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  1. Do you actually know details as a fact, or are you just assuming? Gotta feeling it's the latter.
  2. You're the one who's choosing to reply to my post -- twice. But, you're right -- this has become way too borrrring.
  3. You think I'm bashing? 5555 You obviously haven't seen me when I really get pissed. Actually, I consider my post to be polite criticism -- especially compared to my reaction when a near-by oblivious smoker is rudely blowing smoke my way and/or is throwing his butts on the street, ground, beach, etc. Meanwhile I -- and millions like me -- will continue our criticism as long as smokers' selfish rudeness continues.
  4. Are you taking what you heard from one manager at one Kasikorn bank and extrapolating that on to all Kasikorn banks?
  5. While I do enjoy visiting Singapore occasionally, living in there would be way to regimented and hive-mentality for me. However, I do appreciate how the Singapore government holds litterbugs, graffiti painters, and smokers to task. I do think that tobacco smokers should have the freedom to smoke if they so choose --- that is, as long as they do so responsibly and don't invade my personal space. The world is not your ashtray. And to those smokers who moan and groan about how they're discriminated against, I say: they bought it upon themselves through your many decades of rude, irresponsible smoking behavior. Anyone ever stepped barefoot on a still-lit cigarette on the beach?
  6. The parents said "... said they believed clues might be discovered inside [the car] as to the students’ fate." Well, they were right about that.
  7. Instead of using your post to complain about discrimination of runers, look at the video again. The woman has very little room on her left --- otherwise she would've been in the road. Meanwhile look at how much room the runner had on his left. Get it now? Probably not.
  8. Isn't alcohol and what it makes people do just wonderful? I'm ever amazed at how many men think it's so great to get drunk, and such a manly thing to do.
  9. And you can back up what you say with actual facts from reliable sources, right? Sure you can? NOT.
  10. Do you equate "the fittest" with the most evil?
  11. " ... the pleasure of lust which is against human nature"???? What human race are you from? In my human race, lust is very much a part of human nature. Without it, Homo sapiens would never have survived.
  12. Here's another way to tell if she truly loves you: If she cuts off your penis and then packs it in ice and takes you to the hospital, she loves you. If she cuts it off and feeds it to the pigs, she doesn't love you.