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  1. Yes, there are some positions for Harry that allow relatively east typing on the keyboard of a mobile device while doing the Lord's work in the sense of going forth and multiplying.
  2. There are drinking, smoking, obesity, etc forums here on Thaivisa, but no sexology forum, wherefore I am posting this topic here in the Pub forum where we can vent our frustrations. I am crying foul or, politically more correct, discrimination on the basis of gender, because the pioneering scientific research reported in the article mentioned below has been carried out only with females of the human species. All right, further down, the article mentions clitoral stimulation (obvious, because this study was made with women) but for analogous research on men, penile stimulation can obviously be used.
  3. Drink laws?

    There is no fine for being drunk, but there is a fine for being over the legal limit.
  4. Drink laws?

    What section of what law of what country are we talking about here?
  5. Drink laws?

    What do you mean with "the stoppers where bent". The Leo beer bottles has caps, haven't they, not stoppers?
  6. Drink laws?

    How many millilitres are there om a small bootle of Leo? What type of pint are you talking about, a US pint (473 mL) or an Imperial pint (568 mL)?
  7. Drink laws?

    In what part of Thailand was this?
  8. I'd be grateful if anybody could cite the section and law that says that drivers should stop at pedestrian crossings. For years, I have been searching for it, all in vain. The only thing I could find about the duties of drivers regarding pedestrians in the Road Traffic Act B.E. 2522 (1979) is Section 32: ... the driver shall be careful... not to hit or graze a pedestrian... ...must give warning signal for the pedestrian... Section 46: ...No driver shall overtake other conveyance...within thirty meters before reaching a pedestrian crossing... Section 51: ... in case of turning left...the driver shall be careful and must stop and let the pedestrian who is crossing the road pass... ... in case of turning right...the driver shall be careful and must stop and let the pedestrian who is crossing the road pass... Section 57: Unless otherwise provided by the provisions, rule or regulation under this Act, no driver shall park the conveyance...on a pedestrian crossing or within the limit of three meters from a pedestrian crossing... Section 70: The driver who drives a conveyance reaching a...pedestrian crossing...must slow down. Section 81: During the time to turn on the light under section 11 or section 61, the driver riding bicycle...must turn on white light headlight in order to be visible by...pedestrian... Apparently only when a driver is turning left or right must he stop to let a pedestrian cross (Section 51), regardless whether there is a pedestrian crossing or not.
  9. You need to improve your Tinglish. It is poblem, not ploblem.
  10. Sometimes when I see a member's avatar a question pops up in my mind about it, a question the answer to which has no benefit for me except to satisfy my fleeting, sometimes nagging curiosity, a questions so silly or inconsequential that I would be embarrassed to send the member a PM about, but I feel comfortable enough to ask in the pub. Is this a left shoe or a right shoe?
  11. What is so smart about a QR code? It is nothing but text in a non-alphabetic format. Anybody with a QR reader app on the smartphone can read it
  12. What gave you that impression? Can you cite the relevant sections of the Criminal Code B.E. 2499?
  13. According to the news article, the fine of 100 Baht is "for having a knife", whereas "menacing " is a crime for which the law stipulates "a month in jail and/or a 1,000 baht fine" and a judge will decide on the penalty within that range.
  14. Is the news article in the OP about a teacher of English nationality or about a teacher of any nationality teaching English?