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  1. From the Smart Drivers hub - where else
  2. The hot seat vouchers are also only for the card owner as I found out yesterday - I stretched out in row 1 while the wife few sat in the back
  3. Screw the smart bus terminals, it's smart Bus Drivers that are needed
  4. Pattaya has reinvented itself for upscale travelers Bit late for April 1st
  5. JoePai

    Heinz Sandwich Spread

    Villa Market has it
  6. Love this : The tourist hurt himself when he collided with the floor
  7. JoePai

    Why so many mirrors?

    They face into the cab so his gf can do her eyebrows
  8. visited mostly by Chinese (40 percent), Russian (30 percent) That reminds me why I do not visit
  9. "Big Joke" living up to his name
  10. JoePai

    Two more Chinese airlines flying into Pattaya

    Oh dear, more of them
  11. You need time to have a shave !
  12. Dear Boss Hog, may I ask your problem with Solar Power ?
  13. Hate to say chaps but there is only one spread and it is available in Thailand - it's called Marmite Everything else is just much yuck and not worthy of a piece of well toasted bread.............
  14. Food first for the Thai space program http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-44326575