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  1. Being shot by a passing motorist is not in my opinion "being bullied"
  2. 90 mins for an "express piza"------- think I would have left long ago
  3. lighten up man----- have another Bud ICE PREMIUM !!!!!!!!
  4. Yep just another "without fanfare" downhill slide------ but hey,what am I worried about.I am an honest citizen, so I am safe.
  5. Wishful thinking (unfortunately).Maybe a small fine,and even that only if they do not do a week in a Temple
  6. Thank you GAZZPA----------- Couldn't have put it better myself
  7. Unfortunately I think you are right with the "social media" bit. Did anything happen to the last security guard that got beaten up.I feel so sorry for these people just trying to do a good job and they get beaten up FOR WHAT ????.Hope he makes a good recovery. <deleted> cowardly <deleted> Ten on one !!!!!
  8. I would hardly call one shot a "volley of fire"!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have had a dash cam now for a few yrs and my main reason was so that if some idiot in front of me did something to cause me to have an accident I would at least have a case to present to my insurance Co.I have not had cause to use it thus so far ,but maybe they too would baulk at the idea of using this as evidence.Has anyone had any experience with this problem?.Let's face it,it's all relative to this thread.
  10. If there was a "high presence of security officers" where were they when the plaque was being dug out and the new one embedded in .Not exactly a 5min job??????? Why has nobody even thought of asking anybody ??????????????
  11. Yes,been there done that -------- but I have always got home by following the road---- how on earth do you find your way home crossing roofs ???
  12. I think you will find it is called "sign language" not "side language"
  13. I wish you people would read properly------- She is dead.In my opinion she is better off anyway.Can you imagine a life being deaf or dumb and having a permanently crippled body.RIP poor young lady
  14. NO thats the one they are trying to cover up---------- trouble is there is always one who has a long memory and comes and stuffs it all up