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  1. biplanebluey

    Securing residency

    I wonder if he is perhaps getting his lines crossed here.He is never going to own a hous that is initilly his girlfriends.That is he first mistake.Alsothe second is he will never own. House here even if he 100o/o pays for it.I payed this and got a 30 tr lease which means I am unable to be put out until I am 103 yrs old !!!!.As far as I am aware there is no other way to secure a farang tenancy.This guys method of buying a few bits and pices is thwart with disaster
  2. I can understand that 55555 ABBA. Yea yea yea
  3. The more i read and the more i here of these people talking the more I realise what a great pack of guys they are and were. If it wasn’t for people like him and his compatriots we might as well have filled the entrance with a few truck loads of dirt and planted a black cross.I am sorry if that is a bit too explicit for some of you but i just feel that if there were not people around like them then this sort of life saving ecapades would never take place and the world would be a sorry place without them. I have shed a lot of tears during the last few weeks over the fate of those boys and I’m not kidding about that. I am even writing this with watery eyes so all I want to say now is God bless you and your mates for your dedication which brought about such a successful conclusion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your unselfishness in putting your own life at risk to save others,and thnk you for bringing to me the realism of what you and your mates do for others and probably never make any news or headlines and you just consider these things to be all in a days work.Again——— God bless you and thank you, Dougal
  4. There was a stack of evidence against himself!!!! He is guilty !!!!Youwant to let him go just because he says he did not do it. Ever mind the evidence—- he says he’s innocent! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&
  5. Don’ t worry “softie” i have spent many times over the last couple of weeks fighting back tears and anybody who can read of This terrible trajedy without feeling something inside must be a heartless soul
  6. I predict that it will turn up in 2 or 3 days
  7. Crime as well as overstay arrested
  8. biplanebluey

    Car Radiator leak and this is how to fix it

    No problem if you drain it out as soon as it stops the leak Did my first one over 50yrs ago and never a problem
  9. I am no expert but I would surely think that drilling a hole down would be both a much,much quicker way to reach them and surely they can guide the tunnel just far enough away from them or even move them a safe distance from the breakthrough point for a short while.This idea of 4 month course on diving really worries me.How about some of them find that they cannot cope with whole thing especially if they cannot swim.and you are trying to teach a bunch of youngsters a very serious thing to save their lives after already going through hell in that dark environment.That in itself must put a serious damper on their spirits when seeing that first rescuer and thinking it’s all over. Man my feelings of pity is overwhelming for them. if you have to tell them they will have to stay another say 2 weeks till they have a hole to crawl through,please somebody just get on and do it.I am just an old Kiwi but my heart is in that cave with them——- Dougal
  10. Yes but surely nowhere near 4 months ????