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  1. One guess could be that the water heater brings down the voltage and then a water pump cycling on/off (?) would also reduce voltage causing lights appear to flicker.
  2. bankruatsteve

    Stop fruit flies from infesting mangoes

    Sorry, I now see size is selected under "color".
  3. bankruatsteve

    Stop fruit flies from infesting mangoes

    How did you select the size?
  4. bankruatsteve

    What drinking water filter do you use?

    Yeah - our bottles come with a plastic wrap around the cap and "official" stuff printed on the bottle. That includes "RO" so I assume that's how it's purified and what you call the registration number same format. Some other symbols and numbers my wife says means they pass inspection.
  5. bankruatsteve

    What drinking water filter do you use?

    That was my concern when my wife suggested doing the 20 liter jugs. I got assurance from her and others that the local water purifier (just down the road) is inspected monthly by health officials. In the 6 years or so doing this, there has never been a hint (taste, smell, discoloration, etc.) of water that is not safe.
  6. In the states, any check/money transfer/etc. over $10K ostensibly rings a bell somewhere (IRS) and may get scrutinized as a "gift" that can be taxed. Probably nothing to worry about though.
  7. bankruatsteve

    What drinking water filter do you use?

    The OP just mentions water for drinking. IMO it's a lot less expensive in the long run to just get a water cooler (forget the hot/cold ones) and get the local guy to deliver the 20 liter jugs (here just 10 baht). Filters are an expensive pain in the ass and never really sure when they need to be changed.
  8. Last season my wife's mango trees had maybe 50% of the fruit infested by fruit flies. We have viewed YouTube recommending traps, glue tape, and even cloth bags to prevent the buggers from getting at the fruit but nothing looks to be 100% effective. So, just wondering if anybody in this forum has tried any of those methods and, if so, please comment and where to buy. Any other methods that seem to work? Cheers
  9. bankruatsteve

    Where to find earth pins for plugs?

    That is a "Schuko" plug. You cannot add an earth pin. You need an adapter for "EU to western 3-pin plug". Lazada has them. https://www.lazada.co.th/-i261440047-s402335233.html?urlFlag=true&mp=1?
  10. bankruatsteve

    How do you get 380 volts?

    It's not possible from single phase. You would need a 220v to 380v transformer, if they exist.
  11. bankruatsteve

    One or two aircons?

    That big window could be a challenge - but if you go with reflective glass and/or heavy drapes should be OK. In that case, I would put a 12K "inverter" to the left of the big window and a ceiling fan near the kitchen should be good. I wouldn't worry about the kitchen. If you need 18C, then you would want a 24K BTU.
  12. bankruatsteve

    One or two aircons?

    Yah, 12K BTU Daikin "inverter" set to 25C. My house is very well insulated and just a couple hours of morning sun on that room. I usually don't even turn on the AC until about 10am, if then.
  13. bankruatsteve

    Microwave placement

    Cinder blocks and plywood were the common storage shelf when I was in college. Seems like that would work to raise your shelving. The bugger is you would have to source them.
  14. bankruatsteve

    Microwave placement

    If you can raise it by a foot, that would seem to solve your issues. (?)
  15. bankruatsteve

    One or two aircons?

    FWI: I cool a 3.5 x 10 meter living area indirectly through my bedroom (leaving the door and shutters open). This is with a 12K Daikin. With ceiling fans to move the air it is very comfortable even when HOT.