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  1. Isaan for 2 month “working” holiday?

    Of all my friends who have visited here, some have gotten off the plane at Suvarnambumi and proclaimed the place to be the anus of the Universe with 60 minutes. Others, like me love the quaint backward and slow feel of the place. And of course, the weather, food and girls are all world-class. Don't come if seeing a cockroach or a rat makes you apoplectic. Come if you want to immerse yourself in a new culture and learn things about yourself you couldn't learn at home. Everyone is different. Be careful though, Thailand is exteremely addictive, and, in my opinion, is the crack cocaine of countries.
  2. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    Not sure if I mentioned this but I have somewhere in Thailand to stay for free, a sizeable chunk of cash when I sell my UK house, and probably less than 10 years before I kick the bucket.
  3. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    Thanks for your comments. My house is in a very nice area, probably worth £350k+ now. I don't want to return to the UK ever again. I've got someone who can sell my house on my behalf and forward the money. The medication I need can be bought here for buttons, and my quality of life here is an order of magnitude greater than it ever was in the UK. And I have been here for longer than 3 months.
  4. Large Chang 99 baht, ice 40 baht!

    If you used the ice, you should probably pay for it.....
  5. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    I have some relatives in the UK, but nobody I actually have any contact with.
  6. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    How lovely. Unfortunately I will almost certainly not live to retirement age due to an irreversible degenerative health problem.
  7. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    Thanks for your helpful advice. I have been here about 7-8 months continually and much prefer it to my life back in the UK. I am not getting any younger so will probably end up selling my house in the UK and making the move. Yes, there are disadvantages but then every city on the planet has disadvantages. Ubon feels safe, is very good value, and has a lot of beautiful countryside within an hours drive. Weather and food are fantastic and people are friendly. Compare that to the UK! The UK is incredibly depressing, grey skies every day, everything is massively overpriced, and if you start talking to a random person they assume you are trying to mug them. No street food, overweight women who think they are 10/10, terrible work/life balance, shocking transport and living costs, and I can rent somewhere in Ubon for less than my bloody council tax back in the UK!
  8. Gullivers on Khao San Road closed??

    Why is there so much KSR bashing? We are all different, just because you don't like something doesn't mean somebody else won't. KSR is usually the first place westerners arrive on their trip to Thailand and gives them an amusing and reasonably safe introduction. I can only think that because most people enjoying themselves there are 18-30 years old, that the fat bald and ugly lot don't like it so stay on Sukhumvit where they will be amongst similar types. The first time I arrived in Thailand, I had a hotel booked in Soi Rambuttri. I was 27, and had been heavily into weight training for 10+ years so had a truly awesome time.
  9. How to Show Bank Statement?

    There's an easier solution. On the same side of the road as the embassy, just next door in fact, is a Lao bank. It has a booth outside with an ATM which gives free printed statements for foreign banks. I have used this 3 times and never had a problem.
  10. Hello and good morning. Please accept my apologies if this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find an up-to-date answer. For the 30 day tourist visa on arrival extension, do I have to travel to Bangkok for this or can it be done elsewhere, hopefully not too far from Ubon? I'm not going to travel to Bangkok just for that, I would fly to Phnom Penh or go to Savannakhet to get a proper 60 day visa instead. Regards.
  11. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    And I'm still here, having the best time of my life.
  12. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    Update: I am still here in Isaan. I am enjoying it a lot and in some respects wish I had left it all behind, I do not want to go back to the UK. I have turned down 2 jobs in the 30-35k baht range because of the working hours and location but have a good interview lined up for next week, for a much more convenient posting. Yes, I am sure all the people who cut me down would love to see me get burned by my employer and end up "living under a bridge", but to be honest my life here is massively more enjoyable than being in the UK. Life is too short to be unhappy and I am very happy here, although I can fully understand why some people might be bored. For me, a day spent walking and then fishing in the sun is as good as life gets. And when I get home it gets even better. Tasty food and fantastic company. People are warm, friendly and VERY trustworthy. I may end up dead in a paddy field somewhere or even worse. But shit happens in the UK too, and at least I will have died happy instead of depressed in a wet grey shithole town in the UK. I still haven't commited but if I spend much more time in the UK I will be very disappointed.
  13. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    We inherited a couple of very young puppies a couple of days ago and some members of the family seem to think it's completely acceptable to whack them around the head or boot them up in the air.
  14. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    Just an update. A funny one really. I have been 100km from Ubon fit several weeks and love it. I am staying for 100% free, being taken very good care of. Some things have annoyed me although I have taken a relaxed attitude to such matters as is the Thai way: 1: Proper shops won't sell me a beer between 2 and 5. I knew this before but I just go next door to the mum and dad shop and buy it there. They are happy to sell to me at this time so what the bloody hell is the point? 2. I was physically forced by a lady to turn off my mobile phone because it was raining and she said I would die. I turned it off just because I didn't want to argue. I have a first class masters degree in science from a top university in the UK but she wouldn't listen. 3. I saved the best till last. I have been told by several Thais that I must not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES put plastic in the microwave. Jesus Christ. When I try to explain how these ideas are plain stupid I am looked at as if I am totally and utterly stupid. I was told that only plastic which costs over 100 baht can go in the microwave. Sorry for the rant, otherwise enjoying myself greatly.
  15. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    I'm going back soon for 3-6 months. I will report back. Hopefully I will still be enjoying it, if not I will let you know why not.