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  1. Stop moaning and shop around - Private Hospitals are businesses like any other, would you walk in and buy a car without checking the price first ? If for any reason you do not have insurance then you can use the Government hospitals at a very low cost
  2. They need 43 trucks to deliver lunches to students These guys(?) are taking the pi**
  3. travel between Bangkok and Nong Khai in around three and a half hours at speeds of up to 250 km/hr. Never in a month of Sundays
  4. For a moment then I thought he was shaking the hand of the Station Commander
  5. John Wayne could not have done better - what a bunch of cowboys
  6. JoePai

    UK Pensions (2018)

    Did you phone the 'International' number ? I found them to be very helpful and they will call you back if you wish
  7. JoePai

    Don Muang Airport Bus

  8. JoePai

    1St May

    Oh dear, boys it is a Holdiday today, ok ?
  9. JoePai

    D M K - Amari Hotel Transfer

    May we ask where you are flying in from and with what carrier ?
  10. I have flown several times on Thai Smile and it is not low cost - it is the same fare as the old(?) Thai Int. fares. The only advantage is they use new planes and not the old rubbish Thai normally uses.
  11. Errrr and the previous post about the new boat service ...................
  12. JoePai

    Nok Air Insurance?huh?

    May I ask your definition of "OK" ? You say you had 2 flights cancelled but Nok Air is still OK ? Then you say you are not happy with the insurance company who paid you out what they promised for a cancelled flight - they never agreed to insure you for 2 flights ?
  13. JoePai

    New Jazz

    Evidently Honda has confirmed the new Jazz will debut at the Tokyo Show in November this year