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  1. Gotta disagree with you on Kasikorn internet banking. I've found it to be easy to use and robust. Some vendors don't take Kasikorn but that's nothing to do with the paradigm.
  2. Sizing an A/C unit

    The nice thing about "inverter" AC is that it will use 30-50% of conventional. I have a "1200 BTU" Daikin that pulls just under 5 amps when first started, 3 amps when coasting, and only 1 amp when just maintaining like at night. It gets where it doesn't use much more energy than a fan. My AC and fridge have handled voltage variations for over 2 years without issue where my conventional fridge units did not. There you go.
  3. Sizing an A/C unit

    Last night the power dropped to 60v in my area. I have an AVS but not much it can do at that voltage (I thought it would shut down - but it didn't). Anyway... my "inverter" AC had shut down except for a blinking light (a Daikin). My "inverter" refrigerator had also shut down (Samsung). After I got my genset running, everything back to normal.
  4. I transfer with USD check - name must match the Thai bank account exactly. It costs about 500 baht (used to be 300) and takes about 45-50 days but avoids bank charges otherwise. Not sure about other currencies.
  5. ISO 70_85_67_75.73_84 should cover anything in Isaan.
  6. Sizing an A/C unit

    I suggest two "12K BTU" "inverter' type. Unless you need 18-21C you don't need anything bigger. Uh huh.
  7. Water pump pipe size

    I believe the OP says 10m of pipe with water level starting at 15ft.
  8. Water pump pipe size

    Think pressure. Once the pump gets the pressure to pull the water out, it is easier to maintain if output is lessened.
  9. Lawn mower problems

    Same principle in the states, at least. Put money in the farmer's pocket (ha) to create a more expensive product that ostensibly reduces demand for imported oil. Another example of government logic.
  10. Lawn mower problems

    What? In Thailand? What better way to fill the pockets of the faithful by buying their rotten rice and fermenting it.
  11. Lawn mower problems

    RE non-gasohol Benzine: OK. I just haven't seen it at a PTT or Cal-Tex (the only ones I use) for several years.
  12. Lawn mower problems

    Regarding "gasohol"... I defy anybody to post a photo of some place selling without. ALL gas stations, locals, only sell the gasohol now. Well, my wife just said "can". But I don't think so.
  13. Lawn mower problems

    Is that even sold these days? I haven't seen in 4-5 years. Whatever... just about any brand of petrol engine should be able to run on "91". But yeah, I don't know what it is about gas mowers here but they just don't start/run like the Sears (back in the 70/80's Sears would advertise "starts first time every time" and then have a guy do it). I bought a gas mower 16 years ago (not easy to find then) and broke the rope about 20 times trying to get that <deleted> started. I've been happy with electric ever since.
  14. Air conditioner turns itself off

    Just to put it out there - again: Almost all, in my experience here, mysterious electrical problems are the result of ants or geckos. The main issue I have with my AC's is the relay (contactor, whatever) getting full of ants and needing a good cleaning or replacement. While that usually keeps the compressor from starting (versus the OP's issue), whose know.
  15. "It was like that when I found it"

    Of course. We live in a country where skilled labor is in short supply and those who are skilled are not usually required to be certified and end up as captives of the big companies in Bangkok. That leaves the rest of the nation with mostly unskilled labor to stumble around trying to do things they don't really know in an effort to make not much of a living. There's always a few gems that learn fast and become the guy to try and get for your project. And then whine because he wants more than 300 baht for a day's work. But, to stereotype a nation of workers as bumbling children is just absurd.