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  1. Why Bangkok’s Fun Is Ending At Midnight Again

    You "suspect" incorrectly. Nana and Soi Cowboy are still open to 2am.
  2. Bringing cheese into LOS

    I froze hard cheese once and never will again. The texture is definitely different -- in a bad way -- after freezing and defrosting.
  3. Really? Do you actually believe that the tycoon would agree to having himself charged by police as an illegal poacher? Really???
  4. And so many on tv.com like to crow about the police's crowing -- and do so relentlessly.
  5. Many articles on the pharmacology and medical use of vincamine in the treatment of leukemia and other cancers are easily found with a simple Google search. You obviously didn't look.
  6. As if you guys actually know anything about this herbalist's success rate. Conventional medicine doesn't exactly have great success treating cancer -- some times they do, and sometimes they don't. I've seen way too many people who died of cancer therapy (e.g., chemo and radiation) before the cancer killed them. I've also seen many cancer patients either cured or greatly improved with the use of medicinal herbs, natural whole-foods diet, immuno-modulation, etc. But to be fair, I've seen many die in spite of using natural therapies -- same as conventional medicine. BTW, every year tens-of-thousands of children world-wide are cured of leukemia by the use of the natural chemical, vincamine, which is extracted from the Madagascar Periwinkle (Vinca rosea).
  7. Krabi granny still going strong at 111

    Maybe it's to smash the heads of pedantic farangs.
  8. Tics in furniture

    It's very unlikely they are ticks, which live off the blood of live animals.
  9. Thailand bans smoking on 24 popular beaches

    Smokers indeed have only themselves to blame. Their many decades of rude/selfish/self-centered/unconscious behavior has finally come back to haunt them. Actually, there are a few smokers who are considerate of their non-smoking neighbors ... and an even smaller few who don't use the earth as their ashtray. As someone who's painfully stepped on still-lit cigarette butts on the beach, I have no sympathy what-so-ever. ;-)
  10. Who cares? What does this have to do with lunar eclipses in January and July???
  11. Thanks for this very important information.
  12. Start with cryto now - Should or not?

    I'll trust what Warren Buffett has to say about cryptocurrencies: "It will end badly."
  13. Start with cryto now - Should or not?

    Thanks for telling us what we want.
  14. If you discard your butts on the street or beach or ground, you're a slob.