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  1. ableguy

    Bangkok aims to halve road deaths

    You all can rant on as much as you like, the only way road deaths would be reduced here is to ban everyone from driving, then only the ones who could pay the bib would be driving, hence few could pay , result less deaths. jeeeez I should be a politition in the government, oh no I forgot we don't have one , silly me.
  2. ableguy

    German man admits to Phuket girlfriend's murder

    Irrelevant comment , am sure what you really meant was ruined the girl friends life.
  3. Be serious , do you think really anyone gives a damn. ?
  4. ableguy

    This Man Takes a Plane to Work Every Day of the Week

    He should learn to fly, lots of small airstrips around SF, having flown into lots of them save a lot of money and time.them
  5. ableguy

    Typical thai incomes

    .most answers on this thread are not worth reading and less heeding. seems to me where I live in Korat but also having lived in Bkk and Hua Hin a young married professional couple will be lucky to make 50,000 baht per month, from that pay a mortgage and two car payments but they think they are hi so. go figure the Thai mentality I cannot.
  6. ableguy

    Pattaya General Tips

    Chock chai is a very famous dairy farm open to the public here twist korat and suraburi.
  7. I have seen this at first hand too. Pathetic seems it runs through the whole strata of society here.
  8. Not for Thailand,only the hi sos count plus the dicks who think they are hi so.
  9. Sixty five year old females are like the center of Australia , everybody knows where it is but nobody wants to go there. The
  10. I got clipped on my hip bone by a speeding prick on a huge motorbike several years ago, when there were very few buses , my point is ban one problem another takes it place .
  11. Not to the rest of us my friend.