog if they don't get used.
  10. Electrical design guidance on a new home.

    The thing about water heaters is that most will do just fine on 2.5mm2 - but NOT two or more. If you really need to have two or more heaters on the same circuit you will need to increase wire size to 4mm2 or 6mm2. Oh and if you will have an oven, that should be on separate circuit also. Good luck with your builder. Depending on electrical experience, they can be real stubborn about things they think are just "farang stupid". I had one give me crap at needing more than one outlet per room (too expensive).
  11. Electrical design guidance on a new home.

    The USNEC specifies that no point on a wall space should be farther than 6' from an outlet (that's maximum). It helps to give it some thought - like on either side of where a bed will be. Two duplex where TV etc. will be. Two circuits of outlets to the kitchen (I have 4 duplex on either side of my kitchen). More outlets the better such that you would never have to use those terrible extensions. Effective lighting can get tricky but usually best to group or cluster such that you can go with 1-2 lights or say 10 on separate switches (using the number of lights instead of dimmer). Recessed lighting is most common. What the US calls a 3-way switch (on/off from two separate locations) seems to befuddle Thai sparks but insist on using them where needed (like bottom/top of stairs). Forget trying to put in a "4-way" switch - they just aren't available here. Separate circuits for A/C, heaters, pumps, what else? You don't need GFCI outlet if already front-end protected with RCBO. Basically, just imagine the stuff you have and where it will likely be placed and that should guide you to most of it.
  12. Big Telly

    My experience with Makro is that their prices (in particular for TV) seem lower than others because they are selling an older version. For example, Samsung is up to (what?) Series 9 at the moment but Makro likely only selling Series 5-6. Whatever the case, when it comes to TV (should this be in a different forum?) know what you want and then check out Lazada to get a heads up for pricing. The "Home" places will occasionally have good sale price. Anyway... What brand does Makro offer that is giving you concern?
  13. Power to aircon; which unit first?

    Yah. I had this debate when first installed the AC as I had power to both in and out ('cause I thought that's what's needed). The AC guy said it didn't matter so I went with outside as that is the one I had on separate circuit. The point is: IT DOESN'T MATTER. So, if somebody is saying it does, you may suspect as not knowing the job.
  14. Sandblasting Driveway

    That just seems so extreme - and messy. Using normal bathroom cleaners and a brush (versus power washer) works for most of our needs. The wife has even tried laying salt down on moldy places with good results (except I don't like wasting salt like that even if it is from the local evaporation farm.)
  15. Electrical issues at our house

    Not sure where you are going with this? Did you know that a 15a breaker on 220v would need a 30a breaker on 110v for the same load? Like an oven?