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  1. JoePai

    New 18ins 2 in 1 Laptop.

    If you want to replace your desktop why buy another laptop - do as I do and just connect a large monitor to your present laptop when at home and disconnect when traveling
  2. ... to benefit from the world renowned Thai honesty
  3. No - you are thinking of JLR
  4. That's a shame, never paid one yet ?
  5. The sooner the better - bring it on
  6. He as the right surname - shame they spelt it wrong
  7. Sad to see a once great country go down the pan
  8. Agree with what you say but the fact remains the Brits are the best : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/07/03/not-surprising-british-cavers-found-trapped-thai-boys-lead/
  9. Good news, now if the PM of the county to the north of Malaysia could be arrested............... ?
  10. JoePai

    Bike from Thailand to UK

    Bike from Thailand to UK
  11. May I suggest fillingt he tanks with air and not oxygen
  12. Nothing wrong with that, I also enjoy duck from time to time (crispy please )
  13. Is there anyone left elsewhere in Thailand !