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  1. Win 10 updates, at last

    That is stranage - my latest updates are : KB4090913 for Win 10 Pro
  2. Yes please - and none too soon !
  3. Must have helped Dow Chemicals profits
  4. That's good news, the little scroat is dead
  5. How much Steel and Aluminium does Thailand actually export to the USA ?
  6. UK pensions

    Agreed but if ‘they’ wish to check it would be simple to find out how many times you have visited the UK plus the dates of arrival and departure. There are also the carriers manifests which record all travelers details and have to be kept for so may years Very simple for the authorities to find out your travel movements – and not just for the UK but any flights anywhere - you cannot hide !
  7. With all the "experts" we have on Thai Visa, maybe Thai Visa should start a political party
  8. If he gets a dead rat for coming 1st, think what he would get if he came 2nd
  9. Go to the local DL office to change anything in the Registration book - with the vehicle
  10. UK pensions

    Sorry to upset the party but I know of 2 Brits in Pattaya who 'were found out' and had to replay