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  1. I am sorely disappointed -----none of my new Zealand countrymen(or should I say country women) are on your list.But hey I suppose that's because we are considered---rightly so--- To be honest righteous citizens
  2. Move to exempt Thais from immigration form

    HaHa----It's going to be the Immigration "officials" that are going to be crowded out now------- 58 new officers and 14 new desks (counters) Yep I can see it now
  3. Almost all the baby girls in remote village grow penises at the age of 12

    I didn't understand that bit either.he must have had something to urinate out of for the first 12 yrs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would like to see that program on television.
  4. Police issue a description of the jogger---------- then they say he was seen coming back the other way 15 mins later.......... but didn't stop him to even talk to him?????? he needs to be taught a lesson.Short time in cell hefty fine and compensation to victim.That should cool him down.
  5. Some of you guys need glasses !!!! The woman moved over to her left and the jogger had heaps of room to pass but he deliberately came close to her and pushed her over the kerb that she was walking close to. No doubt about it this was a deliberate act.He should be punished.If he was having a bad morning he should have gone back to bed Not try to kill some innocent pedestrian !!!!!
  6. Hey Hyku------- !!!!!!! _______ do you mind That's my wife !!!!
  7. Can I just ask one question that someone out there may know the answer----------- in the television show this lad had a good head of hair. They also said that he had to have kimo,and in the last 2 pics on here it shows him completely bald poor devil. Has he been able to stop that treatment? I also thought that the Khemo treatment killed the hair roots so making it impossible for hair to ever grow again,but seems I got that one wrong. I'm happy for him about that
  8. I was sitting here with tears in my eyes at the thought of what this lovely happy young kid had contracted and what the possible outcome may be but when looking at him on the screen all I could see was a fantastic personality full of fun. What a great young boy---- he should be an example to all of us---- especially when we start to moan at some insignificant thing that has taken hold of us and is going to slightly inconvenience us for a short time.!!! You are a good role model for all of us. I adopted that attitude some yrs ago when having a lot of personal difficulties and my health was suffering (although not as bad as the dreaded cancer) but with a change of lifestyle and mindset things soon started to change and I am now a very happy person Physically,mentally and medically,so all I can say Stef is keep it up fella and good luck to you,there are I,m sure a hell of a lot of people behind you to cheer you on.
  9. Police are looking for the driver ??? Surely he's the one in the cab up front ? (on the steering wheel side)
  10. Krabi massacre suspects handed over to police

    Thanks for nothing then,and as for imagination I am imagining what you must be like at home--- anyway BYE
  11. Krabi massacre suspects handed over to police

    MOBBED ??????? Not say much for the large No of police,and you only read half my reply,,,,,or don't you know the answer to No2
  12. Former MPs brother charged with procuring girls

    Poor guy obviously had a low paid job himself and just wanted to make a bit on the side ?????
  13. Krabi massacre suspects handed over to police

    With all the stupid remarks I still do not know why they are all wearing yellow scarves.Sensible answers appreciated. OK No 2 will they be shot or given lethal dose or what.I have this scene in my mind of them all lined up against a wall somewhere( Bangkok?) facing a half dozen or more soldiers with rifles.Have I got that wrong too. As I say,,,,, sensible answers only please
  14. SHHHhhhhhhhhhh Say that quietly !!!!!!!!!!!!