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  1. Normal charge for transfer to another acct. is B 30 for the first B 10,000, + B 1 per additional B 1000. I don't know if the fee is capped at some point. It makes no difference if the receiving acct. is your own or someone else's, or how far it is to the receiving bank.
  2. allane

    Retirement visa

    I think that at least for a brief period in the past, Bangkok Bank NY used to allow applicants to complete the necessary forms, and then transmit these to HQ in Bangkok, where an account was then opened.
  3. I have now become aware of someone who left Thailand about a month ago and returned shortly after. About ten days ago, she was in the Surin Immigration office. The reportedly scrutinized every page of her passport, but did not tell her that she had to do a new TM30, or fine her for not having already done one.
  4. allane

    Retirement visa

    Check Bangkok Bank's website. They used to have a way of doing it. I don't know if they still do. They have a branch in New York. To my knowledge, they are the only Thai bank that does.
  5. I think he is going to have to go inside a bank which issues Visa cards. I believe this now excludes Bangkok Bank. They normally charge the same rate that they do on an unpaid credit card bill, plus another 1% or so. For a round figure, use 20% p.a. Remember, the banks will all be closed on Mon. Oct. 15. Have him do it today, if he can't wait until the 16th.
  6. Just a friendly reminder to all. It's the substitution day for the Oct. 13 holiday, commemorating the death anniversary of King Bhumipol Adulyadej.
  7. Going abroad later this month. Is Surin (Kap Cheung) Immigration one of the ones wanting a new TM30 within 24 hrs, of my return ?
  8. allane

    Bus From Don Muang Airport To Swampy.

    Take #29 (or various others, including the A1, A2 & A3 airport buses), to Morchit BTS, then BTS to Phayathai Station, then switch to the Airport Link train to Suwannaphum. Allow about 75 min.
  9. Don't reverse it. Let the fools who voted "Leave" live with the consequences of their decision. Why would the EU want to negotiate with the UK now, while the UK is still a member ? If the EU has the intestinal fortitude to do nothing for just 180 more days, Britain will be on the outside looking in. After letting Britain stay outside for some suitable period ( perhaps 5 to 10 years), the EU could possibly consider talks if the UK asked very politely, and stood in the queue behind North Macedonia, Moldova, and whatever other banana republics might be in the queue by that time. 183, 182, 181, 180......
  10. I am a Canadian citizen living in Thailand planning my first trip to Vietnam (Hanoi) for 5 days in mid Oct. I am sifting through a lot of murky, conflicting, online information,most of which does not indicate how old it is. -It appears I will need either a) an advance visa from the Viet. Embassy in Bangkok. or, b) a "visa letter" from them or an online agency of some sort. which I will need to board the plane in Bangkok, and use to get my visa once I have arrived at Hanoi airport. With reference to a) 5 day processing time ? cost - somewhere in the order of B 2200 ? anything else I need to know ? With reference to b) How do I know that whoever I am dealing with online is legitimate? Stated costs seem to be somewhere in a range from B 650 - B 1000. Some sites have reference to an additional "Stamping fee"upon arrival in VN, somewhere in the range of B 800 - B 1000; is that correct ? I presume it is; that would bring the total cost inline with a) above. I would particularly appreciate responses from Canadians, but will be grateful for all. Please: No rumours, speculation, or hearsay. If you don't know, or can't cite your source, don't reply. Please indicate the date of your experience. I am also interested in hotel recommendations, in or very close to, the Old French Quarter; mid-range places, which are just expensive enough that they probably will accept a credit card; so B 700- 800/nt. Would go a little higher if I receive a favourable review from someone.
  11. allane

    What’s the scam?

    To the OP: If you eventually get an answer, please come back and tell us.
  12. The expiry date is on the card. That is when you will pay next.
  13. allane

    New website is hard to read

    Bring back the clock.
  14. allane

    Inefficient thai gardener

    I don't quite know how to tell you this, but if it is efficiency you want, you have come to the wrong country. There are countries where the trains run on time, but this ain't one of them.
  15. I suppose it makes them feel good to state this. But, I think everyone in the EU already knew and understood this. They are smart enough to know they won't be able to cherry pick !