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  1. wiper blades

    Bought ours from Lazada
  2. Not sure why you laugh, many cop wives earn (very good) money from being a loan shark and should any fail to be paid, they send their husbands round - in uniform
  3. Just how utterly stupid can these people get - relax I do not expect answers
  4. credit card

    Always use Fedex for documents - reliable
  5. Chiang Khan

    Agree with Allane - also had a problem trying to find a good restaurant
  6. Good teach the little scroat a lesson
  7. Presume you never used Hong Kong Kai Tak
  8. Maybe Trump was right with what he said about Africa
  9. Did Mr Trump not mention Africa recently
  10. Saudi women-only motorshow opens in Jeddah

    I rather fancy the ‘pretty’ modeling the middle car
  11. Public/state hospitals

    If you are talking about Pattaya International then that is not State - it is a private Hospital
  12. They are not involving junta officials - Boss Hog told us they are Politicians
  13. No rush Somsuk, when you have time to get around to issuing the arrest warrants, don't want to disturb your New Year too early