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  1. Electircal rework some help needed please...

    The double pole RCBO is usually used as a main breaker. The single pole RCBO is used on single circuit. There is no stand alone RCD for Schneider that I know of.
  2. Does Samsung give you any information if this is a unique problem or EVERYBODY has same? Maybe a call to Samsung Thailand would be in order - like as high as you can get.
  3. Blow torch gas

    I doubt that would be the most efficient method, but I have no idea. I think I would be going at it with an angle grinder. Suggest that you start a new topic - like "Remove paint from Shera/Conwood", mention if using a torch would be a good idea, and see what that turns up. It's not likely to get much attention in this thread. Cheers.
  4. Blow torch gas

    Just another update to close this... The "piezo-ignition" push button is defective but it did start up with my long nose gas lighter. It put out an almost invisible hot blue point so maybe could use for cutting - or not. No air control though. Oh well, I paid less than B200 so let's see how long it lasts.
  5. Blow torch gas

    Update: I noticed additional instructions inside the package that called the "star connector" an O-ring - so maybe not a connector like I thought. It said to align cartridge collar notch with locator tab on the torch, push gently, and twist. Which I had already tried, but thought I'll give it another go. I found pushing a LOT did work. So, there I go. You got it right again @Crossy. Thanks.
  6. Blow torch gas

    Use would be heating as in getting the charcoal started and putting a glaze on ham. If I can't find the correct gas can for this Kovea torch, I will just something that works with the Makro butane.
  7. I don't suppose you are talking about a sauna? I've never even heard of a steam shower. It sounds dangerous. ??
  8. Blow torch gas

    A few photos and info: The torch is from Kovea - a Korean company - as is the recommended gas canister. In previous attempts to online order gas, I'm told it cannot be shipped - so I think that's out. So, I think my options are to try to return the torch or find the gas. Note: the photo showing the top of gas canister that is commonly available here does not fit the torch.
  9. Power bars that aren't Cr-p.

    "Office outlets are the type that will take two or three pin US or EU plugs. Would like them to take two or three pin US or EU plugs. Be grounded." Are you saying that your current outlets are not grounded? If so, that would be the issue and not depend on a new type of bar.
  10. Build a 2 nd floor on top of the old house.

    Again, walls in typical Thai construction are not load bearing. I suppose you could make them load bearing but that would depend on structure they are sitting on which may/may not be reinforced. It just sounds like not a good thing to do. In any case, have you ever been under the roof you want to make into a room? Suggest you do that, if not, and try to figure out how you would finish it off while still leaving space to occupy. Not to mention keeping out the birds, critters, and getting it below 40°.
  11. Blow torch gas

    I bought a blow torch at the new (to me anyway) "Mr. DIY" store in Central Plaza, Udon Thani. I thought it would hook up to a butane gas can that I already have and are available in the "Home" places and Makro. But, it didn't. I went back to "Mr. DIY" today and found they don't even sell the gas. Jeez. The gas cans I already have work with camping stoves and other blow torches (I got one from Lazada that crapped out after only a few uses - fell apart). But, this new blow torch has a "+" type of connector and just doesn't fit up. So, I'm looking for the type of gas can that will fit that. Anybody?
  12. Samsung Air conditioner functions 'heating'

    In the southern states it is common to have a "heat pump" - which is a unit that both cools and heats (doing neither terrifically well). But, I haven't seen those here.
  13. I wonder if that is THE problem with implementation? I'm guessing 90% (probably higher) of rural homes neither have CU or a ground. Would a MEN implementation for those that do (have a CU and ground) be at risk to do so? For me, there's no way I'm going to connect the main N to my ground bar (I have 2 CU's directly connect to the mains - well, an AVS) but should I link the N bar to E bar to make my system better?
  14. So, @Crossy, I remember you saying that MEN is now the requirement in Thailand but is that still a provincial thing? I haven't seen it implemented anywhere I have been in Isaan and my local PEA hasn't, to my knowledge, made any effort to retro-fit anywhere. Do you know the plans for that, if any?
  15. Build a 2 nd floor on top of the old house.

    I'm usually proactive with ideas for construction, but this does not sound like a good thing to do. If you are thinking of doubling the wall width for load purposes, they are not load bearing. It is not likely that the current footings and support are designed for a concrete 2nd. Have you talked about this with builders in your area?