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  1. Well I can only count 12 balconies so surely that means 12 floors and all legal.If there is somehow 14 floors then who was on the council signing off this building as a 12 story, and what sort of house does he live in, and what car does he drive------- just curious????
  2. Lizards in home

    We have both Jintoks and Tokays and I love them.They are no trouble whatsoever.A bit of a cleanup of lizard poo on the bench which is easy to remove,and the Tokays look beautiful------------- enjoy them---they are all part of Thailand
  3. Typical Thai----- You just want her for the money
  4. NO--- what he has learned is he can have a crash and even if the vehicle turns upside down he can walk away without a scratch----------- so whats he got to worry about ?
  5. Would a good girl do that?

    You are sure right there.She is gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I saw him in BigC in udon Thani on friday but I was afraid to say anything---------- my wife told me not to get involved
  7. Stopped By Police In Thailand? What You Should Do.

    Is it OK to tell them you said so !!!!!!!
  8. Customs woes at Swampy

    Bye Bye --------
  9. IT WORKS ---I put my cursor on the "insertion point"----------- and got it to move OK next lesson please-------------- all joking apart good on ya man
  10. HAHAHA---- 2 men have a shoot out---one is dead and you worry about the LENGTH OF THE BARREL !!!!
  11. 55555555 Yes I couldn't make head or tails out of what Nasrulla was writing either but I have not the time to try and explain what some of these threads are about to some of these jokers,I just shrug and go on to the next---------- good on ya for trying.I must admit it does sometimes give me a bit of a chuckle and that's always good to start the day with
  12. Boy trapped in lift after urinating on control panel

  13. Why do plugs flash and crackle in Thailand?

    How long you been here,ever noticed there's only two wires------ no earth !!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. According to the levelsI in and the levels regulated it is obvious that the present levels are WELL BELOW the danger limits so whats the big deal.I bet if I was to walk around your normal local market,I would see many terrible practices going on that would pale this into insignificance