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  1. allane


    To my ear, it is more or less "rip-roy'. It means"o.k."
  2. allane

    Pattaya bus to Suvarnabhumi airport

    Website: airportpattayabus.com The last bus appears to be at 9 p.m. They have a small surcharge for excess baggage. Running time to the airport is about 2 hrs.
  3. A rather general answer; others may be along with a more specific response to an American: Foreign legal documents usually have to be certified by the appropriate embassy, so in your case, the American Embassy. You may want to ask them what they consider to be a certifiable proof of divorce.
  4. allane

    Please help to translate the address, thanks

    Add one line following "Soi 6" "Huay Kwang, Dindaeng" You can delete: "Krungthep Mahanakon" - that means "Metropolitan Bangkok", which is redundant given that the following line says "Bangkok", and contains the postal code.
  5. allane

    Please help to translate the address, thanks

    What follows is the translation of the portion written in Thai (only): Phraram 9 Road Soi 6 Huay Kwang Sub-district Note: It is not really required to write "Subdistrict " on mail. One usually sees: "road", "soi", Huay Kwang, Din Daeng...
  6. Or, young women who don't have children of their own yet, but think they might want to someday. They want to practise their motherhood skills on someone else's kids.
  7. The Immigration Bureau is a division of the Royal Thai Police. Can't they easily run a police check on any one of us at any time ? And, it would be up to the minute too.
  8. allane


    Bangkok Airways built, and to my knowledge, still owns the Samui airport. They have allowed Thai Airways to serve it, but are charging them so much that the latter can not offer any bargains either. Bangkok-Phuket is farther than Bangkok-Samui, but you can fly to Phuket for much less.
  9. I have sent you a Private Mail. Sign in to see it.
  10. allane

    Personnal income tax

    If your country has a tax treaty with Thailand, there should be no tax payable in Thailand on your home country pension.
  11. Before you go to Bangkok, you might try the Immigration Call Centre; dial 1178. I have never used it myself. However it has been reported on this forum that they will possibly intercede if you are confronted with a halfwit on the other side of the counter. If the Call Centre agrees with your position, go back to Nonthaburi Imm., dial them on your mobile phone, and hand the phone to the guy behind the counter.
  12. Can you clarify what Immigration office you were in ? A google search of "Bang Rat Patana" turned up nothing relevant.
  13. Very hard to believe, especially now that Thai tourists are becoming a significant force on the international scene. I saw recently that Thailand was the 4th largest source of foreign tourists in Japan for whatever period was being reported (I think it was 2017). I don't think Thailand would even have made the list ten years ago.
  14. I think that what you are asking about is obtaining a cash advance on your credit card ? Presumably, the limit is the credit limit that the bank has given you. This should be shown on your monthly statement. I don't think the bank cares whether you withdraw cash up to your limit in one transaction, or in a series of withdrawals as you need the money.
  15. allane

    Airport bus Jomtien.

    You can buy a ticket at the Jomtien bus terminal up to 3 days in advance. Note that you can board the bus only at the Jomtien terminal. Unlike the bus arriving from Bangkok, it does not stop on Sukhumwit Road.