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  1. Ya, usually free delivery/install as long as you live within a (what is it?) 40 km radius.
  2. bankruatsteve

    Voltage protector

    I suppose the conditions that define a miracle are a matter of perception but it's good to hear you are still learning. ?
  3. bankruatsteve

    Voltage protector

    Actually, it can. I have two AVS (one for up, one for down). The up has very low load - usually less than 1 amp. At times when the phases go strange and voltage drops to 80-90v, the down unit trips but the up unit transforms to 220v and everything good there. Maybe useless to you but mine are doing their job and doing it well.
  4. bankruatsteve

    Voltage protector

    Be aware that the unit is "DIN mount". IE: if you have a "Square-D" CU box, it won't fit and will require it's own separate box.
  5. bankruatsteve

    Voltage protector

    Just wondering if you know much about how this works. IE: it seems to be a contactor versus something that would be in-line to the mains supply. Basing this on the 5 amp rating and the DPDT switch.
  6. bankruatsteve

    Voltage protector

    Global House carries AVS and do installation (I think). I think would need to order the over/under breaker. If Crossy comes by, he can tell you for sure.
  7. bankruatsteve

    Voltage protector

    If your concern is running equipment at 80v then you need an over-under relay. That will have voltage range you can set and will trip when voltage drops/exceeds the setting. An AVR (AVS) can stabilize voltage to 220v from a range of about 180v to 240v and most will trip when over/under that range. A bit more expensive but a good addition to handle Thai voltage.
  8. So much wisdom in a single thread. Amazing.
  9. The OP's main concern seems to be getting "screwed over". It's not clear how by paying off the mortgage makes it a possibility to get "screwed" versus making the monthly payments. Are you worried about the daughter or the fiance doing the potential "screwing"? Is the daughter a student, have a job, or just sitting on her ass and waiting for mom to give her money? Any financial decision should be based on a realistic view of whether it is an investment to the future or a loss that isn't even appreciated - just expected.
  10. bankruatsteve

    Sparky Help

    So, when the light fails to work, are you replacing it with a new light? And then when there is lightning, etc. the light needs replacing again? Just trying to be clear if something is causing the light to become defective or if something else happens that it eventually does turn on?
  11. bankruatsteve

    Sparky Help

    By "fail" are you saying the light has "burned out" and needs replacing? Or, it seems to be making the Safe-T-Cut trip but then will work again later? Check for dust webs and critters in the light housing and switch box.
  12. bankruatsteve

    Disappointing UPS repair

    Interesting rating: "1000V 1000VA 500W" ???
  13. bankruatsteve

    Air conditoning wiring help

    You could swap the breaker but it's not necessary. Over-current will not be an issue as you described and either will trip on short circuit immediately. The AC installers I have had just ignore the ground or drill a hole in the concrete and jam the ground wire in. It's probably nothing to worry about but if you do run a ground there should be an identified ground screw on the chassis somewhere.
  14. bankruatsteve

    Fiberglass tub and shower unit

    If Boonthavorn doesn't carry them, you're probably not going to find here. A separate tub and shower should be no problem. I wouldn't have that myself, but there you go.
  15. bankruatsteve

    Specifications VEG SVC-D20000VA

    I'm "pretty sure" we have had mains voltage over 240 since the VEG but maybe not. A few years ago, it would be in the 250's for hours but now stays pretty much in the high 230's. Yeah, Lioa is the one with output that bounces with the input.