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  1. Hell everyone in Thailand knows they are useless.
  2. I had a bomb thrown onto my second floor balcony by a Thai soldier who was screwing my English friends Thai wife, the police wanted twenty thousand to arrest him.
  3. Amazed that this post passed the censors.
  4. I would deport all Thai males over six years old, and save the lovely ladies for us deserving farang.
  5. Silly un thought question., why would any airline have to change its hub to offer a direct flight , do you understand what an airline hub is ? Not trying to be rude to you just curious .
  6. Ubonjoe you constantly amaze me with your knowledge on visa requirements , keep up the good work am sure hundreds of people hold you in high regard, never had to ask you myself as I have a simple retirement visa. Good job.
  7. Some of the biggest scammers are religious clergy, depending on the color of their cloth of course.
  8. To deny is the first reaction, nothing new there, the next reaction is to threaten to sue, nothing new there too . The next reaction is move to Cambodia or Laos, nothing new there.
  9. Did not read the rest of the post , however services are due by Kilometers driven or lapse of time, oil and grease does not last forever, we have a fiesta in korat and the Ford dealer are the most honest people I have ever dealt with in the Industry.
  10. How come Thai gold goes rusty.
  11. The budget problem is that a third of it is stolen by these morons who won't pay them.
  12. Jesus what a dreadful post, sounds to me. Do you ever consider other people may not think like you,.
  13. I understand this one hundred per cent, my gf and I take care of her niece now twelve years old who is a bright kid, looked after her for five years send her to a private school trips abroad the list goes on. taking care of a kid has placed many restrictions on our llife together , the kid has a dream to be a teacher we can make that dream come true, she will be the first kid in her extended family to go to university . This gives me more pleasure than anything I have done in my life, I should add I have two grown kids from a former marriage that are both very successful in life, but that is because whom they were born to, myself had a very good life despite been born to a poor family. all her family is rooting for her just hope I live long enough to see it, however should I croak it my will is such that it would take care of everything, i must stress how happy I am to give a poor kid a break in life, beats anything I have ever done..
  14. This could be why you keep asking questions .
  15. God is for people with a scant education up there with ghosts being born again and so on , the people who peddle this nonesense simply sell hope. religion has been at the top of the list for wars and death since man started bowing down to the sun. the world has been here for millions of years , ruled by reptiles, semi apes, evolution is a proven fact a scientific fact, religion is a theory propagated by chaletons. life is what you make it, nothing is pre ordained, as my local priest used to tell us kids you just have to believe , even though it's bullshit to anyone with half a brain ( the last sentence is mine ). wonder if the moderators will consider this worth a ban. never mind you did ask.