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  1. Do you think the bib give a damn about licensing laws , who can open what time, they do yes but only for revenue gathering. i used to say in New York City money can buy you anything you want but compared to Pattaya they are ameteurs.
  2. Such nonesense.
  3. Did you see the haul of weapons the bib collected from the mini van drivers when they were moving them away from victory monument, every one of them had a sword or axe or machete.
  4. Really a witty reply .
  5. I brought a twenty foot container, all my diy tools expensive furniture the only people ripped me off was the receiving agent, fees like a thousand baht to clean the container, customs no problem. later I shipped four cardboard boxes taped to a pallet, my books am a big reader, customs made me pay a thousand baht no receipt in Bangkok klon toey pirt, the fork lift driver wanted two hundred baht to take the pallet to my truck, I said ok then told him to F off. And drove away.
  6. It's called the usual thirty percent cut.
  7. Not sure at my age if my organs would be fit for transplant.
  8. Such nonsense is better kept in your half a brain.
  9. Thank you everyone for your replies. Do not want a bunch of monks coming to my house (ex mine ) moaning and chanting for money , in my eyes they are just a bunch of scrounges , I think even worse of some other major religions but am sure if I gave my true thoughts the mods would not print it. However I will say if this is your belief good luck to you on any religion, by the way I am not a vegetarian too , and no doubt many of you will not like that too, especially Eric bahrt the idiot Bangkok post , postbag editor favorite. such is the man I am, by the way am 74 years young.
  10. living in Korat and when I die wish to donate my body to some hospital for students to work on , have tried the government hospital here but they only want organs , they told me contact Khon Kaen, however they only want Thai bodies. I have no use for any religion simply think rather than just burn by body it could do some good for teaching in the medical profession , can anyone help.
  11. It's called high rent , coupled with plain fraud.
  12. Jeees, I hope I hope it want the rubber chicken they feed you.