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  1. I agree with you. These days, the French were right. But I do not think they are now...
  2. Very good point... Trump's action is naive and quite irresponsible. What's next? North Korea?
  3. Neither did I in a 17 years time...
  4. San Marino I guess...
  5. Thanks malt25. I probably will end up paying a visit to an auto upholsterer too!
  6. Thanks for the info "tu claudius"!
  7. Big C. Neither was offered, nor available for sale for the matter... But thank you for the info!
  8. Thank you. will go and have a look.
  9. Thank you Chickensleg. I knew about these but I am looking for a PVC one that has a front opening...
  10. Desperate...I have been trying hard, but couldn't find any... Would anyone knows where waterproof covers for washing machines (stored on a balcony) can be bought in Bangkok? Many thanks for your assistance!
  11. That whole block of Soi 11/1 belongs to a single owner. And it is her niece that developped the backpacker hotel opposite the 7/11. Guess that she was maddan offer she could not refuse...