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  1. I don't have enough baths.. do you reckon they would accept 250 bath and 50 showers ? totster
  2. I appreciate your input. It has me thinking. It should, it's a good post... he has absolutely hit the nail on the head totster
  3. Indeed, let's face it.. anyone can write a cheque for any amount if they wish. But if they are happy with the arrangement that's what matters. Just another thought.. is it possible to put that 400,000 into another bank account then 'show' the bank book as well ? totster
  4. Totster

    Squashed Gold Ring & Weighing It In .....

    I caught my (thai gold) wedding ring on a door handle a couple of years ago and pulled it right out of shape, it was probably more like a triangle, had to mangle it up even more when trying to get it off. This was in the UK, so I took it to a local goldsmith who reshaped it and polished it up, good as new, cost a fiver. Anyway, if it can be done there it can certainly be done here. totster
  5. Yes, this is in Korat Province. Thanks for the advice. Large place.. how far is the local town ? totster Local town is close enough. Cool.. yeah, sensible not to be specific. totster
  6. Yes, this is in Korat Province. Thanks for the advice. Large place.. how far is the local town ? totster
  7. No, that won't work, they like to see cash. All the weddings I have been to (including mine) the cash is counted in the presence of everyone and the amount announced. Best way as Boo mentioned, is to have a friend there to keep an eye on it, then take it straight to the bank straight after (which is what I did) totster
  8. Totster

    Maggie Thatcher Is Dead.

    A ridiculous comment considering there is 30 odd years difference between the two ! totster
  9. Totster

    Maggie Thatcher Is Dead.

    You do understand the concept of war.. right? I'm sure you haven't forgotten HMS Sheffield.. totster
  10. Totster

    Maggie Thatcher Is Dead.

    There will be many people who lived through her terrible Era,(which IMO was very near to a Dictatorship) that will also be cracking open a bottle or two,like many mining towns,steelwork and ship building towns which to this day have never recovered,and are still poverty stricken,with high unemployment,no hope repressed areas,thanks to her Regime. I've said it earlier in this thread, those people in those industries have only themselves to blame, they wanted the high money and none of the work, striking whenever someone stubbed a toe. If they would have a put a decent weeks work in and were happy for a fair wage (for everyone involved) maybe things would have been different. Like it or not, the unions broke the country as well as the greed of employees who thought no one could do as good a job as they could.. no one is irreplaceable... as the big firms and workers soon found out. totster
  11. Totster

    Maggie Thatcher Is Dead.

    Moot point.. If you think that governments all over the world aren't doing the same you are naive (look who armed and funded Bin Laden) Also, please remember that she didn't personally sell the arms, the UK government did.. it's a large organisation. totster
  12. Totster

    Maggie Thatcher Is Dead.

    Yes, well he would.. Anything for his 5 minutes.. totster
  13. Totster

    Maggie Thatcher Is Dead.

    "I hate feminism. It is poison." - m. thatcher. What she said or thought about feminism is irrelevant. Not talking her about bra burning style feminism. Talking about WOMEN IN POWER feminism and objectively despite her views she was a major force in advancing that. Being the first women head leader of a major western power , getting the office through her own merits, holding the office so long, and having a significant historical impact were all contributing factors. Doesn't mean I like her and most of what she did any more than she liked feminism but facts are facts.I read an interesting article that said MT would not have liked to be called a feminist and she indeed hated the very notion of it, however there is no doubt that she empowered women, and the strong women you see in charge of large organisations in the UK now are a direct result of her influence. totster
  14. Totster

    Maggie Thatcher Is Dead.

    It's ALL the terrorists.. they could have stopped bombing, killing and maiming.. That's exactly what she said and thereby contributed the prolonging of the conflict. Sorry, I place the blame for terrorism at the terrorists feet. There is no grey line when it comes to killing innocent people and the soldiers sent there to protect them. totster
  15. Totster

    Maggie Thatcher Is Dead.

    No, That was the terrorists. totster not only the terrorists.she could have brought parties to the tables much earlier than they did. It's ALL the terrorists.. they could have stopped bombing, killing and maiming.. totster