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  1. Well it was cloudy, so I just took one from near the coffee shop on the road.
  2. Thanks for the tips, I finally did the trip from Chiang Rai to Nan via the 1148 on Saturday. The 1148 is in perfect condition now, a good bit of the road has been newly surfaced recently. Just on the 101 North of Nan there are some roadworks going on. Great trip, just a bit unlucky that Saturday was cloudy all day.
  3. farrol

    Prepaid 4G SIM for North of Thailand

    Many thanks! I have two devices so I'll probably just get two SIMs from different providers.
  4. farrol

    Prepaid 4G SIM for North of Thailand

    Well I will be traveling all over the North, also rural areas. So which prepaid SIM would give me best overall coverage?
  5. Hi guys, which prepaid SIM with about 1GB allowance per month would you recommend for the North of Thailand? Should support 4G with 3G fallback. Cheers!
  6. Great photos! It is the 1081 indeed, I took nearly the exact same photo a couple of years ago on that road.
  7. Actually I have done riding around Thaton and around Nan/Phrae on that type bike, for about 4 weeks. It was fine when I was taking my time. I wouldn't want to ride on it all day. What I liked about it was that it is easy to handle and that my backpack fitted nicely in the space in front of me. Also I could sit on it comfortably for a couple of hours. Speed was fine, just on some steep stretches I wished it had more power. Will take a look at bigger bikes before I rent, and if I can use another one comfortably I might change my mind.
  8. Thanks! Any recommendations for accommodation in the area?
  9. I'll be renting a Honda Wave 125 and plan to drive from Chiang Rai to Nan and then further. On the map I can see two country roads between Chiang Rai and Nan: - the 1091 passing Chiang Muan and entering Nan from the West - the 1148 passing Chiang Ban and Song Khwae and entering Nan from the North Which one would be more scenic / suitable for that type of bike? If they are both good I could take one going there and the other one coming back. I guess the main highway passing Phayao would be not so scenic and have heavy traffic? Cheers