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  1. What are you going on about?? It was a Domestic flight!! totster
  2. From what I can see the orange car was actually nudged into the taxi, not as a result of evasive action. totster :)
  3. Totster

    Driver’s licence health rules to become stricter

    Unfortunately, not having a driving license here is not a reason to stop driving.. totster
  4. Totster

    3,000 cruise line passengers descend upon Patong

    I will look forward to the Mayor of Patong greeting me at Phuket Airport when I next visit! totster
  5. Hmmm, and the 'Hotelier's association of the Eastern Seaboard' accounts for what percentage of the hotels in Pattaya? totster :)
  6. Errrmmmm.. E-Cigs are illegal anyway right?? http://www.pattayamail.com/news/e-cigarettes-linger-despite-legal-threats-188679 totster :)
  7. Ok, so what would the conclusion of your due diligence be, based on your post above? totster :)
  8. Well, maybe they didn't carry out due diligence very well, maybe they should have researched a bit harder, maybe they have more money than sense, maybe they only have themselves to blame totster :)
  9. Hmm, I don't know why I need to spell this out.. but, All of this comes down to due diligence, bring in outside people, check with main government (not local) etc.. common sense really. totster :)
  10. A fool and his money are soon parted. It is the buyers responsibility to carry out due diligence. totster :)
  11. Pretty cool link, same kind of deal as Ventusky. https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-263.92,7.16,1154/loc=104.490,16.283 totster :)
  12. Totster

    Thai boozy party at McDonald’s goes viral

    That's not Lao Kao they are drinking. totster :)
  13. where does it say this will be used in court? totster :)
  14. Totster

    Trang people want isthmus canal studied

    It may not be the only reason, but it is definitely a consideration that is high on the list. totster :)
  15. 5555555 - Face....lost... totster :D