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  1. He must HAVE upset someone.
  2. The OP was reporting his experience from yesterday, and what he was told by Thai people. Not something from 15 years ago. And yes, with a work permit or retirement visa, what happened to him will almost certainly not happen to you.
  3. I didn't say anything about a non-O. I want the extension of stay based on marriage, so I need the account, as I am sure others do too. Also, my bank is in the UK, as I am sure others are. The charges are very high. You are probably in the minority so your opinions are not relevant to this thread.
  4. As mentioned before, on this thread, I only mentioned the 17 million baht to speed things up. I still have to pay back the remaining mortagage so it isn't that much. I am am NOT transferring that much! Read the thread.
  5. Well here are two very good reasons: 1. If you want to obtain a Thai marriage visa at any point in your life, you need to show 400000 baht on deposit in a Thai bank in your name for a period of two months. Otherwise you cannot get the visa, which may or may not be a pretty big thing. 2. Over the last year, I have been withdrawing from Thai banks with my UK HSBC debit card. Lets look at the costs, from my last withdrawal: 220 baht at Thai ATM. Transaction fees from HSBC of 13.10 pounds. And a transaction rate of 0.6 Baht lower than quoted on the online banking of my lovely new Krung Sri account. Last time I withdrew 15000 baht so this came to very roughly, 4.93 + 13.10 + 5.17 = an incredible 23.20 pounds per ATM withdrawal. This is now reduced to a 25 baht out of province fee. Plus HSBC charge me less than a beer to transfer from UK to Thailand as I have a higher level account ((I transferred a million, so I could keep the 400000 at all times and have 600000 for living costs and any further visas costs and wedding party etc, should last me a year). I got a call from a friendly chap at Krung Sri about why I was transferring so much, he understood my explanation immediately and I had the money from the UK in under 24 hours.
  6. I intended this thread to be helpful to people in similar situations to myself, and to friendly posters who were not giving up to date advice.
  7. Of course it's easy when getting a retirement visa. I think everybody knew that already. I'm not retired, and that's the whole point of this thread. Read before posting such rubbish.
  8. Don't worry. I am not transferring anything like that much. Maybe half a million. One thirty-fourth of my cash. Don't panic!
  9. She signed photocopies of her I'd card, passport and Tabien Baan to ensure I was actually living with her. So it's not a joint account, she helped me open my own savings account. Why so much negativity?
  10. Bloody hell now I'm an idiot rushing into marriage! Bring more critcism please. I really don't understand some of these posts. I've known my fiance for ages and lived with her in her house for almost a year minus a few weeks when I went back to the UK to sort some things out. Is there a reason why posters on here just look for any reason to denigrate someone? Does it make them feel better? Why is there so much negativity? Thailand is still a great country and much more preferable for me than the grey skies of the UK where a bottle of coke costs £1.59.
  11. I'm someone who had moved to Thailand and is learning how things get done. Maybe because I haven't been here long I could be considered helpless. I don't see how calling me helpless helps either you or I, when you could be helping me by giving your advice.
  12. I've also witnessed foreigners getting angry here. I know full well that it doesn't get you anywhere in Thailand. I see where you are coming from completely, just wanted to say that I'm a normal guy who doesn't start shouting when he doesn't get what he wants.
  13. I treat people how I would like to be treated and don't look down on people no matter what. I am not boasting or having an ego, just trying to put across my position. I really don't understand what some posters are trying to gain by critising me for explaining what happened today. I'm only trying to help people who might find themselves in a similar situation. I apologise if it looks like I am being egotistic, a moaner, or someone who needs to leave Thailand, I assure you that is not the situation.
  14. I am from UK, was smartly dressed, first class Master's degree certificate, and big chunk of money from property sale. No attitude, very relaxed and had all the paperwork. I was not angry frustrated or rude, despite what some people are suggesting. Also, if I had problems, it follows that other people MAY have issues. Only trying to help others and share my experience.