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  1. "Anybody tried these, or know what's in them?" I am also interested to know what is in it but as I am in Europe at the moment I cannot pop into a 7-Eleven store to look at it. I'd appreciate it if you -- or somebody else -- did this, took photos of the ingredient list and the Thai FDA number and posted them here.
  2. Why heavy smog at CNX (Chiang Mai International Airport), will there be sufficient visibility for aeroplanes to land and take off?
  3. How do I delete my account on this site?

    I am trying to picture what this would look like. For example, my account would be "deleted', as you call it, but my posts would still show, with my user name and my avatar next to it, and quotes of my posts in other members' posts would also still show, with the indication of my user name. In other words, there would be no visual difference between a "deleted" account and and a non-deleted account, would there?
  4. Was the ambulance driver acting correctly when he published the video on the Internet? I don't think so. If anything, he should have given it to his immediate superior and let him decide what to do with it. Probably, it would have gone no further from there but that would not have been the driver's problem.
  5. Am I getting this right? Sanchai Chasombat, a spokesperson for emergency teams, asked the admin of the web page Street Hero Project why the driver of the ambulance did not cut in on the left as the road was free. Why does he expect the admin of the web page to be able to answer this question?
  6. How do I delete my account on this site?

    Perhaps those other forums are not running on the same forum software.
  7. I agree. First, the woman slowly advances into the road just a little, then stops and waits, which is a clear signal to the motorcyclist that she will correctly yield the way to him. Then, when the motorcycle approaches, to a point where it is too late to stop with those weather and road conditions, the pick-up takes off at high speed.
  8. Note: In Taiwan, immigration does not test all arriving passengers for HIV and keep them in quatantine until the results are available.
  9. Bottled water makers welcome cap seal ban

    Now that you mention it I realise you are right. I remember that with some bottles, after taking off the plastic seal I had difficulty unscrewing the cap and I had to use a knife to cut the connectors between the cap and the ring below it. Therefore, for all I know the bottle I photographed also had a plastic seal.
  10. Bottled water makers welcome cap seal ban

    Here it is:
  11. Bottled water makers welcome cap seal ban

    I already bought some bottled water without the silly plastic seal when I was in Bangkok last month, but I can't remember if it had another type of pilfer-proof cap like the one on this bottle in Italy:
  12. I thought I read somewhere on Thaivisa that the district offices now have a second type of pink ID cards for non-Burmese without travel restrictions in Thailand.
  13. Oh, dear. Are they going to ban Paper Scissor Stone next?
  14. BMA poised to lower HIV infection by 90% in 2020

    No. You are poised to become a billionaire by 2020.