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  1. Totster

    Morlam (festival)

    You'll usually find some "superstars" touring around Isaan during the winter months, look for the ads at road junctions etc.. also the smaller travelling acts that tour the villages performing for rice, with differing quality Violence has always been a problem at these events, too much Lao Kao, testoterone and face all contribute, the best advice is to leave when the (real) police do, as the local village police are rarely able to prevent the fighting, even if they are carrying M16's.......... Totster
  2. There are no fees for using your Nationwide ATM card overseas. I got a rate of 62 with my last withdrawal on the 19th Totster
  3. The daily limit is set by card issuer (Nationwide). My limit for daily withdrawals is GBP 300, which at the moment is approx ฿18,000. So to withdraw the ฿200,000 from an ATM would take 12 days Totster
  4. Totster

    Khon Kaen Phone Calls

    My wife has two phones, both on 0ne2call. I would say 60% of the time when I call on her everyday number using a third party discount service (there is no problem when calling direct), the call does not connect for one reason or another... however using her other number the call will go straight through.. Totster
  5. Totster

    Khon Kaen Phone Calls

    If yo are using a third party "cheap" service (like the 1p p/m 0844 numbers), then some of these services seem to have started to play a ringing tone while it is actually trying to connect, this keeps the person on the phone using the service. You can tell when it is actually ringing the other end as the tone changes pitch slightly. At 1p per minute though, no complaints Totster
  6. Totster


    Hi, This is the best I can come up with... Ban Saen Chani 14°35′12″N, 105°10′04″E Totster