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  1. Attempted murder ????????? He's aiming up in the air.Or has the Motorbike flown away?????
  2. What you are suggesting is a civil war !!!! I agree the people should raise objections and not just take things lying down,but a general message of discontent with mass turnouts causing disruption in the cities could send a clear message.I do agree that this sort of disturbance could wake the govt up and make them think hard about the way we are going.At the moment nobody seems to care what they do ,or where the money is going.
  3. Man o Man !!!!! Wish I had thought of that!!!!!!
  4. Sorry dinsdale----- I've already booked her,and she's keen to go back to NZ with me in a couple of weeks time!!!!
  5. O K So who is Deputy PM____ I always thought it was Prawit now it says the Deputy Somkid that went to America ??? Am I missing something?
  6. OK sorry I see no ice in the cup
  7. Yes it has a Leopard's head on the side but it has Leo on the plastic cups ???????????? and I still don't know the price or whether the cups are filled with ise first !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. How to Get Rid of Pests and Bugs the Buddhist Way

    No I have not noticed-------- I got on to this discussion in my normal way in the general forum,so what makes this a specialbuddhist section ???
  9. Yingluck ‘has left Dubai for London’

    No,actually I don't
  10. How to Get Rid of Pests and Bugs the Buddhist Way

    Don't know what's the matter with all you guys-------- have you all turned Buddhist? I hate ants,rats and mice and those sort of creatures and I will kill them the same as I did in my "home" country. Have you not seen the canine re-action to a Fly thats buzzing around him.He would I doubt not relish eating it but would quite happily kill it just to stop it from annoying him----------------- I AM THE SAME
  11. Can a foreigner win Thai lottery?

    When I first emigrated to New Zealand there were only 3.500.000 people.I never won anything except the smallest prizes which covered my ticket costs. !!!!! Some are lucky some are not,but I got to say I am very happy here after 10 yrs
  12. And a great shot of the actual accident on camera,whatever that was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Are eggs prices up ?

    Well why didn't you bring some home with you
  14. Are eggs prices up ?

    How about you shop around
  15. Took me a while to work out which one was the picture of,the Ex and the Pedo