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  1. Are alcohol and tobacco also "scum"?
  2. You don't have to be a millionaire to give $3 tips. In fact, in the USA a $3 tip would be an insult.
  3. Lt-general surrenders over weapons

    He was, but it's a secret.
  4. Regarding "They said if they are not allowed the freedom to smoke they won't come back to Pattaya. Most of these are foreign tourists." Thank you. You won't be missed.
  5. Obviously Michelin doesn't agree, so I'll take their opinion over yours.
  6. MRT Attack: Man swings belt at fellow passenger

    Maybe it's you that's "going nuts."
  7. Don't be so hard on yourself.
  8. Actually very few people do video calls in public, and if they do they can still use ear buds while looking at video screen --- but you wouldn't know that would you?
  9. Lonely Planet rose above hippies long long ago.
  10. Why isn't this advertisement labeled as an advertisement?
  11. This -- and similar things -- often happen in other countries o the world, including USA and Europe. Does it happen more often in Thailand? Maybe, but neither I nor anyone here has the metrics to prove it.
  12. I've read many times of many murders being solved by Thai police.
  13. I think for the most part the commenters here who say "it's all about the money" either don't have money (or a Thai lady) or they have nothing Thai women want except for their money. No doubt, for some Thai women it is indeed only about the money. However, for many Thai women money alone (even lots of it) is not enough for them to commit to a farang because they also want a man who is happy and positive thinking, funny, respectful, non-violent, and makes her sexual satisfaction a high priority. As one Thai woman explained it to me: "Thai man drink too much, gamble too much, spend my money, have sex with other lady, and I no finish."