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  1. Yes thats easy—- why didnt i think of that ————— pipe it all straight out to sea where it belongs !!!!!!!!!! Problem solved.
  2. What does that mean? What does it mean in English?
  3. What the hell are you going on about!!!!
  4. biplanebluey

    At least 7 killed, 2 missing in Nan mudslide

    Not funny—- you are talking about people’s lives
  5. biplanebluey

    How to differentiate between a girl and lady boy?

    Men have bigger feet —- there’s no plastic surgery for that!!!!!
  6. That’s what I thought— a couple of dents in the back !!!!!
  7. biplanebluey

    Proven way to get rid of Geko's

    Some of you people make me sick.You are in a foreign country.These are foreign country creatures.If they are just messing the roof of your car surely its a 1 min job to throw a bit of plastic sheet over your precious car—— keep the 12 bore for something more reasonable !!!!!!!!!??? OH YEA I never thought of that
  8. biplanebluey

    Beer drinking this weekend

    Thank you my friend it is always good to get good news.
  9. biplanebluey

    Beer drinking this weekend

    My Thai wife tells me no drinking this 3 day w/e starting today but our local bar in Udon Thani was open and thriving this morning (friday) so whats the story ?
  10. Well I suppose you can say he was very lucky.IfI wanted to hang myself(and I assure you I don’t) I would find it impossible to pick somewhere to do it,tthere is nowhere I could trust to attach a rope and not pull down with me on it.And I am just a lightweight !!! I do feel sorry though for the family left behind with no Mama and no Papa,and they have to spend the rest of their lives with the memory of how they left them.UGH !!!
  11. Talking about the sharpest tool——- read the beginning again!!!
  12. biplanebluey

    Securing residency

    Exctly !!!!!!!!
  13. biplanebluey

    Securing residency

    I wonder if he is perhaps getting his lines crossed here.He is never going to own a hous that is initilly his girlfriends.That is he first mistake.Alsothe second is he will never own. House here even if he 100o/o pays for it.I payed this and got a 30 tr lease which means I am unable to be put out until I am 103 yrs old !!!!.As far as I am aware there is no other way to secure a farang tenancy.This guys method of buying a few bits and pices is thwart with disaster
  14. I can understand that 55555 ABBA. Yea yea yea