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  1. To my knowledge there have been no recent changes. You state that you are doing a renewal. Why can't you do the same as whatever you did a year ago ? You do require a 90 day "seasoning" period, unlike the 60 day period initially.
  2. Agreed. You can come on here any day and read posts from guys who can't find a bank that will open an account for them. A foreigner should not close a bank account in Thailand unless he is absolutely certain he will never need it again. Even if you are never going to return to that province, having an account with one branch helps to convince another branch of the same bank to open an account for you.
  3. It depends more on the particular branch than on the bank. Giving your location might elicit replies from those with local knowledge. If Bangkok, give the name of your District, or a main intersection. It is a big city.
  4. If you want info. on Nakhon Pathom, this is in the wrong sub-forum. Or do you mean Nakhon Phanom ?
  5. I haven't done it at Jomtien, but I have done it twice at two other offices. Was your current Non-B extension obtained at Jomtien ? If not, they will refuse you, as they once refused me.
  6. This is a general answer, not specific to Krung Thai: Banks in Thailand will generally close an account if there has been no customer-generated activity for a year. (Interest payments and service charges do not count as activity.) With some banks,you can avoid closure by maintaining a small minimum balance, the figure of B 2000 is common. In this case, they usually assess a service charge of say, B 50/month. Once the balance reaches zero, the account is closed. None of the foregoing is specific to foreigners. To my knowledge, the banks can not keep the account holder's funds, at least not initially. There is presumably a statute of limitations that is reached at some point, after which the funds are theirs. I once inadvertently allowed an account to become closed. By going into my home branch, and making a deposit, I was able to reactivate it.
  7. It's only three months at most; checking day by day would not be a huge task, with only 2 accounts. I suppose they might draw a line if somebody walked in with ten bankbooks.
  8. I arrived in Bangkok in the mid 1990's. At that time there were several "serviced apartments", which rented apartments on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Note that I am speaking of apartment buildings where one owner owned the whole building. While I can not vouch for the legality of any of these places, past or present, I would guess that they were legal. They were openly advertised in the media, and with on-site signs. In Thailand or anywhere else, I have never heard of any guarantee that the "tenant mix" will not change. If it has changed to the point that you can't stand it, I think it is you who will have to leave. Check your prospective new accomodation carefully before you do !
  9. allane

    Immigration check.

    Did they arrive in a police vehicle ?
  10. Ask for a Cashier's Cheque. I believe I have paid B 20 for these.If you do not get them "crossed", they are negotiable (can be used as if they are cash.)
  11. Once you find the answer, please come back here and tell us. From a fellow Canadian.
  12. allane

    90 day reporting...

    Only your passport, in which you have presumably stapled the returned portion of the form from your previous 90 day report. Even that is probably not strictly necessary. Everything is computerized now. They do the rest.
  13. allane

    Local bus timetables - Ubon Ratchathani

    There is nothing on the internet. Ubon to Sisaket: van service only frequent departures throughout the day from about 6 a.m. to about 6 p.m. Running time is just under an hour. Sisaket to Rattanaburi: 6 vans per day, every 2 hr. from 8 a.m to 6 p.m. Running time is about 1 to 1.5 hrs. Ubon to Rattanaburi (by bus) - this is not the most direct route from Ubon to Bangkok,so service is infrequent. I believe there is a bus leaving Ubon at about 6 p.m. daily.
  14. You have to deal with the office serving the province you live in. At the top of this sub-forum is a Pinned Topic - "Laws, Regulations, Police Orders..." Click on it, then select # 8 Addresses & Google Map locations of Immigration Offices.
  15. It is for the Labour Dept. (Work Permit). Requirements vary by office, so check with your local office before having the tests done.