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  1. For cleaning false teeth------------ whats false teeth
  2. I don't think horses in any way can be compared to crocodiles-------- Do you think he should have stuck his head straight back in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! personally I don't think he should have put his head in there to start with.Bloody idiot !!!!!!
  3. HaHa5555555555-------- Is the mother guilty cos the body was found a km or less from your shop----------- Did you have something to do with it? I must say some of you people are always good for a laugh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. This is exactly what I said---------- he is a thief---- end of story
  5. If it happened in her late teens,she in only in her late teens now.Hardly call 14-16 late teens------- 17-18 maybe yes.
  6. OK I understand your point but I do not care one iota why he did id , the fact that he stole and as I said "from a temple" just puts him into a scum category,I repeat----- Put him behind bars End of story.
  7. Sorry but he is a thief and has stooped to stealing from a Temple and like I said the 50,000 may be some other ill gotten gain,and as a last comment---- how on earth can he have been starving with that stack of money on him.Put him behind bars !!!!!!!
  8. Ever thought that money may be from that donation box or some other theft?????
  9. What a load of crap
  10. I'm getting confused---- the original post and others following say this attack was in Phuket -------Now you bring Pattaya into the picture.Also it was evidently 9 yrs ago and still no perp and no sword.One of those"don't know what to believe" stories.
  11. WOW------- I would have thought that with the UNFCC the ONEP the NAMA the UNCCC theUDC and of course not forgetting the M of E all getting together they must surely come up with something !!!!!!!! Maybe even some sort of improvement.
  12. 2.6 million cap seals !!!!!! I'm sure there are much more things they could be targeting than this bit of trivea.But it gets you in the news .Big healines good for ego,now lets forget it and go home.