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  1. Connecting a portable generator - advice

    Just to say, most transfer switches don't look like that. Most will have just one lever that transfers input from gen or main to the output (CU). Not sure how available they are here (at the "Home" places) but for sure can get from Ebay/UK (as I did) and probably more these days.
  2. Box Metal,how to prime.

    A really good builder will have a long tub and filled with enough primer to give the steel a bath and which will get inside also.
  3. Connecting a portable generator - advice

    All gensets that I have had and seen will have a CB that will trip on overload which depends on gen size. For example, a 2 KVA will have a 9 amp breaker. If it trips, you just reduce load and reset the breaker. BUT - connecting by plug into a socket contains several potentially lethal hazards that can be avoided by connecting to a transfer switch instead. That is simple to install and not that expensive. Do it properly and you will be glad you did.
  4. Unsafe Shower?

    You can probably take his word for it. Leaving an exposed dangling wire is not in the kit book for any electrician though. Get him back to do something with it. "It looks no good."
  5. Unsafe Shower?

    The one that is curly should be the ground. Are there two wires coming out of the cable and going into the shower unit? If so, that dangling one may well be from an idea that didn't work out. If only one wire coming out of the cable this is very not good. If you have a meter or "neon screwdriver", determine if the dangly is live or not. Obviously not a professional installation. At some point you may want to get those wires inside some molding.
  6. New House - Strange Breaker Box Wiring

    When mysterious events happen with the electric here, there's usually some ants and/or geckos involved. You should check all outside boxes, lights, etc. If that doesn't turn up anything, look for likely places inside. I don't think you should worry too much about your ground. It is not likely to lose it just because things got dry. If you were on desert sand, maybe - but you're not.
  7. Sound proofing sliding glass doors

    If you don't need the view, you could tape some styrofoam sheets to the inside. Otherwise, heavy drapes is the best option.
  8. New House - Strange Breaker Box Wiring

    Study? Been there, done that. But thanks for the concern. I was just using the same term as the poster who has already "bonded" his CU earth to the structure. Cheers.
  9. New House - Strange Breaker Box Wiring

    The structure steel should be "bonded" to earth internally (via the rebar in the concrete). I haven't seen where additional bonding to earth stakes is required.
  10. Safety Switch for house

    Your main breaker appears to be a "RCBO" so yes, you have RCD protection at 30mA. The little button should be for "Test" and pressing should trip the breaker. (And you should do that periodically.)
  11. Toilet PVC flange and wax seal (Can't find)

    They have been seen at Home Pro but maybe not always in stock. I don't know why you want to bother though. The Thai worker will probably just cement anyway.
  12. solar panel

    Yeah, I think she put a zero in by mistake. UNLESS she was talking about your house.
  13. solar panel

    50KW is enough to take care of a small village!
  14. New roof advice

    I couldn't get out of the quote and somehow posted this 3 times. ???? Anyway... air is actually a good insulator is what I wanted to say.
  15. Power Points

    The ones I have line up with the screw holes for a standard box and no additional plate is required. I would think the screw holes for the one Crossy has a link are the same.