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  1. Are there any cameras that also function as a shower head?
  2. I was in Udon Thani Global (the old one sort of across from Home Pro) just a few days ago and they have in their "garden" section.
  3. The PEA will probably be getting on your neighbor to cut their trees back if interfering or getting close with the wires.
  4. If you DIY, then you will need duct tape.
  5. Have you tried Lazada?
  6. Chances are the unit could use a cleaning so I would just get an AC outfit to do that and re-do the insulation at the same time. Guessing not more than 2K baht at the high end.
  7. Yes, should be re-done. The foam stuff is insulation for the copper that carries the coolant to your inside unit. Obviously, it's not going to be as cool as it could be if exposed like that. The installations I have had also cover everything with a plastic conduit.
  8. Holy crap. All those wires that look like they've been fried probably have. Are those burn marks on the ceiling? You need to show this to your landlord and politely suggest that if he/she doesn't want the house to burn down all the bad looking stuff should be replaced. Probably not a big expense.
  9. Thai man has low standards but very clever. Farang just stupid. According to my ex.
  10. Also... are all the showers/heaters on the same circuit or separate? Have they ever been subjected to flooding or other type of water exposure? Is the ground part of 3-core cable or run separate?
  11. Short answer: no. You should re-check the shower's connection - both at the shower and the CU.
  12. I stand corrected. I thought the wife used it to unclog drains (which are the caustic ones) but now I see it is for removing stains (or maybe causing them). It gives a solid '2' on litmus so definitely acidic. So, if that caused the granite stain, maybe try washing with some bleach (which is pH 12).
  13. Not acidic Rudi, caustic (base) on the other side of pH. One might try an acidic scrub at attempt to neutralize.
  14. I think one of mine got included in that... but pretty sure it would be helpful. I posted... Google "Class-1 and Class-2 appliance" For those that don't know.
  15. Some of us don't need to guess, but there you go. Good to hear you "got it".